CEDIA advises on smart wiring

Due to today s ever growing reliance on digital and smart appliances, security professionals are facing greater pressure to install complex cabling infrastructures needed to support smart home technology. Simon Buddle, Education Director at CEDIA EMEA, highlights the importance of installing an efficient and secure residential cabling system. He explains how professionals can provide clients with the right cabling requirements for the modern home of today and tomorrow.

Wiring in the evolving smart home Technology is increasingly infiltrating the home. With virtually all household technologies part of the home network, a simple phone line and TV antenna is no longer adequate to support the technology that is now available to homeowners. As a result, many require comprehensive wiring infrastructures and data network systems that are suitable for the modern smart home. In order to prevent opportunists from doing it themselves , it s crucial for security professionals to offer a a service that benefits homeowners. A correctly wired infrastructure at the very first stage of building or renovating is fundamental to homeowners who want technology. A common phrase heard among the home technology industry is the most expensive cable you have to install is the one that did not get installed in the first place . The basis of a smart home is the infrastructure, the cables. Not all properties require technology at this stage. But it is crucial for the correct wiring to be in place so that it is ready for the future.

A wired infrastructure can set up the home for future applications, whilst still preserving the d cor of the home and adding value. The rise of smart wiring presents a great opportunity for security professionals. The home technology sector presents a lucrative opportunity for these professionals to expand their reach and create new business. By offering a more complete service for the home, including specialist services, such as fitting reliable cabling infrastructure, security professionals can guarantee their businesses will be more resilient. It could help them through tough times as they pick up more work from new and existing customers. CEDIA s smart wiring education To make sure security professionals are up-to-date with the latest skills and knowledge, CEDIA has best practice advice for wiring smart homes. CEDIA has a number of courses for those who want to extend their cabling knowledge. One of their most popular education programmes is its one day Smart Home Wiring course. Attendees learn how to plan and install a wireless infrastructure that can withstand and integrate a range of modern technological demands.

Based on the Smart Home Infrastructure Recommended Guidelines , it promises to leave attendees with a clear understanding of how a modern home should be cabled for new technologies, and future flexibility. CEDIA s the Smart Home Infrastructure Recommended Guidelines is perfect for security professionals looking to move into the home technology market or gain a wider understanding of the subject. The document aims to help security professionals understand the comprehensive cabling infrastructure required for the modern home. It sets out a plan for a far more integrated and modern approach to wiring homes. CEDIA at IFSEC CEDIA is hosting a number of training sessions at IFSEC International 2017. The 90 minute training sessions will take place in South Gallery Suite 8 at ExCeL on 20 th and 21 st of June: 20th June: Introduction To Smart Home Technology IP Networking for the Smarthome WiFi Tips & Tricks For The Modern Home Intro to Audio, Video & Home Entertainment 21st June: Introduction To Smart Home Technology Building A Business In The Smart Home Marketplace Panel Discussion Lighting Control For The Secure Home Wiring Infrastructure For The Modern Home For more information on what advice, courses and literature CEDIA can offer security professionals, please visit Be smart come to IFSEC International 2017 The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming an ever important element of various technology solutions for the smart home. The ability to connect, communicate with, and remotely manage a vast number of networked, automated devices via the internet is now inescapable.

This June, the latest smart products are on hand to test and trial throughout the exhibition as well as a dedicated smart seminar theatre, and training sessions on the show floor.

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What should a smart lock for the home do?

Until recently, the digital lifestyle revolution had barely reached our front doors. Digital access is familiar in a hotel or office, of course, by smart card or even mobile app. At home, meanwhile, the mechanical key has reigned supreme.

But, powered by smart technology, a new generation of residential locks do more than just secure the entrance. They provide a smart gateway to the 21 st -century smart home. What exactly do consumers want from a smart lock? A wide-ranging survey polled potential adopters across Europe, Africa and the Middle East to find out. The results suggest this is already a demanding and knowledgeable consumer market, one which craves the convenience offered by this latest generation of smart door locks. Unsurprisingly, consumers value security as their most important concern. An emphatic 99% rated security at least somewhat important and 90% as very important in any purchase decision. After all, security is any lock s most important job. The smartphone will be the most convenient remote control for this new generation of locks, and customers know what they want from any app that operates their lock.

