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Key holding is a big responsibility, and one we take very seriously indeed. All the people we employ are chosen with care, properly trained, vetted in detail and screened carefully to make sure they are 100% trustworthy. As you d expect, we treat our industry s regulations and accreditations with the greatest respect.

Our key holding services

We can manage all your keyholder responsibilities for you, delivering peace of mind as well as an affordable solution to what can be a tricky issue. With our highly experienced team on your side, you can feel safe in the knowledge that your premises are totally secure and, more importantly, your people are safe and secure too.

Security and peace of mind 24/7

You could make staff members into keyholders, but it s a huge responsibility and can eat into their private life. Our 24/7 secure key holding services prevent staff being put in danger too, in situations a trained security expert is much better able to handle.
We can create a custom-designed plan for your premises including a full site survey and a series of pre-agreed actions to take in an emergency. Which means the risk to your staff is eliminated and inconvenient out of hours call-outs are handed to an expert whose focus it is to deal with such things.

Supervised key holding services

If you want to hold your own keys but would prefer someone to accompany you when attending an alarm situation, we can provide that too. Our professional security officers are trained to attend call outs and will meet you or your keyholder on the site.

They will carry out a detailed external and internal security check to ensure the premises are secure.
Our key holding promise:

  • Fully trained and licensed security staff.
  • We respond to alarm activations as fast as humanly possible.
  • We will arrange repairs if you need us to.
  • Always react in accordance with your processes and procedures
  • Report back to you in the appropriate level of detail every time there s an incident.
  • You don t have to put your staff in danger or inconvenience them.
  • You enjoy reduced liability claims on serious incidents.
  • It s a proven way to exercise the right level of care under Health and Safety Executive regulations.

Contact us

If you d like to discuss our keyholder services or get a free quote, please call or email us.

We ll be delighted to help.

Careers in Close Protection

Why Work in CP?

The close protection industry is a dynamic and fast evolving sector of the global security industry and is itself comprised of several nuanced areas of expertise, such as; celebrity, VIP and high net worth protection, incorporating specialisms in maritime, aviation and hostile environment protection. The role is demanding, competitive and requires dedication beyond that which most jobs ask. However, it can also be an incredibly rewarding profession, allowing you a view of the world that you would never normally see.

This, coupled with the expectation of good salaries, have made close protection an increasingly popular career choice, particularly amongst service leavers.


The British Bodyguard Association established itself a number of years ago, during a period of unprecedented growth in the security industry. The BBA was originally formed to allow operators to network and find employment wherever they were deployed. Since then, the association has grown and now provides support to our many members, guiding and assisting in their professional development and helping them to enjoy long and rewarding careers.

BBA Membership Options >1

What is a Close Protection Operative?

Irrespective of the many niche areas of security, close protection operatives (CPO s), or bodyguards, can commonly be defined by the single most important requirement expected of them in their professional capacity; to provide physical protection to a principal, shielding them from any potential harm and to quickly get them to safety. The different types of threat commonly faced by bodyguards across the globe include: violence, kidnapping, mugging, hostile confrontation, acts of terrorism, natural disasters and more subtle threats such as: reputation damage, bribery and potentially embarrassing situations. To be a successful CPO you will need a wide range of skills and plenty of self discipline and unlike conventional jobs, you will have to make time for, and in many cases, pay for your own professional development.

To be successful as a CPO you will need to meet a certain criteria to ensure you are suitable for the role and will not add any undue risk to the principal or hinder the assignment in any way. Good protection operatives possess the following characteristics in abundance:

High Level of Fitness

Calm under pressure

Fast and effective decision maker

Good Time Keeper

Team Player

Ability to Operate on own initiative


Good communication skills


How do I get Started?

Most CPO s are employed through private companies who are appointed by those who seek protection. Not all jobs are the same and many require different skills and experience from their operators so it s advisable to diversify your development and be prepared for any situation and thereby making yourself more employable. But first off, you need to be licensed, which means getting qualified by undertaking a training course that meets SIA (Security Industry Authority) criteria. There are many other factors which should be considered before opting for the first training provider you come across.

Read more on how to select a training provider >2

What does Close Protection Training Involve?

A close protection course typically involves intensive training that runs continuously from start to finish, immersing a student in the world of a CPO.

It s vitally important to find a training company who offer a high quality professional service and it s advisable to do a great deal of research in this department before enrolling with any training provider. Unfortunately, in the wake a regulation, a lot of companies have appeared, offering students a cheap and quick route to certification by compromising standards in order to process would-be operators through their course at a rapid rate. Sadly, for several years this became a viable route into the industry as demand outstripped supply. But now, in a more settled environment employers scrutinise perspective candidates, and not valuing the training you undertake is a sure fire way to remain unemployed. Suddenly, what seemed like a cheap investment in a training course actually turns out to be quite expensive as you re faced with the prospect of retraining or giving up on your dream of becoming a protection specialist.

For more information go to our Training3 section.


