SIA Upskilling Door Supervisors in Attleborough

The nearest Training Centres to Attleborough for SIA Upskilling Door Supervisors are Norwich and Peterborough. If your existing Door Supervision certificate was attained prior to July 2010, you will need to take this top-up unit in order to re-apply for your License. This is the new 1 1/2 day course that was introduced from 1st January 2015.

If you re-apply without this qualification the SIA will send you a Security Guarding license.

Course Length

1 1/2 days, plus 3 hours pre-course work.


2 multiple choice exams and a Practical Assessment.


Successful candidates will receive a Level 2 Award for Upskilling Door Supervisors within the Private Security Industry



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SIA Upskilling Door Supervisors In AttleboroughDownload the SIA Upskilling Door Supervisors Training Brochure1


  1. ^ Download the SIA Upskilling Door Supervisors Training Brochure (

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