JPH-JMIR Public Health and Surveillance

JMIR Public Health & Surveillance (JPHS, Editor-in-chief: Travis Sanchez, Emory University/Rollins School of Public Health) is a PubMed-indexed, peer-reviewed sister journal of the Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR), the top cited journal in health informatics (Impact Factor 2016: 5.1751). JPH is a multidisciplinary journal with a unique focus on the intersection of innovation and technology in public health, and includes topics like health communication, public health informatics, surveillance, participatory epidemiology, infodemiology and infoveillance, digital disease detection, digital public health interventions, mass media/social media campaigns, and emerging population health analysis systems and tools. We publish regular articles, reviews, protocols/system descriptions and viewpoint papers on all aspects of public health, with a focus on innovation and technology in public health. Apart from publishing traditional public health research and viewpoint papers as well as reports from traditional surveillance systems, JPH was one of the first (if not the only) peer-reviewed journal which publishes papers with surveillance or pharmacovigilance data from non-traditional, unstructured big data and text sources such as social media and the Internet (infoveillance2, digital disease detection), or reports on novel participatory epidemiology projects, where observations are solicited from the public.

Among other innovations, JPH is also dedicated to support rapid open data sharing and rapid open access to surveillance and outbreak data. As one of the novel features we plan to publish rapid or even real-time surveillance reports and open data. The methods and description of the surveillance system may be peer-reviewed and published only once in detail, in a “baseline report” (in a JMIR Res Protoc or a JMIR Public Health & Surveill paper), and authors then have the possibility to publish data and reports in frequent intervals rapidly and with only minimal additional peer-review (we call this article type “Rapid Surveillance Reports”). JMIR Publications may even work with authors/researchers and developers of selected surveillance systems on APIs for semi-automated reports (e.g. weekly reports to be automatically published in JPHS and indexed in PubMed, based on data-feeds from surveillance systems and minmal narratives and abstracts). Furthermore, duing epidemics and public health emergencies, submissions with critical data will be processed with expedited peer-review to enable publication within days or even in real-time.

We also publish descriptions of open data resources and open source software.

Where possible, we can and want to publish or even host the actual software or dataset on the journal website.


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Global anti-drone market to be worth $1,205 million by 2025

A study, published by Transparency Market Research (TMR), predicts the anti-drone market worldwide to be worth $1,205 million by 2025. Players, big and small, joining the global anti-drone market suggests a dynamic and competitive industry in the coming years, according to the report. The emergence of start-ups with innovative technologies and approaches is expected to disrupt the market and intensify competition among manufacturers of anti-drones in the future.

A report by TMR evaluated the global anti-drone market to be worth $214.7 million in 2016. The market is expected to grow with a 19.9% compound annual growth rate between 2017 and 2025. Government and military dominate the end-user segments with the military predicted to grow rapidly among all end-use segments, followed by the government. In terms of anti-drone technologies, neutralizing systems held the leading share in the market in 2016. North America is expected to display the leading growth over the forecast period. Firms operating in the global anti-drone market include Blighter Surveillance Systems, Dedrone Detect, Droneshield, Boeing, Lockheed Martin Corporation, SAAB and Theiss UAV Solutions. Free Download: The security drones report 2017 The global security drones market will be worth $10.5bn ( 8bn) by 2020 . This report commissioned by Aviat Drones examines the prevalence, growth prospects , applications and regulatory challenges of drones and anti-drone tech in the global security market. Find out how you can benefit from this lucrative market .

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Theia lenses approved for Dahua 4K box camera

Theia s lenses are designed to meet needs of a new range of 4K analytics-rich cameras and ensure true 4K resolution systems. Video surveillance specialist Dahua has qualified the Theia 4K lens family for use with its IPC-HF81230E Ultra HD Box Camera. The combination provides video surveillance professionals with one of the most advanced imaging technologies available.

Theia s 4K lenses offer resolution performance that matches the image quality 4K sensor cameras promise, but aren t always able to provide due to inferior lens selection. Theia s lenses resolve the 1.55 micron-sized pixel of the 1/2.3 4K sensors, while covering the larger 1/1.7 4K imagers. Verticals/sectors which they are suitable for include shopping centres, stadiums and open public spaces. They can be used for any application where a high level of detail and precision is needed for analytics-rich applications. This includes facial recognition and behavioural studies, especially in environments where there is lots of activity or total area coverage is needed. Dahua IPC-HF81230E 12MP Box Network Camera Features The varifocal lens family covers a horizontal field of view from 112 to 9 degrees, with the SL410 4-10mm lens and SL1250 12-50mm lens. Theia lenses maintain 4K resolution in day and night with 5 microns focus shift in near infrared light. They are 52mm and more compact than the comparable 1/1.7 4K lenses, allowing use in smaller enclosures and some domes. At F/1.4 the SL410 has the fastest F number and the best light gathering ability of any 4k 1/1.7 format varifocal lens available in the surveillance market.

