Vanderbilt releases SPC 3.8 with a more intuitive interface and added remote maintenance capabilities

Intrusion detection Vanderbilt has released the latest update to SPC, the cloud-based intrusion detection system it inherited after its acquisition of Access Control Technology Ltd last year. The company says that SPC 3.8 more effectively supports dual authorisations and will make installations speedier and more cost-effective. SPC harnesses cloud services, apps and a dedicated software suite to provide comprehensive alarm management functionality.

The pace at which we are developing our systems is unparalleled, and SPC has a strong legacy, incorporating the latest technologies, design, and manufacturing methods to help drive this pace, says John O Donnell, product marketing at Vanderbilt. SPC 3.8 is a hardware and software intrusion system that keeps pace with market-driven features. Ultimately, we are aspiring towards a future single platform migration strategy within our product portfolio, and SPC is at the heart of this. embedded content Dual authorisation Vanderbilt has updated the interface in a bid to make it more intuitive. There are also enhancements to its remote maintenance capabilities. All SPC systems can be remotely updated as opposed to a more time-consuming, expensive physical site visit to the latest SPC firmware. As we continue to innovate this legacy system, the access engine within SPC has been boosted with additional functionality to support dual authorisation, continues John O Donnell. This escort facility ensures greater security measures when using the system. The support system has been complemented with the ability to obtain support information directly from the SPC help page, allowing access to customer and installer documentation.

The cause and effect engine has also been upgraded with a new layout and options to simplify programming. Vanderbilt is a major player in access control, intrusion detection and video management. We recently caught up with the company s CEO, Joe Grillo, who recently came third in our roll call of the top 10 influencers among security manufacturers/service providers 2017, at IFSEC International 2017. Free download: The video surveillance report 2017 Sponsored by IDIS The Video Surveillance Report 2017 covers all things video surveillance based on a poll of hundreds of security professionals. Specifically looking at topics such as open platforms, 4K, low-light cameras, video analytics, warranties and this year due to the growing threat posed, the cybersecurity landscape.

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Benchmark Innovation Awards 2017: winners revealed

Security tech Avigilon and Vanderbilt are among the winners of Benchmark Magazine s Innovation Awards 2017, which reward excellence across nine categories of physical security technology. Rigorously testing hardware and software under a range of conditions, Benchmark Magazine is akin to the Which Magazine of the physical security industry. Find out below which products won the accolades across nine categories.

Video Surveillance (Hardware): Hanwha Techwin Wisenet X Hanwha Techwin s new Wisenet X series harnesses the Wisenet V processing engine and delivers mainstream functionality with advanced features. The Taiwanese surveillance brand has added H.265 compression and the second generation of the WiseStream dynamic encoding engine, which reduces bandwidth consumption (and includes dynamic GOP). Wisenet X also boasts 150dB WDR (taking on four instead of two frames to balance out uneven lighting), gyro sensor-based image stabilisation, enhanced low light performance, dual slots for SD-based edge recording, advanced analytics functionality and WiFi set-up support. The Wisenet X camera range comprises two-and five-megapixel models as well as bullet, static dome, box and PTZ variants. The Wisenet X camera range is more than the sum total of its parts, which is what makes it an interesting proposition! Benchmark Magazine Find out more about the winning solution from Benchmark Magazine. Video Surveillance (Software): SeeTec Cayuga Infinity X The flagship VMS from SeeTec can add sector-specific extensions including logistics-ready integrations, ANPR and warehouse management. Cayuga S50X supports up to 50 cameras on a single server. S Cayuga S100 can accommodate up to 100 channels on two servers with basic video analytics, motion detection and advanced event management.

Cayuga Infinity supports unlimited devices and servers along with numerous video analytics options, while Cayuga Infinity X also adds failover recording and video wall management. An open platform solution, Cayuga Infinity X can integrate directly with more than 1,000 devices via direct integrations. ONVIF compliance makes possible additional integrations, which are simplified by smart drivers. Combines power with simplicity, and ticks all the boxes for those who want advanced security and site management. Benchmark Magazine Find out more about the winning solution from Benchmark Magazine. Access Control (Hardware): Inner Range Inception This browser-based access control system with integrated intruder alarm permits easy connectivity with a regular PC, smartphone or tablet. Inception, whose software is hosted on the controller unit, can operate as a standalone system and the browser-based interface means there is no software to install nor licensing costs. Inception supports up to 32 doors with readers for entry/exit and can monitor up to 512 detection points via its alarm monitoring functionality. There are universal inputs and outputs to accommodate not just CCTV monitoring, but lighting control, HVAC management, lift control and more besides too.