Smart lock apps should send a notification when someone enters, and enable homeowners to check the status of their door open/closed, locked/unlocked from anywhere. We have all, surely, experienced a nagging doubt after leaving the house: did I forget to lock the door ? This function offers valuable peace of mind. Customers also appreciate the ability to issue or revoke digital keys, so a neighbour can feed the cat while you are on holiday, say, or to cancel a builder s access rights once a job is complete. It s far more convenient (and secure) than having a new set of keys cut. Going further, remote opening via app enables users to let in a cleaner, a contractor or their child from anywhere, at any time perfect for a domestic emergency while you are away from the house. The ability to override the digital technology to open the door with a physical key is also ranked as very important by three-quarters of respondents. Leading smart locks have a built-in mechanical override, so you can still unlock the door with a key in the event of a power failure. Yet another critical feature: locks should integrate seamlessly with smart-home platforms, so homeowners can control all their smart gadgets from the same app or web interface.

We are seeing the beginning of a major shift to smart residential access control, says Thomas Schulz, Director Marketing and Communications EMEA at ASSA ABLOY Group, whose brands including Yale and Mul-T-Lock are already established leaders in the domestic smart door lock market. The total integration of security, energy consumption and other critical domestic functions, all controlled from a single smartphone or tablet app, is coming. Our ENTR Smart Door Lock already comes with all the functionality that consumers value most, as well as optional features such as a remote control and fingerprint reader. Yale Keyless and Keyfree Connected locks are equally powerful, and integrate easily via the Z-Wave protocol with leading smart-home platforms. This new generation of locks can deliver convenient security fit for the 21 st -century smart home. Property developers are already adopting these technologies for new apartment and housing blocks. Opening this year in Istanbul, for example, 1,700 new homes at Future Park will have their heating, lighting and Yale front door lock all controlled by the same integrated app. It s a huge boost in convenience, and, after all, a truly smart home should start with a smart door lock. All the response data from this consumer survey is detailed in The Smart Home Security Report, published by and ASSA ABLOY.

It is free to download for anyone working in the smart-home sector. About ASSA ABLOY ASSA ABLOY is the global leader in door opening solutions, dedicated to satisfying end-user needs for security, safety and convenience. Since its formation in 1994, ASSA ABLOY has grown from a regional company into an international group with about 47,000 employees, operations in more than 70 countries and sales close to SEK 71 billion. In the fast-growing electromechanical security segment, the Group has a leading position in areas such as access control, identification technology, entrance automation and hotel security. Visit Europe s leading security event in June 2017 Register here to attend IFSEC International where you will be able to take advantage of our meetings service, allowing you to select and meet with the manufacturers you want to see and with 600 companies exhibiting you are not short on choice. There are also discounts of up to 20% across a large range of products at the show, helping you to get the best value for your money. Click here to register your place now to join us at London Excel on 20 22 June 2017.

CES 2017: The top 5 trends in security tech

CES 2017: The Top 5 Trends In Security Tech

As CES 2017 closes its doors for another year, let s take a look at some of the trends apparent on the show floor this time around.

1. Is the IoT industry finally taking cyber vulnerabilities seriously? The sharks have smelled the blood in the water and they re now circling to use your IoT device for further attacks, James Lyne, global head of security research for Sophos, told CNBC.

Chances are right now if you re buying an Internet of Things device, you re more likely to be buying something insecure, than secure, continued Lyne, who has demonstrated on YouTube how to hack a security camera. Ominous words indeed. With the number of IoT devices projected to grow from 12 billion to about 30 billion by 2020, the vectors of cyber attack are multiplying faster than cyber security professionals (of whom there are all too few) can keep up with. Security is little more than an afterthought on too many devices, with criminals able to guess default usernames and passwords by trawling Google. If this year s CES was anything to go by, the industry may belatedly be waking up to the threat. The consequences of a hacked autonomous car are particularly terrifying. Enter Bosch, which has launched a mixture of keyless entry and digital key sharing. Perfectly Keyless, whereby the owner opens or locks the car doors with their smartphone, purports to removes needless complexity that could be exploited by hackers and coordinate transmission and receipt of data through a central gateway on its own servers. As for the smart home, Symantec Norton unveiled what it claims is the most secure router in the world.

