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Door Supervisor Course for SIA Licence by 1 Ace Security …

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To work in any capacity in the security industry in the UK. You need to have the relevant security qualification after going through SIA compliant course from a training provider.

Important: If you do the door supervisor course you don t need to do the security guard course. The SIA door supervisor license covers both door supervisor and security guarding, thus no one opts for the security guard license.

  • Duration: 4 Days
  • Assessment: Multiple choice questions and practical
  • Minimum Age: 18 and above

London: 139 Birmingham: 135

Door Supervisor Course Core Units

Unit 1: Working within the Private Security Industry

  1. Know the main characteristics of the private security industry
  2. Legislation as it applies to the individual in carrying out a licensable activity
  3. The importance of safe working practices to comply with legal requirements
  4. Fire procedures in the workplace
  5. Emergencies and the importance of emergency procedures
  6. The importance of communication skills and customer care

Unit 2: Working as a Door Supervisor within the Private Security Industry

  1. The role and objectives of a door supervisor.
  2. Civil and criminal law relevant to a door supervisor
  3. Searching relevant to a door supervisor
  4. Powers of arrest relevant to a door supervisor
  5. Drug misuse issues and procedures relevant to the role of a door supervisor
  6. Incident recording and crime scene preservation relevant to the role of a door supervisor
  7. The licensing law and social responsibility relevant to the role of a door supervisor.
  8. Emergency procedures which should be followed by a door supervisor.
  9. How a door supervisor can help to keep vulnerable people safe.
  10. Queue management and venue capacity responsibilities relevant to a door supervisor

Unit 3: Conflict Management within the Private Security Industry

  1. The principles of conflict management appropriate to their role and reduce risk in conflict situations
  2. How to communicate in emotive situations to de-escalate conflict
  3. How to develop and use problem-solving strategies for resolving conflict
  4. Good practice to follow after conflict situations

More about Door Supervisor Course

The role of the door supervisor

Door supervisors are security operatives working at licensed premises, for example, bars, night clubs, hotels, restaurants and large events.The main role of a door supervisor is to make sure customers have an enjoyable experience in a safe environment. Attending training and passing the national qualification provides the minimum knowledge and understanding to start working as a door supervisor. They must be licensed by the regulatory body for the UK security industry- the SIA Security industry authority.

Door supervisor responsibilities

  • Controlling entry
  • Maintaining order
  • Helping customers
  • Ensuring health and safety
  • First aid
  • Evacuation

When will I receive my training certificate?

Once you have done your training and successfully passed the door supervisor course. Depending on the awarding organization you should get your certificate within ten working days.

Can a door supervisor work as a security guard?

Yes, a door supervisor can work as a normal security guard on the contrary a normal security guard cannot work as a door supervisor, as door supervisors need to work in licensed premises. In order for him to work in licensed premises, he needs to undergo the required training.

Door supervisor or security guard course?

In our opinion, the door supervisor qualification is better and is good value for money that you spend. A door supervisor can do all the work that a normal security guard can do, but in addition to that, he can also work in licensed premises, which include where alcohol is dealt with. Thus if you intend to join the security industry then we recommend that you do the SIA door supervisor course rather than the security guard course.

How long it takes to get SIA license?

After you have completed the training for the door supervisor course and you receive your certificate. You need to complete the SIA application form available from SIA website. Usually, it would take anything between 3 to 4 week once you get your SIA license.

What documents do I need to do the door supervisor training?

In order to do any SIA linked qualification, you would be required to show certain documents these documents have been divided into group A and group B documents. If you have two documents from group A you do not need any other document. If you have one document from group A, you would be required to have an additional two documents from group B. To have a look at the acceptable form of IDs to do the door supervision qualification follow the link documents required for door supervisor training2

Learner Entry Requirements

Security officers are required to coordinate with emergency services. Door supervisors need to have good communication and conflict management skills. Qualified security operatives would be required to prevent and if required to manage conflict. To communicate clearly and effectively security officers require good communication skills.

Learners intending to join the door supervisor course should have a reasonable understanding of English.


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Security Guarding in Attleborough

Security Guarding Attleborough

Are you looking for specialists in Security Guarding in the Attleborough area? STM provide professional, trained and SIA licensed personnel throughout the UK. All our staff hold an SIA license, even those not performing a licensable function, this provides our customers with additional confidence and reassurance that our staff are subject to all relevant checks associated with the security industry. If you need experts in Security Guarding within the Attleborough area, then call us today.

