Cloud-based disaster recovery: the benefits, catastrophic costs of downtime and questions to ask providers infographic

Cloud-based Disaster Recovery: The Benefits, Catastrophic Costs Of Downtime And Questions To Ask Providers Infographic

Enhancing resilience defined in the security world as the ability to withstand and recover quickly from disruptive or disastrous events is growing more important for businesses and cities alike. And in our increasingly connected, digitised economy a big part of achieving this is preparing for disruption to computer systems and the corruption or loss of data. The dramatic growth in cloud-based services has triggered a corresponding rise in demand for cloud-based disaster-recovery plans.

Courtesy of Ireland-based IT solutions company ERS Computer Solutions Ltd, which provides cloud-based disaster-recovery services, the infographic below outlines why businesses use such services, how long it takes to recover from site disasters, the average cost of downtime, issues to consider before adopting this model and questions to ask providers of cloud-based disaster services.

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