Watch: The LPCB Attack Testing Zone at IFSEC 2017

Security doors, perimeter fencing, shutters and covers were subjected to hammers, wire cutters and other handheld tools in the LPCB Attack Testing Zone at IFSEC 2017. The new area, which took place within Borders & Infrastructure Expo itself debuting and is expected to return again for the 2018 show, saw technicians from the LPCB put non-approved products to the test alongside LPCB-approved alternatives that have achieved a minimum of LPS 1175 SR-3 compliance. We ve put together a highlights video, below, from the Attack Testing Zone.

The LPCB Loss Prevention Certification Board was set up by certification body BRE Global. embedded content Free Download: Securing UK borders: An examination of the implications of leaving the EU for UK border management. Recent tragic events in Manchester and London have, among other things, underscored the importance to national security of getting Brexit right.

This report considers the implications of leaving the EU for the management of the UK s borders and making it as easy as possible for international business to thrive and legitimate movement to occur in a post-Brexit UK.

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Lessons for Public Health …


1 GAO United States General Accounting Office Report to Congressional Requesters September 2000 WEST NILE VIRUS OUTBREAK Lessons for Public Health Preparedness GAO/HEHS

Smart buildings case study: 240 Blackfriars, London download

Smart Buildings Case Study: 240 Blackfriars, London Download

When UBM London relocated to new premises a few yards down the road from their current office, they were moving light years away in terms of technology. In moving to 240 Blackfriars, a 19 storey tower completed in 2015, the company which organises IFSEC International and publishes this website they sought to reshape working culture and automate and integrate building technologies for a smarter building environment. Download this smart buildings case study, which is part of the Protecting London series, to find out more about cloud-based booking systems, water-saving devices, solar-controlled blinds, access-card-controlled lockers, cashless vending, desk-booking systems and other automated or smart technologies.

This case study features insights from 240 s head of facilities management, Stephen Vause, Euroworkspace MD Adrian Cowley and head of PMO (project management office) David Self.

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Security Guarding – CTR Secure Services

Our SIA licensed security officers can be integrated with additional services provided by us or as a stand-alone requirement, they can provide an overt presence in order to deter and respond to any form of incident. Having security guards at your location who are presentable, correctly trained and have a high level of motivation is vital to your organisation, not just from a security perspective but also as an extended representative of your organisation. With this in mind we provide the highest level of trained security staff on a permanent or semi-permanent basis in line with your requirement. All security officers are vetted to BS7858 standards and we have gained accreditation through the Security Industry Authority1 (SIA) as approved contractors and members of the British Security Industry Association2 (BSIA). We also hold ISO 9001 and BS EN 18001 accreditations.

Corporate Security Officers
Retail Security Officers
Construction Security Officers
Mobile Patrols
CCTV Monitoring
Concierge Services

With the purpose of protecting people, property and assets then our services for security guarding will enable your business to remain secure and also to maintain business continuity. All our officers have undergone the necessary Security Industry Authority training in their field and in addition have also undergone extensive internal training, this ensures that they are at the highest level when it comes to doing their job for your company. In addition to this, every security officer is backed by our company including relevant policies and procedures, and administrative support. To ensure that you will always have cover then we have a proven back up of trained reserve personnel, who are able to deploy at short notice. At every step then you will have contact and support where needed from a duty security manager, their role is to ensure that any queries you may have are answered in a timely and professional manner.

If you are a business that is looking to integrate security guard services into your business or whether you have an exisiting security company in place but are not confident in their approach or ability, then we would welcome any enquiry and offer an in depth analysis of your business and actual requirement with a view of increasing security but with a strong emphasis on actual needs and relevance. As a company we do not believe in the use of any form of security just for the sake of having security, and this means ensuring that we understand your business and the risks faced. This way we are then able to propose a solution that better meets your individual needs and this may include an integrated approach using other forms of security, this in turn may also reduce your current security expenditure although we will never sacrifice results over cost.

Contact a member of our team to arrange a no obligation assessment.


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Insight Investigations

Insight Investigations

Welcome to Insight Investigations, one of the UK s longest established and most respected Private Investigators. If you need a Private Investigator1 then let us help you. With over 30 years experience helping people resolve their problems there are very few situations that we haven t seen before, and more importantly, whatever your circumstances we re here to help. So why should you choose Insight Investigations? Well, there are literally hundreds of reasons why you might choose us but here are the top five that our clients tell us make the difference.

  • We get results.