If that s the most relevant insight about the product if the claim stands up to scrutiny then the most fascinating one to non-technophiles at any rate is surely its appearance. A geodesic orb, it looks like it could be an object of portentous power in a sci-fi fantasy film. Core will inspect every packet of data for known malware and will automatically quarantine any device running firmware known to be a security risk. Securifi, meanwhile, launched a mobile app that works with the new Almond 3 router that shows what IoT devices are on a home network and highlights vulnerabilities like easy to guess passwords or open ports. The app will take users through the steps to fix security weaknesses. The next-generation of Bitdefender BOX was unveiled. Bitdefender s IoT security hardware protects against malware, hackers, ransomware, phishing and other online threats with data anonymization, malware scanning, machine-learning algorithms and network intrusion prevention technology. Fortress Cyber Security launched Fortress UTM, a residential unified threat management (UTM) appliance. Securing both computers and internet of things (IoT) systems, it s the first solution of its type, providing intrusion detection and prevention, firewall and anti-virus for all Wi-Fi and IoT/Ethernet attached systems, seeks to combat the growing threat of data theft, ransomware, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and the commandeering of corporate IT resource to distribute stolen content or host and distribute sexually explicit material.

2. Developers will literally put a chip in anything When microwave ovens became popular in the 1980s many people got so excited they cooked literally anything and everything in them from bacon to whole chickens (no doubt many people still do) and were egged on by ostensibly authoritative cookbooks dedicated to the art of microwave cooking. The still fairly novel concept of connecting everyday objects to the internet has set loose a comparable mania for applying the IoT concept as widely as possible.

From homeware to clothing and personal accessories, no thing is too humdrum that someone hasn t already put a computer chip in it or eventually will. For every transformative invention there are countless downright daft ones it s very much about throwing the proverbial mud against the proverbial wall at this juncture. Twenty years from now we ll look back and marvel at a handful of technologies that had a profound impact on reducing drudgery and enhancing our leisure times. And then we ll consider the smart hairbrush (something the satirical account @theinternetofshit has already railed against). Or the smart suitcase cover. It will be fascinating to see which ones sink without a trace (later to re-emerge on what were they thinking? type TV programmes), which ones sell well and which ones have a meaningful impact on society. And it probably isn t as obvious which ones fall into which category as you might think.

3. Cameras are king just as in the commercial security world Walk around any major security trade show and CCTV cameras still dominate.

The emergence of video analytics and ever higher resolutions have sustained interest in cameras long after countries like the UK reached saturation point with network camera coverage. Now surveillance cameras have been repackaged for the consumer market they re eclipsing other security technologies in terms of media coverage and number of products launched there too. Trawl Google, Twitter and other platforms for CES 2017 related security tech and cameras and you ll see what I mean.

4. Camera-light combos If cameras are king then one type of camera in particular has been particularly apparent this year: the surveillance camera-cum-lamp or floodlight. Light bulb maker Bell & Wyson is unveil;ed a light bulb with a concealed camera embedded at CES 2017. The low energy (11W) LED bulb-cum-camera has a TF slot and two-way microphone and will stream footage to tablets and smartphones via Wi-Fi. Ring also launched an outdoor floodlight camera. A motion-activated security camera the Floodlight Cam features built-in 3K lumen LED floodlights, a 270-degree field-of-view, facial recognition, a 110-decibel siren alarm, two-way audio and infrared night vision. The camera, which is hardwired and can be installed without professional help, is controlled via Wi-Fi via an iPhone or Android-based smartphone. The camera also incorporates a siren, which the householder can turn on to deter suspicious persons. Users can also yell out would-be intruders through the Floodlight Cam s loudspeaker.

The camera is weatherproof and can cope with temperatures between -5 F (-20 C) and 120 F (48 C).

5. DIY install For installers home automation meant installing high spec systems for very affluent customers or technophiles who could stretch to the high cost. The falling cost of the technology means this is changing, but just as a new opportunity presents itself, another threat becomes apparent. Most kit can be installed by the user and doing so is only becoming easier. So why shell out for professional installers or pay monthly fees for round the clock monitoring? Thankfully, as far as installers are concerned, mostcustomers still prefer a professional service to one they set up and monitor by themselves, surveys have indicated. Among the reasons this is still the case is lower insurance rates.