Delivers a high level of performance, whilst also retaining a good degree of simplicity. It is flexible enough for most access control needs, and the inclusion of alarm monitoring adds value for a wide range of sites. It also does all of this at a competitive price point. Benchmark Magazine Find out more about the winning solution from Benchmark Magazine. Access Control (Software): Vanderbilt ACT365 Vanderbilt inherited ACT365 when it acquired Access Control Technology Ltd in 2016 a shrewd move if this accolade is anything to go by. ACT365 combines access control with video management functionality with what Benchmark describes as a seamless integration . ACT365, which is cloud-based, can be used remotely via tablet or smartphone. In practice, therefore, the operator could communicate with a visitor, verify their identity and open the door remotely from a smartphone without being physically on site themselves. ACT365 creates a unified integrated system, delivering flexibility and control for business owners whilst also reducing the amount of required infrastructure and resources to protect a site.

Benchmark Magazine Find out more about the winning solution from Benchmark Magazine. Site Protection (Hardware): OPTEX RLS-2020S Hitherto the sole preserve of high-security applications in critical national infrastructure because they were costly and bulky laser detectors are now more accessible for a wider range of verticals thank to innovations like the RLS-2020S from Optex. The RLS-2020S can be used both outdoors and indoors and achieves a 20 x 20 metre detection range. Multiple set-up configurations mean that this laser detector can cope with a range of scenarios that traditional sensors struggle with. Laser-based sensors can accurately detect objects and map them using X and Y coordinates. When people or objects are detected, PTZ-enabled cameras can then pinpoint and track the intruders. The RLS-2020S laser detector makes the technology more accessible for mainstream applications, delivers a small and discreet cost-effective option and also provides an enhanced level of performance in terms of catch performance and reliability. Benchmark Magazine Find out more about the winning solution from Benchmark Magazine. Site Protection (Software): Texecom Connect Based on Texecom s graded Premier Elite security system, Texecom Connect is an automation platform that is based on the current control panel range.

Installers and integrators can offer Texecom Connect upgrades to customers with existing Premier Elite systems. The Premier Elite range supports the Ricochet, mesh-based wireless platform, which itself won a Benchmark Innovation Award. Ricochet technology permits flexible communication between wireless field devices and the control panel. The heart of any Texecom Connect system will be a professionally installed graded alarm system without any compromises or dumbing down to allow the smart functions to be realised. This is important as it adds value without reducing security or the role of the installer or integrator. Benchmark Magazine Find out more about the winning solution from Benchmark Magazine. Intelligent Systems: Avigilon Appearance Search Aviglon s Appearance Search technology applies deep learning techniques to identify and retrieve video footage relevant to an investigation or management of an ongoing event. For all the potential of big data, operators can readily get overwhelmed with the sheer volume of data generated by video analytics platforms. Avigilon s Appearance Search technology, which can be acessed via Avigilon s Control Center VMS software, scans many hours worth of recorded footage and swiftly identify relevant video data to track a person or vehicle.

It can quickly identify routes taken, previous visits and last-known locations. Avigilon s Appearance Search technology enhances the level of security at a site by enabling end users to quickly locate targets of interest, such as specific persons or vehicles, across an entire site. This capability can not only improve incident response times, but additionally makes post-event investigations simpler and more thorough. Benchmark Magazine Find out more about the winning solution from Benchmark Magazine. embedded content Business Intelligence: Genetec Retail Sense The Business Intelligence category represents the diversification of security tech into non-security disciplines. Through analytics functions like heat-mapping and queue management, analytics platforms like Genetec Retail Sense generate and interpret data to create insights that can generate operational efficiencies for businesses mostly in the retail sector. Providing analysis of footfall, bottlenecks and shopper behaviour, Genetec Retail Analytics and other solutions of its ilk can no longer be written off as a grudge purchase in the way that security systems often were. Through real-time insights generated in reports by Retail Sense, retailers can utilise the intelligence gathered, allowing them to better understand consumers, make informed decisions and increase both consumer engagement and in-store profitability. Benchmark Magazine Find out more about the winning solution from Benchmark Magazine.

