How to Become a Private Investigator

The field of private investigations is highly respected, evolving significantly over the years to include specialized work in computer forensics and corporate fraud investigations in addition to mainstays like missing persons and marital infidelity cases. PIs perform a wide range of investigative services, and are now just as often found serving as contractors for law enforcement cyber crimes units, insurance companies and human resource teams as they are investigating cases related to divorce and child custody to resolve matters in the family courts. PIs most often work for larger private investigations agencies or operate their own independent firms. They typically work on a contract basis for both public and private sector clients, and almost always hold a state license permitting them to conduct investigations within the parameters of state laws concerning surveillance protocols and privacy.

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How To Become A Private Investigator
Although requirements and processes differ from state to state, in most states becoming a private investigator follows a similar general outline:

Step 1. Learn About State Licensure

A dedicated PI licensing board, often operating under a larger state licensing authority, is typically in place to regulate and oversee the licensing process for individual private investigators and PI firms.

For example, Texas licenses its private investigators through the Private Security Board within the Texas Department of Public Safety. In Tennessee PIs are licensed through the Private Investigative and Polygraph Commission, which is part of the Department of Commerce and Insurance. Even in states without a statewide licensing process, there are still often regulations and/or licensing requirements in some cities or jurisdictions. For example, although there are no state licensing requirements in Alabama, a number of cities in the state, including Birmingham, Montgomery and Mobile, have their own licensing processes. Further, even states that don t license individual investigators still require PI businesses to be licensed and adhere to a number of standard regulations related to everything from privacy laws and impersonating law enforcement to insurance and bonding.

A few states have entered into reciprocity agreements, which allow private investigators to conduct business between states without holding a separate private investigator s license (provided the investigation is started in the investigator s home state). Currently, the following states have reciprocity agreements in place:

  • California
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Louisiana
  • North Carolina
  • Oklahoma
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia

Because private investigators are regulated and licensed at the state level, education, training and other requirements can differ significantly from state to state. This makes it imperative that you research your state s regulations and licensing requirements as part of your career preparation.

Step 2. Meet Minimum Requirements for Licensure

Not all individuals are eligible to become private investigators. Although minimum requirements for licensure differ between states, candidates for licensure must be of a certain age, which is usually between 21 and 25.

Other minimum license requirements require a candidate to:

  • Be a United States citizen or legal U.S. resident
  • Possess a high school diploma or GED certificate
  • Have no felony convictions or other convictions involving crimes of moral turpitude
  • Have no dishonorable discharge from the U.S. military

Step 3. Meet Education and Experience Requirements

Perhaps the largest difference between states lies with minimum requirements for education and experience. Although most states do not require a candidate to possess an education to become a private investigator, most professionals in this field nevertheless pursue an associate s or bachelor s degree in criminal justice or a related field so as to achieve a working knowledge of the criminal justice system law enforcement practices. A common requirement for licensure is experience, although it should be noted that many states allow candidates to substitute education for experience. For example, the minimum experience requirement in New Hampshire for private investigators is four years, although candidates with an associate s or bachelor s degree in criminal justice may substitute their education for two of the required four years.

Related private investigator experience may include working as an adjuster, risk manager, claims investigator, director of security for a company, director for a licensed security service, or as a law enforcement officer for a federal, state or local police department.

Step 4. Pass the State Exam for Licensure

Some states require candidates to pass a state exam before they can achieve licensure as a private detective. State jurisprudence examinations, which are usually taken after filing for a state license, assess candidates on laws and procedural protocols specific to the state in which they are working. Exam content often covers regulations and rules regarding working as a private investigator or operating a private investigative business.

Step 5. Obtain Mandatory Firearms Training

In states that allow private investigators to carry a firearm or weapon, candidates must complete mandatory firearms training to become certified. Most states accept training through the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the National Rifle Association, SIG Sauer, Smith & Wesson, or through an accredited police standards and training council firearms instructor school.

