Should individual security installers not just security firms be accredited?

Increasingly, suppliers who provide certification on their products also certify individuals. They often accept the transfer of individuals from one installer company to another. Those of us who are reputable companies accept this even if it does mean the possibility of investing in training an individual only for them to move on after the event.

Although, in real terms, this offers a stronger incentive to both parties to ensure satisfaction in the workplace and, hence, long-term staff retention. Controlled as a business is SSAIB accredited. We have a team of people who are highly qualified with years of experience of installing security systems. They fully understand and are abreast of the regulations. As for me, whilst I can connect and commission hardware and tackle the more intricate IT and networking elements now associated with the industry, if you ask me to explain the regulations for, say, intruder grade 2, or grade 3 on my own, I m lost. The intruder systems installed and verified by those with experience is important. They sign off the system and, as such, should be accredited in a regulated and professional manner. If individual, independent installers had to be both accredited and certified, it would help the industry s overall professional standing. It would help accredited businesses compete on an equal footing.

It could also tie in with insurance, muchas CORGI has achieved in the gas equipment installation business. Why has certification for individual installers neither been introduced nor extensively lobbied for? I think the main issues are to do with cost and insurance. The company invests a lot of both time and money in becoming accredited and certified. It involves validation checks, regulatory inspections and training of individuals. They do not always want to train someone who subsequently leaves the company, taking the qualification with them. The individual, of course, wants transferable qualifications. You can t unlearn skills. Historically, supplier businesses would certify a company based on the individuals who were certified.

The individual certificates were owned by the employee s company. In my opinion, the person responsible for signing off on each system should be accredited as well as the business. In reality, it is the company that holds the professional indemnity insurance and not the individuals. The company holds the risk. Individuals might not like the cost and insurance implications of being independently accredited.

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