Infrastructure: Secure Logiq HA Servers With beefed-up processing capabilities, Secure Logiq s HA range of analytics-optimised servers have been designed for enterprise customers. i7 Extreme edition processors increase substantially the clock speed achieved, helping it to meet the processing-heavy demands of modern analytics platforms. With advances in GPU technology bringing deep learning and video analytics to the fore, appropriate server hardware is increasingly key to optimal performance.

Getting it wrong can cause the system to crash, slow down or become unstable. With experience in the video surveillance industry, Secure Logiq realises the importance of the right balance between performance and reliability for security systems. Benchmark Magazine Find out more about the winning solution from Benchmark Magazine.

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Mike Tennent of Tavcom Training wins posthumous industry contribution award all winners revealed

BSIA Awards The late Mike Tennent has been honoured at this year s BSIA awards ceremony. Mike, who sadly passed away in May, founded Tavcom Training in 1994 and built what is now widely recognised as the leader in training provision for physical security systems in the UK. The company has an increasingly global footprint too.

With the help of local partners, Tavcom courses are now available to students in Dubai, Ghana, Singapore, Kuwait, Oman, South Africa and the US. IFSEC Global also recognised Mike for his lifetime of positive influence in the security industry in our latest Top 50 influencers in security & fire 2017. The awards were handed out at the BSIA Annual Luncheon at the Grand Connaught Rooms on 12 July.

It is a huge pleasure to formally recognise the contributions of this year s winners, all of whom have made a lasting impression on the security industry through their dedication, commitment and passion, said Dirk Wilson, director of Sector Security Services Ltd and the BSIA s Police and Public Services Section Chairman.

Find out who won the other awards below: Chairman s Awards Contribution to the Industry: Mike Tennent, Tavcom Training Contribution to Standards: Tim Geddes, former chairman, BSIA s security systems section Contribution to the Community: David Cain and Fiona Noble, Sword Security NI Contribution to Training: Lucie Banham, Banham Group Contribution to Exporting: GJD Manufacturing Security Personnel Awards Service to the Customer Special Commendation: Phillip Hillman, Mitie Total Security Management Runner Up: Winston Cooper, Mitie Total Security Management Overall Winner: Tom Lewis , The Westgrove Group Outstanding Act Special Commendation: Charles Stewart, SecuriGroup Services Runner Up: John Atkins, Vision Security Group (VSG) Overall Winner: Megin Dorrian, The Westgrove Group Best Newcomer Special Commendation: John Moore, Robinson Services Runner Up: Erin Jackson, SecuriGroup Services Overall Winner: Simon Searle, Vision Security Group (VSG) Best Use of Technology Special Commendation: Jason Thomas , The Westgrove Group Runner Up: Steven McKenzie, SecuriGroup Services Overall Winner: Andrew Horner, Kings Security Systems Best Team Special Commendation: JLL Bridgewater Place, Vision Security Group (VSG) Runner Up: North Bristol Trust Southmead, OCS UK Ltd Group Overall Winner: Union Square Security Team, Vision Security Group (VSG) Apprentice Installer Awards Overall winner: Corrie Stewart, Connelly Security Systems Joint runners-up: Callum Walker and Craig McAdorey, Kings Security Special Awards for Outstanding Service Daniel Hennell & Paul Cockerham, CIT drivers, G4S Cash Solutions (UK) Ltd (Inaugural) Security Business Awards International Partnership Award: Concept Smoke Screen Ltd (Special commendation: GJD) Environmental Award: Printwaste Recycling & Shredding (special commendation: Magenta Security Services) Innovative Security Project of the Year Award: CSL, for the CSL Connected project

Digital Barriers launches first live facial recognition system for body-worn cameras

law enforcement Digital Barriers has launched the world s first live facial recognition system for body-worn law enforcement cameras. SmartVis Identifier, which brings together Digital Barriers video-streaming platform EdgeVis and analytics solution SmartVis, is targeted at the defence, security and law enforcement markets. It provides real-time facial recognition against multiple watch lists and databases.

