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Global anti-drone market to be worth $1,205 million by 2025

A study, published by Transparency Market Research (TMR), predicts the anti-drone market worldwide to be worth $1,205 million by 2025. Players, big and small, joining the global anti-drone market suggests a dynamic and competitive industry in the coming years, according to the report. The emergence of start-ups with innovative technologies and approaches is expected to disrupt the market and intensify competition among manufacturers of anti-drones in the future.

A report by TMR evaluated the global anti-drone market to be worth $214.7 million in 2016. The market is expected to grow with a 19.9% compound annual growth rate between 2017 and 2025. Government and military dominate the end-user segments with the military predicted to grow rapidly among all end-use segments, followed by the government. In terms of anti-drone technologies, neutralizing systems held the leading share in the market in 2016. North America is expected to display the leading growth over the forecast period. Firms operating in the global anti-drone market include Blighter Surveillance Systems, Dedrone Detect, Droneshield, Boeing, Lockheed Martin Corporation, SAAB and Theiss UAV Solutions. Free Download: The security drones report 2017 The global security drones market will be worth $10.5bn ( 8bn) by 2020 . This report commissioned by Aviat Drones examines the prevalence, growth prospects , applications and regulatory challenges of drones and anti-drone tech in the global security market. Find out how you can benefit from this lucrative market .

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Free cybersecurity seminar will focus on physical security systems and star ethical hackers

BSIA The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) has announced a free seminar on cybersecurity and data protection for both installers and users of physical security systems. The half-day event will focus in particular on addressing vulnerabilities of physical security products that are connected those that are accessed or operated remotely via the internet. So whether you procure, operate or install IP CCTV, IP access control, IP intruder alarms, IP fire systems and other connected systems, the event is relevant to you.

Also supported by the Fire Industry Association (FIA), the seminar will take place in Solihull, West Midlands on 4 October. The introduction of the GDPR, which comes into force from 25 May 2018, is raising the stakes when it comes to strengthening protections against data breaches. Fines for non-compliance could be as much as 79 times greater than under the existing data protection regime. The GDPR and its implications will no doubt be a big attraction for those who attend the seminar. Cybersecurity experts from the West Midlands Police digital cybercrime team and the Scottish Business Resilience Centre s team of ethical hackers will also deliver presentations. Another session will discuss the Cyber Essentials accreditation, while the BSIA will review its own work in the cybersecurity field. Exhibition space is still available to companies wishing to showcase products and services to a wide range of delegates from the fire and security sectors. A limited number of stands are still available to book, priced at 395 + VAT for BSIA and FIA members, and 495 + VAT for non-members. Registration for the event will be open from 9:00am, with presentations kicking off at 9:45am and the event expected to finish at around 13:30.

A full programme and online booking forms for both delegates and exhibitors are all available from the BSIA s website. Free Download: the CyberSecurity Crashcourse Are you even aware if you have been the victim of a cybersecurity breach? This report will help you to find out and protect yourself, Eric Hansleman from 451 Research presents a rapid-fire overview of cybersecurity , because a firewall just won t do, you need multi-layered defences to truly protect your data.

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Manned Guarding – MAN Commercial Protection

Manned Guarding - MAN Commercial Protection

Manned Guarding - MAN Commercial ProtectionI am writing to thank you for all your hard work in making the above show a success.

Frank Skinner & David Baddiel and all of us here at Avalon are very pleased with the end result.

I hope there will be opportunities for us to work together on future projects.

Jane Bell
Avalon Promotions

A rundown of ransomware master keys released recently

Most ransomware devs operate just like real-life crooks and stick with their blackmail until they get paid. They don t care about your personal documents, photos, videos and other irreplaceable information, period. No ransom, no files.

