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Sia Training Jobs, vacancies in London EC2N

Please note applicants must hold a valid SIA licence.*. Experience is required however candidate must be willing to undertake any training that may be…Training and development support. A current Static Guarding/Door Supervision front line SIA Licence.

As a result of securing *Long Term Retail Contracts*….Advance training and Career development for those that wish to progress. PLEASE NOTE YOU MUST HOLD A VALID SIA GUARDING or DOOR SUPERVISION LICENSE TO APPLY FOR… Door supervision + Free SIA badge. Already do not have CSCS/SIA/Teacher training experience. LOCATED IN HACKNEY*…. SIA Door Supervisor Licence. Applicant will have to have an enhanced CRB check and there will be two days training…. SIA. The successful candidate will ideally have an SIA license and must have excellent verbal and written communication skills, a full 5 year checkable history… SIA. Valid SIA license,. A current SIA Licence Front Line, carried at all times on duty. CE Security is a leading provider of integrated, holistic security… A valid SIA licence is required for this position.

However, if you have undertaken the SIA course but not yet applied for the licence, you may still apply…. SIA. We are looking for SIA security personnel to work on an ad hoc basis,We are looking for people with good communication skills ( this means being able to… PRIORITY WILL BE GIVEN TO THOSE APPLICANTS WHO HOLD A VALID FRONTLINE SIA LICENSE OR SIA TRAINING CERTIFICATE…. SIA. SIA Licence – Door Supervision. In return, successful candidates will be rewarded with a competitive pay rate, first class training covering multiple… The successful candidate will ideally have an SIA license and must have excellent verbal and written communication skills, a full 5 year checkable history and… CSCS Card and SIA Licence*. SIA Licence (Door Supervisor or Security).

Biosite Security Limited are proud to be offering the exciting positions of Gateman at…SIA. ‘ SIA licence or valid SIA training certificates are preferred but not essential. ‘ Enhanced training and CCTV Training. ‘ Free SIA licence renewal….SIA Security or Door Supervisor License- ESSENTIAL.

This is an exciting opportunity to work for an SIA Approved Contractor in a unique roll genuinely bridging…

Private Investigators License

Overview of the UK S.I.A Private Investigators licence In the Private Security Industry various sectors have already been licenced such as: Manned guards, Door supervisors, Close protection operatives, Public space surveillance (CCTV) operators and Security guards by the Security Industry Authority. The S.I.A is the organisation responsible for this regulation and reports to the Home Secretary.
Private Investigators License

The Security Industry Authority1 has a series of objectives which cover these professions and the Private Investigator sector, such as: “Providing services and standards to their customers”, “Delivering regulatory activities effectively and efficiently”, “Delivering a development programme that continues effective regulation of the private security industry” and “To be recognised internally and externally as a model of good practice”.

As Licensing for Private Investigators is a government priority2 in the UK.

The following indices can be drawn from existing literature:

Although Private Investigator licences and the requirement for a business licence are still subject to Ministerial approval, the momentum is there and a whole new world of regulation, inspection and bureaucracy is coming.

A typical S.I.A Licence costs: 220.00 and lasts for 3 years. To get the S.I.A Private Investigator licence you need to pass the, “Fit and Proper person” tests and need to have successfully completed a, “Test of Competency”, such as The Association of British Investigators Training Academy: IQ Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators3 or the BTEC Professional Investigators4, costing around: 300.00 – 400.00.

Please note that that the Draft British Standard for the Provision of Investigative Services recommends that the competence necessary to complete an investigation has been demonstrated by the supplier of the services: Conducting investigations, conducting interviews, searching for information and preserving evidence, surveillance techniques, understanding and working to relevant laws and standards and the ability to report findings the syllabus of the Level three Awards5….

The rush amongst Investigation companies to gain as much kudos and credibility as possible by attaing, “Voluntary , Kite marks, such as: British Standard 1020006, has abated and “Self regulation”, is, now, the order of the day. The organisations and businesses that wish to bid for government contracts have enroled on the Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) – involving eligibility checks, an assessement conducted by an external body and hefty annual registration fees.

Please note that in Northern Ireland some of the criteria for assessing convictions are: “Conflict related”. All applications are actually assessed on an individual basis and the decision is specific to each licence type. The SIA licensing system decision is open to appeal.

In order to apply for a licence you must have the right to work in the UK but you do not have to be a British Citizen.

