Construction fire safety: Bull Products upgrades first-responder stations with height-extending detector

Bull Products, which specialises in developing life-safety equipment for the construction industry, says its revamped first-responder stations will cut costs for contractors and construction companies. Based on its on-site investigations into the effectiveness of existing processes and equipment, Bull Products has added an optional, height-extending pole to the stations. Designed to attach to the back of the First Responder Stations, the addition makes detection installation quicker and reduces costs, as wireless detectors are not required, says the company.

The pole can be raised to a height of over three metres with a detector attached to the top, and it can be adjusted to position the detector at any height between 2.1 and 3.2 metres from the ground. The stations, which incorporate fire extinguishers and a Cygnus fire alarm, are fully mobile. In contrast, conventional heat and smoke detectors are fixed to ceilings or walls using ladders or podiums, creating a safety risk for those installing them. Matthew Trigwell, Sales Director at Bull Products, said: We re continuously looking at ways to solve issues within the industry and improve our products to make lives easier for construction companies and M & E contractors. This height-extending detector will not only improve safety for our customers on construction sites but it will provide a time-saving and efficient solution. This new feature comes with a heat detector as default, but smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are also available should these be required. The detector is hard wired to the alarm through a spare input and is only compatible with the following Cygnus alarms, CYG2 and CYG2/85DB. Free download: The video surveillance report 2017 Sponsored by IDIS The Video Surveillance Report 2017 covers all things video surveillance based on a poll of hundreds of security professionals. Specifically looking at topics such as open platforms, 4K, low-light cameras, video analytics, warranties and this year due to the growing threat posed, the cybersecurity landscape.

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IFSEC 2017 in review: Borders & Infrastructure Expo makes triumphant debut and Brian Cox draws biggest-ever keynote audience 

Professor Brian Cox gave a thought-provoking lecture on the origins of the universe in front of a record audience at the Honeywell-sponsored Keynote Theatre in Safety and Health Expo 2017, which was co-located with IFSEC 2017. Addressing a packed audience, the TV presenter and physicist extraordinaire said he had asked the organisers if they needed me to talk about safety and security. They said no; just talk about the universe.

Other keynotes included double Olympic gold medallist Dame Kelly Holmes, rugby union Referee Nigel Owens MBE and Falklands War veteran Simon Weston CBE. Product launches Elsewhere, IFSEC International which took place over three days between 20-20 June at London ExCeL was, as usual, the chosen launchpad for a plethora of brand-new, cutting-edge products. Among the innovations unveiled at the show was Veracity s end-to-end command and control system, Edesix s new body-worn camera series, Calipsa s AI-powered video monitoring platform and Redvision s quietest, fastest ever PTZ and mould-breaking rugged camera enclosure. IDIS, meanwhile, introduced a new seven-year warranty the longest in the industry. Read more about the products launched at IFSEC here. Borders & Infrastructure Expo Perhaps the most significant new feature introduced for the 2017 edition was Borders & Infrastructure Expo. Sponsored by Genetec, this show within a show featured the Drone Zone, BRE Global/LPCB Attack Testing Zone, VIP Meeting Service, JSaRC and the Borders & Infrastructure Theatre. Former IATA (International Air Transport Association) chief John Hedley argued that we re making life too easy for terrorists in the Borders & Infrastructure Theatre on day one. We also reported on how police and security drone use on the rise.