Already available for standard smartphones, SmartVis has been adapted to run live on Digital Barriers body-worn cameras that are designed for frontline law enforcement. SmartVis facial recognition has been designed to do the job that traditional facial recognition systems cannot: to work in the real world, in real time, says Zak Doffman, CEO of Digital Barriers. Never before has frontline policing been offered live facial recognition on the type of everyday body worn cameras now being widely deployed. Customers at the forefront of security and defence have already deployed this technology and describe it as a game-changer . embedded content Able only to record, not live stream, footage, most body-worn devices are effective for evidence management after the fact, but cannot aid in the protection of officers if they are put in harms way as incidents unfold. EdgeVis delivers low latency and low bandwidth streaming, including over-the-air access to device recordings and GPS locational data. SmartVis Identifier supports, when required, every interaction, every stop and search, every arrest with real-time facial recognition. Digital Barriers says the solution removes human error and plugs resourcing gaps, thereby broadening the scope of facial recognition deployments. SmartVis Identifier will be available alongside EdgeVis on Digital Barriers body-worn devices and for selected service providers and camera/device manufacturers under licence.

Digital Barriers provides zero-latency streaming and analysis of secure video and related intelligence over wireless networks. To reduce bandwidth consumption the company harnesses a mixture of cellular, satellite, IP mesh and cloud networks. Founded in 2009, the company has its origins in military applications but now sells fixed and mobile solutions for covert, remote and wide-area deployments to law enforcement and the commercial security industry too. Free download: The video surveillance report 2017 Sponsored by IDIS The Video Surveillance Report 2017 covers all things video surveillance based on a poll of hundreds of security professionals. Specifically looking at topics such as open platforms, 4K, low-light cameras, video analytics, warranties and this year due to the growing threat posed, the cybersecurity landscape.

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The future of video surveillance amid the rise of artificial intelligence

A vast majority of recorded video data is never viewed. This isn t for a lack of interesting content or inadequate resources, but rather a gradual decline in human attention spans. Adding more cameras increases the amount of video data collected, but if it s not viewed, the useful information is missed.

There is an imbalance between the amount of video data collected and the human attention available to effectively mine that data. As security technology continues to evolve, exciting developments are taking place with the inclusion of artificial intelligence (AI). Powerful tools are being created that will allow us to modify our approach to video search. Site-wide intelligence Effective search uses a wealth of data to find necessary information. A person conducting a search needs to answer who, what, when and where, not just in the context of a single camera, but across an entire site. This is where the need for AI comes in. Avigilon Appearance Search video analytics technology is a sophisticated deep learning AI search engine for video data. It sorts through hours of footage to quickly locate a specific person or vehicle across all cameras on a site. With this technology, users can initiate a search by simply clicking on a button and selecting to search for all instances of a person or vehicle of interest across recorded video.

embedded content Looking to the future Using AI in video search can help reduce hours of work to minutes, managing resources so that site security is more effective and efficient. The continued evolution of AI will provide security personnel with even more powerful tools not just for forensic purposes, but for real time event response. By designing video surveillance search technology to be as simple to use as searching the internet, Avigilon is better focusing human attention on what matters most, to dramatically change the way users interact with their security systems.

Avigilon Appearance Search technology is a sophisticated deep learning AI search engine that enables users to quickly locate a specific person or vehicle of interest across an entire site. Free download: The video surveillance report 2017 Sponsored by IDIS The Video Surveillance Report 2017 covers all things video surveillance based on a poll of hundreds of security professionals. Specifically looking at topics such as open platforms, 4K, low-light cameras, video analytics, warranties and this year due to the growing threat posed, the cybersecurity landscape.

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Safe, secure cities: IFSEC India Expo s advocacy for the industry

IFSEC India The International Fire & Security Exhibition and Conference (IFSEC) India Expo, South Asia s largest security, civil protection and fire safety show, by UBM India, is gearing up for its 11th edition between 6-8 December at New Delhi, later this year. The show brings together internationally renowned exhibitors, consultants, business experts and key government officials under one common platform. Significantly, in an industry where upgradation of technology is the very key to surviving competition, the IFSEC India Expo provides high-impact, informative demonstrations and a wealth of opportunities for visitors to network and learn about cutting-edge technologies, industry best practices, trends, challenges, market insights and discover the best solutions to keep their business and clients secured.

