Watch: BT Redcare GM discusses company s overhaul

IFSEC exhibitor BT Redcare has unveiled a new branding, which includes not just a new website and new product brochures, but changes in operations. The company acknowledges that for installers and ARCs, giving customers the right protection is vital. And for businesses or homeowners, protection of property and assets is critical.

For business and homeowners, BT Redcare s new website will help them find the right Redcare product for security and protection. The company s installer finder will put customers in touch with a BT Redcare approved installer. Customers can pick the right product and have it installed, meeting industry standards. For ARCs and installers, BT Redcare s new brand, website and brochures will help these businesses, explains Redcare. In addition to outward branding changes, the company has recruited additional people in sales, marketing and in the technical department. John Ware, BT Redcare general manager, said: We re looking at how we work with ARCs and installers, our goal is to grow our businesses together, and we re keen to listen to them so we can develop Redcare to meet future needs. John Ware discusses the overhaul in the video below. embedded content BT Redcare is exhibiting on stand F1250 at IFSEC International (20-22 June 2017, London ExCeL). Get your free badge now.

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Security guard arrested for vandalizing Memphis yeshiva's Torahs at …

January 14, 2013


A Memphis yeshiva s Shabbat retreat was disrupted when a hotel security guard was arrested for vandalizing Torah scrolls and other property belonging to the school.

Justin Shawn Baker, 24, an Iraqi War veteran living in Jackson, Tenn., was arrested and charged with vandalism between $60 and $250,000 — a Class B felony. His bail was set Monday at $100,000. Baker is an armed guard working for the Maxxguard security firm.

On Saturday morning, local police and later federal law enforcement were called to the DoubleTree Motel in Jackson to investigate damaged Torah scrolls, siddurs and music equipment belonging to the Margolin Hebrew Academy’s Cooper Yeshiva High School.

Approximately 50 high school students and faculty from the school were spending Shabbat at the motel on their way to a ski trip in the Smoky Mountains.

A MySpace profile page belonging to Baker and one belonging to a woman who identifies herself as Baker s wife both make references to Satan, though neither page has been in use for at least three years.

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Webway launches G Series communicator during December seminars

Webway launches G Series communicator during December seminars WebWay launched the G Series communicator and Imaging at seminars in Nottingham and Newbury during December. Installers had the opportunity to see how the G Series provides dual path GPRS/PSTN monitoring, signalling and service for alarm panels. Installers are understanding that their panels can do far more than transmit 8 or 16 channels,” asserted Chris Carter Brennan, commercial director at WebWayOne. “We re bringing our tried and independently tested range of smart communicators to independent installers for network monitoring, extended format alarm signalling and DD263 compliant servicing.

We re also showing installers that we have the most comprehensive catalogue of integrations available. Installers use their favoured systems for years, and we have had to design our solutions to work with new and legacy panels. The presentations and demonstrations made in Nottingham and Newbury showed installers how they could use their existing suppliers’ panel management software in tandem with WebWay s secure platform to gain ‘anytime access’ to their remote systems.

The ability to access remote systems securely, at anytime and with the correct permissions per user is critical to UDL, commented WebWayOne’s technical director, Phil Meredith. The WebWay Anytime UDL solution means that access is controlled centrally. This enables secure access to our platform, centrally controlled user permissions and a full audit trail.

If an engineer leaves their user name and permissions can be removed to deny future access. The unclonable nature of our software means that any attempt to copy onto another machine will fail. Detailing the Imaging solution Also on show was WebWay s Imaging solution.

Already available from EMCS, Southern and Northern Monitoring and The Corps, WebWay Imaging provides a low cost solution to panic alarm verification. Using the extended format alarms to arm/disarm image transmission Axis and Vista cameras can be used to verify panic and other events. The system transmits pre- and post-images over either IP or GPRS networks right to the operator screen.

Imaging provides installers with another integrated service without needing to change their preferred panel or camera suppliers,” explained Jim Carter, customer service director at WebWayOne. “A WebWay can be upgraded in the field or ordered with Imaging from the start. All GPRS charges are included in the monitoring fee. Patrick Kyle of Texecom stated: Our products are very popular with installers and we ve worked with WebWay to enable use of all their features securely from a remote location.