Security Professionals

Staff are fully uniformed with the appropriate attire for each task and selected for specific roles dependent upon their training, experience and availability. Our staff are experts when it comes to Security Guarding, so feel free to contact us today if you live in the Attleborough area.We have found that our clients have an increasing need for staff to support their own workforce and we do this by assisting existing teams by covering sickness, vacant positions and any last minute requests.

Contact Us

Get in touch today if you need professionals who know about Security Guarding in the Attleborough area, we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

SIA training courses Liverpool

What are the benefits?

The SIA recognised Level 2 Awards in Security will enable you to apply to the SIA for a Security licence, and by obtaining this SIA licence you will increase your employment opportunities.

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SIA Training Liverpool

Everyone s welcome at the Specialist Security Group, age is not a factor. Here at SSG we provide a variety of security training; we have 25 years of experience within the security industry. If you are passionate about security and safety being a security guard could be a job for you. Security guards make sure that buildings, people and valuables are safe from theft and criminal damage, security officers also deal with emergencies. Security personnel are working as part of the broader policing family.

Currently 65% of all employed security professionals have got a permanent, full time or part time contract, the majority of them earn between 19- 25k a year, which is an amazing figure.



How to get a SIA Security Licence Card 2 Skype: [email protected]3


As a potential customer to SSG Solutions, you could be entitled to various offers available at the time. We currently have a number of offers available to you. For example; The Training Trio. The Training Trio allows you to participate in all three courses, Door Supervision, Security Guarding, and CCTV training all for only 350! Paying for the three courses individually would cost 480.

50/50. Customers are able to pay for half of their course over the phone or internet when booking, and can pay for the other half of the course when they arrive on the first day of training.

Being part of a great security team is a dream for some people, but here at Specialist Security Group our main aim is to help people get the right qualification for the right job. There are plenty of available jobs within the industry in and around Liverpool. This represents a general cost across the country.

Localised prices may vary


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How to future-proof your systems and add value through business intelligence

Technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Just two decades ago, Axis launched the world s first network camera, the AXIS 200, developing pioneering technology that would later become the enabling concept behind the internet of security things (IoST). Innovations such as these drastically influence the way society and businesses operate and keeping up with these advancements presents many challenges.

One of these is ensuring that the new technology implemented by organisations across the world will have the scalability to grow and meet the demands of customers for years to come. The global IP camera market is expected to reach $9.2bn by 2020, proving firms are beginning to expand the ways they use internet-connected technology. Maintaining its ongoing commitment to research and development, Axis is pleased to host its second Partner Showcase event in October 2017, demonstrating not only the latest cutting-edge security technology for a connected world, but also the latest updates in retail analytics, behavioural analysis, sustainability and cybersecurity. These trends are driven through a best-of-breed approach. We are proud to work with organisations at the forefront of innovation to ensure that our customer solutions don t just answer the questions of today, but prepare businesses for the security challenges they are certain to face in the future. By partnering with specialist technology companies, such as the 37 that will be attending Axis Partner Showcase, we can reach far beyond traditional security capabilities A collaborative approach to security analytics As technological progress continues, the security industry faces its own challenges in keeping pace. Furthermore, each industry has its own unique demands. From retail and transport, to education and healthcare, no two networked systems are the same. By partnering with specialist technology companies, such as the 37 that will be attending Axis Partner Showcase, we can reach far beyond traditional security capabilities.

This enables us to broaden and strengthen our solution offering to deliver a smarter, and increasingly intelligent and of course safer world. The benefits of network cameras are clear as a means to improve security and surveillance. That said, through a succession of innovation, technology that once operated at just one frame per second creating extremely fragmented video footage is now capable of delivering vital business intelligence. This includes facial recognition, footfall monitoring, business optimisation, analytics and much more, with excellent image detail, all achievable in real time. To fully embrace the potential of this technology, the industry must work in tandem to offer solutions that not only secure their customers, but also offer something of increased value the power of data. A new world of innovation As we enter new markets, such as audio and access control, there are great opportunities ahead. Many of these markets have a basis in proprietary systems with stagnated innovation. Alongside our partners, it is our mission to help businesses realise that if they were to migrate to the world of openness and IP, the opportunities for increased intelligence and a more robust security solution are endless. This year s Axis Partner Showcase will offer a unique opportunity for businesses from all industries to experience the latest security and intelligent technology, which will help them remain safe and future-proofed.