The CS mount lenses are available in manual, DC-auto or P-iris versions; fully motorized, board and C mount versions are also available. Dahua says: When paired with Theia s 4K lenses, Dahua s IPC-HF81230E Ultra HD Box Camera is able to deliver very high image quality to the market enabling analytics and other high detail applications, says Daniel Chau, overseas marketing director. About Theia Theia Technologies provides high quality 4K and megapixel lenses for security and machine vision applications. Theia lenses are designed and marketed from the US, and manufactured to ISO 9001 standards. The company also provides optical engineering and custom design services. About Dahua Technology Zhejiang Dahua Technology is a leading provider in the global video surveillance industry. Dahua is committed to providing the highest quality solutions and products with the latest technologies to enable end users to perform their business successfully. Free download: The video surveillance report 2017 Sponsored by IDIS The Video Surveillance Report 2017 covers all things video surveillance based on a poll of hundreds of security professionals. Specifically looking at topics such as open platforms, 4K, low-light cameras, video analytics, warranties and this year due to the growing threat posed, the cybersecurity landscape.

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A comprehensive home security system guide for the elderly

Elderly people and technology are rarely associated with one another, but when it comes to safety and security, modern technology has a great deal to offer. Considering robbery, assault and other crimes against seniors are most likely to occur in or near the home, a comprehensive home security system is particularly important for seniors. A home security system represents an investment in the safety and well-being of your elderly loved ones, and it s important to make sure you re getting the protection they need to be safe at home.

To that end, let s take a look at the most popular home security products for seniors and how they work to keep your loved ones protected. Security cameras In surveys conducted among convicted burglars, more than half admit that they deliberately avoid any home that s equipped with one or more security cameras. That alone is reason enough to consider installing a surveillance system. But the usefulness of security cameras extends well beyond that. Cameras equipped with real-time monitoring also allow elderly homeowners to stay aware of their surroundings, providing much-needed peace of mind and ensuring that they need not leave the house to investigate a suspicious noise or identify a person on their property. Best of all, many smart cameras can even be remotely monitored, allowing you or your family to keep tabs on your loved one and their home no matter where you are. Medical alert systems A medical alert system is a great way to monitor your elderly loved one s health and provide a safeguard in the event of a health emergency, but some systems may offer an added layer of security as well. Many such systems feature pendants or wristbands equipped with buttons that immediately trigger an alarm and request assistance. Though they re designed primarily for medical emergencies, the fact that these systems are constantly monitored and connected with local authorities means help is never more than a button-press away.

Some systems also employ impact sensors that detect when the wearer may have fallen. Home automation Though you may not associate it with home security, smart home automation technology offers a number of ways to keep your loved ones safe. Installing programmable smart locks on doors and windows means your elderly family member never has to worry about remembering to lock up at night or when leaving the home. Many smart locks can also be monitored and controlled remotely from a mobile device. For another layer of security, smart lighting both indoors and outdoors can be programmed or triggered via motion sensors to provide effective deterrence. Remote control access Whether your elderly loved one is a frequent traveler or simply has trouble getting around like they used to, the ability to remotely control various aspects of the home is invaluable. Many modern home security and automation systems can be monitored and controlled via mobile devices, putting everything from video cameras to door locks to window shades just a few taps away. This easy and convenient access means that seniors can take care of many of their normal tasks around the home no matter where they might be. Doorbell cameras A doorbell may not strike you as the ultimate crime-stopping device, but there s a surprising statistic you should consider.

The Los Angeles Police Department recently conducted a study comparing two local neighborhoods one in which homes were equipped with smart doorbell cameras and one in which they weren t. The results? The neighborhood with doorbell cameras saw a stunning 50 percent drop in burglaries. That alone makes a compelling case, but doorbell cameras also protect seniors by ensuring that they need not open up to see who s standing at the door. Most doorbells also offer remote monitoring, so seniors can keep an eye on visitors from virtually anywhere. Alarm systems True home security requires accounting for all manner of potential threats, and this includes things like fire, carbon monoxide and attempted access by an intruder. Fortunately, many home security systems are designed with these threats in mind, providing a range of detectors and alarms to help alert elderly homeowners and give them time to respond appropriately. Ideally, fire and carbon monoxide alarms should be loud enough to alert others nearby in the event that your elderly loved one can t hear the alarm or isn t able to respond on their own. To guard against intruders, motion sensors on doors and windows can trigger alarms in the event of any unexpected activity.

