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Andron can supply any number of trained security guards, for any setting and for any length of time. When building up a team, we take into account the operational nature of a client’s business to ensure we provide the most appropriate solution for the specific location whether it is standard or more specialised. The security we provide fits seamlessly into a client’s existing infrastructure, resulting in an amalgamated, responsive service and personnel who know their role. Extensive induction training, regular refresher courses and the continuous identification of skill gaps against role requirements and legal compliancy delivers a team equipped with relevant, practical abilities. Sometimes, a particular setting requires a certain type of security personnel and we are experienced in finding the right person for the individual needs of the business. In security, one size does not fit all and we always bear this in mind when matching security guards with clients. Andron’s team of security experts work hard to protect not only the premises they work in, but the reputation of their clients too. Our security guards act at all times as ambassadors and every individual is well-presented, well-mannered and well-trained. We understand our duty to protect the wider community and we train and encourage our security guards to be vigilant at all times when dealing with the public.

We recognise that our teams can retrieve vital information and use this to help protect our cities and communities. We are pleased to say that we partner with the police and key organisations as part of Project Griffin. Our involvement includes the gathering and sharing of intelligence to assist counter-terrorism and crime prevention.
Andron’s security personnel are licenced by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and we are proud to be in the ACS’s top 5 per cent of accredited suppliers through its Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS).


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Crime data-sharing platform wins six-figure government funding

National Business Crime Solution An initiative for sharing data between the business community and law enforcement agencies has secured significant government funding. Founded by Jason Trigg, the former owner of Cardinal Security, the National Business Crime Solution (NBCS) is a centralised repository for business crime data from which intelligence can be generated to more effectively detect, prevent and respond to crime. The initiative helps stakeholders identify links between crimes committed across a wide geographic area because many criminals travel the length and breadth of the country to commit crime.

The not-for-profit initiative, which in three years has grown its membership by 213% to nearly 50 organisations, has been awarded a six-figure sum from the Police Transformation Fund, a Home Office programme. NBCS management say the money can help them become self-sustaining, make new appointments, attract new members, enhance corporate governance, raise awareness and revamp its branding. With additional resources they will also seek to enhance the quality of information shared and circulated and deliver a fraud-sharing platform. Preventative action This is a unique service from a trusted partner that truly offers the way forward for the industry and police to work together to achieve a common goal, said DCI Georgie Barnard of the National Police Chief s Council, which supports the NBCS. NBCS offers timely information on crime trends to enable businesses in all market sectors to take better preventative action and enable more effective engagement with the police. The NBCS is already credited with the positive identification of 419 suspects and arrest of 309 offenders over the last three years, as well as playing a role in securing sentences of over 200 years for offenders causing the most harm. The NBCS won a Retail Fraud Award in 2014 and an award for Best Collaborative Solution and Best Crime Partnership in 2016. We have proven that by working in collaboration we can build a national profile of business crime and actively support the police service by building watertight cases that result in real action, says Catherine Bowen, policy and stakeholder director at NBCS. The partnership between NBCS and the police service has gone from strength to strength and the money we have received from the Police Transformation Fund rubber stamps our credentials and can be seen as an endorsement of the work we do in better protecting businesses.

I m looking forward to providing an even better level of service to our existing members and welcoming new companies on board. Free download: The video surveillance report 2017 Sponsored by IDIS The Video Surveillance Report 2017 covers all things video surveillance based on a poll of hundreds of security professionals. Specifically looking at topics such as open platforms, 4K, low-light cameras, video analytics, warranties and this year due to the growing threat posed, the cybersecurity landscape.

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How is smart technology making businesses more safe and secure?

It s no secret that founding, growing and managing a business takes a lot of determination and hard work. As a business owner, it s common to feel extremely proud yet protective of the business you ve invested a lot of money and time into from the office building itself, to the furniture inside it and the tech-savvy devices you ve purchased to ensure your employees are able to do the best job possible. Thanks to smart technology, businesses are starting to rely on the latest digital trends and developments to stay ahead in their industries.