The event has been designed to demonstrate how our partners, in conjunction with Axis, can deliver solutions that are relevant and stand the test of time improving efficiency, processes, security and staff safety. This drive is encapsulated by the Axis mantra: Fit for Purpose, Fit for Future . Whether you are a system integrator, installer, distributor, consultant or end user, the 2017 Axis Partner Showcase represents a truly worthwhile investment of time. Meet us there to discover how rapidly our industry is advancing, the technology enabling this and the partnerships that will help us lead the way. Axis Partner Showcase: 11 October 2017: 10:00am-4:00pm BST Tenants Hall, Tatton Park, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 6QN, UK About Axis Communications Axis offers intelligent security solutions that enable a smarter, safer world. As the market leader in network video, Axis is driving the industry by continually launching innovative network products based on an open platform delivering high value to customers through a global partner network. Axis has long-term relationships with partners and provides them with knowledge and ground-breaking network products in existing and new markets. Axis has more than 2,700 dedicated employees in more than 50 countries around the world, supported by a global network of over 90,000 partners. Founded in 1984, Axis is a Sweden-based company listed on NASDAQ Stockholm under the ticker AXIS.

For more information about Axis, please visit our website. Free Download: The key to mitigating cybersecurity risks Exploiting IoT technology without creating cybersecurity vulnerabilities is one of the defining challenges in today s security landscape. This report will help you to see why third parties should adhere to secure by design principles and why the necessary convergence of IT and security departments demands a holistic approach .

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SIA Security Supervisor / Senior SIA Security Officer job …

SIA Security Supervisor / Senior SIA Security Officer Job ...

Job Title: Security Supervisor Location: Abingdon Salary: 32,000 per annum

Job Type: Full Time, Permanent Working Hours: 60 hours per week, Monday to Friday days, although some flexibility is required as operational circumstances dictate Our Client looking to recruit an experienced Security Supervisor to work at a premium business park in Abingdon. This is a very high profile and visible role and they are looking for individuals who are professional, well-mannered and able to manage both a team of Security Officers and the expectations of our client. About the role: This role will be responsible for supervising a team of security officers encompassing a day shift and a two-person night shift. In total, you will have five team members to manage. As Supervisor, you will be required to ensure that standards are maintained, that all processes and procedures are completed as per site instructions, complete daily checks and audits, including keys, equipment and computer use, manage and report on incidents, perform annual appraisals and deliver training, complete rosters and create a set of assignment instructions. You will act as a central communication point for security staff, your Account Manager and our Customer.

The ideal candidates should have:

  • Prior experience working within the security industry
  • Prior experience of working in a supervisory role
  • A valid frontline SIA licence (Security Guarding, Door Supervision or Close Protection)
  • A full UK driving licence
  • Unrestricted right to work on a full-time basis within the UK
  • Excellent IT skills
  • Be fluent in spoken and written English

Benefits Package:

  • An employer contributed pension scheme, company sick pay scheme, personal accident cover and full uniform will be provided

Please note that due to the nature of the roles, all successful candidates will be required to be security screened in accordance with BS 7858 and as such will need to have a five-year checkable employment or educational history or able to provide evidence of any periods of unemployment. If you are interested in applying for this role then please submit an up to date CV, ensuring that it covers at least the last five years. Candidates with the experience or relevant job titles of; SIA Security Officer, SIA Security, SIA, Security Officer, Security Officer, Gatehouse Security Guard, Security Officer, Security, Security Enforcement Officer, SIA Licence, SIA Licenced Security Officer will also be considered for this role.

They d never seen a black firefighter before

Interview LFB staff take part in the Pride in London parade 2016 (photo: Katy Blackwood, under CC.4.0) Black and minority ethnic (BAME) firefighters only make up 3.8% of employees in England s fire service, yet account for 14.6% of the total population, according to Home Office figures. The service is also male-dominated, with just 5% of firefighters in England and 6.5% UK-wide being female. A black firefighter has recounted how upon joining the London fire brigade (LFB) in 1990, people were patting me on the shoulder and clapping when they saw him emerging from a fire engine because they d never seen a black firefighter before.