Over the past few editions, IFSEC India has included in its already formidable repertoire, products and technologies pertaining to biometrics, transport, access control, in addition to surveillance for the knowledge of end users and providers by global brands such as Bosch, Dahua, Aditya Infotech, D-Link, Honeywell Security, Panasonic, Toshiba, Zebronics, Autocop, Infinova, ADI, Lookman, Hi-Focus, Unv, Zkteco, Hanwha Techwin, Secureye, Seagate, Essl, Sparsh, ERD, Alba Urmet, Assa Abloy, Matrix, Wavesight, Tyco, Milestone and Godrej, to name just a few. embedded content The South Asia region, which the IFSEC India Expo brings within its radar, is an especially vulnerable as well as progressive zone when it comes to security and surveillance in a three pronged manner. Safety issues in a terror prone region : The constantly evolving cities in this geographical region face higher criminal activities, war and terrorism threats that are a source of critical concern for citizens in terms of disaster preparedness and prevention. Crowding of cities : A United Nations study revealed that about 66% of the global population will be living in cities by 2050, up from 53% today. Ninety percent of that increase will be accounted for by Africa and Asia, with the latter s urban population set to reach 2.7bn. As cities absorb thousands of new arrivals every year, Asian governments are increasingly turning to technology to cope with the strain more specifically, smart technology. The need for data security and privacy in the South Asian IT hub : The South Asian region, and India specifically, is rightly perceived as an IT hub with ambitious digital programmes, that while having tangible benefits, often struggle with issues like networks resiliency, privacy and data security. An IDC study projects that the threat of some form of major breach over IoT networks in the coming two years at no less than 90%. The IFSEC India Expo seeks to provide comprehensive solutions and pointers to the security and surveillance domain in the region.

Last year, in 2016, the IFSEC India Expo reached an important milestone and achieved a new momentum with the 10th anniversary of its inception, with the participation of over 20 participating countries such as Australia, China, Hungary, India, Korea, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan, UAE, UK and USA & over 300 big brands. While the percentage of unique visitors increased by 12 percent, Day 2 and 3 of the expo saw the number of visitors surpassing 6,000 a day, in itself a record achievement. Conferences centred around Creating a Smarter and Safer World with State-of-the-art Security Technology , Border Management Strategy , Challenges of Leftist Extremism and its Impact on National Security ; Public Transport Security and Securing the Digital Network were covered by industry stalwarts, which saw an impressive exchange of views. Rich legacy To commemorate the ten years, the first ever IFSEC India Awards was also launched, to recognise and reward innovation and excellence in the domain. Speaking on the ten years of IFSEC India s existence, Managing Director, UBM India, Mr Yogesh Mudras said, Over the years, IFSEC India owes its rich legacy to the 40-year-old IFSEC Global and success to the way the Indian edition has modified itself to suit the specific needs of this region. Recommended by industry experts as the pre-eminent authority on the global security and fire industry, the expo has nudged us on the path to a completely secure, smart and digitally enhanced world. He added, The 10th anniversary of IFSEC India Expo was extremely special to us. Apart from the plethora of impressive products, content-led conferences, key exhibitors and the presence of industry stalwarts, our intensive on-ground engagement and impeccable strategizing played a vital part in its success story. We reached out to small & large-scale Industrial hubs, manufacturing units and factories, private institutes, hardware and security markets, schools, offices & corporate houses, educating them on the importance of this industry s output.

Looking ahead, an impressive array of features is being planned for the 11th edition of the IFSEC India expo. These include an even greater industry participation, tie-ups with associations and governing bodies, a line up of the most innovative products, power-packed conferences to proactively decipher insights gained in the global security market by a conglomeration of the industry s most talented and reputed professionals on trending industry topics . Commenting on the 11th edition of the IFSEC India expo, Group Director, UBM India, Mr. Pankaj Jain said, IFSEC India 2017 is an ideal platform for industry professionals globally who are looking at joint ventures, partnerships/associations with key decision makers, sourcing, and networks tapping into the growing Indian security market. The expo acts as a most effective launch pad and base to showcase new products in the region and tap its limitless potential. The focus of this year s expo will be on Homeland Security and IoT, the two most vital issues in this vertical right now, and the industry is keenly looking at comprehending these at length during the show. About UBM India UBM India is India s leading exhibition organizer that provides the industry with platforms that bring together buyers and sellers from around the world, through a portfolio of exhibitions, content led conferences & seminars. UBM India hosts over 25 large scale exhibitions and 40 conferences across the country every year; thereby enabling trade across multiple industry verticals. A UBM Asia Company, UBM India has offices across Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai.