With your licence you can begin your journey as an investigator, but, only experience, continual training and luck will ensure you make a successful profitable, career in the sector.


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If you can t beat them, recruit them: enlist young hackers to fight cybercrime, says infosec chief

Cybersecurity A poacher-turned-gamekeeper approach is needed to encourage younger hackers to turn use their skills for positive impact and help companies tackle cybercrime, a cybersecurity chief has suggested. Dr Jamie Graves, CEO of cybersecurity firm ZoneFox, says: At a time when cyber-crime continues to cripple companies and over two-thirds of businesses can t find enough talent to defend their company against cyber-threats, we should be asking how we can get these talented young hackers to fight crime, not contribute to it. His comments are in response to recent research by the National Crime Agency (NCA), which has found that peer respect and popularity are motivating factors for young cybercriminals.

According to the study, some offenders begin by participating in gaming cheat websites and game modification forums before progressing to criminal hacking forums. While Graves agrees that targeting and removing the free tools that exist online that allow hacking to take place must be a focus, more innovative approaches are needed. Such is the global shortage of cybersecurity skills, professionals can command huge salaries He says: We live in a country where technology encompasses every inch of our daily lives especially the younger generations. The report details that criminal hackings are considered cool and done to impress peers. Now is the time for the UK to really focus on tackling this by putting an emphasis on trying to flip young people s attitudes on cyber-security from bad to good . As well as avoiding the risk of getting a criminal record, so-called ethical hacking offers a powerful financial incentive. Such is the global shortage of cybersecurity skills, professionals can command huge salaries. The global cybersecurity workforce is expected to have 1-2 million jobs unfilled by 2019. The report, titled Pathways into Cybercrime , which is based on debriefs with offenders and young people on the fringes of criminality, explores why they are assessed as unlikely to commit more traditional crimes get involved in cybercrime.

According to the report, financial gain is not necessarily a priority for young offenders. The sense of accomplishment at completing a challenge, and proving oneself to peers in order to increase online reputations are the main motivations for those involved in cyber criminality. One offender, who was jailed for Computer Misuse Act and fraud offences, told officers, it made me popular, I enjoyed the feeling I looked up to those users with the best reputations . The report also highlights that there is no socio-demographic bias, with people across the country from different backgrounds among offenders. However, the average age of cybercriminals is much younger than other crime types. In 2015, the average age of suspects in NCA cybercrime investigations was 17 years old, compared with 37 involved in drugs crime cases. Ensure a solid security strategy at Borders & Infrastructure Expo Join other high-end security professionals at the launch of Borders & Infrastructure Expo, in conjunction with Europe s most renowned security event, IFSEC International, addressing your critical needs for large-scale security projects.

By attending, you ll access leading security providers showcasing the latest advancements in both physical and cyber solutions.

Click here to register your place now to join us at London Excel on 20 22 June 2017.

Banham Close Protection

Banham Close Protection is a Security Risk Management & Investigations company specialising in providing close protection for people, property and valuable assets. We integrate methods of personal protection, leading technology and industry best practices to deliver intelligent security risk management solutions. This capability is achieved with full support from the Banham Group. The Banham Group has a long history of providing clients with highly effective security solutions and over the years the Banham name has become synonymous with quality. Protecting your home, family or business is our speciality, so you can feel confident that the things you value are in safe hands with our expert team.

Executive & Personal Security Services

The Banham Close Protection team specialise in providing a reliable Personal Security service and have extensive experience in ensuring our clients security. Thus providing the peace of mind from knowing that they are protected. Banham Close Protection is committed to delivering a first class Executive Security service to all of our clients, whatever their requirements, and by offering a consistently high standard of service, we continue to build upon the enviable reputation already established by the Banham Group.

We provide our Close Protection services throughout London and nationally, so wherever you are based, make Banham Close Protection your first port of call for the highest quality services from the experts in Personal Security.

Please contact us for more information.

You re booked: for being a vigilante apostrophe pedant

Helpful crime? A self-styled grammar vigilante has revealed how he has changed offending shop signs under cover of dark for over a decade. In a less conventional zero-tolerance stance on bad punctuation than Lynne Truss s bestseller Eats, Shoots & Leaves , the man wields a broom handle with two sponges at one end to apply stickers to dozens of missing and misplaced apostrophes on the highest shop banners.

