Radiation-blocking underwear and 18 other bizarre smart things that could let hackers into your smart home (and one device to protect you)

No object, however mundane, cannot be improved with a computer chip: this seems to be the philosophy driving development of smart things in the smart home arena. It was partly this scattergun approach that prompted Wired magazine to prophesise the demise of the internet of things (IoT) at the start of 2017. Click on the icons in our infographic below to check out 19 of the most bizarre or according to IoT sceptics pointless devices that are creating new vectors of attack for cybercriminals.

Security is little more than an afterthought on too many devices, with criminals able to guess default usernames and passwords by trawling Google. We haven t chosen these 19 devices based on security some may have very rigorous security mechanisms in place. Rather, we chose the most bizarre devices, and paradoxically, in this context, bizarre also means mundane the point being: is a smart hair brush or smart fork really going to deliver benefits that warrant creating new avenues through which hackers could break into your home network? Several products designed to boost IoT security were launched at CES 2017, suggesting the industry is waking up to the threat. We ve included one of them below flagged with a red icon. Free Download: the Cyber Security Crashcourse This report contains 40 slides packed with insight into the trends shaping the industry and how you can protect yourself. Eric Hansleman from 451 Research presents a rapid-fire overview of cyber security.

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CES 2017: What homeowners wish security installers knew about home automation

CES 2017: What Homeowners Wish Security Installers Knew About Home Automation

No one could argue that we re not in the throes of a big shift for home security. The emergence of smart security has for the most part, been a good thing: it s allowed for more adaptable cameras and accurate alarms, and given homeowners more control over their systems while they re away from the home. However, it s also left many homeowners struggling to keep up with devices and developments.

Where before, the main model for security was through a professional monitoring service and alarm, today s homeowners have a wide range of options available at their fingertips everything from self-service DIY cameras and locks to smart monitoring services through a professional security provider. Consumer surveys show that the vast majority of customers still prefer a professional service to one they set up and monitor by themselves, but security services will need to adapt if they want to remain competitive with DIY systems Consumer surveys show that the vast majority of customers still prefer a professional service to one they set up and monitor by themselves, but security services will need to adapt if they want to remain competitive with DIY systems. Here s how security professionals can meet the changing needs of homeowners in the burgeoning era of IoT. How to install DIY equipment As it gets bundled into the rest of the home IoT universe, there s more of a tendency for homeowners to view security equipment as another branch of their home s automation, rather than as a separate system. While professionally installed security systems offer homeowners many pros namely, 24/7 monitoring the DIY market is definitely growing. Buying and installing equipment on their own allows homeowners to pick and choose their own products and ensure that what they re buying is compatible with home hubs and other devices. And the ability to avoid monthly fees is tempting enough that many are willing to risk going without constant surveillance. That doesn t mean that homeowners don t need professional assistance, however it just means that monitoring services may need to adapt their business model to include DIY setups. embedded content For instance, a system like LiveWatch Plug & Protect is a DIY device with professional monitoring capabilities.

Those installers that support similar devices will profit in the future, particularly since homeowners have questions about how amateur installations affect insurance rates. At the very least, security companies should allow homeowners more freedom to customize systems with the devices and services they really want, else they lose more customers to the DIY market. In one case a journalist was able to hack into a youth development centre s security system simply by entering the word admin for the username and password How to prevent IT security flaws Should I install my own firewall? How can I keep my password more secure? Can this equipment be hacked? A quick Google search reveals hundreds of reports of hacked or dangerously vulnerable home security systems. IT sites just love to take these devices and prove how easily they can be broken into in one case a journalist was able to hack into a youth development centre s security system simply by entering the word admin for the username and password. And although that might seem like a rare case, the truth is, most homeowners are terrible at picking secure passwords. A LinkedIn hack this spring revealed that the favorite password was 123456 used by over 700,000 accounts.

WiFi setup too, opens homeowners up to flaws, leaving routers unencrypted, or firmware badly out of date. Many homeowners know that they re in over their head when it comes to securing networks and devices, but they don t exactly know where to turn for help. Here, again, security services could help. In fact, when the security provider questioned homeowners about what they wanted from smart device makers, they found that better customer support was high on their list. A whopping 85 percent said they d be more interested in smart home products if they could count on reliable support. Integrating IT services into professional security systems would definitely be a way for providers to edge out the do-it-yourself model, since a trained professional could not only help users set up systems securely, but also answer questions during a security event. How to set up home applets Thanks to the integration of the IFTTT if this, then that protocol into smart devices like Alexa, Nest, and Whirlpool, homeowners will soon be accustomed to applets, collections of actions triggered by a unique event. Many devices on the market are moving to this philosophy of smart device control: managing groups of actions as scenes , for instance. Saying the word bedtime aloud can set off a variety of security-related events: locking the doors and windows, setting the alarm, turning on security lights outdoors.