Speaking of drones, The Drone Zone wowed the crowds with live airborne demonstrations of drone technology from Yuneec and Aviat Drones, among other innovative developers and service providers, with support from the UK Drone Show. Installer World An area of the show dedicated to installers was another IFSEC first. Sponsored by RISCO, Installer World featured the Tool Zone where, courtesy of Anglia Tools, visitors could sample a wide range of hand and power tools and take advantage of exclusive discounts workwear, the Engineers of Tomorrow competition, recruitment consultants and a networking bar all in one place. Installers, engineers and integrators could test and trial more than 10,000 of the latest products from leading suppliers such as Hikvision and Panasonic. embedded content Videos and photos The whole experience was documented expertly once again by IFSEC TV (courtesy of Silverstream), with exhibitors demonstrating some of their latest innovations to camera as they did to visitors. Among the interviewees was Martin Gren, who co-founded the surveillance giant in 1984 and recently topped the security manufacturers/service providers category in our roll call of the Top 50 influencers in security & fire 2017. Watch some highlights from across the three days here or check out some of the best photos from London ExCeL. As is becoming an IFSEC Global tradition, we challenged security technology vendors at IFSEC 2017 to pitch their products to camera in just 30 seconds. The challenge was taken up by Paxton, HID Global, Pelco, CSL, AxxonSoft, Dahua, Uniview Technologies, Vanderbilt, Kedacom, LT Security, Promise Technology and Genetec.

Seminars The seminar theatres were particularly busy in a year when security-related issues have rarely been out of the national and international headlines. In the Security Management Theatre, a packed audience heard how video analytics was oversold and underutilised but key to preventing terror attacks. We also reported from the same theatre on the trends shaping the future of access control. The Tavcom Theatre, meanwhile, featured presentations on cybersecurity, preparing CCTV evidence for the criminal courts and how to optimise your network for CCTV, among other things. Browse through all our content about IFSEC International 2017 here. Free download: The video surveillance report 2017 Sponsored by IDIS The Video Surveillance Report 2017 covers all things video surveillance based on a poll of hundreds of security professionals. Specifically looking at topics such as open platforms, 4K, low-light cameras, video analytics, warranties and this year due to the growing threat posed, the cybersecurity landscape.

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Honeywell at IFSEC 2017 Video

IFSEC 2017 Watch the full interview with Derek Mander, Regional Sales Manager, from Honeywell about the products they are showcasing at IFSEC 2017.

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Video: Genetec, Pelco, CSL, AxxonSoft and Promise take the 30 second challenge

30 Second Challenge As is becoming an IFSEC Global tradition, we challenged security technology vendors at IFSEC 2017 to pitch their products to the camera in just 30 seconds. In the videos below Genetec, Pelco, CSL Dualcom, Axxonsoft and Promise Technology each deliver a short, sharp summary of their latest product innovations. Genetec embedded content Pelco by Schneider Electric embedded content CSL DualCom embedded content AxxonSoft embedded content Promise Technology embedded content Leave a Reply Be the First to Comment!

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IndigoVision interviewed at IFSEC 2017 Video

IFSEC 2017 Watch the full interview with Dean Brazenall, Regional Director from IndigoVision about the products they are showcasing at IFSEC International 2017. embedded content Visit Europe s leading security event in June 2017 Visit IFSEC International for exclusive access to every security product on the market, live product demonstrations and networking with thousands of security professionals. From access control and video surveillance to smart buildings, cyber, border control and so much more.

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Magnetically-driven PTZ cameras and bespoke camera housing: How Redvision is rejecting the homogeneity of the modern CCTV market

Redvision recently unveiled two innovations that it believes distinguish themselves in a market characterised by homogeneity and a misguided emphasis on driving down the price of hardware. Unveiled to a selected audience of customers and contacts the UK-based manufacturer of high-end security cameras unveiled the Volant, a PTZ camera that Redvision says moves faster, more accurately and more quietly than anything else on the market. Vega, meanwhile, means integrators can offer clients the chance to customise camera housing to meet their aesthetic needs.

Both ranges will be launched officially at IFSEC International 2017 between 20-22 June (get your free badge now). IFSEC Global caught up with the company s founder and director, Paul Hucker, and MD, Dermot Grace, to find out how the company was positioning itself in the surveillance market and its plans for IFSEC. The Volant and Vega ranges will be launched and on display at IFSEC International, 20-22 June 2017, London ExCeL. You can find Redvision on stand D1150. Get your free badge now. IFSEC Global: Where do you sit in the crowded CCTV market? And what are your USPs? Dermot Grace: Redvision is one of the pioneers of the rugged PTZ Pan, Tilt, Zoom marketplace. There are probably three or four major manufacturers worldwide and we would probably command a substantial market, certainly within the UK market.