    Of course not every problem has a simple solution but we re realistic, tenacious and resolve a very high proportion of our cases

  • Our team of investigators have many years of experience and as such are multi disciplined which allows them to often provide a quicker solution to a case than some other firms.
  • We give you a realistic assessment of the case, the time required to complete it and the costs involved.
  • We operate locally, nationally and worldwide. We travel the world if necessary to get the result you need
  • We re friendly, approachable and discreet. We are here to help whatever your circumstances and we are happy to talk to you in complete confidence. Many cases require a level of discretion to resolve a sensitive situation and we understand the need for confidentiality.

Insight Investigate have built an unrivaled reputation based on national service, local knowledge together with multi-disciplined personnel and it is this unique skill set that has helped us to grow to become one of the leading Detective Agencies in the UK. We have experienced male and female Private Investigators 2who can help with a wide range of cases. Take a look at a number of Our Services3 we currently have to offer below:

Matrimonial Investigators4 If you are worried about your spouse or partner then this service will help you achieve the peace of mind that you seek.

Commercial and Corporate Investigators5 A complex business environment brings many challenges, you may be having problems for which we can help, regardless of scale or complexity.

Employee Theft6 and Company Fraud7 Ever-growing problems in times of economic hardship, we can provide a range of services all of which are discreet, effective and help you protect your business.

Process Serving8 Able to cover the whole of the UK and with over 30 Years of experience, we always act with complete discretion to serve documents in line with your instruction.

Electronic Surveillance9 A delicate area, however Insight hire and sell a range of equipment to help aid you, including; Phone monitoring, Listening devices and Covert cameras.

Background Checks10 Modern times and technology makes it easier to fool one another, claiming glory or replicating someone falsely, we can help provide a number of background checks based on a company, a personnel or an employee.

Insurance Investigations11 Growing problems in the UL are as a result of fraudulent insurance claims. We can help rectify unnecessary payouts through several types of investigation; Industrial injury claims, Accident, Sickness and Personal Injury claims or Vehicle Accident Surveys.

Computer Forensics12 Serious concern over the activities or communications taking place within your household ?

Check out the Computer Forensics / Monitoring page for further detail on how we can help your growing concern.

Surveillance13 Over 30 years experience in a what has proven to be a pivotal role in the investigation industry thus far, we undertake a variety of surveillance activities including; Static Observations, Mobile Surveillance, Covert Surveillance and GPS Tracking.

For a free, no obligation and confidential discussion on how best we can help you get in touch via our Contact Us14 page or alternatively, call us now on

0800 278 1604

We re available 24/7 for 365 days a year so whenever you need us, Insight Investigate are here for you.


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BSIA issues guide to metal theft prevention

BSIA issues guide to metal theft prevention The BSIA has produced a guide to help security professionals and property owners combat the growing spate of metal thefts across the UK. Metal theft is an ongoing problem in the UK and realises a significant loss to the economy, with the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) estimating it to cost the UK’s finances no less than 770 million every year. In light of this growing spate of criminality, the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) has published a guide to help property owners of varying types tackle the problem.

Metal thieves have a wide range of targets including rail and communications infrastructure, public utilities, metal piping and lead roofing on churches and schools (and even bronze plaques from war memorials). Stealing the metals for their extrinsic value, these opportunists are regularly finding new ways to source valuable materials and sell them on illegally. The BSIA s new guide serves to highlight just how much of an impact this crime is having across the UK and provides a variety of security solutions that could successfully discourage or catch these thieves.

Featuring real life success stories provided by member companies of the BSIA, the solutions outlined in the guide include physical security equipment, asset and property marking, CCTV, intruder alarm systems and access control. The guide includes a wide range of Case Studies showing how these different security solutions have helped protect properties or trace culprits ranging from protecting vacant properties to safeguarding drain covers and securing businesses and homes. Unacceptable criminality with significant consequences Metal theft is an unacceptable crime with significant consequences, and it’s important that we respond forcefully and in a timely manner to this serious threat, explained Geoff Knupfer, chairman of the BSIA s Asset and Property Marking Section.

Marking your property with a forensic coding solution can act as a successful deterrent to thieves and, if your property is stolen, the traceable nature of the solution can help return materials to their rightful owners and provide conclusive evidence in support of criminal prosecution. In 2011 the Government acknowledged the severity of this issue when the Home Office decided to establish a task force led by the British Transport Police with the help of a 5 million boost from the Treasury. However, it’s still extremely important that property owners implement their own security measures in order to affect positive change.

Metal theft can be detrimental to all types of infrastructures, and dealing with the repercussions can be costly and time consuming, warned David Frampton, chairman of the BSIA s Physical Security Equipment Section. Effective security measures, such as physical security, can offer peace of mind to the general public with property owners safe in the knowledge that their equipment is protected when left unattended. Download your copy of the guide Download the free BSIA guide to find out some of the most effective ways to safeguard your property.