If that sounds friendly enough, then Michael or Micky Nicholas also experienced discriminatory language and behaviour in his formative days at the LFB. I didn t have a particularly nice time when I first joined, he admits. Last year, Theresa May, then Home Secretary, criticised fire and rescue services for being 96% white and 95% male and for its culture of bullying and harassment . But speaking to the Guardian, Nicholas, 53, implies that things have improved somewhat when he says: Many years ago I couldn t even think of encouraging my kids to being in what I saw as a fairly negative environment for black people and for women. Now, certainly in the London Fire Brigade, I would support that dare I say encourage it. Nicholas is secretary of the Fire Brigades Union s (FBU) black and ethnic minority members section and involved in drawing up the LFB s 10-year inclusion strategy, which aims to increase the number of BAME recruits from 13% to 25% and of operational female recruits from 7% to 18% by 2026. Read the full interview on the Guardian.

SIA | The Voice of the Satellite Industry

The Satellite Industry Association (SIA) is a Washington D.C. based trade association representing the leading global satellite operators, service providers, manufacturers, launch services providers, and ground equipment suppliers.
Since 1995, SIA has been the unified voice of the satellite industry on policy, regulatory, and legislative issues affecting the commercial satellite industry. The association actively promotes the benefits and uses of commercial satellite technology and its role in national security, homeland security, disaster relief and recovery, and the global information infrastructure and economy. As the commercial satellite industry s lead advocate, the SIA continually monitors the international and domestic regulatory landscape and works to advance satellite interests both at home and abroad. SIA member companies are actively involved in reviewing and commenting on spectrum, regulatory, telecom, international trade, export controls, government procurement, national defense, homeland security and industry trends among other key issues.

  • SIA | The Voice Of The Satellite Industry
  • SIA | The Voice Of The Satellite Industry

SIA Security Officer

As the private security industry grows, there has been increasing demand for skilled and qualified security officers. Individuals can be trained to work as a security officer in a number of different sectors by attending one of our SIA Security Officer courses. The course includes modules that teach skills and relevant legislation to individuals wishing to enter the industry, and equips personnel with everything they need to know to apply for their SIA licence and complete relevant exams. We run courses at our training premises in London, and throughout the UK. We can even provide onsite training for your business or can arrange training to be carried out at a location of your choice.

To book your place on a SIA Security Officer course or to arrange a group training session for your business, please speak to a member of our team by calling 0203 011 5566.

WERE BANNED IN 2012/2013.

Attendees can further increase chances of employment and improve their skillset by taking a First Aid course. Existing candidates can receive a 5% discount on further bookings. To find out more about the advantages of completing First Aid training, read our article1.


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How evolving terror tactics have driven advances in perimeter security

Many urban threats used to be seen, at least in the eyes of the public, as things that happened on other shores. However, an increase in urban attacks of late has put pressure on security services to come up with innovative solutions that allow business to continue as normal and the public to enjoy some peace of mind. Amid these new threats, coupled with geopolitical fears and the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe, governments are attempting to make borders more secure and event venues and stewards of high-risk public areas are following suit.

With terrorists now using vehicles as weapons, many existing security solutions need reassessing as they are inadequate at preventing vehicular attack. This month marks the anniversary of the Nice attack and similar incidents have occurred since in Berlin, Stockholm and London. The change in tactics has rendered current security provisions outdated. A proactive, preventative approach is now required if security personnel are to put a stop to such incidents. Mitigating risk While no guarantee can be made about the safety of those attending events or conducting their daily lives in high-risk, crowded public areas, perimeter security does provide an increased level of protection and has seen advancements designed to mitigate the risk and impact associated with today s urban threats. Previously seen on military bases, oil and gas fields and other important infrastructure, perimeter security products have become popular for those looking to secure their event and put public safety firmly back on the agenda. Threats are, of course, unpredictable. However, providing a readily-available solution for areas deemed high-risk due to large volumes of the public passing through, including stadiums or other event spaces, can help deter or reduce the impact of vehicular and some other attacks. The concrete blocks so far installed have actually been found to be near to useless when tested by researchers in Germany While video cameras and security guards are two of the most common security measures that organisations have in place, they aren t always the most effective.

With hostile events increasing in frequency, there has been a reliance on video surveillance to identify perpetrators and ensure that every angle is covered. However, surveillance cameras are mostly effective when the attack has already happened. There s no doubt that the increased threat level has meant that event organisers and those managing security in high-risk areas have had to look at alternative ways in which they can prevent attacks or reduce their impact. Protecting civilian areas has become a higher priority, with perimeter security generating much interest and innovation. In reaction to the London attacks, Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick announced that vehicle barriers were to be installed across London in some form or other. Yet while such reactive measures are of course welcomed, it s imperative that everyone involved in public security should take action in the threat against urban terror. The concrete blocks so far installed have actually been found to be near to useless when tested by researchers in Germany, who found that they would be unable to prevent similar attacks. These revelations have prompted the development of barriers that are crash-resistant up to speeds of 50mph and use an anti-climb mesh to prevent further intrusions. As the solutions are flat-packed and can be earth-filled, they are an effective option for event security, minimising installation time and the impact on the surrounding environment.