Our routes to market have historically largely been through our distribution partners, which we re looking to develop further within Continental Europe. Paul Hucker: We re at IFSEC to launch two new product ranges: Vega and Volant. Volant is the fastest, most accurate, quietest PTZ on the planet. A PTZ used to move at 60 degrees per second but with the Volant it s now almost instantaneous: about 400 degrees per second. Volant will move to the exact position it needs to go to. If cameras respond quicker you stand a much better chance of getting evidential or dynamic information. It also has infinity motors which can remember exactly where they were before. PTZs have motors and gears and the gears add a degree of inaccuracy and a degree of wear. But the infinity motors are magnetically driven so the motor s resolution is huge compared to a geared system.

It will register within 0.01 of a degree every time That means cameras can cover a larger area or a smaller area at distance more effectively. So it s very much for areas where they want the best in what technology can offer right now. With this camera range we have standard cameras and cameras with adaptive IR and adaptive white light. Adaptive means the actual beam angle of the illumination varies with the angle of the zoom lens. We have a number of high net worth customers who like the white light because it s a visual deterrent. Another feature of the Volant is it is completely silent. That s because it s moving by magnetic force. We re the only company using infinity drive motors in a big PTZ. We ve taken something generally used in military and using it in a commercial application.

While it s more expensive than the commodity products, the overall cost of ownership is low. Because the cost of installing a camera in a town centre is huge and people don t spend enough money on the cost of the equipment itself. The equipment is running continuously, and continuously moving, so it has a very high duty cycle. We ve had high demand already for a lot of public buildings to be monitored using a thermal version of the Volant. One reason is it s so much more accurate and better at analytics than other PTZs. You can apply analytics to it with certainty that you ll get the same picture every time. It s the equivalent of a static camera with up to 200 positions. DG: the thermal market in general is growing quite substantially. So we re challenging this product to sit across a wide spectrum of marketplaces.

As well as traditional CCTV we re looking at military applications and other verticals we can move into. PH: The Volant is a side-mount PTZ rather than a normal PTZ, which gives us flexibility to do custom options on the camera mechanism. For clients we can offer different lens options for thermals. DG: One USP Redvision has as a business is its complete flexibility. We can come up with different paint finishes and it s surprising how many customers do need these specialisations. It could be colours, Bournemouth College had a particular colour. This was done within a week or so, so it s a very fast turnaround. PH: Town centre application is our biggest single market. High net worth individuals and any CNI areas are important too.

DG: We ve signed an agreement with industry professionals representing five brands to represent Redvision throughout Scandinavia, central Europe and Southern Europe. They will use IFSEC as the launch platform. IG: You mentioned price. To what extent do you think there s too much focus on price in CCTV? PH: I think it s a huge issue. We are potentially devaluing the overall marketplace by focusing on price rather than functionality. If you look at other sectors hi-fi systems or cars people go for premium brands for a reason. I m not saying there isn t room for budget brands, but at the moment we re in danger of devaluing the options. DG: So much so that installers are saying to us great, this is a different solution that I can take to my customers.

They can differentiate themselves with their customers. It s pretty much solution selling. PH: All we re trying to say is one size doesn t fit all. The Vega is a range of camera houses we ve launched because driven by price, most CCTV players have come up with the same solution. The cameras are getting smaller and smaller and less obtrusive, which is a good thing in some respects, but we feel cameras should have a bit of physical presence and be a bit tougher. We want to do several variants of the Vega housing to look more like street furniture. For example it can be colour coded on a public building. It s got things like a built-in windscreen wiper as it rains in the UK a lot. DG: And when it s in the parked position, you can t see it, it s out of the field of view.