As the popularity of IoT security grows, professional installers can help homeowners by learning how to program and customize popular applets. That means they also might need to grow more familiar with the capabilities and limitations of other, non-security-related devices, so that homeowners can organize actions more fluidly. All in all, the more flexible security providers can make their services, the better off they ll be in the coming years, capturing those homeowners who want professional security advice, but don t want to pay the price in poor device compatibility and capabilities. Bryn Huntpalmer lives in Austin, Texas where she currently works as editor-in-chief of Modernize with the goal of empowering homeowners with the expert guidance and educational tools they need to take on big home projects with confidence. Download: The Video Surveillance Report 2016 This exclusive report covers the security needs of surveillance systems as shaped by the physical environment including: What do security professionals think about plug-and-play systems Challenges like low-light conditions or large spaces and the threats posed in various sectors Which cutting-edge features such as mobile access, PTZ smart controls or 4K resolution are most important to security professionals What are the most important factors driving upgrades and would end users consider an upgrade to HD analogue Download the full report here.

Government Agency Will Give RIM Another Chance –

Perhaps there s hope for the BlackBerrys1 after all. A United States government agency that had announced plans to dump the BlackBerry for the iPhone says it s willing to give Research in Motion s coming BlackBerry 10 smartphones a shot. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which is part of the Department of Homeland Security, says it will start a pilot program early next year to test the new BlackBerry phones.

In October, the agency said it was planning to buy iPhones2 for its 17,600 employees and stop issuing BlackBerry devices because they could no longer meet the needs of the agency. But it told Reuters3 that it was developing mobile apps for law enforcement and looking into whether the BlackBerry 10 could come in handy in the future. RIM introduced the new BlackBerry 10 software in May.

The company has delayed the release of new BlackBerry phones4 with the software several times, but it appears that they will finally arrive early next year. Scott Totzke, RIM s senior vice president of BlackBerry security, said in a statement that the company designed the BlackBerry 10 to provide businesses with secure services and to bolster productivity. ICE has been a valued BlackBerry customer for years, and our commitment to government agencies has influenced the development of the BlackBerry 10 platform, he said.

He said the company would share more details about the BlackBerry 10 in an event announcing the phones on Jan.



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Security Guard And Manifeste Relations | Backlinkarticles

A amount of companies utilize armed security guards to shield their qualities and staff. For organization spots that have substantial incidents of vandalism, theft or robbery, armed safety guards can give far better defense to individuals and homes. They are also excellent for corporations or properties that have alarm techniques or movie cameras put in, as they are nicely qualified in working these sorts of programs.

No significant function like a football or baseball sport can be held with out the existence and support of non-public protection guards. Security guards are particularly important in crowd handle in the course of big activities. They immediate the crowd toward their seats, sustain orderly habits, and discourage any legal exercise for the duration of a game. An additional area where stability guards are most noticeable is at the airports. The existence of security guards in the airport has grow to be crucial in offering assurance of security to airline guests.

Security Guards

Can you meet the guards? If you are significant about obtaining an excellent guard staff, then you need to make sure that the proper guards are or will be functioning at your account. Los Angeles Security Guards1 arrive in all distinct forms and measurements. You need to have to choose types that match properly your protection wants.

Individuals photograph a security guard as an individual uniformed who stands guard all day in banks, schools and connected services for the security of the individuals who are operating or planning in and out of these structures. It is really pretty unheard of that these persons are observed in motion. In actuality, all they appear to do is normally to deliver a sort of visual indication to the possible threat of criminal offense. Significantly like a stability digital camera, a stability guard can forestall the celebration of an organized criminal offense from taking place by basically becoming present inside a constructing.

