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Whether the service is mainstream, such as concierge and car park security, or the requirements are specialised, involving high value assets or HNWI, our organisation has the technical knowledge and experience to meet clients needs. Bespoke Services SecuriGroup works in partnership with clients to develop tailored staff deployment, including the dedication of security personnel to designated areas, locations on site that require more frequent patrols, and the agreed staffing levels for all security operations.

Our expertise allows us to identify and deliver significant efficiency-driven cost savings for our clients whilst ensuring that a highest level of service is consistently applied. During our significant experience in delivering security solutions to our clients, we have identified sectors which have required a security presence but with a remodelled image. This has become more and more apparent the corporate guarding sector, where SecuriGroup has created the position of Security Hosts.

Security Hosts In a sector which demands efficient and professional collaboration with our clients, SecuriGroup understands the intricacies of security hosting. Across the UK we deploy security officers with additional duties devoted to professionalism, courtesy and meeting and greeting clients from A-list celebrities to high-powered executives. We ensure our Security Hosts deliver the best quality service by embodying specific qualities that are tailored to their role. These are: First Aide Trained Recommended

WorldHost Trained Customer Service Focused Knowledge of client ethos and addresses of all clients with the appropriate Meet and Greet

Ability to accommodate all visitors and customers, from high-powered executives to A-list celebrities Operational Excellence We place the highest emphasis on quality management. SecuriGroup continually monitors staff performance to ensure that our commitment to world-class staff training results in our personnel delivering the most effective service on site. By doing so, SecuriGroup ensures a high level of client engagement, which is then translated through performance management into client satisfaction. Appropriate & Measured Response

All actions undertaken by SecuriGroup s highly trained security personnel are necessary, reasonable, and in full compliance with legislative requirements.

SecuriGroup personnel are well versed in UK legislation relevant to the appropriate circumstances and procedures advocated when apprehending, restraining, or detaining people.

All actions taken are of a defensively reasonable manner and with respect to the person who is in the act of committing or is about to commit an offence or any type of disruption or disturbance as outlined in the Criminal Law Act 1967.

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