Also, within the camera housing we ve got the opportunity for PoE. PH: This is being launched at IFSEC as a concept with empty housing but we will add to it. We re creating an explosion-proof version. Explosion-proof cameras generally have a stainless steel tube with stainless steel ends and one with a little window and it s not developed much over the past 20-30 years. DG: In fact, the number of ancillary equipment manufacturers has declined so there s little choice. The demand is out there. Paul always says let s say you want a camera in a BMW showroom they may want the camera housing in the BMW colours. PH: Because it has very easy access into the camera housing you can do all your PoE or fibre convertor work in there. Anything that normally goes in the junction box, you can put in the housing.

You don t need an ugly junction box on the wall, it s one less thing to install, and it s all integrated. It s been designed so it can work both ways. Normally a camera housing has a top and a bottom. The Vega is symmetrical in look, so on a garage forecourt, for example, it could go under a canopy, you switch the bracket and it looks OK. It looks more aesthetically pleasing. IG: With your products being higher quality, are there certain sectors that you do better in, e.g. transport, utilities? DG: If we take our existing X-Series domes, they re big in the utilities sector and in the remote deployable sector. PH: Also it s more led by the quality integrators that actually want to keep some value in the project.

They re selling the benefits of Redvision through their channels. You have to bear in mind we re a product manufacturer who doesn t sell products directly to the end user although we do show the end user. It s not always easy to work out the exact routes. We ve lost more of the smaller installers to lower cost kit. But the larger integrator, the likes of ADT, Quadrant can see the benefits of Redvision. IG: What about the launch event at 240? DG: We re getting our major distributor, integrators and our distributor s customers together. The objective is to give them a demonstration of the new products. It will also be the opportunity to get a preview of the products before the show.

During the evening we have a professional entertainer, Nick Einhorn. He ll be on the IFSEC stand as well. The evening is also for networking and saying thank you to our customers. IG: What are your thoughts on the future of CCTV? PH: We think use of thermal imaging will become four times as common over the next five years and we think the price will halve. So there will be price pressure but not to the same degree as other markets. We certainly see within five years that a third of our business or more will be on that product. We also see ourselves getting involved in other niche verticals and promoting the cosmetic side of CCTV. DG: Whenever we ve shown this product to a customer in a pre-launch meeting they ve said wow, that looks really nice.

The same will apply to the camera housing. Even the ATEX housing is designed differently. Ease of use will be far better than what exists out there and it will be competitively priced because of the way it s been engineered. PH: In short, we ll be exploring more verticals because our ambition is to get to a 10m company in the next three years. Now we re a 3m company so we have to find niches for that. We re not going after the mass market. IG: Is there a benefit in being British? PH: We re more in touch with the needs of the UK market. There are several unique features resulting from our contact with the UK market.

DG: Most manufacturers are only set up for mass production. But we ve got applications where we ve adapted our standard product for critical applications like the nuclear industry. So that s how we d differentiate ourselves from a high volume manufacturer: total flexibility. IG: Do customers want the ability to customise? DG: Certainly. I think the fundamental thing is it s the voice of the customer that we re listening to. We reposition our products based on that. We also focus on customer service. Our turnaround time on any return is a maximum of 72 hours on receipt, 48 hours of those are on test.

PH: We ve had reports that some of our competitors take three months. These investments are long term and customers want to know they have good back-up for 5-10 years. DG: Our lead time to most distributors is seven working days. PH: The other thing is, three of our guys are on tech support. Unlike many large companies, you can phone us and talk to someone. If you have an issue onsite and normally it s install related rather than product related we are there 9-5, Monday to Friday. DG: We also have people who can attend site. Sometimes a problem has nothing to do with the product; it might be the VMS software controlling it. We have people in the north and south.

In our offices we have hot desks, so if someone phones in about an Avigilon platform, we can put that into the desktop and bring it up. So we can quickly replicate what they re talking about and talk them through what they need to do. PH: We can either do key by key or take over the set up if we need to. DG: We can accommodate most commonly used platforms, from 20 or so manufacturers. We recently had an event at our factory and people were taken aback with our flexibility and support. PH: It s an expensive resource for us to run but it s a big security net for the customer. DG: We re the industry s safe pair of hands. DG: At IFSEC we would like the opportunity to talk to distributors and integrators across the world because there s no limit to what we can t do. PH: And now we have a network of people across Europe who can support those contracts.

