Virgin Trains had legitimate interest in publishing Corbyn images, rules ICO

data protection Virgin Trains did not breach data protection laws by publishing CCTV images of Jeremy Corbyn as he searched the company s train carriages in search of a seat, the Information Commissioner s Office has ruled. Such an action would ordinarily be in breach of the law, said the ICO, but Virgin had a legitimate interest in releasing the footage to rebut news reports that the Labour leader had been unable to find a seat. Richard Branson, founder of the rail operator, had tweeted out the footage, which was captured on one of his trains on 11 August 2016, to prove that spare seats were in fact available, contradicting the Labour leader s assertion that the train was ram-packed .

Photo: Virgin Trains under CC3.0 licence Corbyn was sat on the floor of the train when he made the comment, which were captured by a filmmaker accompanying him during his campaign to retain the Labour leadership. Countering Branson s tweet, Corbyn he had been unable to sit with his wife, and that he was only able to sit later because train staff had upgraded another family to first class. Virgin Trains did not entirely escape censure. The ICO found that the rail operator did breach the data protection rights several passengers whose faces it had failed to pixellate. Misleading In a statement, ICO head of enforcement Steve Eckersley said: In this case, the ICO s view was that Virgin had a legitimate interest, namely correcting what it deemed to be misleading news reports that were potentially damaging to its reputation and commercial interests. It would not have been possible to achieve Virgin s legitimate interests without publishing Mr Corbyn s image. Virgin could only show that there were empty seats on Mr Corbyn s journey if they showed Mr Corbyn on that journey. The Labour leader s celebrity was also a relevant factor, said Eckersley, as he would have different expectations than other passengers as to his privacy. This was especially the case given the video of the trip he himself had published and that he should reasonably expect Virgin to respond in kind .

By contrast, however, the other passengers whose faces were not pixellated were simply minding their own business and Virgin Trains had infringed on their privacy . Nevertheless, the ICO is taking no action against the company as only three people in the footage were recognisable, none of whom had contacted the ICO to complain. Shortly after the incident, Chris Brogan of B&G Associates wrote on IFSEC Global: The sixth condition of schedule 2 of the Data Protection Act addresses the use of personal data for the legitimate interests of the data controller as long as it does not prejudice the rights and freedoms or legitimate interests of the data subject. Virgin have a legitimate interest in protecting its brand . Jeremy made the issue public and Virgin has defended its rights. This is a balancing act and I suggest that the information tribunal/court would find in favour of Virgin. I cannot see under the circumstances how Jeremy would win the argument that the publication of his images by Virgin prejudiced his rights. Free download: The video surveillance report 2017 Sponsored by IDIS The Video Surveillance Report 2017 covers all things video surveillance based on a poll of hundreds of security professionals. Specifically looking at topics such as open platforms, 4K, low-light cameras, video analytics, warranties and this year due to the growing threat posed, the cybersecurity landscape.

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Bomb scare sparks calls for video surveillance – The Local

Following last week’s discovery of a faulty bomb at Bonn’s central railway station, a new opinion poll on Friday showed that four out of five Germans want more surveillance cameras in train stations and other public places.

Just 18 percent of Germans were against tougher video surveillance, according to the survey by Infratest dimap, released by broadcaster ARD.

Last Monday, a blue sports bag left on a platform in Bonn’s main station was found to contain an improvised explosive device. The detonation device was reportedly triggered but did not go off. Prosecutors believe Islamist extremists were behind the botched attempt.

The train platform was not under full surveillance, and despite the presence of video cameras, no footage of the bag drop-off was recorded. The only images available of the suspects themselves were taken at a nearby McDonald’s restaurant. The case has ignited a fierce debate among German policy-makers – with politicians from Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives, the Christian Democratic Union, calling for more video surveillance.

The centre-left Social Democrats, as well as the Greens and the Left Party, oppose the CDU stance. Earlier this week, Green Party parliamentary leader Renate K nast told the S ddeutsche Zeitung that Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich should instead push for better cooperation between the various offices and targeted efforts to prevent future attacks. “We need effective security authorities, not blanket surveillance,” she said.

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I4S video: Axis Communications develops fixed domes for "demanding light conditions"

I4S video: Axis Communications develops fixed domes for “demanding light conditions” Axis Communications has introduced fixed dome network cameras offering “outstanding image quality” and including support for wide dynamic range (WDR) with ‘dynamic capture’. The P3384 network cameras, available in indoor and outdoor-ready models, are suitable for installations close to large windows and entrances in buildings, in tunnel passages and other areas with strong variations in light. This renders these IP cameras ideal for installations at airports, in train stations, for Government and bank buildings and for general city surveillance. “After the successful introduction of the Axis Q1604, the first Axis’ cameras incorporating wide dynamic range with ‘dynamic capture’, we are now introducing our first fixed domes with the same level of WDR,” said Erik Frännlid, director of product management. “The new fixed domes provide clear images in demanding light conditions by applying WDR ‘dynamic capture’ of scenes with great variation in light as well as Lightfinder technology to handle extreme low light scenarios.” Modular design, quick and easy installation The P3384-V/-VE cameras provide HDTV 720p/1.3MP resolution based on “a top quality 1/3″ image sensor”.