BSIA members offer a reputable service and are inspected to high quality standards.

To locate a supplier near you visit the BSIA’s online company finder

London Hotel Security and High Risk Manned Security Guarding …

Hotel SecuritySecurity for the leisure and corporate industries in paramount nowdays, this is especially so for hotels that require the utmost in security and safety for their guests, staff and premises.

The threat of terrorism, criminal and gang activity throughout London during the London Olympic Games is expected to be high, but with such a volume of visitors coming to the capital and many authorities tied up with the actual games, security for hotel s and residencies need to be at the highest level in order to protect the guests, staff, the venue and the reputation.

The P&N Security Group have a specialist London Hotel Security Division1 which focuses on currently providing both low and high risk services to clients throughout the UK.

All of our services are carried out by our operatives that have a minimum of two years experience in the field they work and have undergone our in house training and vetting processes.

By working with our clients to design and implement a service that is of excellence whilst adapting to thier needs and lifestyle, our clients can feel safe in the knowledge that PNSG are there.

The P&N Security Group provide a broad range of specialist services within our Manned Security Guarding Services portfolio, including:

The Group provide both Low and High Risk Security2, Transportation3 and Luxury Travel Services4 to clients Internationally.

By providing a range of specialist services that can encompss all of our clients needs, whether that be Close Protection, Bodyguarding, Hostile Environment Protection5, Specialised Manned Guarding & Static Guarding6, Secure Travel Operations and Procedures7, Specialised Events Security and Management8 or Residential Security Teams (RST)9 and Prestigious Chauffeur & Vehicle Service10, all our clients can be safe in the knowledge that the P&N Security Group are there.

For further information, please download and view our Brochure11.

If you would like to talk to us about our services, for advice, or to arrange a consultation then please contact us directly on +44(0)20 84054519 or email us at: [email protected]12


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Tips for Hiring Security Guards, Cincinnati | Articles 4 All

It is always a good idea to have security personnel on your payroll. This is especially so considering the unpredictability of the world we live in. With the right security guards, Cincinnati, you will be guaranteed of a range of benefits ranging from a sense of security to crime prevention and then some.

All in all, you must never take the hiring process lightly. There are a number of things you should consider to find the best security guard.

1. Recommendations: In the search for security guards, the first thing you should do is seek advice.

This is the most reliable source of information simply because the responses given are based on experiences rather than presumptions. However, considering not every person has used the security services, it can be difficult to get accurate information. Nothing daunting, consulting with your attorney will be helpful in finding the right service provider.


Range of services: For dependable security services, you need to hire security guards that offer a wide range of protective services. The service provider must be all rounded. This means he should be able to meet your needs from different fronts and with ease.

A good firm should offer such services as patrol inspections, armed and unarmed guard services and stationary guard services and more. The wider the range of security services, the better.

3. Experience: With experience comes great wisdom.

The last thing you would want is your security needs being addressed by an incompetent service provider. In your search for dependable security guards, Cincinnati, you need to pay more attention to the experience of the service provider. Service providers that have been in business for longer offer exceptional services since their skills have been refined over time.

Additional, it is not easy to determine the dependability of a firm that has been in business for only a few months.

4. Cost: We are living in trying financial times. The economy is not doing too well and the best you can do is remaining within your financial confines.

When hiring a guard, it is crucial that you confine to one whose service fees are affordable. A firm that offers customized service packages is the best to work with. This is because you will be able to find the package that addresses your needs precisely.


Licensed: The best firm to work with is one that is licensed, bonded and insured in Cincinnati. This is what will guarantee you of dependable services as well as leverage. Make sure the firm you are hiring from is legitimate.

There are many other considerations you can make in a security firm before hiring security guards1.

To be on the safe side, you need to hire guards from a firm you are comfortable with.


Protection Service is a recommendable service provider for people searching for dependable security guards.

The firm has been in operation since 2003 and offers a range of personalized security services.


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Retail HD surveillance solutions: Exclusive Sony White Paper

Retail HD surveillance solutions: Exclusive Sony White Paper A brand new white paper from Sony on loss prevention in retail is now available. Retail is one of the most diverse vertical markets in the world and the scale of retailers can vary enormously from one to the other. Sony s new white paper gives readers an outline on what installers and integrators need to know when specifying video surveillance equipment.

It covers in detail the threats and challenges of theft in retail and explains some of the latest CCTV technologies that Sony has added to their latest generation of HD IP cameras including: View-DR 360 degree lens Built in IR illuminators with advanced IR Advanced audio detection There are a number of specific examples of how various scenarios such as refund transaction fraud and ram raids can be mitigated or investigation can be improved though integrated surveillance solutions.