Units can also be branded, so they remain inconspicuous and in line with an organisation s existing branding. New threats are presenting themselves every day. Organisations and urban spaces are aware they can no longer be just reactive in the wake of a hostile event. Precautionary measures are becoming increasingly advanced and accessible, and where public safety is concerned, you truly cannot put a price on it. Free Download: Securing UK borders: An examination of the implications of leaving the EU for UK border management. Recent tragic events in Manchester and London have, among other things, underscored the importance to national security of getting Brexit right. This report considers the implications of leaving the EU for the management of the UK s borders and making it as easy as possible for international business to thrive and legitimate movement to occur in a post-Brexit UK.

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How to keep your entertainment venue safe following terrorism

Hospitality industry In the wake of recent terror attacks, venue security has never been more paramount. This coupled with the increase in venue closures has led to a sense of sadness within the industry, however in times like this we must remember the positives; the provision of safe places with security, medics on standby, regulated drink sales and curfews. When Fabric was forced to close in September 2016 it was a decision made in the name of the war on drugs, with Islington Council, supported by the Metropolitan Police, moving swiftly after the deaths of two clubbers there in the space of nine months.

Club closures Closing venues like Fabric, which thankfully was reprieved, will not stop clubbers taking drugs. While Fabric survived, there is a long and depressing list of London venues that have closed in the past decade half of the capital s clubs have shut in that time. Make no mistake, this situation is a threat to London s status as a world-class culture hub with a 24-hour nightlife. When the Night Tube service was launched there was great excitement, but you wonder where all these trains will be taking people in a few years time. When these venues close, it s not simply a case of replacing them with something else. Fabric, along with countless other clubs, has its own rich history and identity, something you can t just replicate somewhere else. Avoiding licensing issues There are steps venues can take to avoid falling foul of the licensing committees. We work as closely as we possibly can with the local authority and the Metropolitan Police because dialogue and sharing ideas is a much more healthy approach than clashing over regulations. I m proud of what we achieve at Troxy every day.

We provide a safe, secure venue in the heart of one of the world s biggest and most vibrant cities which helps people create new experiences, discover new music, create new memories and simply live life. When it comes to venue security, the tragic bombing at Manchester Arena caused most venues to reflect and review their security measures. Even before then we had taken steps along with other major venues and festivals to put counter-terrorism measures front and centre of our security policies. Strong police relationship Our relationship with The Met is strong, and we have ongoing conversations with them which includes swapping information before and after events. This allows us to be kept in the loop with regards to the very latest security information and flag up any events the police might have concerns about. The police offer a great service in the form of Project Griffin their counter-terrorism training programme, something we ve put our entire senior management team through. It s free and is aimed at deterring and detecting not just terrorist activity, but crime as well. We work hard to identify potential problems before they might arrive, and we re mindful when liaising with promoters who want to bring artists or shows to Troxy that there might be potential risks. Bringing venues closer together However, amidst all the sadness that these tragic events created, events such as venue closures or terror attacks have helped make our industry stronger.

These horrific events have brought venues closer and helped created a greater sense of community as the industry pulls together to support one another and ensure everyone who steps through our doors is kept as safe as possible. We can t speak for other venues, but this heightened threat level has ensured we re constantly reviewing our security measures to make certain they match the heightened threats. The events industry is brimming with innovation, creativity and is always pushing boundaries to enhance the experience for artists and guests. I do believe other industries can learn from what this industry achieves every year. Our practices around entry and exit, security and safety are constantly evolving. At Troxy we re used to holding multiple shows in one week, all of which present different challenges. From a sold-out drag night to a rock gig, we host events of all shapes and sizes and approach each of them with the same vigilance and care. In the end, it s all about the people who come through our doors. We want them to have an incredible night and create great memories that will stay with them forever, but we must also ensure we create a safe, problem-free experience as well.

This article was first published on our sister site, SHP Online. Free download: The video surveillance report 2017 Sponsored by IDIS The Video Surveillance Report 2017 covers all things video surveillance based on a poll of hundreds of security professionals. Specifically looking at topics such as open platforms, 4K, low-light cameras, video analytics, warranties and this year due to the growing threat posed, the cybersecurity landscape.

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