Armed stability Officers are qualified to complete their duties serving a lot of distinct posts. These could consist of, federal government structures, banking companies, jewellery stores, political functions, and even individual defense solutions. Personal security companies may incorporate safeguarding dignitaries, CEO s, and movie stars. They can also be assigned to guy and work closed circuit televisions (CCTV) as they are qualified and experienced in operating these methods. Of program, there are also the standard patrol responsibilities as are typically located in apartment and shopping mall safety. Armed guards have a significant spectrum of clients and spots to protect creating very a varied work.

The retail sector is a difficult one particular you want to generate a relaxing and attractive atmosphere for your customers so they feel comfy searching spherical your shop or outlet however you can?t pay for to neglect your stability requirements to avoid undesirable conditions.

Our power is our focused security drive to the chennai and all more than tamil nadu business and present power of our Carde is much more than 2500. In our armed guards, we also have ex-servicemen worked in various safety fields in India.

It can be a complicated task to determine what security guard coaching is, simply because of the simple fact that the education needed of a protection professional may differ. Several aspects can build the training required by a security officer. one this sort of aspect is neighborhood or state regulation, some states and municipalities need certification, while other people do not. The certification process could be an easy as qualifications checks and costs. Some areas, even so, demand specialised instruction in specific talents and screening so that you can be accredited, and a whole lot of of individuals demand continuing education and learning on a normal foundation so that you can keep licensed.

So following, you have to be pondering of the extremely particular needs you are going to have. Every single jobsite or location could probably have a lot of different needs, for instance: Is there a require for particular instruments? Is there an unique protection and health education periods needed to function at the place? Particularly what hrs will the protection guards operate? Therefore, it really is best to create a listing of your simple ought to-have requirements in addition the good to have requirements.

Why go for guards who could stop up performing more damage than very good to your organization?
Security Guards2

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    SURVEILLANCE, CRIME & PHILOSOPHY & CULTURE 2.2.1. International v. Domestic Application Telephonic Surveillance Law As stated in the previous section the statutory Limitations, rules and law of Title III, and ECPCA poses restrictions on how telephonic wiretapping is conducted. Such regulatory laws are limited to U.S. and Federal and State jurisdiction. The only exception is FISA rules of wiretaps. It must first observed that (Rasch, 2006) that FISA wiretaps were intended to be applied to foreign political subversives, namely terrorist, and U.S. citizens committing treason. Wiretaps must be conducted under classified intelligence, investigation reports under a warrant with a Secret Foreign Intelligence Court. It is all secret, and classified information. But according to Rasch, FISA wiretap must immunize innocent U.S. citizen from wiretaps. But that has not been the case in Hepting v. U.S.(2007). Other that that, all facts and intelligence gathering to prosecute terrorists, the treasonous, and foreign political subversives in terms of how the wiretaps are conducted are not known and accessible to public scrutingy.

    Two G4S security guards who were due to protect footballers during …
    Subject: New post New G4S embarrassment as two guards protecting #Olympic venue are arrested on suspicion of being #illegal immigrants #edl #casualsunited

    By Julian Gavaghan and Anthony Bond 23

    PUBLISHED: 17:28, 18 July 2012 | UPDATED: 07:44, 19 July 2012

    Two G4S security guards who were due to protect footballers during the Olympic Games have been arrested on suspicion of being illegal immigrants.

    The men, who are believed to be from Pakistan, had secured jobs with the under-fire firm to work at the City of Coventry stadium, which is due to host 12 matches.

    Officers swooped on the venue after their alleged bogus status is said to have been revealed in an accreditation check by G4S, which has been criticised after failing to provide enough staff for the Games.

    The firm, which last week admitted it could not meet its contracted target of 10,400 guards despite employing 650,000 people worldwide, then notified the police and UK Border Agency.

    The men, who are aged 21 and 24, worked for East Midlands Security and would have been part of the effort to lockdown the venue in a bid to guard it from terror attacks.

    Police today confirmed they were working with officials from the UK Border Agency while further checks were made on their immigration status.

    Assistant Chief Constable Sharon Rowe, of West Midlands Police, said: A 21-year-old man was arrested on Tuesday 17 July 2012 at 3pm on suspicion of breach of immigration laws.

    A 24-year-old man was arrested on Wednesday 18 July 2012 at 10.47am on suspicion of breach of immigration laws.

    The arrests by UK Borders Agency followed the proactive security checks carried out by the accreditation centre at City of Coventry Stadium in preparation for the forthcoming Olympic football matches.

    West Midlands Police are working with officials from UK Borders Agency and the men remain in custody pending further enquiries by UKBA regarding their immigration status.