Click here to download the exclusive loss prevention in retail with intelligent HD surveillance white paper .

Outsourced security requires extra scrutiny

REPORT FROM THE U.S. As outsourcing loss-prevention departments becomes more mainstream, hoteliers need to be more cautious about who they hire to avoid liability that could damage their hotels reputations.

After 9/11, there was a greater effort and emphasis on having loss-prevention staff in-house, said Thomas Daly, principal and managing member of Reno, Nevada-based The Hospitality Security Consulting Group LLC. The event was unprecedented in that hotels had to evacuate all their guests, which has only happened to Daly once before in his 25 years in the hotel business.

But as the economy took a dive in 2008, the first thing cut was security, said Brad Bonnell, director of global security at InterContinental Hotels Group.

What appeared was an increase in contract security personnel. Their role was limited to observe, report and document. We were spending less money and getting less.

With outsourcing loss prevention, which encompasses more than just security measures but keeping guests safe through fire protection and accessibility, hoteliers need to ensure they re taking the proper steps to hire the right security consultants.

When (guests) are in a hotel, the expectations are much higher (than other industries), and the legal duty is much greater, Bonnell said.

Hiring outside consultants can be a good resource, but they have to be managed closely, the right contracts have to be in place and the hotel and provider have to have a transparent business relationship, he said.

Legal liability
If you don t manage (outsourced) security closely, if you don t use that contract that transfers risk associated, you lose litigation to them, you will be dragged into court because of their malfeasance and their failure to train, Bonnell said.

Stephen Barth, founder of, said it s important to have an indemnification or hold harmless clause in any contract.

This clause is a contractual promise in which one party agrees to protect another party from liability as a result of a third-party claim based on the negligent action of the indemnifying party or its employees, contractors or agents.

Whenever you hire an independent contractor, the more control you exert over them, the more likely you won t be able to escape responsibility of the contractor s negligence, he said. Typically, liability follows control.

Once you define the scope of responsibility with the contractor, Barth said, then it has to be in writing. All of it should be in writing, he reiterated.

If we re going to outsource, then I would want a turnkey program; the vendor/the contractor is taking 100% of the scope of the responsibility, including training, education, the people onsite, etc., Barth said.

Outsourcing versus in-house
Often, it s the big brands that can afford to have an in-house loss-prevention team, but smaller or independent hotels have limited options.

If you re an independent hotel, say a big resort some place and you re not part of a brand, you can t afford to have a loss-prevention person, said Joe McInerney, president and CEO of the American Hotel & Lodging Association.

McInerney said the level security provided by third parties should be no different than that provided by someone in-house.

They re not less safe at all.

You have your security on property, (and) they are trained security officers, he said. Small organizations or limited-service hotels can t afford to have the overhead. They d rather have a salesperson and contract out loss-prevention to someone else.

Also, it s cost effective, he said.

It comes down to the physical dollars and how much you can afford. Do you want someone in-house or someone to keep you up-to-date, he asked.

Daly, who was formerly the VP of loss prevention at Hilton Worldwide, said it comes down to a manpower issue for different hotel segments.

It s all over the board, he said. If you look at large downtown hotels of major (hotel) chains, you re going to find that staff is in-house and trained by hotels.

The smaller suburban hotels that are managed by chains may not have that model.

However, Bonnell said, in-house security is more familiar and guests are more appreciative of the level of accountability.

You get more for your money if you go in-house. The role of the security officer can be expanded. You have more flexibility with in-house.

You have loyalty factor, and you re in a better position to confirm the quality, he said.

But sometimes having both an in-house team and consultants enhances security measures, especially for large events or short-time projects. Even with an in-house staff, do hire consultants, Daly said. If (hoteliers) have a unique problem that (they) haven t faced before, they hire us for a week, month or a year or whatever it would take; we help them solve that problem.

Keeping business travelers safe
Outsourcing, if done correctly, is a good alternative for hotels, but overall the industry needs to devote more resources to safety and security, Barth said.

Business travelers and corporations, especially, are more concerned with the safety of their traveling employees.

Key accounts now are challenging hotels security capabilities, Bonnell said, adding that 1,500 roomnights are at stake with corporate accounts and IHG has to demonstrate security capabilities.

In-house security is capable of doing that instead of a contracted director.

In fact, Barth said, corporate travel managers are submitting five- and 10-page requests for proposals that they expect a hotel to fill around security programs.

It s becoming a sales differentiator a value add to be able to show that you focus on and provide safety and security for hotels in the U.S.

and around the world, he said.

However, all hoteliers know that in an emergency situation, it s a team effort, not a security effort, Daly said.