We haven t had to write any special code or add new features to the system – the WebWay simply connects to our bus and emulates our telecom module for seamless integration. Risco’s sales manager Mike Lawrence affirmed: WebWay s integration to the Prosys is excellent. Using our UDL, service and maintenance features Risco installers can reduce costs while providing end users with improved remote services.” In addition, Claire Poyser Blaire – sales manager with EMCS – concluded: We re delighted to be offering installers something genuinely new.

WebWay s G Series offers a range of smart features and can be upgraded to IP signalling and Imaging, all in one box. EMCS supports all the features and we re happy to talk to installers who want to use WebWay technology. Converged services: the way forward Eric Roberts – the business development director at Corps Security’s CMC – added: Converged services are the way forward and WebWay has an excellent track record and product portfolio to achieve this.

Better still, this is proven technology used in thousands of locations for all risks and end user market sectors. Through Webway we re delighted to offer our installers G Series, Communicator and Imaging connections. Steve Kimber – managing director at Southern Monitoring – explained: Southern and Northern Monitoring are pleased to extend our portfolio of WebWay services to the G Series and Imaging.

WebWay has always bought innovation to the market. Now, they bring a commercial package around that innovation specifically aimed at independent installers. An additional seminar date is set for 12 February in Manchester.

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Intruder caught breaking into hotel room, implicates security guard …

A burglar who twice broke into a customer s room at a popular New Amsterdam hotel and stole a quantity of cash and other articles has implicated a security guard as the person who hired him to carry out the act.
The intruder was successful in his first attempt in which he stole $94,000, but was caught on the second attempt and given a sound trashing before being handed over to the police.
The guard was also apprehended and handed over to the police.
The guest and his wife who operate a lumber yard in Georgetown and are regular patrons at the hotel checked into the facility around 19:00 hrs on Friday evening.
They went out and returned around 23:00hrs and retired to bed.
The man said that he was awakened around 05:00 hrs the following morning by the noise of the nearby church doing morning prayers.
He stated that he was actually shocked when he noticed a light entering the room. Upon looking keenly he noticed the blinds were pulled to the side and the bars removed or broken.
He then noticed a shadow outside the window. He secreted himself and soon after an intruder came crawling through the open window.
Gathering all the courage he had, he grabbed the man and the two were engaged in a tussle, with the ensuing commotion awaking his wife.
The woman said that she immediately called the front desk and reported that an intruder was in their room.
In the meantime, the men continued to tussle and after getting the worst of the encounter, the intruder began to beg, revealing that he was sent by the man in red shirt downstairs.
Not long after there was a knock on the door and a man with a red shirt was standing at the entrance.

He identified himself as the guard. The intruder identified him as the man who sent him to break into the room. The guard told the business man to allow the intruder to go, but suspecting that something was amiss the businessman said that he picked up the broken window bar and commanded the intruder to go under the bed.

He then ordered the guard to join the intruder under the bed. The two engaged in a scramble before he overpowered the guard and forced him also under the bed. The police were called and they arrived promptly to arrest the two men.
Upon checking the businessman noticed that all his money was missing from his pocket, and the intruder later confirmed that he had entered before and taken the money which he gave to the guard.

He was on his second trip to look for more money, jewelry and other valuables when he was caught. The money was subsequently recovered.
The man said that he went to the hotel with $100,000. Six of which was used to pay the receptionist for the room.

The guard was in the vicinity and had noticed him doing the transaction.
Proprietors of the hotel were tight lipped.

Police force denies 'Police Reduced To Security Guards' : Kaieteur …

The Guyana Police Force (GPF) has refuted an article in Kaieteur News which suggested that policemen have been reduced to security guards.
The police hierarchy took offence at claims made in the article that the Police can only boast of solving clear cut murders and robberies.
The GPF was also upset over a quote by a Police officer that the Force has never solved any execution style killings.
In a statement, the GPF stated that the reporter could have used the Police records which are readily available at the CID Headquarters instead of quoting a Police source.
The Police Force stated that the article displays no due diligence of the Editor so it was simply wheel barrowed into the newspaper.
Between 2008 and present, the Police said that there were 38 incidents of execution style murders.

Of these, the GPF claimed that the Police have so far laid charges in relation to ten of those incidents and are on the verge of completing investigations into two others.
Those two incomplete investigations, the GPF stated, do not include the Lindo Creek murders, the investigations into which have been completed and the file submitted to the Director of Public Prosecutions for advice.
The 10 incidents in which charges are laid include the highly publicized Lusignan and Bartica Massacres, the drug related Drive by Shooting of Mark Caesar c/d Lil Mark in Broad Street on October 1, 2010 and the shooting of Clementine Fiedtkou c/d Granny in Robb Street on August 17, 2011.
In addition, the Police Force said it has disciplined its ranks for unprofessional behaviour and has charged, criminally, 17 of its ranks from January 1, 2011 to current for offences related to dishonesty, including corruption, robbery and larceny.