All cameras in the P33 Series offer a modular design with quick and easy installation capabilities, including remote zoom and the pixel counter to ensure that each camera’s angle of view is optimised for the area to be monitored and the required pixel resolution. Remote focus is included to eliminate the need for manual focusing at the camera. The support for standard, environmentally-friendly Power over Ethernet requires only one network cable to carry both power and data.

This is the case even for the weatherproof models that operate in extreme temperatures from -40 °C to 55 °C (-40 °F to 131°F). The highly efficient H.264 Main Profile option reduces bandwidth and storage needs with up to 20 percent. The indoor P3384-V and outdoor-ready P3384-VE network cameras both come in vandal-resistant casings.

Video management software support The P3384-V and P3384-VE fixed dome models are supported by “the industry’s largest base of video management software” through the Axis Application Development Partner Program and Axis Camera Station. The cameras include support for the Axis Camera Application Platform, the Axis Video Hosting System and ONVIF for easy camera system integration and for application developers to provide the camera with intelligent capabilities. These cameras also offer increased processing power, allowing for greatly enhanced performance in video analytics applications.

The cameras are available from Q3 2012.

Video of the new Axis cameras –

All-seeing Eye: The History Of Video Nike 2012 Surveillance …

You ll find eyes Nike 2012 all over the place, and they don t belong to people. In modern fast-paced present day planet, video clip surveillance has develop into as essential to culture as safety guards and gateways. Point out online video surveillance and the average Joe will immediately associate the phrase with video cameras mounted in banking institutions and department retailers or videotapes of an erring partner marked as Exhibit An inside a messy divorce proceeding.

The history of video clip surveillance is as Nike Pas Cher complex because the technique at the rear of it. The truth is, it goes back significantly farther soon enough than most of us understand. Press reviews reveal that as early as 1965, United states police happen to be using movie surveillance in public areas. By 1969, police cameras were mounted in strategic locations with the New york City Municipal Building. This set a powerful precedent, and it was not lengthy before the apply disperse to other metropolitan areas and police officers stored near view on important regions, with the utilization of Nike 2012 CCTV, or closed circuit tv, methods.

Analog Beginnings
Video clip cassette tapes are largely accountable for popularizing movie surveillance. The analog technology applied in movie cassette recording gave decision-makers a ground-breaking insight: it is actually achievable to protect proof on tape.

In 1975, England set up online video surveillance systems in four of its main underground train stations. At the exact same time, additionally they began monitoring targeted traffic circulation on major highways. The Usa followed match throughout the eighties, and even though it had not been as rapid as England in making use of movie surveillance, it created up for misplaced time by extensively instituting video surveillance systems in community regions.

Digital Multiplexing and Subsequent Developments
One particular drawback to analog technologies was that users had to modify the tapes everyday. This was remedied inside the 1990s, using the introduction of electronic multiplexing. Electronic multiplexer units had attributes like time-lapse and motion-only recording, which saved an awesome deal of tape room. Additionally, it enabled simultaneous recordings on many cameras.

The subsequent development, digitalization, highlighted compression capability and very low price, thereby allowing end users to report a month s worth of surveillance movies on hard push. Moreover, digitally recorded pictures are clearer and permitted manipulation of pictures to boost clarity.

9/11 along with the Online
The events of September 11, 2001 altered the public s notion of movie surveillance. Computer software builders developed programs that improve video surveillance. Facial recognition programs is certainly one of these applications. Applying crucial facial function factors, recorded faces are compared to photos of terrorists and criminals.

In May well 2002, facial recognition software program was set up on the pc video clip surveillance cameras at Ellis Island plus the Statue of Liberty. That exact same calendar year, SmartGate was set up in the Sydney International Airport in Australia. SmartGate is definitely an automatic border crossing program for airline crew members. The technique scans crew members faces, compares these to passport photographs, and confirms identification in less than ten seconds.

In December 2003, the Royal Palm Middle School in Phoenix, Arizona set up encounter recognition movie surveillance. This is a pilot program for registering Nike1 Pas Cher intercourse offenders and monitoring missing kids.

To all these developments, the internet may be the cherry on best. It revolutionized video clip surveillance by removing all impediments for viewing and monitoring anywhere in the planet.

Clearly, humankind has designed greater and additional refined indicates for movie surveillance. Smaller sized, sleeker, and extra strong video surveillance methods arrive out inside the industry nearly every thirty day period. Satellites bounce signals around the world. There are actually, indeed, eyes Nike Pas Cher everywhere, and several of them are inside the sky.

A person is always observing.

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