At the same time some strange things may happen. There were cases when extortionists called it quits by releasing master decryption keys for their malicious software, thus allowing victims to get their data back for free. Unfortunately, this scenario is the exception rather than the rule. There are different speculations and theories on the motivation of these sympathetic malefactors. Some researchers believe these threat actors simply drop one campaign to move on with another from scratch. Some consider master key dumps to be a display of compassion. Yet other analysts say there are constant wars between gangs where one group hacks another and publishes all keys of their competitors. One way or another, such cases do occur once in a while. The stories below cover all instances of these releases reported to date.

Recent ransomware master keys An individual who goes by an online alias guest0987654321 dumped the RSA private key for XData ransomware on May 30, 2017. The message was posted in a dedicated XData thread on the BleepingComputer forum. Kaspersky Lab promptly used this master key to update their RakhniDecryptor tool and add support for the ransomware in question. The developer of AES-NI ransomware known as thyrex made his victims day by releasing private decryption keys on May 21, 2017. The dump originally included keys for AES-NI edition using [email protected] contact email. Later on the same day, the crook also published master keys for other variants, which allowed Avast and ESET to cook up ad hoc free decryptors. Whoever the person nicknamed lightsentinelone is, he did a huge favor for all Wallet ransomware victims by providing a link to a Pastebin page with a complete set of master keys. This dump took place via BleepingComputer as of May 18, 2017. Avast and Kaspersky quickly picked up this data to create free decrypt tools.

In an unexpected move, someone who goes by an online handle checker123 released the RSA private key for the BTCWare strain on May 3, 2017. Whereas researchers had previously created free decryptors for older variants of this ransomware, two newer ones remained uncrackable until this dump. Michael Gillespie, the author of ID Ransomware service, leveraged the leaked keys to contrive a universal decrypt tool supporting all BTCWare iterations. The once prolific Dharma ransomware became decryptable due to a dump of master keys that occurred on March 1, 2017. A newly registered BleepingComputer forums user, gektar , posted the corresponding Pastebin link in the Dharma support topic. Anonymous user named crss7777 released master keys for all variants of the CrySiS ransomware on November 13, 2016. To this end, said a member of the CrySiS crew posted a Pastebin link on the above-mentioned BleepingComputer forums pointing to a page with all decryption keys for the perpetrating program. Having validated these keys, Kaspersky released an updated edition of RakhniDecryptor so that CrySiS victims could recover their data without submitting the ransom. The authors of CryptXXX ransomware strand abandoned their extortion campaign and started RSA private keys giveaway as of July 14, 2016.

Plagued users were able to get their keys simply by logging into the infection s payment server. The relief was only partial, though, because this dump only supported CryptXXX editions that appended the .Crypz and .Cryp1 extensions to hostage files. Another happy ending case took place on May 18, 2016. This time, the architects of the TeslaCrypt ransomware campaign closed the project and provided the master key on their Tor based payment page. A security enthusiast nicknamed BloodDolly hard-coded this key into his previously released TeslaDecoder utility so that it could crack all versions of this ransom Trojan. Meanwhile, security researchers don t just sit there and wait for the bad guys to throw a bone to their victims. They are busy analysing various ransomware samples for flaws in crypto implementation and have had some success cracking them. Fortunately, lots of cybercriminals write shoddy code, so a little bit of reverse engineering often suffices to spot weak links in ransom Trojans behavior and defang them. A number of security vendors, including Emsisoft, Avast, Kaspersky, AVG, and Bitdefender, stand out from the crowd in this regard as they have coined most of the free ransomware decryptors.

Overall, more than 160 decryption tools out there allow ransomware victims to get off the hook without coughing up Bitcoins. Quite a few of them support widespread strains that have infected thousands of users and keep wreaking havoc around the globe. These include decryptors for the notorious Petya ransomware, Nemucod, Merry X-Mas (MRCR) ransomware, Linux.Encoder.1, the first-ever Mac ransomware called KeRanger, Jigsaw ransomware, CTB-Locker (website edition), Chimera ransomware, CryptoMix, and Globe ransomware. The moral of the story is: do not pay from the get-go if you fall victim to ransomware unless of course the hostage data is critical and you are too pressed for time. Chances are that the threat actors will release master decryption keys in a dump like the ones above. Furthermore, security analysts are doing their best to find effective workarounds. Consider using a tool called CryptoSearch. It automatically finds files encrypted by ransomware and allows you to move them temporarily to a new location. This technique streamlines the data recovery process if a free decryptor appears in the future.