Energy management Staying safe at home doesn t need to be costly. In fact, many home security systems include energy management tools that can actually help you save some cash each month. One popular inclusion is energy monitoring, which allows elderly homeowners to see exactly where their energy dollars are being spent and may even offer suggestions on ways to cut costs. Another energy management solution is a smart thermostat system, which enables programmable settings, activity monitors and other tools to ensure that heating and cooling is done as efficiently as possible without sacrificing comfort. It s no secret that seniors are among the most vulnerable members of society, but that doesn t mean that they can t live safely and securely at home. If you have an elderly loved one living independently, a comprehensive home security system built with their needs in mind is a wise investment. Armed with this knowledge, you can help them choose a solution that will make their lives easier and allow them to feel confident and secure in their home. See here for a directory of home automation companies, products and services About the author: Maricel Tabalba is a freelance writer who is interested in writing about smart gadgets, emerging tech trends and environmentally friendly advice. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in Communication from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Free Download: The key to mitigating cybersecurity risks Exploiting IoT technology without creating cybersecurity vulnerabilities is one of the defining challenges in today s security landscape.

This report will help you to see why third parties should adhere to secure by design principles and why the necessary convergence of IT and security departments demands a holistic approach .

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Private investigator fees, how much is it going to cost me

How much will hiring a private investigator cost me?

Below you ll find our typical rates per investigator. You might already know what you need but please do call 0141 548 8055 because based on our experience we re often able to offer a more cost effective solution than you may realise.

Private Investigator Fees, How Much Is It Going To Cost Me

The cost per investigator depends on the time of day

The cost of every investigation is different and will depend upon a number of factors including:

  • The number of investigators required
  • When the investigation takes place (daytime, evening or through the night)
  • The need for any special equipment

Charges for a typical investigation

To help you decide if a private investigation is an option you want to pursue we have put together some costing for three common scenarios. For a more detailed discussion of you own situation and the likely cost of solving your problem or putting your mind at ease please call 0141 548 8055 (Glasgow), or 07525 047007.

Matrimonial surveillance

A client called us because she believed her husband to be having an affair and that the extra marital activity was taking place while our client worked night shift. We discussed various options with our client and decided it best to surveil her property (the marital home) over a period of three nights, the following Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evening when our client would be at work. The surveillance included a two man team and was arranged for 8pm midnight on each evening. If the client s husband left their home our investigators were instructed to follow the husband and to continue surveillance through the night until the husband returned home. On the first evening the husband stayed at home.

On the second evening the husband was surveilled leaving the marital property and followed to an address 30mins away where he entered a domestic residence and where the door to the residence was opened by a female. At 2.25am the husband left the residence. He was accompanied to the door by a female in nightwear. We reported our findings including video evidence to our client and the third night of surveillance was cancelled because although deeply distressed our client was now sure of her husband s indiscretions. In this instance the charge for the private investigation was 625 +VAT plus mileage.

Tracing birth mother

A lady who was adopted at birth had failed in several prior attempts in locating her birth mother before contacting us. With the details provided we were able to conduct desk based research to establish the current location of the mother and this was followed up by physical surveillance to establish without doubt that the birth mother was residing at the address we had uncovered. In this instance and with a great deal of sensitivity we approached the birth mother (at her daughter s request) and left with her a letter, some photographs and the telephone number of her birth daughter. A few days later mother and daughter met for the first time since their separation and was welcomed with open arms into a new part of her family. In this case the cost to hire a private investigator was 270 + Vat plus mileage.

Suspected sickness fraud

We were approached by a local business where the owner believed one of his employees was fraudulently claiming sickness benefit. The employee was an electrician and over the course of a two week surveillance (at different times each the day) was observed entering and leaving a number of domestic premises and on each occasion with a works bag in hand. Video evidence was provided to the employer and the employee dismissed. We charged 1440 + VAT and mileage to complete this investigation. The exact charge for a private investigator will vary from case to case and you must also be prepared to cover incidental expenses for example entry fees or the purchase of food or drink if the surveillance is being conducted on licensed premises or restaurant.