Why You Should Leave Your Cheating Spouse to a Private …

Facing the fact that your spouse may be cheating on you is never easy. After all, you ve made an investment in this person and your future together. You love them and they re at the center of your life in many ways.

Coming to terms with the fact that they may be going outside of the marriage and betraying you is hard for so many reasons, especially the implications of what cheating could mean for your future together as a couple and as a family. Naturally the first order of business before confronting your spouse or making any binding decisions about your future together is gathering evidence. You don t want to falsely accuse them of doing anything, nor do you want to simply wind up bringing yourself to confront them only to have them deny it.

You need to gather solid proof before acting and a private investigator can help you do that. Let s take a look at some of the best reasons why you should leave things to a professional, as opposed to taking them into your own hands. The Proof You ll Get Will Be Solid

When you leave things to the professionals, you won t just get proof of your spouse s cheating. You ll also get proof that will be solid in every way that you need it to be. If you re at an early stage when it comes to dealing with this, you can rest assured that any evidence your investigator comes up with will be of the type that your partner won t be able to simply explain away.

If you re already at a point where you re getting a divorce, seeking marital settlements, looking to gain custody of children, or dealing with any other legal process along those lines, then it s even more imperative that you get a professional in your corner sooner than later. You want to make sure the evidence you gather will hold up in court. They Can Do All the Legwork

Private investigation and evidence gathering is a time-consuming process to be sure. It can be difficult or it can be simple depending on how good your spouse is at covering their tracks. Either way, it still takes some work.

If your spouse is especially sly, then gathering evidence against them may be a trickier process than you actually realize up front. Private investigators are seasoned and experienced when it comes to such things and this being the case, they will know where to look and how to catch the person in the act. Why You Should Leave Your Cheating Spouse to a Private InvestigatorHiring a professional allows you to go on about your life as usual without needing to disrupt your schedule, family life, or personal life.

Just tell them what you need and they can easily take care of all the rest. Plus, they can do it with all the latest technology1 available at their disposal. You Don t Have to Actually Witness Cheating

While you no doubt want your answers in regards to your partner s fidelity, you should really think about the psychological and emotional effects of having the witness the actual cheating if it does turn out to be going on. Many people are not prepared for how jarring and upsetting it s going to be. Yes, you will certainly have to look at evidence should your investigator find any pictures, videos, and so forth but that s still a lot easier than having to be a witness to what s going on in person.

Instead of being traumatized, you can simply take the evidence, show it to your divorce lawyer, and call it a day. Sandy Davis is a blogger for USAInvestigators.com2, where you can find information on private investigation and digital forensics for people and businesses.

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Security guard dies at G/T School of Nursing : Kaieteur News

A security guard stationed at the Georgetown School of Nursing located in Kingston, Georgetown, was found dead in a hut yesterday.
The body of Ivan Fraser was discovered at around 03:00hrs by another guard stationed at the same building but a fair distance from Fraser s hut.

Yesterday, when Kaieteur News visited the scene, only one security was on duty.
The female guard said that the dead man had been ill for awhile.

He is a heart patient so like when he was at the back there he get a heart attack and collapse.
Kaieteur News was unable to make contact with the man s relatives.

WebWayOne to debut Anytime UDL over GPRS solution at December seminars

Info4Security Web Exclusive WebWayOne to debut Anytime UDL over GPRS solution at December seminars WebWayOne is to run seminars in Nottingham (on 4 December) and Newbury (6 December) specifically aimed at installers who want to benefit from DD263 compliant upload/download (UDL) and Image verification. Panel and camera manufacturers will be on hand to discuss their solutions and integration with WebWay systems. Installers including Castle Care-Tech, Cooper/Scantronic, HKC, Honeywell, Risco, Texecom and Vista will be present, so too many of the independent ARCs (among them AIM, Corps, Custodian, Delta, EMCS, Farsight, MiteC, RVR, Southern Monitoring and Unipart). “WebWay technology has been used by national installers to reduce site visits and improve customer service for nearly a decade,” said Phil Meredith, technical director at WebWayOne. “We’re delighted to bring this technology to independent installers who want to run their businesses more efficiently and leverage the whole manufacturers’ solution.” At these events, WebWay will debut its Anytime UDL over GPRS.