UBM Asia is owned by UBM plc which is listed on the London Stock Exchange. UBM Asia is the leading exhibition organizer in Asia and the biggest commercial organizer in mainland China, India and Malaysia. For further details, please visit About UBM plc UBM plc is the largest pure-play B2B Events organiser in the world. In an increasingly digital world, the value of connecting on a meaningful, human level has never been more important. At UBM, our deep knowledge and passion for the industry sectors we serve allow us to create valuable experiences where people can succeed. At our events people build relationships, close deals and grow their businesses.

Our 3,750+ people, based in more than 20 countries, serve more than 50 different sectors from fashion to pharmaceutical ingredients.

These global networks, skilled, passionate people and market-leading events provide exciting opportunities for business people to achieve their ambitions.

Veracity demonstrates end-to-end command and control system at IFSEC

Veracity is exhibiting a new range of products at IFSEC, spanning IP transmission, storage and display. Following on from the company s acquisition of security Command & Control software manufacturer icomply Ltd, Veracity s IFSEC stand F1050 is built around a control room. The control room promotes the company s integrated security management platform powered by VTAS Pro.

Taking new and legacy third-party video recording systems, VTAS Pro combines them with other security systems such as access control and building management to provide a single coherent system for managing and controlling single or multiple sites. VTAS Pro is fully integrated with Veracity s Trinity direct-to-storage architecture and the Coldstore surveillance storage system. The technology features a full video and media wall display option which can be reconfigured on-the-fly and in response to specific incidents or emergency situations. Live views can be mixed with playback and media streams such as broadcast news, online data streams, maps or other graphical displays. The end-to-end Command & Control solution is scalable and supports a large number of operator workstations, with shared incident management and can handle thousands of remote sites. The system can provide integration with access control, building management, intruder detection, VOIP intercom systems and video analytics including facial recognition. Veracity will also be presenting its new Highwire Powerstar Base 4 encoder replacement kit, containing a Highwire Powerstar Base 4 unit, four Highwire Powerstar Camera units and a 57V DC power supply. The bundle is a simple and cost-effective replacement for legacy analogue video encoders. Customers can upgrade to IP cameras by re-using the coax cable and powering the new IP cameras with POE over coax.

Other examples of Coldstore integrations can be seen on the stand of Veracity s global marketing partner Hanwha Techwin Europe, G800, where the technology will be shown working with SSM and WiseNET cameras. Visit Europe s leading security event in June 2017 Visit IFSEC International for exclusive access to every security product on the market, live product demonstrations and networking with thousands of security professionals. From access control and video surveillance to smart buildings, cyber, border control and so much more. It is the perfect way to keep up to date, protect your business and enhance your career in the security industry. Click here to register your place now to join us at London Excel on 20 22 June 2017.

Calls for greater collaboration as security industry faces blended threat

Recent cyber-security threats underscore the need for physical and information security teams to work more closely together. The threat is blended so the teams need to work together, said Ellie Hurst, Marcomm and Media Manager for Advent IM at IFSEC International. Hurst cited numerous attacks where hackers exploited vulnerabilities found in physical systems.

For example, in December, two individuals hacked into the Washington DC CCTV camera network days before Donald Trump s inauguration. Meanwhile in October, Hangzhou Xionmai Technology, a vendor behind DVRs and internet-connected cameras, inadvertently played a role in a wide-scale DDOS attacks against PayPal, twitter, Spotify and other platforms. While physical and information security professionals typically work in different departments, they need to find a common language, said Hurst. Do you know what you have? Do you know what they are built on? What is the life-cycle management of these products and are they patched? said Hurst. From there you can decide whether to accept the risk. Though rare, some organisations have merged the physical and information security teams, said James Willison, Founder of Unified Security Ltd.