And keep in mind that prevention is better than cure. Do not open suspicious email attachments, apply operating system updates once they are available, and be sure to keep your important files backed up. Free Download: the Cyber Security Crashcourse This report contains 40 slides packed with insight into the trends shaping the industry and how you can protect yourself.

Eric Hansleman from 451 Research presents a rapid-fire overview of cyber security.

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How to follow up sales leads following IFSEC and FIREX International

exhibitor advice Less than 70% of exhibitors have any kind of formalised plan or process in place for following up leads following a trade show or other live event. That s a pretty alarming oversight given the time, effort and resource committed to such endeavours and the enormous rewards if they re exploited to the fullest. Of course, trade shows benefit your brand in multiple other albeit more difficult to measure ways.

Those who stopped by your stand or listened to a presentation delivered by one of your representatives will leave the show knowing a bit more about what you do and (hopefully) be impressed with your products and/or expertise. They may have even been introduced to your brand for the very first time. And that s great. But it s not enough especially given the digital tools now available that can yield more concrete, quantifiable returns on your investment. The hard work doesn t end on 5pm of the final day of the show. Indeed: what, when and how you communicate to prospects that you met at the show in the following days, weeks and months can really make the difference. Here are some tips to make the most of your time at IFSEC International, FIREX International or other trade shows. Time is of the essence Get your follow-up strategy and campaign materials as ready as possible in advance of the event. You ve a greater chance of impressing and securing the custom of prospects if you follow up days or weeks faster than your competitors.

Prioritise your leads Grade your leads ranging from the hottest prospects, where someone requested a follow up and seemed keen on working with you, down to those who merely submitted their email address as part of a raffle you held on your stand. Then prioritise your responses accordingly. This means not only contacting high priority leads more urgently but also tailoring your communications more extensively. Lower priority prospects might be sent a standard email en masse, while the hottest leads will warrant a tailored email or depending on the preference expressed a phone call. Customise your call to action Your first follow up needn t be a hard sell. It all depends where the lead is in the sales funnel. You could instead send them a piece of content like a video, case study, white paper or blog post. And make your call to action descriptive of the benefit the prospect will actually get by clicking. So do say: Download white paper , request a personal demo , or join us for a free networking lunch ; don t say: Find out more or click here for more information .

A single call to action is often said to be best marketing practice. However, don t be afraid to offer 2-3 alternatives if your target data is sufficiently diverse in its preferences and stage of the buying journey to warrant it. For instance, you could offer the following options: request a demo , watch our video or sign up to our newsletter . Jog the prospect s memory Remind the prospect of the product launches, integrations, partnerships and other announcements you made during the show. There s so much going on at IFSEC, it s perfectly possible that they won t recall all relevant details. Include visuals in your emails A photo of your IFSEC stand busy with lots of people, ideally! is usually a strong image, though you may instead use a picture of a product they declared an interest in. Personalise each email People like to know they re dealing with an individual not a company, so sign off with the relevant salesperson s name and, crucially, their phone number and personal email. Don t rely on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets Microsoft Excel is useful for financial accounts but a chaotic nightmare and terrible for collaboration when applied to customer relationship management (CRM).

Automated lead nurturing tools make building on your conversations at the trade show easier, less time-consuming and, on average, more fruitful. There are countless platforms out there, some of which are free, with others charging a monthly subscription. Just to give three examples, Communigator, and run by SalesForce, the most popular CRM by far Pardot are all highly effective lead nurturing tools. Free download: The video surveillance report 2017 Sponsored by IDIS The Video Surveillance Report 2017 covers all things video surveillance based on a poll of hundreds of security professionals. Specifically looking at topics such as open platforms, 4K, low-light cameras, video analytics, warranties and this year due to the growing threat posed, the cybersecurity landscape.

