The key to supply chain security: How to protect your data

The landscape of security and access control has changed markedly over the last decade with the introduction of technology that allows for traceability and time management of mechanical keys. This has changed the conversation and passkeys, cryptographic keys and encryption keys are all becoming more commonplace. By default, we ve become obsessed with cybersecurity and high-profile cases of data theft and loss are rife.

Research shows that 93% of large organisations and 87% of small businesses experienced a security breach in 2013, with affected companies experiencing roughly 50% more breaches than in 2012. Although keys provide access to critical assets, including servers that hold customer data, and offices where customers accounts are managed, we see many organisations that don t know how many keys they have in circulation, or where they are at any given time. The supply chain For organisations handling any kind of data, great importance must be placed on resilience within the supply chain. When considering exposure to risk, physical supply chain management presents a number of unique challenges. Add to this the complex risks that cybersecurity poses, and ensuring a safe supply chain environment can seem like an impossible task. How stable are your suppliers, do you know where they get their products from, how safe and protected are their assets, and how robust are their own relationships with their suppliers? Mitigating risk can involve identifying dependencies and vulnerabilities that can impact on supply chains. Increasing the visibility of these areas allows organisations to anticipate their impact and plan for contingencies. Data protection When it comes to the security of your data, areas that need to be considered include: What information are you sharing within your supply chain?

Where is the data located? What are your suppliers doing with that information? Are they reselling that data? Is there a data controller and processing agreement in place? Are they prepared enough to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)? Enforcement date: 25 May 2018. How would you deal with a data breach? The GDPR is a binding legislative act that will come into force across the EU (including the UK) next year. The regulation seeks to harmonise inconsistent data protection laws currently operating in the EU s member states and aims to facilitate the secure, free flow of data.

If an organisation fails to comply with the regulation it could be fined up to 4% of the company s global annual turnover and could severely damage its reputation. The secure option To combat these risks, Abloy UK offers a high level of both physical protection, with its high-quality locking solutions and data protection using only accredited software and infrastructure providers, compliant with European and National standards for physically secure key systems. PROTEC2 CLIQ, an electronic key system where all power is retained by the key or locks themselves, requires no wiring; users can change permissions, profiles, schedules and validity and revoke use at the CLIQ of a button; organisations can comprehensively track and audit who has access to which locations, when they had access and how often; and uses three factor authentications standard 256-bit encryption, advanced encryption and industry standard SHA-2 SSL certificates. When it comes to data security within your supply chain don t leave anything to chance, mitigate the potential risks in advance and only use suppliers you can be sure will keep your data secure. Free Download: Securing the UK s borders. Getting national security and Brexit right first time is crucial , we do not want to get this wrong. This report considers the implications of leaving the EU for the management of the UK s borders and making it as easy as possible for international business to thrive and legitimate movement to occur in a post-Brexit UK.

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Solution Architect Security Practices – Verizon Business – Yes

Job Description

6-8 Year experience in IT and Security Solution pre-sales and consulting
B.Tech / MCA /MBA with CISSP, VMWare certified preferably
Sound understanding of Security domains around Identity, MSS, Consulting and Vulnerability Management
Sound understanding of cloud technologies such as IaaS, Virtualization and ability to understand enterprise applications
Professional Services / Consulting experience in Big4 preferred
Excellent communication skills with experience of presenting to CXO levels
Understanding of project costing, working on budgets, and preparation of business case, working on RFP
Pre-sales experience in positioning solutions and consulting based sales

Key Responsibilities:
The SE is responsible for working with senior IT and Security executives at Verizon customers as a trusted advisor/ partner to:
PositionDataCenter, Cloud Computing and Application Management solutions
Position end to end security solutions such as Managed Services, Professional Services,
Work with the account teams as the lead subject matter expert to develop solutions and recommend Verizon services to meet customer s business requirements
Develop conceptual architecture using combination of Verizon standard products and third-party partner suppliers to produce end-to-end customer solutions.
Build and communicate the value proposition of the end-to-end solution to the client executive, Verizon account team and customer executive leadership team
Operate in a highly competitive environment and be successful assisting sales team in attaining quota and client satisfaction
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Email: [email protected]

Security Consultancy Services

The Security Consultancy Experts Delivering Security Consultancy Solutions and Security Consultancy advice to Industry, Governments and Commerce.

We are independent security consultants and do not supply the security equipment or guarding services we may specify, and are totally committed to the most effective, complete and cost effective solution for our clients.

SCI Limited is a Consortium of 22 independent security consultants and companies. It is represented by over 50 security consultants who are security experts in their respective fields. The Consortium was formed to provide an unparalleled range of services from a number of specialist consultancies to major clients worldwide. The company is a member of APPSS (Association of Police and Public Security Suppliers), the British Airports Group and Wood Street Crime Prevention Association.

Security Consortium International Limited
33 Bury Street, St James’s London SW1Y 6AX

Phone 0207 839 2888

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To help visitors locate a reputable supplier, the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) has launched a dedicated Close Protection co-ordination unit, which puts visiting dignitaries in touch with suppliers that work to the relevant British Standards for quality.

This service will be in operation throughout the Games period and thereafter, providing a single point of contact for visitors to the UK requiring professional suppliers for close protection services.

David Evans, Project Director 2012 at the BSIA, comments: As many thousands of individuals prepare for their arrival in London, the BSIA is expecting a significant increase in demand for close protection services.

There is a commonly-held perception that the Metropolitan Police will provide Close Protection services to all the visiting dignitaries, but with police close protection resources already allocated many visitors will need to appoint a private company to provide this service during the summer s celebrations.

The BSIA has written to over 150 consulates, Ambassadors and High Commissioners, recommending that they choose a close protection supplier from within the Association because they have a good working knowledge of London s geography, its culture and the impact of the events taking place. Also, they are required to meet the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard and operate to the British Standard 8507 for Close Protection Services.

The Close Protection Co-ordination Unit operates from 9am 5pm (BST) Monday Friday and can be reached by telephone or email as follows: +44 (0) 207 516 1258 E-mail: [email protected]1


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Security Industry Authority

We manage the voluntary Approved Contractor Scheme, which measures private security suppliers against independently assessed criteria.

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