In some cases your fears may be unfounded and in other cases we ll provide a written report that confirms your suspicions. In each and every case you can be assured of our utmost professionalism, sensitivity and discretion. Do you have more questions on the cost to hire a private investigatior?

Call us 0141 548 8055.

Or click here1 to enquire online. If you haven t used a private investigation service before you ll find more info on our website answering frequently asked questions2 and to help you choose the best investigator for you. We offer a professional investigation service across the UK backed up by our experience of ex-police officers, military personnel and professional memberships3.


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Why Do We Need Surveillance Cameras in Public Places …

With the ever-advancing technology field come conflicting opinions about what should and should not be used. One of the pieces of technology that causes a bit of controversy is surveillance cameras that are placed in public. Although some believe that they should not be used, they can be an important part of society and can be quite helpful.

Why Do We Need Surveillance Cameras In Public Places ...

Surveillance cameras are for safety. credit: Ingram Publishing/Ingram Publishing/Getty Images

Public Safety

Surveillance cameras can be used to keep an eye out for any crimes that are in progress or that can be stopped before they even start. If a suspicious person or item is in the area, the proper authorities can be informed before any crime can be committed or damage can be done. In addition, the area can be cleared of any people as a precautionary measure.

Can Help Catch a Criminal

If a crime is committed and there is a surveillance camera, there is a good chance that the authorities will be able to get a viable image of the criminal. The camera footage can be used to put the image on posters and aired on television where someone might be able to recognize who the person is. Without the surveillance camera, it may be more difficult to get a detailed description of the perpetrator.

Sense of Security

For some people, knowing that surveillance cameras are in certain areas can help create a sense of security. No one wants to fear having to go into an area or feel as though she is not safe. Some may believe that there may be less of a chance that a crime will be committed if there are cameras in the area watching over them.

Crime Prevention

Some businesses and authorities may place cameras in areas in hope that it will prevent crimes from being committed in the first place. If a person knows that there is a surveillance camera in a specific area, he may be less willing to commit a crime at that location for fear of being caught. Some cities are even putting, or have already put, surveillance cameras on stoplights in hopes that it will prevent people from speeding or committing other traffic offenses.


In court, the footage from the surveillance camera that captured a crime can be used as evidence against the accused. Without the footage, there may be little to no evidence to go on and the criminal could go free.

In some cases, the footage may also help prove the innocence of someone who was accused of a crime, but did not commit it.

A rogue s gallery of fire doors unworthy of the name (and perfectly good ones rendered useless)

#firedoorsafetyweek Some fire doors pictured below are so incompetently installed an otherwise serious topic descends into absurd comedy. Unfortunately, having a stair-rail passing through a hole carved into the door (I kid you not) would have grave consequences were a fire to break out. Lifted from Twitter (big thanks to Theodore Firedoor and FireDoorGuy) and Fire Door Safety Week s toolkit) the gallery features plenty of more prosaic, typical problems too big gaps between doors and around the perimeter, slapdash use of sealant, doors wedged open and the like.

There are also a couple of correctly installed fire doors at the bottom, standing proudly unbowed and un-breached after a fire ripped through the creative block of a Dorset school in 2015. IFSEC Global is proud to support Fire Door Safety Week, which runs from 25 September to 1 October. You can pledge your support for the campaign here, and by tweeting under the hashtag #FireDoorSafetyWeek and sharing or using the wealth of resources found in the campaign s toolkit. We ll put a notice up, that ll solve it, Fire Door Inspectors (@firedoorguy) September 22, 2017 @Theodore_Fire don t think this one is self closing! #firedoor #FireDoorSafetyWeek #passivefire H Timmins Group (@HTimminsGroup) August 15, 2017 It s #FireDoorFriday! Spotted any dodgy #firedoors recently? Send me your pics! The gap in this dodgy fire door is more than the 3mm maximum Theodore Firedoor (@Theodore_Fire) December 2, 2016 How it is v how it should be. It s the little things that often make a difference. #FireDoorSafetyWeek #firedoors Fire Door Inspectors (@firedoorguy) September 21, 2017 @FDIS_UK @Theodore_Fire @bwf_certifire @FDSafetyWeek. I couldn t kick it very far!! #firedoor H Timmins Group (@HTimminsGroup) August 22, 2017 Well that won t help in the event of a fire #fire #firedoor #passivefire @Theodore_Fire H Timmins Group (@HTimminsGroup) August 20, 2017 A national chain of car parks yesterday.