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Watch: Morgan Marine on its LPCB-certified security products on IFSEC TV

IFseC 2017 Watch David Jones, director of Morgan Marine, speak to IFSEC TV during IFSEC 2o17, which took place at London ExCeL. Morgan Marine s range of LPCB-certified enclosures, LPCB-security-rated housings, security buildings and LPCB-security rated door sets are tested and certified to LPS 1175 Issue 6 and 7. Watch more videos from IFSEC 2017 here .

embedded content Free download: The video surveillance report 2017 Sponsored by IDIS The Video Surveillance Report 2017 covers all things video surveillance based on a poll of hundreds of security professionals. Specifically looking at topics such as open platforms, 4K, low-light cameras, video analytics, warranties and this year due to the growing threat posed, the cybersecurity landscape. Further topics covered include: The network cameras hijack during the 2017 presidential inauguration, updates on the forthcoming EU data protection law (the GDPR), ultra-low light cameras versus thermal cameras and much more.

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Optex demonstrates five security scenarios for sensors

IFseC 2017 Global sensor manufacturer Optex exhibited different sensor products centred on five security scenarios, including perimeter protection and tailgating detection, during IFSEC 2017. At the security show Optex s stand included a high security perimeter protection zone, where the company demonstrated its CPNI-approved fibre optic fence detection system, Fiber Sensys FD-322 series. The system detects intruders climbing or cutting through a fence.

Optex s REDSCAN RLS-3060 creates another layer of security around the perimeter fence to warn if a person or vehicle is approaching the fence. The company s perimeter intrusion detection systems are integrated with the GEMOS PSIM platform to trigger video surveillance drones to fly to the point at which the intrusion is occurring and send a live video stream to a control centre. In a second zone, Optex demonstrated its time of flight technology, where a scene is mapped in 3D to give an accurate representation of the objects present. The technology is used in Accurance 3D, Optex s tailgating detection system for interlocks. Other applications include object protection. Also at the show, Optex s REDSCAN RLS-2020 was on display, for visitors to see how the technology can protect assets and detect people jumping over turnstiles or climbing through skylights. REDSCAN RLS-2020 is already proven in identifying small objects or thrown objects being smuggled into restricted areas. For commercial and residential security, Optex also exhibited its new wireless infrared beam, the SL-TNR that works with universal batteries (CR123). The product can be partly hardwired.

The fifth zone included demonstrations of Optex s wireless outdoor sensors used in Internet of Things applications, for sending alarms and other data via the cloud to a smartphone, or to a remote monitoring station. Free download: The video surveillance report 2017 Sponsored by IDIS The Video Surveillance Report 2017 covers all things video surveillance based on a poll of hundreds of security professionals. Specifically looking at topics such as open platforms, 4K, low-light cameras, video analytics, warranties and this year due to the growing threat posed, the cybersecurity landscape.

Further topics covered include: The network cameras hijack during the 2017 presidential inauguration, updates on the forthcoming EU data protection law (the GDPR), ultra-low light cameras versus thermal cameras and much more.

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Vanderbilt creates partner programme for installers and distributors

Global security system Vanderbilt has created a partner programme to help installers and distributors in areas such as training and marketing. After a series of acquisitions, Vanderbilt says it is in a position to consolidate the business and has made the development of customer and partner support programmes a priority. The company has called its programme Aspire.

Aspire s key theme is about a strong and mutually rewarding partnership between Vanderbilt and its customers. The programme is open to installers and distributors that do business directly with Vanderbilt, or via a certified distributor and is a major effort by Vanderbilt to broaden its service base and create long-term, incremental value for its partners, says Kim Loy, director of marketing. The Aspire programme has three membership levels, which are Registered, Silver, and Gold, with each attaining more benefits. The programme is focused on Vanderbilt s expertise in the security industry but is tailor-made for customers, including installers and distributors. These companies can benefit from accessing training tools. Vanderbilt is also enhancing the quality and capabilities of its support to serve installers. On the distribution side, the programme will also see Vanderbilt providing marketing, event support, lead generation, and sales incentives to give its customers an edge on competition. Loy adds: One of the exclusive benefits available to the programme s Gold partners is pre-launch access to information related to new Vanderbilt products. We are one of the only players in the market that can offer technology from all three security disciplines, access, intrusion and video on a global basis.