To stay relevant installers should allow homeowners more freedom to customize systems with the devices and services they really want, else they lose more customers to the DIY market, according to Bryn Huntpalmer.

Download: The Video Surveillance Report 2016 This exclusive report covers the security needs of surveillance systems as shaped by the physical environment including: What do security professionals think about plug-and-play systems Challenges like low-light conditions or large spaces and the threats posed in various sectors Which cutting-edge features such as mobile access, PTZ smart controls or 4K resolution are most important to security professionals What are the most important factors driving upgrades and would end users consider an upgrade to HD analogue Download the full report here.

Smart Cities?

Few even have an IT department!

Q&A with Silver Spring Networks on IOT in connected cities

UrCool All-in-one International Travel Adapter, Universal Worldwide Safety Fused Travel Car Charger Wall Charger Plug UK/US/AU/EU with Dual Smart USB Ports for Business Trip Power Bank AC Socket Rose

UrCool All-in-one International Travel Adapter, Universal Worldwide Safety Fused Travel Car Charger Wall Charger Plug UK/US/AU/EU with Dual Smart USB Ports for Business Trip Power Bank AC Socket Rose

List Price

Current Price

  • WORLD TRAVEL ADAPTER – does NOT convert power through the AC Socket. Please check that your device is compatible with the local electrical supply. This Adapter is not suitable high power electrical appliances (Hairdryers, Flattening/Curling Irons ETC)
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY – SMART POWER New IC Chip, Upgraded LED Indicator, 3000mAh Lithium-Ion Cell, Safety Shutters, Plug Lock System, 6.0A Fuse, Fire Resistant PC Materials .(PC flame retardant material are imported from Germany ) FCC CE and RoHS Certified.
  • THE WORLD’S FIRST TRAVEL CHARGER with a built-in POWER BANK.Get Charged and Powered-Up in over 150 countries with this outstanding ARMOR PROTECTED Travel Adapter.
  • SIMULTANEOUSLY CHARGE – Power up faster and save time, this premium powerful and compact Travel Adapter allows you to simultaneously use the AC socket while charging from both USB ports.
  • POWER UP YOUR TECH-Full 2.5A USB output, World Travel Adapter Intelligently charges almost all USB Devices with SMART POWER IC Chip inside: Apple, Samsung, Sony, Blackberry, HTC, Lenovo, LG, ZTE, Huawei, MP3 Players, Bluetooth Speakers, Tablets, Smart Phones, Headphones, Power Banks and Sat-Nav Systems.

Product Detail:
Name:Travel Universal Adapter
Material:Import PC flame retardant materials
Male Plug:UK / AU / EU / US / JP Type Plug
Car charger:Yes
Power Input:100-240VAC
Power Output:100-240V AC 6A max
USB Output:DC-5V 2.5A
Car Charger Output:DC-5V 1.5A
Metal Material:Brass
Certification: CE,ROHS,FCC,IC
Worldwide charging over 150+ Countries with US UK EU AU JP Adapter Plugs
Universal AC Socket and Dual intelligent charge USB Ports
Built-in 3000mAh Power Bank controlled by a NEW SMART POWER Chip
Fire Resistant PC Materials, 6.0A Fuse, Safety Shutters, Upgraded LED Indicator and Plug Lock System
USB Ports are compatible with Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, Blackberry, Nokia, Sony and many other devices

1.It work well in US for 110 V. input voltage in equal with output voltage, For international use with dual voltage appliances, Note:this charger adapter plug converts the power outlet only; it does NOT convert electrical output current and voltage, You need to check the voltage rating on your hair dryer or curler/straightener to see if it handles 85-240 volts.
2.Please make sure AC appliance power less than 1500w in total.
3.When connected to a 12V car adapter, the AC power port of universal socket can’t be used. but as car charger, you can charge phone and iPad by Dual USB port
4.Push the slide-out plug release button to the end to make sure the plug will not draw back.
The Next Generation of Travel Adapter is now here!