But, innovative technology and the Internet of things (IoT) is not only making businesses more efficient, it s also being used to improve business safety and security systems. As home-owners we ensure that our houses are burglar-proof and protected against risks and hazards but, as business owners, are we implementing the same safety measures? In fact, with the amount of expensive technology and equipment businesses have, it could be argued that businesses have more to lose if their properties don t have substantial safety and security measures in place. So, how should businesses be using smart technology to keep their property as safe and secure as possible? Use technology to oversee the office remotely Whether you re out of town for a business trip, working from home or on a well-deserved holiday, it s expected for you to feel concerned about whether everything is in order in your absence. With smart technology, business owners are able to put their minds at ease and oversee the office remotely. Smart security systems that connect to cameras, such as Netgear s security camera, enable you to view areas of your office and property straight from a smartphone from anywhere around the world. As smart security cameras develop, more and more are equipped to detect suspicious activity and notify the owner with a simple text or email to their smartphone, and video recording features mean you can replay and watch back footage too. In a similar way to smart security cameras, smart alarm kits work to keep offices safe and secure except with the use of motion sensors or detectors; as soon as a business owner leaves the office for the evening, the kit can be activated and will instantly notify them via smartphone if the alarms are triggered.

With both a security camera and a smart alarm kit working around the clock to keep your property safe and secure when no employees are at work, business owners can focus on running their business rather than worrying about safety and security measures. Your very own flying CCTV This smart tech device is particularly useful for owners of large businesses that occupy a lot of land, such as a factory. Whilst smart security cameras can be set up all around the area, a flying drone can take security levels one step further. Drones can take on watchdog tendencies and patrol your business property; they circulate the land or follow intruders whilst filming any suspicious activity, which is streamed directly to your smartphone. For businesses that aren t as large, a drone might not be necessary so technology such as a smart security light or even a RoboDog could be better suited for your security needs. Kuna s security light combines both a security camera and a light; it starts recording 10 seconds before an event is triggered so you can see the full footage of any suspicious activity, and you can choose what you want to happen when the device is triggered such as sound an alarm or call the police. No key? No problem If you, or a few members of your staff, are guilty of losing your office keys from time to time causing a lot of issues with the risk of burglars and replacing locks and keys smart locks, virtual keys and geofencing technology could be your saviour. Smart security systems allow you and your team to enter and leave the office without a key, as long as you have a smartphone on your person and, let s be honest, who doesn t?

August s smart lock allows multiple people onto its system and supplies each individual with their own virtual key, so they can all lock and unlock a door with just their smartphone. Similarly, geofencing technology defined as a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area enables business owners to be notified when someone enters or leaves the property, so any out of hours trespassers will be caught out. As a business owner, your time should be spent on growing your business and managing employees and shouldn t be consumed by concerns over your property s safety and security.

We re already seeing smart technology shape security systems that are making our businesses more burglar and hazard proof than ever before, and we can only expect to see this technology continue to advance.

How to keep your entertainment venue safe following terrorism

Hospitality industry In the wake of recent terror attacks, venue security has never been more paramount. This coupled with the increase in venue closures has led to a sense of sadness within the industry, however in times like this we must remember the positives; the provision of safe places with security, medics on standby, regulated drink sales and curfews. When Fabric was forced to close in September 2016 it was a decision made in the name of the war on drugs, with Islington Council, supported by the Metropolitan Police, moving swiftly after the deaths of two clubbers there in the space of nine months.

Club closures Closing venues like Fabric, which thankfully was reprieved, will not stop clubbers taking drugs. While Fabric survived, there is a long and depressing list of London venues that have closed in the past decade half of the capital s clubs have shut in that time. Make no mistake, this situation is a threat to London s status as a world-class culture hub with a 24-hour nightlife. When the Night Tube service was launched there was great excitement, but you wonder where all these trains will be taking people in a few years time. When these venues close, it s not simply a case of replacing them with something else. Fabric, along with countless other clubs, has its own rich history and identity, something you can t just replicate somewhere else. Avoiding licensing issues There are steps venues can take to avoid falling foul of the licensing committees. We work as closely as we possibly can with the local authority and the Metropolitan Police because dialogue and sharing ideas is a much more healthy approach than clashing over regulations. I m proud of what we achieve at Troxy every day.