So, early access to any product development information can only improve a partner s possibility to gain in positioning and competitiveness. Check out the latest security solutions from Vanderbilt at IFSEC International, 20-22 June 2017, London ExCeL. You can find them on stand E1225. Get your free badge now. Visit Europe s only large-scale security event in 2017 IFSEC International is taking place at Excel London, 20 22 June 2017, here are 5 reasons you should attend: Exclusive hands-on access to over 10,000 brand new security solutions Network with over 27,000 security professionals Discounts of up to 30% exclusively for IFSEC 150 hours of seminars, workshops and keynote speeches A 1-2-1 meetings service to pre-book face to face meetings.

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Holden Plant Hire

Holden Plant HireHolden Plant HireHolden Plant HireHolden Plant Hire

Holden Plant Hire
Plant Hire Insurance available here1

Welcome to Holden Plant Hire For all your plant hire requirements please call us on 01953 718205 We have a tremendous amount of plant available for hire and can cater for everyone from self builds and small contractors right through to supplying plant to major contracts.

We have our own team of fitters who maintain our plant and our own transport.

Our service is friendly and prompt, so if you have been let down in the past please give us a ring and we will show you real service!

Holden Plant Hire


  1. ^ Plant Hire Insurance available here (

Private Investigators License

Overview of the UK S.I.A Private Investigators licence In the Private Security Industry various sectors have already been licenced such as: Manned guards, Door supervisors, Close protection operatives, Public space surveillance (CCTV) operators and Security guards by the Security Industry Authority. The S.I.A is the organisation responsible for this regulation and reports to the Home Secretary.
Private Investigators License

The Security Industry Authority1 has a series of objectives which cover these professions and the Private Investigator sector, such as: “Providing services and standards to their customers”, “Delivering regulatory activities effectively and efficiently”, “Delivering a development programme that continues effective regulation of the private security industry” and “To be recognised internally and externally as a model of good practice”.

As Licensing for Private Investigators is a government priority2 in the UK.

The following indices can be drawn from existing literature:

Although Private Investigator licences and the requirement for a business licence are still subject to Ministerial approval, the momentum is there and a whole new world of regulation, inspection and bureaucracy is coming.

A typical S.I.A Licence costs: 220.00 and lasts for 3 years. To get the S.I.A Private Investigator licence you need to pass the, “Fit and Proper person” tests and need to have successfully completed a, “Test of Competency”, such as The Association of British Investigators Training Academy: IQ Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators3 or the BTEC Professional Investigators4, costing around: 300.00 – 400.00.

Please note that that the Draft British Standard for the Provision of Investigative Services recommends that the competence necessary to complete an investigation has been demonstrated by the supplier of the services: Conducting investigations, conducting interviews, searching for information and preserving evidence, surveillance techniques, understanding and working to relevant laws and standards and the ability to report findings the syllabus of the Level three Awards5….

The rush amongst Investigation companies to gain as much kudos and credibility as possible by attaing, “Voluntary , Kite marks, such as: British Standard 1020006, has abated and “Self regulation”, is, now, the order of the day. The organisations and businesses that wish to bid for government contracts have enroled on the Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) – involving eligibility checks, an assessement conducted by an external body and hefty annual registration fees.

Please note that in Northern Ireland some of the criteria for assessing convictions are: “Conflict related”. All applications are actually assessed on an individual basis and the decision is specific to each licence type. The SIA licensing system decision is open to appeal.

In order to apply for a licence you must have the right to work in the UK but you do not have to be a British Citizen.

With your licence you can begin your journey as an investigator, but, only experience, continual training and luck will ensure you make a successful profitable, career in the sector.


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