We work with BSC Europe. One of our biggest problems previously with IFSEC is we ve not been well equipped to follow up leads outside the UK. But now we have the network to follow those up. DG: We re always open to talk to people about any new products they want. Should there be a custom requirement for another partner, we d look into that. The Volant and Vega ranges will be launched and on display at IFSEC International, 20-22 June 2017, London ExCeL. You can find Redvision on stand D1150. Get your free badge now. Visit Europe s only large-scale security event in 2017 Taking place in London, 20 22 June 2017, IFSEC International gives you exclusive hands-on access to over 10,000 security solutions, live product demonstrations, and networking with over 27,000 security professionals.

Covering every aspect of security, from access control and video surveillance to smart buildings, cyber, border control and so much more.

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Assa Abloy completes 100th acquisition since 2005

Assa Abloy completes 100th acquisition since 2005 With the acquisition of 4Front on 27 December last year (more of which anon), Assa Abloy has now acquired 100 companies since Johan Molin joined the group as president and CEO in 2005. Despite two major recessions, the Assa Abloy Group has experienced impressive growth since the beginning of 2005. Sales have increased by 84% from SEK 25 billion to SEK 46 billion (rolling 12 months per September 2012).

During the same period, Assa Abloy’s operating income (EBIT*) has doubled from SEK 3.7 billion to SEK 7.4 billion and earnings per share* have increased by 114% from SEK 6.32 to SEK 13.53. “The strategic growth target for Assa Abloy is to grow 10% on an annual basis through a combination of organic growth and acquisitions,” explained Molin. “We have a focused acquisition strategy in three directions: gaining access to new geographic markets, adding new and complementary products to our portfolio and obtaining cutting-edge technologies in various key fields,” said Molin. “The foundation for Assa Abloy’s rapid acquisitions expansion has been the group’s ability to identify and build good relationships with potential acquisitions, effectively acquire them and successfully integrate them fast into the group. What’s even more exciting is that virtually all acquisitions have developed very well and contributed significantly to the profitability of the Assa Abloy Group.” Continuing the theme, Molin explained: “Assa Abloy completed another 11 acquisitions during the first nine months 2012, adding SEK 3.45 billion (8.3%) to our total sales. In 2011, 18 acquisitions added 17% to total sales.

Looking ahead, Assa Abloy will continue to implement its strategy of proactive acquisitions across all three strategic directions, and geographically speaking primarily in the emerging markets in Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa and South America. These markets already account for 25% of the Assa Abloy Group’s total sales and are expected to approach 50% by 2025.” Since its formation in 1994, Assa Abloy has grown from a regional company into an international group with some 44,000 employees and sales of more than SEK 46 billion. The Group operates in more than 60 countries and organises sales all over the world.

All figures for 2012 relate to the 12 months rolling per 30 September 2012 *Excluding items affecting comparability About the acquisition of 4Front Assa Abloy has acquired the US company 4Front, a leader in docking systems.

4Front offers a complete product range around docking systems as well as a large variety of accessories.

Johan Molin stated: “With its leading brands, 4Front is yet another strategic entry to the important North American market in entrance automation.

I welcome this addition that further reinforces the Assa Abloy Group’s leadership in entrance automation, growing from SEK 3 billion in 2008 to more than SEK 12 billion pro forma in 2012.”

Five of the best CCTV products of 2012

Five of the best CCTV products of 2012 2012 was a year for migration to IP systems for many end users and for installers getting to grips with the fast-paced change of technology. Here, we look back and round up five of the best video surveillance products of 2012. Of course there are many more, and I’d welcome your suggestions on the best CCTV kit of the year.

1. Axis Camera Companion Axis Communications Camera Companion is a full video surveillance solution targeted at small retail installations. The system was launched back in March and is notable for its simplicity a complete novice can set up the whole system, together with the Axis Camera Companion software, in less than 5 minutes.