We provide a safe, secure venue in the heart of one of the world s biggest and most vibrant cities which helps people create new experiences, discover new music, create new memories and simply live life. When it comes to venue security, the tragic bombing at Manchester Arena caused most venues to reflect and review their security measures. Even before then we had taken steps along with other major venues and festivals to put counter-terrorism measures front and centre of our security policies. Strong police relationship Our relationship with The Met is strong, and we have ongoing conversations with them which includes swapping information before and after events. This allows us to be kept in the loop with regards to the very latest security information and flag up any events the police might have concerns about. The police offer a great service in the form of Project Griffin their counter-terrorism training programme, something we ve put our entire senior management team through. It s free and is aimed at deterring and detecting not just terrorist activity, but crime as well. We work hard to identify potential problems before they might arrive, and we re mindful when liaising with promoters who want to bring artists or shows to Troxy that there might be potential risks. Bringing venues closer together However, amidst all the sadness that these tragic events created, events such as venue closures or terror attacks have helped make our industry stronger.

These horrific events have brought venues closer and helped created a greater sense of community as the industry pulls together to support one another and ensure everyone who steps through our doors is kept as safe as possible. We can t speak for other venues, but this heightened threat level has ensured we re constantly reviewing our security measures to make certain they match the heightened threats. The events industry is brimming with innovation, creativity and is always pushing boundaries to enhance the experience for artists and guests. I do believe other industries can learn from what this industry achieves every year. Our practices around entry and exit, security and safety are constantly evolving. At Troxy we re used to holding multiple shows in one week, all of which present different challenges. From a sold-out drag night to a rock gig, we host events of all shapes and sizes and approach each of them with the same vigilance and care. In the end, it s all about the people who come through our doors. We want them to have an incredible night and create great memories that will stay with them forever, but we must also ensure we create a safe, problem-free experience as well.

This article was first published on our sister site, SHP Online. Free download: The video surveillance report 2017 Sponsored by IDIS The Video Surveillance Report 2017 covers all things video surveillance based on a poll of hundreds of security professionals. Specifically looking at topics such as open platforms, 4K, low-light cameras, video analytics, warranties and this year due to the growing threat posed, the cybersecurity landscape.

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Digital Barriers launches first live facial recognition system for body-worn cameras

law enforcement Digital Barriers has launched the world s first live facial recognition system for body-worn law enforcement cameras. SmartVis Identifier, which brings together Digital Barriers video-streaming platform EdgeVis and analytics solution SmartVis, is targeted at the defence, security and law enforcement markets. It provides real-time facial recognition against multiple watch lists and databases.

Already available for standard smartphones, SmartVis has been adapted to run live on Digital Barriers body-worn cameras that are designed for frontline law enforcement. SmartVis facial recognition has been designed to do the job that traditional facial recognition systems cannot: to work in the real world, in real time, says Zak Doffman, CEO of Digital Barriers. Never before has frontline policing been offered live facial recognition on the type of everyday body worn cameras now being widely deployed. Customers at the forefront of security and defence have already deployed this technology and describe it as a game-changer . embedded content Able only to record, not live stream, footage, most body-worn devices are effective for evidence management after the fact, but cannot aid in the protection of officers if they are put in harms way as incidents unfold. EdgeVis delivers low latency and low bandwidth streaming, including over-the-air access to device recordings and GPS locational data. SmartVis Identifier supports, when required, every interaction, every stop and search, every arrest with real-time facial recognition. Digital Barriers says the solution removes human error and plugs resourcing gaps, thereby broadening the scope of facial recognition deployments. SmartVis Identifier will be available alongside EdgeVis on Digital Barriers body-worn devices and for selected service providers and camera/device manufacturers under licence.