Once you ve passed your entry course and acquired the necessary accreditation and licensing you will be expected to undertake Continuous Professional Development (CPD). From a practical point of view this ensures that your skills and knowledge remain fresh in all the areas you have trained in but also by expanding your ability in other areas it will make you more versatile and more employable. You never know where demand will shift to next in a global market, so remain openminded and adaptable, and commit to development.

For more in-depth information go to our Development4 section.

Close Protection Jobs

Despite a downsizing in the numbers of CPOs employed in hostile protection, in the likes of Iraq, Afghanistan and the Gulf of Aden, the requirement for close protection is increasing all the time. In a hostile and unpredictable world, where natural resources are becoming more scarce and governments can be overthrown via social media, people from all walks of life are more invested in security. So long as you have the necessary qualifications and accreditation, display the correct attitude and have access to experienced networks of professionals then you have a chance of making it as a CPO.

Networking remains an integral part of gaining employment in the close protection industry, it is vitally important to establish and maintain relationships with experienced and operational professionals so that you may be recommended for jobs. It remains the most likely way of learning about new vacancies and given that over 80% of work is given to people who are known by current employees, it s also your most likely route to employment.

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Security Industry Authority (SIA) Licence

To work in the private security sector in the UK, or to work for a British company abroad, operatives are required by law to be licensed by the SIA and it is your responsibility to obtain the required licence and ensure you stay in date. The SIA is the organisation responsible for regulating the private security industry; it is a criminal offence to undertake the licensable activities of a close protection operative without an SIA licence.

To obtain an SIA licence you must meet certain criteria to determine whether you are a suitable candidate.

Licensing is in place to ensure that you adhere to industry standards and uphold them.

Find out more about the SIA licensing criteria6.


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Private Investigator Profiles

Private Investigators

Whether from a Business or Private client aspect, clients have often been down a long road before talking to us. Consequently we are open about who we are and, while confidentiality and discretion are of paramount importance will not betray the trust you place in us

Some of our Investigators are profiled below. Please feel free to contact us at any time with the confidence that we will not judge, but will listen to your issue and suggest a plan to resolve it, whether it is a corporate problem, a personal issue, or legal need

We feel it helps for you to be able to put a face to a name, especially when dealing with sensitive annd confidential issues.

All of our people are decent and respectful; on the occasions that someone is involved with us who is not this way, they do not last long


  1. ^

Manned Guarding Jobs

Extensive knowledge in the manned guarding sector. What we are looking for in our SIA Duty Security Manager:…. SSGC Ltd is the leading innovator of Manned Guarding Services for the Private and Public Sector. In addition to being ranked in the top 5% of all SIA registered… The right candidate must have previous experience as Manager for security Manned Guarding and be results orientated, with a proven track record of delivering… Manned Guarding (SG) or Door Supervisor (DS)*.

Our team is responsible for the maintenance of the site s grounds along with providing a high visibility Static… SIA Door Supervisor Licence (OR Manned Guarding). A valid front line SIA security guarding or door supervisor licence is essential…. The right candidate must have previous experience as multi-site experience for security Manned Guarding and be results orientated, with a proven track record of… Alpha Omega Securities Ltd is a successful and expanding manned guarding security company based in Cheshire…. SIA Manned Guarding *or*. Full Time Security Guards in Belfast and throughout Northern Ireland*…. Ensuring all sites are correctly manned. SIA Door Supervisor Licence, Security Guarding or Close Protection Licence…. The candidate must have an in date SIA licence for minimum Manned Guarding and clean driving licence. The position is for a Front of House Security Officer for… We provide services for Manned Guarding, Security Systems, Mobile Security, Secure Event Solutions and Soft Services to all of our clients…. SIA licensed Door Supervisor or Manned Guarding. Daytime Security Officer for a busy Retail Complex…. A valid and current SIA Licence for Manned Guarding or Door Supervision. We currently have an opportunity for a Security Officer to join our team…. The right candidate must have previous experience in scheduling for security Manned Guarding and be results orientated, with a proven track record of delivering… Previous experience in manned guarding.

What we are looking for an SIA Security Training Manager to have:….

Our 10-day campaign for a stronger, faster response to the lessons of Grenfell

#EUCanBeFireSafe Since the Grenfell Fire tragedy in London on 14 June, the European Commission has not shown any sign of accelerating specific policies that are crucial to making Europe s buildings safer in a fire. Fire Safe Europe is rolling out activities over the next 10 days to get MEPs to call on the European Commission to take action. These actions will culminate in a debate on fire safety in buildings at the European Parliament plenary session on Wednesday 13 September.

Contact us and follow Fire Safe Europe s Twitter feed for more information. Campaign activities A petition has been launched to improve Fire Safety in Buildings. This will be presented to MEPs prior to the 13 September plenary debate. On 6 September firefighters will come to Brussels and speak to MEPs between 12am-3pm at the Esplanade in front of the European Parliament in Brussels. You are invited to come and speak to the firefighters. Photos and information will be published on Fire Safe Europe s Twitter feed. On 7pm on 12 September, a candlelight vigil in the memory of fire victims will be held at the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Fire affects communities deeply. Lives are lost, people are injured; jobs, businesses, firefighters and the environment are affected.