Not huge risk I suppose, but how many litres of petrol close by #firesafety #nocompromise Fire Door Inspectors (@firedoorguy) September 1, 2017 Unusual one picked up by @FireDoorGuru today. Have to wonder who approved this! #FireDoorSafetyWeek #firedoors Fire Door Inspectors (@firedoorguy) September 21, 2017 Just a sample from Student HMO fire risk assessments carried out today. Red and White Fire (@RedandWhiteFire) September 22, 2017 The long term effect and cost of wedging open a hospital fire door circa 2,000 for a new door. #FireDoorSafetyWeek #firesafety #firedoors Fire Door Inspectors (@firedoorguy) September 21, 2017 Careless use or poor specification? New doors ruined! Easily prevented with protection device. Cheaper in the long run to do it properly. Fire Door Inspectors (@firedoorguy) September 21, 2017 I bet it isn t .#FireDoorSafetyWeek Brand new door too. Fire Door Inspectors (@firedoorguy) September 20, 2017 Billions spent on fire prevention across the country every year, and a piece of (s)crap renders it ineffective! #firesafety Fire Door Inspectors (@firedoorguy) September 8, 2017 The ultimate oxymoron. This is why Fire Doors need inspection and @FDSafetyWeek are of paramount importance @FDIS_UK Theodore Firedoor (@Theodore_Fire) August 13, 2017 Surely the building owners can see fire door is not fit for purpose #firedoorsafetyweek Theodore Firedoor (@Theodore_Fire) July 18, 2017 Lock prep done the wrong way.

Doorset manufacturer will do this with CNC precision.

Cheaper in the long run.NFR! #FireDoorSafetyWeek Fire Door Inspectors (@firedoorguy) September 21, 2017 We take the wedge out when we leave the room #liars Because fires only start in empty rooms!#firedoorsafetyweek Fire Door Inspectors (@firedoorguy) September 22, 2017 Dodgy Fire Door of the Year 2014 This hospital fire door bagged the bronze medal And this is what happens if you get it right! (Fire doors still not breached after a fire ripped through the creative block a Dorset school in 2015.) Related Topics We re often dealing with decades of neglect : Hannah Mansell on fire doors and the post-Grenfell rush to improve fire safety Watch: The consequences of badly specified and fitted fire doors plus 5 tips for getting it right Fire-door safety campaigners renew calls for public register of responsible persons

Equifax will be first of many victims of Apache Struts vulnerability, says cyber specialist

PATCHING PROBLEMS Equifax is probably just the first known victim of a software vulnerability that could take years to remedy, a top cyber expert has warned. Credit monitoring company Equifax recently revealed that hackers gained access to names, social security numbers, dates of birth, addresses and driver s license numbers of 143 million Americans between mid-May and July of this year. Credit card numbers for about 209,000 US consumers were also accessed.

Traced to a vulnerability in a web app framework called Apache Struts CVE-2017-5638, the Equifax breach is the biggest-ever theft of social security numbers, eclipsing the 2015 hack at health insurer Anthem Inc that exposed the personal data of 80 million people. While it isn t the biggest data breach in history Yahoo claims that mantle it could be the most damaging, because the data stolen is routinely used to verify people s identity by banks and other institutions. A patch for Apache Struts, a commonly used open source component used by companies to absorb and process data, was apparently available at the time of the breach. We should expect a long tail of incidents and breaches in the months and potentially years to come. Jeff Luszcz, vice president, product management, Flexera Unpatched systems According to Flexera Vulnerability Review 2017, patches were available at the time of disclosure for 81% of the vulnerabilities in 2016. The WannaCry attacks in May also exploited unpatched systems, which hackers can do faster than organisations can patch them up. Equifax is probably just the first known victim, said Jeff Luszcz, vice president of product management at Flexera, which provides tracking for open source components, vulnerability intelligence and tools to simplify remediation. Once a case like this hits the news, it ignites the fire in the cybercrime community and hackers start poking around for new opportunities. We should expect a long tail of incidents and breaches in the months and potentially years to come, as we still see attacks targeting Heartbleed, a vulnerability more than three years old.

Offering tips on how organisations can protect themselves, Kasper Lindgaard, senior director of secunia research at Flexera, said: Patching this type of vulnerability is certainly not as simple as patching a desktop application. When it comes to vulnerabilities affecting the software supply chain, it s important to align software design and engineering, operational and security requirements. This isn t an easy task. However, the time frames of initial disclosure of the vulnerability and its patch on March 7 up to two months before the first reported unauthorised access at Equifax, and the further delay of the actual detection of the breach on July 29 currently indicates that the vulnerability was not handled with the priority that it should have. This is a common issue across industries that business leaders need to address rather sooner than later. Free Download: the CyberSecurity Crashcourse Are you even aware if you have been the victim of a cybersecurity breach? This report will help you to find out and protect yourself, Eric Hansleman from 451 Research presents a rapid-fire overview of cybersecurity , because a firewall just won t do, you need multi-layered defences to truly protect your data.