Digital Barriers provides zero-latency streaming and analysis of secure video and related intelligence over wireless networks. To reduce bandwidth consumption the company harnesses a mixture of cellular, satellite, IP mesh and cloud networks. Founded in 2009, the company has its origins in military applications but now sells fixed and mobile solutions for covert, remote and wide-area deployments to law enforcement and the commercial security industry too. Free download: The video surveillance report 2017 Sponsored by IDIS The Video Surveillance Report 2017 covers all things video surveillance based on a poll of hundreds of security professionals. Specifically looking at topics such as open platforms, 4K, low-light cameras, video analytics, warranties and this year due to the growing threat posed, the cybersecurity landscape.

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Director offers harrowing insight into workplace death

A harrowing story of a former construction director has offered an example of the need for health and safety vigilance on site at the Safety and Health Expo 2017. Matthew Hazelton, speaking on behalf of training specialist Proud2bSafe, spoke about his personal journey following a workplace incident where his brother died. He said the incident left him having to deal with things you don t think you will ever have to deal with and that he struggled with the attention of the media and organising the funeral for his brother.

Legal Hazelton said: While I was trying to deal with the personal side of things, I then had to realise I had to deal with the legal side of things. Director to me was a ridiculously posh term I had no idea what I was about to get myself into. He explained how he had meetings with the insurance company, which led to the HSE and the police involvement. Getting arrested and taken to a police station under cameras is not a nice feeling, he said. The legal process also meant that he couldn t speak to his work colleagues and friends as they weren t allowed the same barrister or solicitor and when you really want to be close to your mates, you are being dragged apart . Timeline He warned about timelines following such an event in his case it took six and a half years before the verdict of accidental death. You are being hidden away from everyone when you feel you haven t got anything to hide. We were doing and all the while as a business we were doing okay and we went to losing money, getting new business was a no-no, but old clients did look after us. Mental health Hazelton also talked about the personal toll on his own mental health.

Despite continuing in the construction industry, he could never get over the incident. I could never recreate the old construction firm vibe and I kept getting angrier. My wife had stood by me, but when she left, then the wheels really came off and I started drinking and doing drugs. Things came to a head when he had a collision with a transit van at 60mph. I didn t want to get out of bed, I didn t want to do anything. When I have to go to see my mother on mother s day I will always feel guilt. Consequences It s something I have to live with everyday as the client has to, and the main contractor does. He summed up that the effect it has is on a personal level and a legal level, and on his children and family. The effects will be felt for the rest of their lives.

Was there enough pre-planning by us? No. That is something I will have to live with. I really hope that none of you have to make those phone calls, because if you do, your lives will never, ever be the same again. Register now for the Inspirational Speaker Series at IFSEC International to hear from these world-famous names on the topics that will really hit home and stir the masses Build your motivation by emulating the work ethic that led to double Olympic medals from Dame Kelly Holmes and discover more on her experience in overcoming mental health challenges Explore the universe with Professor Brian Cox, and expand your mindset beyond the day-to-day aspects of your role Be inspired by a story of triumph and courage, from Falklands war hero, Simon Weston OBE, and turn adversity into opportunity Click here to register your place now to join us at London Excel on 20 22 June 2017.

Community engagement vital to prevent ripple effect of terrorism

Counter Terror Recent attacks show that governments must ensure adequate communication to and between communities to protect from increasingly-sophisticated terror attacks, experts have said. Speaking in a panel debate at IFSEC International 2017, Stephen Mackenzie, director of Mackenzie risk management said the whole philosophy has moved on counter-terrorism following attacks in Manchester and London. We re trying to make our counter-terrorism strategy much more public and transparent to engage the community.