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Car Charger, Kinps 7.2A/36W 3 Port with Smart ID Technology for IPhone 6s,iphone SE and Galaxy S7 and more

Car Charger, Kinps 7.2A/36W 3 Port with Smart ID Technology for IPhone 6s,iphone SE and Galaxy S7 and more

List Price

Web Price

  • Smart Technology: 3 port can charge at the same time, Output 5V 7.2A, each port can provide 2.4A output (Max) current for the immediate Rapid Charging
  • Smart power manage IC: all-around protect system. including overcharge, overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit protection. CE, FCC, RoHS Certified
  • Compact Dimension:65*34*17mm, Small and Light weight, easy to carry. Never to worry about cellphone power
  • Compatible models: Samsung Galaxy Note 4/Edge, Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge, Asus Zenfone 2, Nexus 6, Sony Xperia Z4, Z4 Tablet, Z3, Z3 Compact, Z3 Tablet Compact, Z2 Tablet, Motorola Droid Turbo, Moto X 2014, HTC One M9, HTC One (M8), One Remix (Verizon Mini 2), Desire EYE, LG G Flex2, Xiaomi Mi3, Mi4, Mi Note, and more.
  • Package included:1* Kinps Car charger, 1* Micro usb cable, 12 Month warranty and friendly customer service.

Kinps Car Charger
Portable power charger, plug the USB car charger into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket and connect up to three USB devices, Let you keep power all the time on the go.

Dimension: 65*34*17mm
Weight: 58g
Output: DC 5V 7.2A
Input: DC 12-24V
High Quality
The car charger is made of premium aluminium alloy, uses cowling to keep temperatures low, ensuring stable working conditions, a long lifespan, and a low-temperature charging environment.
2.Smart power manage IC
all-around protect system. including over-charge, over-voltage, over-current, short circuit protection. CE, FCC, RoHS Certified

Compatible mode
Android system:
Samsung Galaxy Note 4/Edge, Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge, Asus Zenfone 2, Nexus 6, Sony Xperia Z4, Z4 Tablet, Z3, Z3 Compact, Z3 Tablet Compact, Z2 Tablet, Motorola Droid Turbo, Moto X 2014, HTC One M9, HTC One (M8), One Remix (Verizon Mini 2), Desire EYE, LG G Flex2, Xiaomi Mi3, Mi4, Mi Note, and more;

IOS system:
iPhone 6S, 6s Plus, 6, 6s, 5S, 5, 4S; iPad Mini, Air, and all other models; iPod Touch & Nano

1* Kinps Car Charger
1* Micro usb cable

Please note:
Only 1 micro usb cable included in the package, Once you want to charge for your device, You must have the cable which fits for your phone. Such as, If you want to charge for your iphone, A lightning cable you should have.

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VenusTech(TM) Pack Of 5 (1m / 1 Meter) High Speed Micro USB 2.0 A Male to Micro B Data Sync Charger Charging Cable Cord In Assorted Colours (Red, Green, Yellow, Black & White) For Android OS, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Sony, Blackberry And Other Smart Mobile Phones inc PDA, MP3, MP4 Players etc

VenusTech(TM) Pack Of 5 (1m / 1 Meter) High Speed Micro USB 2.0 A Male to Micro B Data Sync Charger Charging Cable Cord In Assorted Colours (Red, Green, Yellow, Black & White) For Android OS, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Sony, Blackberry And Other Smart Mobile Phones inc PDA, MP3, MP4 Players etc

List Price

Value Price

  • Contains 5 different colours -red, yellow, green, white & black
  • Plenty of cables to suit all your cable requirements at home, in the office and on-the-go
  • USB 2.0 standard compatible with most smartphones, tablets, computers, peripherals, hubs, cameras, headphones and more
  • High quality material with durable connectors to make sure our cables last longer than others
  • The perfect cable for charging your smartphone or for transferring files, videos and music

This is set of five Micro-USB Cables. Coming in five different colours, the cables are perfect for charging your device or for transferring files. Use them as spare cables if you leave yours at the office or as back up if you want to charge a second (or third, fourth, or fifth) device.

Whether you want a fast charge, or are uploading or downloading files, the micro USB cables can do all the things you are after by offering high speed transmission of data between devices. The standard micro USB 2.0 head is compatible with wall chargers, power banks, laptops, and computers.

