“IoT can be a force multiplier for physical access control”: Q&A with Allegion CEO

“IoT Can Be A Force Multiplier For Physical Access Control”: Q&A With Allegion CEO

Dave Petratis, the president, chairman and CEO of Allegion, joins IFSEC Global in conversation about his own company s IoT-angled direction of travel and potential applications for the internet of things on the wider industry. Founded in 1908 Allegion operates in more than 120 countries through 31 global brands including CISA, Interflex, LCN, Schlage and Von Duprin. IFSEC Global: What is Allegion doing right now in terms of IoT products and services?

Dave Petratis: Innovation is one of Allegion s five strategic growth drivers, and the internet of things continues to be a prime focus for us as we expand our connected portfolio in commercial, multifamily and residential markets. We ve seen the most demand for this in the Americas region, but there is a rising global interest around IoT products. By early next year, we will offer a complete suite of connected cylindrical and mortise locks in the commercial market as part of our ENGAGE technology platform strategy. The Schlage NDE and LE Series wireless locks are designed to reduce the cost of managing physical access control and are able to be installed in minutes. These solutions work with the systems that end users already have in place to extend the benefits of greater security, lower cost of operation and higher user convenience to more doors deeper inside the building. Allegion has also created Schlage Control Smart Locks as the next generation of electronic access for the world of multifamily. Property owners can use Control to manage both residence and common area doors on a single, superior system and from anywhere using cloud or web-based apps. Residents can use smart cards and phone credentials to unlock their doors. For our residential customers, we are very excited about the opportunity we see with our HomeKit-enabled Schlage Sense.

It s one of the strongest, most intelligent Bluetooth-enabled locks on the market, with the highest industry rating for security and durability. In Europe and Asia Pacific, SimonsVoss is revolutionising the small and home offices market with MobileKey, which launched earlier this year. MobileKey is an intelligent access control system that allows app-based management for authorisation, time schedules and remote access of up to 20 doors and 100 users. CISA recently announced eFAST motorized panic exit devices, which can be connected to the SimonsVoss MobileKey system and managed electronically. Allegion is continually monitoring the market for new, disruptive technologies that will benefit our customers globally. IG: In what ways do you expect IoT to transform physical security in the coming years? DP: The costs and logistical challenges of managing historically complex physical security systems should be reduced in coming years with IoT technology. Expectations regarding IoT solutions will also mature, and there will be a heightened emphasis and importance placed on the next-generation technology being implemented properly. The IoT can act as a force multiplier for physical access control when implemented properly and that experience is going to be more important than ever.

That s because, when not done properly, the negative exposure can be significant. IG: In what ways do you expect IoT to change the role or business model of installers and integrators? DP: Installers and integrators will become increasingly more important. It is good to think of them as the conductors of a symphony of new devices and functions. All those devices make a lot of noise and dissonance independently. With a good conductor, they can make great music or a great experience together. IG: To what extent is there a danger that overreliance on IoT will create as many new security risks (ie, cyber) as those it solves or reduces? DP: Security risk concerns are already present. Careful planning by a trained professional who understands the core principals of physical access control is the best way to address those.

There is no substitute for experience, and nothing is 100% secure. Ultimately, it s about balancing security with convenience and having a plan for possible risks. IG: Do you have any other comments on IoT, the security industry generally or Allegion? DP: Allegion s focus has been and continues to be pioneering safety and security. This is an incredibly dynamic time for our industry, with great opportunity and excitement. Allegion has been involved with the IoT from the beginning and will continue to adopt new technologies that benefit our customers. We are a security company first, and will work to carefully deploy the best technology the right way, in the right environments.

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