We re seeing the balance between organisational response and the response of the ordinary citizen. With the rise in recent terrorist events we re working to get better information out into the public domain, but we re playing catch-up. His view was backed by the Canadian perspective of Bonnie Butlin, co-founder and executive director, Security Partner s Forum. Preparing for the 150 th anniversary of Canada has highlighted the importance of counter-terrorism in a new way , said Butlin. We re seeing trends for sectors of the economy to start working together like never before, she said. Typically reputational risks are so high that they are a powerful disincentive to sharing information, but if then one business gets hit it might ripple all the way through for lack of sharing. Butlin also noted that the lines between physical and cyber security are becoming increasingly blurred. We have discovered a number of IMSI devices, or fake cell towers, which will absorb the calls to emergency services and prevent them responding, she said. But we don t know who is responsible.

However Dato Amar Singh Ishar Singh, Kuala Lumpur police chief, Royal Malaysia Police, believes an even more robust policy than community engagement is required. Singh, who deals with the growing terrorist threat in Colombo, said police must be much more aggressive, rather than waiting for terrorists to come to us . You can have all the defensive strategy you want, being ready to respond with the army and police. But we need to be aggressive we target possible terrorists groups online and in Kuala Lumpur alone we have made more than 300 arrests. Join other high-end security professionals at the launch of Borders & Infrastructure Expo In conjunction with Europe s most renowned security event , IFSEC International, B&I is addressing your critical needs for large scale security projects affecting national security, integrated systems, border protection and much more. You will have access to test the latest security innovations in; Physical & perimeter, Barriers & bollards, Command & control, Emergency response, Cyber solutions, Drones & UAVs, Transport security and much more. Click here to register your place now to join us at London Excel on 20 22 June 2017.

West Midlands Police to trial self-service crime reporting platform

Budget cuts West Midlands Police has announced plans to introduce self-service crime reporting as part of cost-cutting measures. Chief Constable David Thompson said online methods of crime reporting for less serious offences was being explored as part of efficiency savings. However, England and Wales Police Federation chairman Steve White described the proposals as barmy .

People will not be forced to use the service, but they will be presented with it as an extra option. Under the plans, members of the public and small-business owners would be able to submit their own statements for less serious offences such as criminal damage, shoplifting and bilking, where people leave a shop or garage without paying, according to Thompson. As part of their submission they would have the option of uploading digital evidence, such as images captured by their smartphone, to the platform. West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson said: We need to be at the cutting edge that enables those who want to be able to report crimes online to do so. Vulnerable victims would be directed to 999 or 101 services, he added. But White said it was another example of chief constables recognising that they do not have the resources to do the basics. Dave Thompson, left, with police and crime commissioner David Jamieson Visit Europe s leading security event in June 2017 Visit IFSEC International for exclusive access to every security product on the market, live product demonstrations and networking with thousands of security professionals. From access control and video surveillance to smart buildings, cyber, border control and so much more. It is the perfect way to keep up to date, protect your business and enhance your career in the security industry.

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Manchester Arena security searches under scrutiny following suicide bombing

Terror attack Security screening at the Manchester Arena, which was the scene of a suicide bombing last night, has come in for criticism from visitors. Among the criticisms aired on Twitter were comments that you could easily walk in with things under a coat , while several said their bags were not even checked. Entertainment and sporting venues in the UK are now urgently reviewing security procedures.

At least 22 people, many of them children, have so far being confirmed as fatalities and 59 injured in the attack at a pop concert in the city. The events occurred at about 10.30pm on Monday 22 May at the end of a concert by the American singer Ariana Grande. Chaos The attack took place in the foyer, leaving hundreds of people fleeing in terror and confusion. Many children and young teenagers were separated from their parents in the ensuing chaos. The injured had wounds consistent with shrapnel injury, according to medics. A nail bomb may have been used in the attack, as according to a witness nuts and bolts were strewn on the floor of the foyer. Greater Manchester police have confirmed that they believe the bombing was the work of a single man armed with an improvised explosive device. The attacker is among the dead. The investigation into the attack involves the police counter-terrorism network and Britain s domestic security service, MI5.