Step 6. Apply for State Licensure

The final step to becoming licensed to work as a private investigator is applying for state licensure. In most instances, candidates are required to provide the state licensing and regulatory body with the following:

  • A notarized application
  • A full set of fingerprints for a comprehensive background investigation
  • Personal and professional references
  • Documentation regarding professional experience
  • Documentation and/or diplomas regarding education
  • Proof of a surety bond (Most states require private investigators to hold a surety bond of no less than $10,000.)
  • An application fee, license feel, fingerprint fee, and background investigation fee

Step 7. Maintain State Licensure

Private investigators must renew their license according to state law, with most states requiring a biennial renewal.

Along with a renewal application, private investigators can expect to undergo an updated background investigation and provide the state licensing and regulatory body with a copy of their current surety bond.

Further, some states require continuing education for license renewal, and continuing education for firearms certification is commonplace.

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Established in 1993, Churchill Security Ltd is proud to offer a complete range of security guard services throughout the UK delivered by our team of fully SIA licensed and trained guards. Offering static and mobile guards plus key holding and alarm response solutions, we are experienced in providing security guard services to a range of industries including the corporate sector, construction sites, retail establishments, industrial warehouses and one off events. Whether you need temporary one day cover or a long term solution, get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

Churchill Security Guards

For more than 20 years, Churchill Security Ltd has thrived in the security industry by using unrivalled expertise to bring you a service you know and trust at great value for money. Churchill Security Ltd can assess your specific business needs in order to provide a cost-effective, reliable service that meets your requirements. We ensure that all our guards are fully SIA licensed and trained to the highest of standards and we are proud to be a UK top 5% SIA approved contractor for security guarding and key holding.

Hire Security Guards and Officers

A leading security guard provider across the UK, here at Churchill we have built our portfolio since 1993 and have thrived in the security industry by using our unrivalled expertise to bring you a service you can trust at great value for money. From commercial security to public sector safeguarding, we offer a complete range of services1 across the UK all delivered by our expert security guards who have been fully trained and vetted to the highest industry standards.

The benefits of hiring guards with Churchill Security are endless because we ensure that all our guards are:

  • Fully SIA licensed
  • Vetted for a minimum of 10 years
  • Able to prevent trespassing and vandalism
  • Able to offer Gatehouse security for entrance and exit points
  • Trained to deliver reception & concierge duties for corporate premises
  • Able to provide CCTV and alarm system surveillance
  • Able to undertake risk assessment and health and safety checks

When you hire security officers with Churchill you will be able to rest in the knowledge that our experts will work diligently to deter thieves from retail outlets, control unruly crowds, man front desks at corporate or hospitality events, monitor CCTV and act on any fear of crime efficiently. Furthermore we can also offer detailed reports outlining any call of duty our officers have undertaken as well as offer excellent customer service through our unbeatable concierge security2. At Churchill, our hard work and cost-effective solutions have been recognised consistently because we have and will continue to make efforts to advance our impeccable services. As one of the nation s leading security companies we continue to work interdependently with our clients to ensure they receive the most effective security package and use our first class customer service and top 5% Approved Contractor recognition to deliver a quality experience.

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We hold SIA approved contractor status and Hold ISO 9001 Quality Management for Key-holding and Alarm response. Our Key-holding Response Officers are fully trained, screened and qualified.

We respond immediately when your alarm is activated, either intruder, Fire or site specific. The fully trained KRO will act following the site specific instructions authored by your account manager who has compiled these assignment instructions following a meeting with you at the premises to be protected. All activities are recorded by a camera worn by the KRO and will be available to you should you require it.

All KROs are equipped with the ToughShield system1 allowing us to monitor their safety and operational activities. Again, this information is freely available to you via a secure web-link or is emailed to you as part of your monthly report. False activations can and do happen. We do not charge you for false activations which are brought to our attention by you before we have deployed a KRO.

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