Airport security market set for years of strong growth amid perpetual terror threat

Market trends The airport security market is projected to grow 7% a year CAGR until 2024, reaching a value of $16 billion, according to a report by Global Market Insights. With the global terror threat likely to remain for years if not decades to come, demand for the latest innovations in security technology is burgeoning. Upgrades in customs screening technology, such as x-ray scanners, millimeter wave scanners or thermal cameras, are the most obvious investments.

Airports are also keen to maintain or even accelerate throughput of, and minimise disruption to, passengers even as they deploy systems that tighten security. embedded content One innovation designed to achieve both of these once contradictory goals is ThruVis by Digital Barriers. Fifty people were screened for weapons every three minutes during the recent British Summer Time event in Hyde Park thanks to the pioneering thermal-based camera. Hitherto manual processes are increasingly automated with the global market for smart airports growing at 10.7% CAGR, according to another report, by Grand View Research. Biometric passport authentication and contactless entryway checkpoints are two examples that enhance security, while remote check-ins, sensor equipment, e-gates, RFID baggage reconciliation systems improve operational efficiency. Airports are also keen to upgrade video surveillance systems to cover wider areas with fewer cameras, and to exploit higher resolutions and video analytics technology. Suspect Search by Qognify, for instance, can identify suspicious packages, track suspicious persons and reduce the frequency of false alarms and airport shutdowns that can cost airports tens of millions of dollars. The North American airport security market is expected to grow strongly as the US government prioritises homeland security, although Asia Pacific is the fastest growing region overall. The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is experimenting with scanning technology that provides 3D images of screened cargo.

Called ConneCT the scanners are being trialled at the Phoenix Sky Harbor and Logan International Airport. Large security brands are increasingly providing end-to-end, integrated solutions that span a number of security technologies. Izmir International Airport in Turkey, for instance, has recently entered into an agreement with Tyco Security Products for the provision of unified security solutions such as access control, location monitoring, and intrusion tracking.

We recently spoke to Simon Cook, sales engineering manager EMEA and APAC at Genetec, the unified security solution provider with a huge presence in the airport market. At last count, 85 of the world s largest airports use Genetec systems, and 70% of all airports in the Middle East one of our fastest growing markets are protected by Genetec Security Center systems, Cook told us. Related Topics Can I take a knife-shaped banana on the flight?

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Manned Guarding – Phoenix Security & Event Safety

Manned Guarding

Manned guarding in Sussex and throughout the UK

Manned Guarding - Phoenix Security & Event SafetyHere at Phoenix Security and Event Safety Ltd, we have years of experience in providing manned guarding for a range of customers throughout the UK.

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You’re probably reading this because you have something valuable that you need to protect. That could be goods, employees or premises. Don’t leave it to chance, contact us today to discuss your requirements. The team that we provide can be much more than a deterent. Through guarding, electronic security and years of experience, we offer some of the most effective security measures on the market. Our service offers excellent protection against intruders, thieves and un-wanted guests.

What will we do?

  • Patrolling your site to prevent and detect any signs of intrusion,
  • Ensuring the buildings security,
  • Monitor employees, visitors and other persons entering and exiting the building to guard against theft and maintain the building’s security,
  • Maintain reports detailing daily activites and irregularities,
  • Liase with colleagues, other agencys and contractors,

This is a rough list. We recognise that every client is unique, and as such it’s impossible to write a list of our duties. As part of our initial meeting, we will draft this list to your bespoke requirements. Ultimately, you’re the one employing us, we will follow your requirements to the letter.

Our reputation for excellence

Throughout our years in the security business, the team here at Phoenix Security and Event Safety Ltd have emerged as one of the most reputable and trusted manned guarding providers in the UK.

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As we also offer free quotes and consistent updates of all progress, you can count on the team at Phoenix Security and Event Safety Ltd for first class manned guarding in Sussex.

As part of the SIA Approved Contractor Scheme, all our staff are trained in accordance with BS 7499 and 7960, vetted in accordance with BS7858 and are licensed under SIA regulations.

They also recieve annual refreshers, bespoke site training and regular site visits by members of our management team.

Call our security specialists in Hastings now on 0800 999 2447 to arrange your manned guarding in Sussex.

The Coming Crisis: Olympic security farce as Wembley Stadium's …

Police in charge of keeping the Olympics safe have lost the keys to Wembley Stadium.

Scotland Yard admitted last night that it was to blame for the shocking breach.

Search teams spent days desperately hunting for the keys after they were mislaid during the final preparations for the Games.

Sources said it would cost up to 40,000 to replace the hi-tech laser keys. The latest fiasco threatened to further damage already fragile confidence in security arrangements for the Games.

It also provoked a furious behind-the-scenes row between the police, Locog and private security firm G4S over who was responsible.

But late last night, Scotland Yard admitted a team of officers mislaid the internal security keys during last minute checks.

Claims that a set of keys were lost at the Wimbledon Championships in similar circumstances were flatly denied by tennis bosses and G4S. Read More1


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Rough security guards left man paralyzed at music festival …

In New Jersey and nationwide, summer means music festivals. Caravans of travelers will drive across the cross country to see their favorite bands, party, and enjoy the weather. Whether you are involved in planning festival events or you are a music festival attendee, the dangers of combining crowds and alcohol should not go ignored. Security guards responsible for keeping crowds under control should be properly trained to do their jobs and prevent injury to concert-goers.

A 27-year-old New York man is filing a lawsuit against the producer of the All Good Music Festival after sustaining serious injuries that left him paralyzed1 from the chest down last July. According to the complaint, the victim was chased by staff through the campground near Masontown, West Virginia. Security guards found the man hiding in a swampy area.

The man was picked up by his arms and legs, carried, then dropped deliberately, according to the victim. The now paralyzed and wheelchair-bound, the young man has filed claims against the Maryland-based production company and the Virginia based staffing company responsible for hiring the contractor security guards.

The producer has since denied all liability and filed counterclaims in the U.S. District Court against the three companies it hired to handle security at the event held in Clarksburg, West Virginia. The producer alleges that any negligence was on behalf of the staffing company contractors, who have not yet filed responses to the claim.

Personal injury claims can arise in any case where negligence or a failed duty of care results in serious injury. In this case, the victim will likely succeed if he can demonstrate that the contractors mistreated him or that the companies were negligent when hiring or training security guards. The tragedy should also raise awareness for concert organizers as well as attendees who may be faced with aggressive or negligent security.

Source: The Herald-Dispatch, “All Good organizer denies role in man’s paralysis2,” June 15, 2012.


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