In fact, I tried my hand at setting it up at IFSEC International in May and it was extraordinarily simple. With HD quality images, support for PTZ and motion detection, and remote access to view surveillance, this system is a cheap and smart solution for small projects. Click here to download tech specs for Axis Camera Companion.

2. Bosch Dinion HD 1090p The Bosch Dinion is part of Bosch s flagship range, and the latest version of the camera still offers among the best surveillance image quality in video surveillance. The analogue DINION camera has been one of the leading high-end cameras for years so the new Dinion HD 1080p has had a big reputation to live up to.

Features include an entirely new design that allows the camera to operate in temperatures from -20 C to 55 C, built-in image video analysis and an auto back focus feature that halves installation time. The camera has one a number of awards this year including the German Design Award from the German Design Council. The jury rewarded Bosch for the camera s colour differentiation in moderate lighting conditions.

Find out more on Bosch s website.

3. Sony IPELA Hybrid cameras The Sony IPELA camera range is Sony s fifth generation of IP cameras and at a product demonstration in October they were at pains to point out that they ve been making IP cameras for a long time now and any of the problems associated with the technology have been well and truly ironed out. The cameras actually record 120 images per second and combine 4 of the frames to bring the frame rate down to 30fps this means the camera can select the best elements of all 4 frames and combine them in real time to produce a clearer image.

This is particularly useful in low light situations meaning work arounds that installers would previously have had to make are no longer required. The Sony IPELA Hybrid camera range provides a great option for end users who are migrating their analogue CCTV system to IP by enabling transmission of IP and analogue systems across a conventional coaxial video cable. Find out more about Sony s IPELA range here.

4. Samsung Litenet HD network cameras The Litenet HD network camera range from Samsung is another set of affordable cameras aimed mostly at the office and retail environments. The ONVIF-compliant cameras support H.264 and MJPEG compression and have been extremely popular with end users and installers.

Tim Biddulph, Samsung, said the level of interest has been remarkable but has not surprised us. Like Axis Camera Companion, the Litenet HD range comes with remote access via Samsung s iPOLiS app and also features motion detection zones, up to 12 privacy zones and a day/night feature. Whether you go for this or Camera Companion will probably come down to personal brand preference.

Find out more abou the Samsung Litnet series.

5. Avigilon 2MP HD PTZ camera The Avigilon 2MP HD PTZ camera embodies everything Avigilon does: high-quality, clear HD images, caught by innovative and imaginatively designed surveillance cameras. With a 20x zoom, 360 continuous rotation and HDSM features for excellent performance in low light environments, the Avigilon HD PTZ camera is a great camera for monitoring large areas.

Details such as the entirely redesigned dome to reduce glare in the lens are what marks this camera out as worthy of a mention and when combined with the Avigilon Control Center software package can form a difficult-to-match end-to-end HD surveillance solution.

Click here to watch some sample footage from the Avigilon 2MP HD PTZ camera.

More pressure on security distributors from IT industry

More pressure on security distributors from IT industry A tough year for physical security systems distributors won t be getting easier any time soon with increasing competition from IT distributors eating into their market share. Back in the summer Norbain were acquired by Newbury Investments after a pre-pack administration that saw the investment company later slimming down the executive staff of the UK-based distributor. And we have heard rumours of other CCTV distributors having to diversify to better suit customers in a time of continued tough trading conditions in established markets.

However, there is some good news for distributors as IMS Research predicts that video surveillance markets in the US, Europe and the Middle East will see growth of around 10% in the next 3 years to 2016. Whether security distributors can reap the benefits of this growth remains to be seen with IT distributors continuing to chase market share. IT distributors generally operate to lower margins than security systems distributors with the latter claiming that the former offer less service to the industry as a whole.

IMS Research analyst Jon Croley said: It is generally recognised that distributors are responsible for transporting video surveillance equipment from manufacturers to installers and systems integrators. They are less well known for other functions that they sometimes perform like advertising and promoting offers and product announcements, on-going technical support, and operating physical locations where products can be viewed and purchased. IMS estimate that IT distributors account for at least 15% of the CCTV market in EMEA and even more in the Americas.