Compatible with:

Most Android and Windows phones, tablets and many other devices including Samsung / Nexus / HTC / Motorola / Nokia / LG / Sony / Blackberry / PS4 / Xbox / PS Vita / Nintendo DS / GoPro / GPS devices / battery packs / bluetooth speakers / wireless keyboards / cameras / camcorders / games consoles / hard drives / e-readers / printers

Important note: support devices with 5V 1.5A input or lower


5 x Micro USB to USB Cable

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ROOP Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Roll Ultra-portable, Powerful Sound with Build in Microphone, Works for Iphone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, Ipad Mini, Ipad 4/3/2, Itouch, Blackberry, Nexus, Samsung, Htc, Lg and Other Smart Phones, Tablets and Mp3 Players(White)

ROOP Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Roll Ultra-portable, Powerful Sound with Build in Microphone, Works for Iphone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, Ipad Mini, Ipad 4/3/2, Itouch, Blackberry, Nexus, Samsung, Htc, Lg and Other Smart Phones, Tablets and Mp3 Players(White)

List Price

Web Price

  • Up to 16+ hours of wireless play on a single charge when listening to music or making calls comes with a micro USB to USB charging cable
  • Equipped with two internal 3W speakers two subwoofer and built-in microphone on this Bluetooth speaker works for hands-free phone calls
  • Wirelessly streams stereo music -up to 30 feet (10 meters) from any Bluetooth device such as your smartphone, notebook, or tablet
  • Wireless Music Streaming connects via Bluetooth, Plays all Audio devices through 3.5mm Aux in Jack

Stereo wireless Bluetooth
You can adjust the volume directly through the stereo,10 meters high-fidelity transmission with nondestructive, super portable, shock sound, specially designed for smart phone and table PC
Supports speakerphone
Support speakerphone, Built-in high sensitive microphone , to bring clear calls for you. It`s very perfect either with single or multiplayer for phone calls or video chat.
TF card music playing
Support TF card music play after inserting the TF card ,the machine will test the TF card automatically ,equipment test and transfer to the state of TF card. As it is very convenient to carry And it is used
widely. For example, morning exercise, class teaching, etc. And other place which need using the traditional speakers.
Pure music perfect to enjoy
High-fidelity sound, stereo speakers, equipped with high-efficiency power amplifier super-low-frequency dynamic ,bass-rich, flexible, achieve more shocking extremely overweight bass effect.

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Exotic Life Smart Digital Telescope ZOOM 70X HD Monocular Adjustable Scalable Camera 2 Mega for Monitoring @

Exotic Life Smart Digital Telescope ZOOM 70X HD Monocular Adjustable Scalable Camera 2 Mega for Monitoring

List Price

Now Price

  • Cooperated with digital telescope software, you can capture a moving object, videotape it, sound the alarm and perform an online live show
  • It adopts highly compressed video files that only occupies very small space, so you do not have to worry about your limited hard disk space
  • It can monitor through further distance and easier installation and debugging without circuitry, power, control and storage hosts
  • All you need is just a set of computer, anybody can perform this interesting task with great sense of accomplishment
  • Software can support 4 camera device at the same time

Camera: 2.0 MP
Pixel: 2.0 MP
Optical Zoom: 20X
Digital Zoom: 70X
Optical filter: Daily use
Interface: USB 2.0 or upper version
Machine size: 150*40 MM
USB Cable: 1.5m
Tripod Size: 150 – 250MM Height
Compatible System: WindowsXp 2000, VIST, Win7, Win8, Win10
Software can support 4 camera device at the same time
Software Language supported: English, French, Chinese, Traditional ,Malaysian, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese
Software functions: movement detection, spot monitor, photographing, videotaping, live webcasting
Dimensions: 5.83 in x 2.36 in x 1.77 in (14.8 cm x 6 cm x 4.5 cm)
Weight: 3.1 oz (88 g)

Motion detection, fixed-point monitoring, taking photos, videos playback, live webcast

Watching kinds of sports event and open-air concerts, household anti-theft and family security case, plant monitoring, animal observation, Astronomical observation, detection of defective products of industrial production and police investigation, etc.

Package Included:
1 x Microscope
1 x Tripod
1 x Software CD
1 x English manual

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List Price

Only Price

  • Customized opening for view of time, date and notifications
  • NFC friendly
  • Access to USB port
  • Keep talking with the pocket on


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