The jury s out on whether the middle-aged vigilante, who won t reveal his identity, has actually committed any crime. He claims his efforts are needed to bring an end to the improper use of English. But even more pedantic critics suggest he should start by correcting his own alias as apostrophes are punctuation marks. I m a grammar vigilante. I do think it s a cause worth pursuing. I have felt extremely nervous. The heart has been thumping, he told the BBC. embedded content Some owners of shops and commercial premises who have fallen foul of the apostrophe vigilante are not bothered by his actions. However, Jason Singh who owns a tailors called Tux & Tails, claims that he potentially faces paying thousands of pounds for his new vinyl sign to be corrected, because the omission of the apostrophe in Gentlemens was corrected.

We think it s paint, and this is vinyl, so if we have to replace it you re looking at a few thousand pounds At the end of the day I d have preferred him to come in and tell me, said Singh, who thinks there may even be grounds for a police complaint. And if his name is revealed, I ll be sending him an invoice for the damages, he added. A spokesman for Avon and Somerset Police said the force was unaware of any complaints being lodged, but any permanent damage caused could provide grounds for police intervention. Visit Europe s leading security event in June 2017 Visit IFSEC International for exclusive access to every security product on the market, live product demonstrations and networking with thousands of security professionals. From access control and video surveillance to smart buildings, cyber, border control and so much more. It is the perfect way to keep up to date, protect your business and enhance your career in the security industry. Click here to register your place now to join us at London Excel on 20 22 June 2017.

EKS Security Guarding Hastings, Security Alarm Patrols

EKS Security Guarding Hastings, Security Alarm Patrols

Alarm Response KEY HOLDING


Our response vehicles cover East Kent – East Sussex providing a fast response to alarms in Hastings, Maidstone, Tunbridge Wells.

EKS Security Guarding Hastings, Security Alarm Patrols

Construction Site Security


We provide manned guarding for construction sites all over the South East. All our guards are experienced, first aid trained and insured.

EKS Security Guarding Hastings, Security Alarm Patrols



We can provide 24hr manned guarding / concierge for your premises. Mobile patrols provide a cost saving security option and keep your property secured.

EKS Security Guarding Hastings, Security Alarm Patrols

real time gps GUARD MONITORING


QR-Patrol is the smartest real time and on-line guard tour and patrol system.

All our permanent sites employ use of QR Patrol 24hr access is FREE to clients.


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UK Private Investigator Costs/ Fees.

Discreet, reliable …

Intime Investigations are always happy to give a clear quotation based on a clients specific case requirements. We always recommend potential clients make time to speak with us, this allows us to better appreciate the situation, as all private investigations can be very different, we can then give you an informed indication of expenditure and the timescale involved and agree a clear budget.

Intime Investigations staff are always sensitive to the client’s circumstances and will only offer services we believe will help resolve the situation.

The Unique Nature of Private Investigations

Since every investigation is essentially unique and because of the delicate nature of the work we carry out, before commencement of any assignment we suggest you call and speak with us.

We find by talking through the outline of your current circumstances in total confidence and asking just a few non-intrusive questions, we become fully able to comprehend your specific requirements. This will also enable you to get to know how we work and for us to give a clear plan of action, costs, turn around time – and to decide whether you wish to instruct us to proceed.


Payment to Intime Investigations is acceptable in most forms.

The following payment forms are accepted:

Credit/Debit Card:
Intime Investigations
accepts: Visa, MasterCard and Maestro cards.

Intime Investigations will only commence work when the cheque has cleared

All cash payments will be fully receipted and documented by Intime Investigations.

Bank Transfer:
Intime Investigations are happy to provide our banking details including SWIFT and IBAN codes.

When sending a remittance from outside the UK, please ensure all bank charges are pre-paid.

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investment and time enrolling onto a full programme, the course gives you a great opportunity to test the water, and if you do enjoy it, you have a solid foundation. Regulations are being brought in which will require that you have completed recognised training and are licenced by the Security…

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conforme con le nuove norme di etichettatura degli alimenti (Food Labelling Regulations EC1169/2011). Imparerai come informare il cliente riguardo alla presenza di allergeni sia negli alimenti confezionati che sfusi secondo le norme, come evitare il pericolo di contaminazione incrociata e cosa fare nel…

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Security industryUnit 2 Career opportunities in Private security industryUnit 3 Security Industry Act (SIA)Unit 4 Legislation applicable to the Private Security IndustryUnit 5 Health & Safety in the workplaceUnit 6 Fire, safety & emergency servicesUnit 7 SIA Licensing…