Meredith continued: “We’re going to show installers how simple it can be to remotely connect to devices using the radio path in our GPRS/PSTN configuration. We’ll highlight how our systems provide a seamless, fast connection using our Anytime technology and WebWay secure platform.” Adding new value to the integration proposition In addition to the remote service message, WebWay will introduce installers to the company’s latest event/panic verification solution. The WebWay signalling system can associate the status of the security system to the arm/disarm of IP or analogue cameras.

Pre- and post-alarm images may be transmitted on any SIA event from Area or Zones within the premises, even in the event of a line cut. “WebWay has the largest catalogue of integration of any signalling provider,” asserted commercial director Chris Carter Brennan. “We’re adding new value to that integration by enabling installers to choose their favoured panels and cameras for verification rather than buying into new closed systems which require new knowledge and spares to already overstretched businesses.” WebWay’s technology partner, Telefonica O2, will also be present at the seminars.

Telefonica will inform installers as to how the secure WebWay infrastructure, SIM and roaming deliver a seamless, Anytime solution for UDL and diagnostics. “We intend to show installers that they can use roaming GPRS to remotely connect to alarm panels for UDL now,” added Paul Carter, managing director at WebWayOne. “All connectivity is via our encrypted, robust and reliable infrastructure.

We’re ensuring that the price of connectivity and ongoing annual fees is low, but that the functionality is second to none.” *Installers can register for these events at or contact WebWay direct on (telephone) 01635 231 500 and asking for the Sales Department

No security guard to secure multi-million-dollar well : Kaieteur News

– residents

Since it was commissioned last year, there have been increasing complaints about the safety and security of the $57M water well stationed at La Parfaite Harmonie, West Bank Demerara.
The well, which has a depth of 572 feet and the capacity to produce 144 cubic meters of potable water, is expected to serve residents in La Parfaite Harmonie, La Grange and Westminster.

No security guard to secure multi-million-dollar well : Kaieteur News

Residents are lamenting the lack of security at this $57M Parfait Harmonie water well

Responding to growing complaints made by residents about the well s security, this publication visited the area and was shocked to see the multi-million dollar well was protected by two pieces of planks, which were used to avoid the gate from opening by itself.
Some residents talked about the quality of water they have been getting for several months and some spoke about the lack of proper security measures to safeguard the water facility.
Water is the main source of life and that well is providing water to three villages. If thieves go in that place and break off and thief something, what will happen to us? Shazam Azeem queried.
He also added that they looking at $50,000 per month and left the well like that. Now if that well break, they will have to spend millions to repair it.
Residents are calling on the government to employ a security guard to protect the facility.
Look at that well, one big fence, no padlock, no security and the cost is $57M. Who would believe that? a resident questioned.
According to the villagers, another depressing issue is the fact that the water they have been receiving for the past several months is of poor quality.
You can t wash your white clothes with that water at all. I don t know how poor families making out because that water is terrible, said Sham Doonaught.
Kaieteur News tried to get a comment from the Guyana Water Inc (GWI) but was put on hold several times, for several minutes.

Security Consultants-Pen-testers,Code Reviewers,Reverse …

Security Consultants-Pen-testers,Code Reviewers,Reverse Engineers,Hardware Hackers jobs

Posted by mnehring on November 10, 2012

Want to work for a company that has a work hard/play hard attitude? Where technical brilliance and socially fit are not mutually exclusive? Where the sky is the limit as to your career potential? Where team spirit is not an oxymoron? Then come chat with us! We are a highly committed team that prides itself on client satisfaction. We are a cutting-edge firm that blends opportunities for career and personal advancement with a positive and challenging work environment.Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Seattle, IOActive is a cutting-edge firm that blends opportunities for career and personal advancement with a positive and challenging work environment. We seek talented people with broad, robust skill sets from around the world to join our diverse, growing team of consultants- We look for diverse backgrounds- Reverse Engineers, Code Reviewers, Hardware Hackers, Network and Application Penetration Testers.IOActive s highly experienced and technically skilled consulting teams work with organizations to mitigate information asset and mission-critical system security risks in their complex, interconnected business environments.Due to explosive growth, we are hiring security consultants (at all levels-from junior to senior to management) all over the US and the United Kingdom, (New York City, No. CA, So. CA, Texas, Seattl

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