Symantec has merged their team and Barclays is building one SOC for both cyber and physical security, he said. All is not lost if your organisation is behind. There are measures every company can take to mitigate the risk, said the presenters at IFSEC. Ninety percent of breaches are due to people s mistakes, poor configuration and maintenance, said Steven Kenny, Business Development Manager Architecture & Engineering (A&E) Program, Axis Communications. Creating a documented internal policy and increasing employee awareness is important, said Kenny. Training and education is also important. You need to find a training course suitable for those in physical security, added Hurst. At the end of the day, the threat isn t going to go away. You ve got to do the training.

Visit Europe s only large-scale security event in 2017 IFSEC International is taking place at Excel London, 20 22 June 2017, here are 5 reasons you should attend: Exclusive hands-on access to over 10,000 brand new security solutions Network with over 27,000 security professionals Discounts of up to 30% exclusively for IFSEC 150 hours of seminars, workshops and keynote speeches A 1-2-1 meetings service to pre-book face to face meetings.

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We need joint cyber-physical teams for cyber-physical alerts

IFSEC presentations James Willison BA, MA, MSyI is a respected specialist in security convergence and enterprise risk management. Also founder of Unified Security Ltd, Willison is speaking at IFSEC 2017 about How vendors can support ESRM and CSM strategies and What security managers need to know about cybersecurity . We caught up with James to find out a little more about these topics in advance of Europe s largest annual security show.

IFSEC International takes place between 20-22 June 2017 at London ExCeL. Get your free badge now. IFSEC Global: Hi, James, please tell us a bit about what you ll be talking about at IFSEC with Sarb Sembhi James Willison: We re going to be talking about how vendors can support enterprise security risk management. There s lots happening in the corporate strategy of bringing risk silos together and identifying cyber-physical attacks which is great. However, how can vendors help them better achieve this? Can they provide technologies which will actually calculate enterprise security risks? How can they make sure they re supplying secure software and secure technology? We ll also cover the strategic side of security management. So security managers, what do they do on their side?

How do they manage technology they re going to buy, how do they know it s good rather than bad so looking at principles really. It s high level strategy rather than technical. We won t be giving details on all the firewall stuff or what sort of software you re using. It s more about what sort of thing you should be looking for and relationships between suppliers and installers and what impressions they re giving the client. I m doing that talk with Sarb Sembhi. What we re saying to vendors is you ve got an opportunity to lead the market in identity access management because the information security guys aren t really doing it on a large scale IG: And what about your talk, alongside Steven Kenny of Axis Communications, about cybersecurity? JW: We ll be talking about what Axis are doing, which I know quite a lot about because I m working with them. Steve will cover hardening the cybersecurity of their products and systems and I will look at how these should be managed in an enterprise or smart city. And I ll be giving a strategic look at multi-disciplinary security teaming, which is what converged security really is.

But basically I ll be saying that people have talked about convergence quite a lot in the last few years, all over the world. But what we need is united cyber-physical teams working in tandem on cyber-physical alerts. Barclays recently merged their physical and cybersecurity teams into one big security team with technology that is cyber-physical and responding in real time. The highest level of achievement in this area would be them, Deutsche Telekom and BT. Some corporations are doing this converged security management but others are doing enterprise security, which is looking at all security risks but their teams are still siloed. So they re looking at all security risks but separately. What we re advocating is that even if you can t form one big department because of organisational problems, you form a separate team that includes both information and physical security people not just one or the other. CISOs tend not to think physical security systems providers really have the capability to offer cyber-physical security solutions IG: At least it makes sure they re talking to each other JW: Yes. I know these teams exist, but they re quite rare.

In our talk we consider how these teams can use converged technologies to respond to attacks on their physical security systems. We look at important actions to take in this area and this will be of particular relevance for security professionals working in the smart cities of the future. Out of interest, South Korea, a leader in smart cities, had an InfoSec type show recently and they had 15-20,000 information security people there, with 28,000 physical. So that was interesting as they discussed cyber-physical security, convergence, IoT and new technologies. Something to watch IG: Why do you think there is so little take up of cyber-physical security offerings from physical security vendors? JW: I think because the people looking after that would usually be the chief information security officer, and they don t think physical security systems providers really have the capability to offer cyber-physical security solutions. These vendors have specialised in physical up until now and to get into that market is quite hard because there are a lot of information security type access systems, obviously for IT, but identity access management is a big part of that. I think some of that will converge. I ve been to conferences where they talk about identity access management all day because it s on the network.

