Are video surveillance cameras in public places a good …

  • “Those who give up liberty for safety deserve neither” – Benjamin Franklin. Cameras everywhere is not a deterrent as kids egg and TP houses even if it has cameras… All that’s needed is a mask.

    It takes away our freedom to not be watched. It will allow governments to watch us, which may not matter now, but in the wrong hands, can be catastrophic.

  • I don’t think that video surveillance cameras in public places are a good idea because it is an infringement on your civil liberties. Why film innocent people doing nothing criminal in public places. Next, they’ll be putting them in public restrooms.

    Posted by: MycCra2ii

  • They don’t work.

    In new York a man got stabbed and was left to die in front of three surveillance cameras. It took the ambulances 2 hours to get to the injured man, and he died before getting to the hospital. The surveillance cameras did nothing to help the man, and are a waste of tax payers money.

  • Why do they think this is right?

    Why should people be able to videotape us, without our rights? This is our world and people need to be respected, we have a voice. We need to use it. They should not be able to record us, at all.

    We are people. We are not animals or test dummies. We don’t deserve to be watched while living our lives.

  • Invasion of privacy

    I think it is wrong that there will constantly be someone watching you . People say we need them and state they don’t invade your privacy but how do you expect us to feel when I know that the majority of my life I will be watched. When I share that secrete little kiss with my boyfriend, someone will be watching. When I sit on a bench after a long jog red in the face someone will be watching me and when I trip over and fall dropping my bags of shopping someone behind a screen is likely to be laughing at my mistake. You might feel comfortable with this but I don’t and I never will. Thank you for reading my opinion

  • No No No!

    They are an invasion of privacy… They can give people anxiety and no one will want to visit a place if it’s got CCTV.

    This is because of two reasons one you are being watched all of the time, which is horrible. Number two a place that needs CCTV can’t be a nice place and why would you stay somewhere with high crime rates.

  • Surveillance cameras suck

    I think this is an awful idea because if a window is open somewhere, a person could look through and watch them all the time so that is an invasion of privacy. This is why cameras are a very bad idea to put around the city to watch people all the time

  • Not in the public

    CCTV systems, as stated, will not stop crime. I believe business and home owners should have the right to monitor their own property as they see fit. In this belief, I think there should be some state or federal ground rules applied. (Example: I should be able to install a camera in my back yard. The camera should be positioned in such a manner that I’m not monitoring my neighbors back yard.
    Business owners should be able to monitor their facilities and stores but, should be required to post proper signage to alert individuals the are is under surveillance.) As far as monitoring “common area”, public streets, sidewalks, parks…Etc. I think that’s a big ol’ NO! If only half of you people posting have seen some of the new technology you would agree it’s an infringement on our rights. Facial recognition, behavioral patterns and even racial profiling can currently be programmed into systems that are available today.

    Without and preset regulation… NO.

  • Its my right!!

    Its my right to go out of my house and not have to worry if I’m being video taped. The police or a camera or nothing can protect you, the crime is never stopped by this. Crime still happens you aren’t safe. Its after the fact people are caught. I don’t want to give up my freedom so I feel “safe”. It should be a choice.

    I’m entitled to my own view and just because you want to give up your freedom, I shouldn’t have to.

  • You need privacy

    Whether your walking down the street, driving in your car or even tying up your shoes, they will always be watching, people need privacy, if they use this camera for their own enjoyment it is wrong and totally inappropiate, that is one reason why cameras need to go in public places.

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