Britain s prime minister, Theresa May, said: We are working to establish the full details of what is being treated by the police as an appalling terrorist attack. All our thoughts are with the victims and the families of those who have been affected. Flags outside Downing Street flew at half mast. All political parties have suspended campaigning for the general election, which is less than three weeks away. May chaired an emergency meeting of the government s crisis committee, Cobra, on Tuesday morning. Chief constable Ian Hopkins said: We have been treating this as a terrorist incident and we believe that while the attack last night was conducted by one man, the priority is to establish whether he was acting alone or as part of a network. The death toll makes the attack in Manchester the worst of its kind since the bombings in 2005, where several suicide bombers detonated explosives they were carrying in backpacks in several busy London locations including a bus and tube stations, killing 52 people. Visit Europe s leading security event in June 2017 Visit IFSEC International for exclusive access to every security product on the market, live product demonstrations and networking with thousands of security professionals. From access control and video surveillance to smart buildings, cyber, border control and so much more.

It is the perfect way to keep up to date, protect your business and enhance your career in the security industry.

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SIA training SIA Course Security training London

What are the benefits?

The SIA recognised Level 2 Awards in Security will enable you to apply to the SIA for a Security licence, and by obtaining this SIA licence you will increase your employment opportunities.

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Why Choose SSG?

Here at SSG we train lots of successful individuals who end up working for many blue chip security companies. Out of all of our candidates, 97% of trainees that came to train with us found jobs working with well-respected companies within the next six months after gaining their SIA license. SSG delivers SIA training form a number of venues all over the region North, South, East and West London. SIA Course Locations: Westminster2, Acton, Bethnal Green, Brixton, Bromley-by-Bow, Dagenham, East Putney, Edgware, Stockwell, Tooting Bec, Walthamstow Central, Watford, Wembley.



London is England s capital city, and is one of the most economically stable cities in Europe, it is an economic powerhouse. Compared to any city in United Kingdom, the city of London has the most amount of blue chip company headquarters in the financial centre. Security guards work every day in a variety of security roles. In London your job opportunities are endless.

The Greater London area has one of the biggest number of public space surveillance cameras installed in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom also has more cameras per capita than any other country in the world. More cameras means that more CCTV operators are required to be present in the control rooms and alarm receiving centres of our nation s capital. London is plentiful of shops, and has many well-known brands, all requiring security guards to patrol the premises and help prevent crime within retail premises.

How to get a SIA Security Licence Card


This is the opportunity to start a serious security career while soaking up the benefits of a corporate job. It s no surprise that such recognisable firms in the industry are in competition to get dibs on the top talent.

Security services are an inherently meaningful vocation, because our work is related to crime reduction and improving communities.
We are working with key partners like Police officers, fire fighters, and paramedics to keep the public safe. London’s engineers and public works staff build and re-build the physical infrastructure of our great city, which we guard to the best of our ability. Providing security services is also fulfilling because employees see the fruits of their labour. On a daily basis, we re providing safety improvements, creating happier and more fulfilled customers, clients and colleges. Security work can be challenging at times, every day presents new challenges, new problems, and lots of stimuli. SSG’s social management team has taken the most popular social media networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, and LinkedIn and has created a social media kingdom. Why? To bring you the latest news, jobs, and offers the security industry has to offer. We will show you the proverbial sweeping landscape of the private security industry.

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London; Britain s capital city, one of the most economically stable cities in Europe, is an economic powerhouse. Compared to every single city in United Kingdom, the City of London has a massive amount of blue chip company headquarters in the financial centre. Security guards work day in, day out in a variety of security roles. In London your opportunities are abundant. The Greater London area has one of the biggest number of public space surveillance cameras installed in the United Kingdom; the UK has more cameras per capita than any other country in the world.

More cameras means more CCTV operators need to be present in the control rooms and alarm receiving centres of our nation s capital.

London city also has large abundance of tourist attractions in its boundaries, like the Madame Tussauds wax museum, this attraction in particular has security guards patrolling the building, but it also has door supervisors meeting and greeting customers, and a CCTV system which is observed 24/7, whether people are in the attraction centre or not.

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