Then there are loads of products around that and some will include a physical element. What we re saying in our talk is you ve got an opportunity to lead the market because the information security guys aren t really doing it on a large scale. It s a growth area. And the internet of things obviously will impact all this. IG: Could you just clarify the kind of security professionals who will benefit from the talk? JW: We have a three-pronged approach. What you should be doing in your organisation to converge or have multi-disciplinary teams and how you can do that. You can take the initiative by going to HR and saying you want to form one, can you help me, because maybe I m not getting help from the IT people. So that shows initiative, to see what they say back before they come back and make you do it anyway.

HR might just realise they can form one department to save money. They no longer need two security functions. That s been an issue in the past. Someone tells them they need only one person to run the whole security department to include every area of security. There s this fear that all the chief information security guys are going to take over physical security. A lot of jobs are now advertised in this area, when you dig deep into them they re looking for chief information security officers. The IT companies don t see the point of siloing off. They tend to be more digitalised and, well, you need to know about IT anyway. But if you don t know about it, what are you doing here?

IG: As ever, it sounds like the technology is evolving faster than the corporate culture can keep up with. Is there anything else you want to mention? JW: Just that we re publishing a white paper with Axis on this subject, called Supporting Enterprise Security Risk Management, How vendors can support ESRM and CSM strategies . We are delighted to announce that this will be launched at IFSEC and available as a PDF on the Axis website (click here) or if you contact me at [email protected] We hope to have some printed copies for those who attend our presentation! So please come and get a copy! James Willison is speaking twice at IFSEC 2017: 20 June / 14:00-14:40 / Supporting Enterprise Security Management How vendors can support ESRM and CSM strategies / James Willison and S arb Sembhi, CTO & CISO, Virtually Informed / Borders & Infrastructure Theatre 21 June / 13:30-13:55 / What security managers need to know about cybersecurity / James Willison and Steven Kenny, Axis Communications / Security Management Theatre View the full conference agenda here IFSEC International takes place between 20-22 June 2017 at London ExCeL. Get your free badge now. Visit Europe s only large-scale security event in 2017 IFSEC International is taking place at Excel London, 20 22 June 2017, here are 5 reasons you should attend: Exclusive hands-on access to over 10,000 brand new security solutions Network with over 27,000 security professionals Discounts of up to 30% exclusively for IFSEC 150 hours of seminars, workshops and keynote speeches A 1-2-1 meetings service to pre-book face to face meetings.

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Honeywell announces launch of next generation aspirating smoke detectors

Xtralis VESDA Multinational producer of advanced smoke and fire detection technologies Honeywell is launching its next generation of Xtralis VESDA aspirating smoke detectors for early warning detection. The company s new version of Xtralis VESDA-E VEP has one and a half times more sensitivity than VESDA VLP, and up to six times better dust rejection in order to reduce instances of nuisance alarms, to save building owners on potential costs from fire department calls. The technology also provides higher detection stability over a wider range of environments and improved consistency through its Flair Detection Technology, a new unique particle characterisation capability.

It provides analytics for targeted detection and efficient and effective response. embedded content VESDA-E VEP is simple to configure and commission and includes a 3.5 inch LCD touch screen display and wireless remote review with the iVESDA app for maintenance. New standard features include built-in Ethernet and Wi-Fi to ensure easy connectivity with handheld devices as well as the PC-based Xtralis video software management monitoring package. The new system enables longer pipe runs and detector coverage is extended by up to 20% in high-ceiling rooms and spaces. Honeywell and Xtralis are exhibiting at FIREX International, 20-22 June 2017, London ExCeL. Visit stands D250 and D300 to see their latest life safety systems. Get your free badge now. Visit FIREX International for cutting-edge solutions, essential knowledge and the ability to grow your business by getting direct access to the whole fire safety industry. It is the perfect place to get your product in front of thousands of buyers, across a multitude of featured areas.

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