We believe it is important to take the time to reflect and pay homage to fire victims. On 13 September between 3-4pm (TBC), the European Parliament meets to debate fire safety in buildings. It is a fundamental duty of members of theEuropean Parliament to enable people to be safe in their homes. We want MEPs to make a difference by requesting rapid action on key policies that impact fire safety. You can follow the live debate here.

SIA Security Supervisor / Senior SIA Security Officer job …

SIA Security Supervisor / Senior SIA Security Officer Job ...

Job Title: Security Supervisor Location: Abingdon Salary: 32,000 per annum

Job Type: Full Time, Permanent Working Hours: 60 hours per week, Monday to Friday days, although some flexibility is required as operational circumstances dictate Our Client looking to recruit an experienced Security Supervisor to work at a premium business park in Abingdon. This is a very high profile and visible role and they are looking for individuals who are professional, well-mannered and able to manage both a team of Security Officers and the expectations of our client. About the role: This role will be responsible for supervising a team of security officers encompassing a day shift and a two-person night shift. In total, you will have five team members to manage. As Supervisor, you will be required to ensure that standards are maintained, that all processes and procedures are completed as per site instructions, complete daily checks and audits, including keys, equipment and computer use, manage and report on incidents, perform annual appraisals and deliver training, complete rosters and create a set of assignment instructions. You will act as a central communication point for security staff, your Account Manager and our Customer.

The ideal candidates should have:

  • Prior experience working within the security industry
  • Prior experience of working in a supervisory role
  • A valid frontline SIA licence (Security Guarding, Door Supervision or Close Protection)
  • A full UK driving licence
  • Unrestricted right to work on a full-time basis within the UK
  • Excellent IT skills
  • Be fluent in spoken and written English

Benefits Package:

  • An employer contributed pension scheme, company sick pay scheme, personal accident cover and full uniform will be provided

Please note that due to the nature of the roles, all successful candidates will be required to be security screened in accordance with BS 7858 and as such will need to have a five-year checkable employment or educational history or able to provide evidence of any periods of unemployment. If you are interested in applying for this role then please submit an up to date CV, ensuring that it covers at least the last five years. Candidates with the experience or relevant job titles of; SIA Security Officer, SIA Security, SIA, Security Officer, Security Officer, Gatehouse Security Guard, Security Officer, Security, Security Enforcement Officer, SIA Licence, SIA Licenced Security Officer will also be considered for this role.

Crime data-sharing platform wins six-figure government funding

National Business Crime Solution An initiative for sharing data between the business community and law enforcement agencies has secured significant government funding. Founded by Jason Trigg, the former owner of Cardinal Security, the National Business Crime Solution (NBCS) is a centralised repository for business crime data from which intelligence can be generated to more effectively detect, prevent and respond to crime. The initiative helps stakeholders identify links between crimes committed across a wide geographic area because many criminals travel the length and breadth of the country to commit crime.

The not-for-profit initiative, which in three years has grown its membership by 213% to nearly 50 organisations, has been awarded a six-figure sum from the Police Transformation Fund, a Home Office programme. NBCS management say the money can help them become self-sustaining, make new appointments, attract new members, enhance corporate governance, raise awareness and revamp its branding. With additional resources they will also seek to enhance the quality of information shared and circulated and deliver a fraud-sharing platform. Preventative action This is a unique service from a trusted partner that truly offers the way forward for the industry and police to work together to achieve a common goal, said DCI Georgie Barnard of the National Police Chief s Council, which supports the NBCS. NBCS offers timely information on crime trends to enable businesses in all market sectors to take better preventative action and enable more effective engagement with the police. The NBCS is already credited with the positive identification of 419 suspects and arrest of 309 offenders over the last three years, as well as playing a role in securing sentences of over 200 years for offenders causing the most harm. The NBCS won a Retail Fraud Award in 2014 and an award for Best Collaborative Solution and Best Crime Partnership in 2016. We have proven that by working in collaboration we can build a national profile of business crime and actively support the police service by building watertight cases that result in real action, says Catherine Bowen, policy and stakeholder director at NBCS. The partnership between NBCS and the police service has gone from strength to strength and the money we have received from the Police Transformation Fund rubber stamps our credentials and can be seen as an endorsement of the work we do in better protecting businesses.

I m looking forward to providing an even better level of service to our existing members and welcoming new companies on board. Free download: The video surveillance report 2017 Sponsored by IDIS The Video Surveillance Report 2017 covers all things video surveillance based on a poll of hundreds of security professionals. Specifically looking at topics such as open platforms, 4K, low-light cameras, video analytics, warranties and this year due to the growing threat posed, the cybersecurity landscape.

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Once a licence has been issued, details about the licence holder are held on a register and made available to the public. Establishing and maintaining a register is required under section 12 of the Private Security Industry Act 1 You will be able to search the register on the date of birth field if known to you, but this information will not be made available from any result which is obtained. Where a result is obtained from entering the date of birth, it can be taken as confirmation that the date entered is correct.

The address of an individual will not be made public


  1. ^ section 12 of the Private Security Industry Act (

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