They describe additional competition from integrators and electrical distributors as creating a truly intense level of competition in video surveillance. This level of competition should put pressure on the average margins for surveillance products meaning better prices for installers and end users in the short-medium term. However, if average margins continue to get driven down we are likely to see more distributors hitting problems in the next few years, conversely decreasing competition and risking margins bouncing straight back up to their current levels and maybe higher.

What do you think?

Are lower margins for distributors a good thing, or would you prefer to see a more stable and sustainable level of pricing?

SIA NI op – Professional Security

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) and the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) carried out a joint inspection over the weekend to mark the beginning of a campaign supported by the crime-reporting charity Crimestoppers.

The three teamed up as part of Operation Pearl, which aims to ensure that the SIA licence renewal process in Northern Ireland runs smoothly. SIA licensing, introduced in December 2009, has been in place in Northern Ireland for three years. Licences issued then will soon expire and will need to be renewed, the regulator points out.

The first phase of Operation Pearl was carried out across Belfast, Lisburn and Newtownards over two days.

Some 50 sites were visited, which included nightclubs, bars, pubs, retail premises and office blocks. Some 158 door supervisors, CCTV operatives and security guards were inspected

Overall, the results were described as positive with the majority of security staff inspected proving to be compliant with the law. However, some offences were found.

Three unlicensed men were detected and breaches of SIA licence conditions were found. Information passed to the police also led to the arrest of a man wanted for breach of bail conditions. He was held overnight and was due to appear in court the next day.

On Friday night, November 30, the SIA and the police visited 33 licensed premises in Belfast and Newtownards, inspecting 118 operatives.

In total, 115 individuals held a valid SIA licence. However, two unlicensed bar managers working at separate venues in Newtownards were found to be employing in-house door supervisors without holding an SIA licence. Three door supervisors were found breaking licence conditions as they failed to notify the SIA of a change of address.

On Saturday, December 1, the SIA carried out daytime checks in Belfast, Lisburn and Newtownards.

Forty security staff working at 17 sites were inspected, with 39 operatives found to be correctly licensed. However, at one site in Belfast an unlicensed security guard was found.

The SIA and the police are continuing with their enquiries regarding all the offences found over the weekend. Warnings may be issued and prosecutions may follow.

SIA Head of Investigation Sharon Roberts said: Northern Ireland enjoys a vibrant day and night-time economy.

SIA licensed staff can have a positive impact in reducing crime and disorder, and creating a safe environment for the public.

The results found during Operation Pearl are in line with the level of compliance we have seen in three years of licensing, demonstrating that the security industry in Northern Ireland has recognised the value of SIA regulation. I was also pleased to see that many of the staff inspected were in the process of renewing their licences.

In the lead up to the busy festive season, we will be working with our partners again on future operations. We are encouraging those whose licences are due to expire to renew in good time so that they are able to continue to work legally.

A PSNI spokesman said: Police recognise the value of the SIA licensing system for the good running of premises and the safety and convenience of customers.

We will work with partners to both promote awareness of the regulations and to ensure compliance with them under the overall objective of keeping people safe. Police appreciate the co-operation of licensees and their staff during this initiative. It is in all our interests to ensure the system is working effectively and properly.

Crimestoppers Regional Manager for Northern Ireland, Susan Brew, said: Properly trained and licensed security operatives can help to protect the public.

Working in any of the designated security roles without holding an SIA licence is illegal and we encourage people to let us know of anyone attempting to work unlawfully.

We want to encourage the public to provide us with information relating to private security operatives working without an SIA licence or in breach of SIA licensing conditions. Contact Crimestoppers and tell us what you know, not who you are. Call 0800 555 111 anonymously or fill out a secure online form at

SIA staff are distributing cards across venues in Northern Ireland that provide information and advice on how to report illegal activity.

Crimestoppers is also encouraging the public to pass on information about illegal activity anonymously.