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Shocking levels of neglect and complacency among responsible persons reported by fire installers

More than a third of installers report that up to 80% of sites they visit don t comply with fire safety regulations, research from Hochiki Europe has revealed. Based on feedback from installers across Europe, the survey also found that more than 60% of respondents attended sites at least once a month where the responsible person for fire safety was unknown. Almost a third (32%) regularly encountered buildings with poorly positioned or outdated life safety equipment.

Asked about systems maintenance, 70% of installers got the impression their customers generally saw the upkeep of life safety systems as merely a tick-box exercise , with just 11% believing they recognised it as a potentially property- and life-saving process. Two in five (40%) installers say their customers are not even aware of their legal obligations regarding system maintenance. On average, 55% of fire detection logbooks and 64% of emergency lighting logbooks were not up to date, despite these being legal requirements. Top 5 maintenance and emergency lighting issues Asked what the most commonly encountered fire safety maintenance issues were, installers most frequently cited the following: Change of building/room use without correctly altering the fire system (50%) Inadequate logbook records (43%) Original installer didn t install the best system for the environment (40%) Detectors need cleaning (32%) Detectors need replacing (26%) The top five emergency lighting maintenance issues, meanwhile, were: Broken/faulty lamps (44%) Inadequate logbook records (42%) Inadequate emergency lighting signage (39%) Batteries not charged in emergency lighting units (35%) Inadequate lux levels (25%) Having a correctly designed safety system installed by a qualified engineer in a building is vital when it comes to protecting lives, said Tracy Kirk, general manager of sales and marketing for Hochiki Europe. This being said, a fire detection device or emergency lighting unit can only safeguard occupant safety if it is in working order. This year s installer study has resulted in some stark findings for the industry and sheds light on serious gaps in terms of our customers attitudes towards life safety in Europe. It s clear that there needs to be an increased focus on educating duty holders throughout our built environment on how important it is to look after life safety systems. Those with the responsibility of system upkeep should also ensure they are up to speed with the latest legislation and regulations to keep building occupants safe. Hochiki Europe offers training courses and technical information to support building owners and facilities managers in understanding their legal obligations and how to protect assets and building occupants.

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People of interest were known weeks before terrorist incidents but data was part of an unsearched, unstructured archive

Dell EMC develops hybrid cloud and big-data solutions built on converged infrastructure, servers, storage and cybersecurity technologies for enterprise customers. Graham Porter, the company s business development director EMEA for surveillance and security, recently spoke to our US-based media partner SecuritySolutionsWatch about the need to finesse access to archived video, the challenge of managing data from multiple sources and meeting the storage needs of critical national infrastructure among many other topics. Thank you for joining us today, Graham.

It s truly an honor to speak with a former member of the Royal Navy and co-creator of the SaaS solution incorporating cloud solutions for public sector and major enterprise customers. Before discussing recent trends and developments, please elaborate for us about your background. Graham Porter: In security, a mixed background appears helpful. Originally an electrical engineer, I was tasked with management of HM Trident submarine fleet electronic security originally to cover a G8 security conference, but thereafter to modernise the systems and processes around securing the naval base which housed the GB atomic weapons arsenal and associated accessories. For 7 years plus I worked with Cisco as part of their emerging technology team, based in London. Prior to that, I attach a BIO for your further interest. In our recent chat with Ken Mills, General Manager, Dell EMC, Surveillance and Security we talked about how Dell EMC is today #1 In Everything, All in 1 Place and making the world safer. Your thoughts, Graham, on this topic? Read the full interview on Free Download: Securing the UK s borders.

Getting national security and Brexit right first time is crucial , we do not want to get this wrong.

This report considers the implications of leaving the EU for the management of the UK s borders and making it as easy as possible for international business to thrive and legitimate movement to occur in a post-Brexit UK.

Click here to download now Related Topics Dell EMC Q&A: Customers don t want vendors pointing the finger at each other when there s a problem; they want integrated support Dell EMC Q&A: open platforms, body-worn cameras and end-to-end security solutions Dell and Milestone announce global VMS platform partnership at IFSEC 2016