    Our commitment to safety and security continues.


    The Home Affairs Select Committee has called the boss of G4S to give evidence to them again.

    The company s chief executive Nick Buckles will go before the committee on September 11, the same day as Home Secretary Theresa May.

    It follows Mr Buckles appearance before the committee yesterday.

    Chairman Keith Vaz said: The Committee will continue its formal investigation after the Olympics and Paralympics have finished.

    We look forward to the police and Army working with G4S to deliver a safe and secure Games.

    We will be recalling G4S back to make sure that the commitments Nick Buckles made to the Committee on Tuesday are honoured in full during the Games.

    We have received a significant amount of information from members of the public on their experiences with G4S. We have passed these on to G4S and will continue to do so.

    These arrests show that the accreditation checks at the City of Coventry stadium are working as planned.

    We continue to work closely with our partners to deliver a safe and secure games.

    G4S today confirmed the EMS workers who were arrested would have been responsible for security during the Olympic Games.

    A spokesman said: As a result of our vetting and screening checks, these two men were picked up.

    We check for criminal records, history of employment, residential address and credit check.

    EMS is a subcontractor and are responsible for perimeter security, including car parking and pedestrian areas outside the venue.

    The men had not started on the 2012 project.

    The revelation comes after David Cameron today vowed to go after G4S for the costs of the Olympic security fiasco, which has seen the deployment of extra soldiers and police to plug gaps at Games venues.

    Speaking on a visit to Afghanistan, the Prime Minister saluted the military for stepping up to the plate in helping deal with the shambles left by the private security firm.

    And he said he insisted he was confident that he could meet his promise to bring British troops back from Afghanistan by the end of 2014.

    It came as the Government hinted that G4S would lose its 57million management fee for overseeing the Olympic security operation.

    He said: Let s be clear, if G4S don t fulfil their contract we will go after them for the money to make sure that they help pay for the military personnel that have been brought in.

    When it was suggested London 2012 had become the soggy Olympics , Mr Cameron launched an impassioned defence of what had been achieved, including delivering the park on time and on budget.

    Let s not call this the wet and soggy Olympics, it is a great moment for our country, he added.

    Yes, there are challenges and the military have stepped up to the plate and I salute them for it. Let s not call it a soggy Olympics, let s call it a great Olympics.

    When it comes to the Olympics we have to be ready for any contingency. We have to make sure they are safe and secure Olympics.

    I salute and applaud what the military have done to step in and I think they re doing an excellent job.

    If there are further steps we have to take, of course we will take them, but I think the responsibility should be for G4S to make sure that their people are there to provide enough security.

    But the Army are playing a vital role. Be in no doubt whatever it takes to provide a safe and secure Olympic Games, we will do it.

    Action: Sports minister Hugh Robertson (left) said the Government would activate all penalty clauses in G4S s contract but he dismissed calls for the company s chief executive Nick Buckles (right) to resign immediately

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    Mobile Patrols and Door Supervisors in Bristol When Security is a …

    Security is a major concern for numerous businesses on account of the alarming growth of crime rate. This goes true particularly in busy and populous cities such as Bristol. When you own a business establishment or run a business that needs a sufficient amount of security, employ a security group. Fortunately, youll find an excellent supplier of security in Bristol. Be it door supervisors or mobile patrols in Bristol1, it is easy to see reliable security professionals.

    Companies that supply security service in Bristol deploy professionally trained staff to several workplaces from different sectors. A lot of them offer service for local, national, and multinational clients. They provide services that suit your needs. If you require manned guarding service, theyll be able to design a solution whilst looking at your needs and complying with the industry standards.

    Other than manned guarding, some of their most popular professional services are electronic security, keyholding, and event security. Additionally, they provide mobile patrol services. Mobile patrols in Bristol can be an option for you to keep your business safe especially after office hours. A mobile patrol unit can do randomly timed patrols to check up on your business. Such service helps avoid untoward occurrences. In this way, the unit may also respond to and solve concerns that may occur within the premises of your business venue.

    During patrols, the unit also can check for open doors and windows, indications of intrusion, along with vandalism. When situations happen, they can provide early warning and alert the emergency services and your key holder. Their staff are also trained to set up and control different support services on situations like this.

    One of the best features of Bristol mobile patrols is the cost, as it can be shared by other businesses in your area. This lets you save on cost while maintaining the safety of the premises.

    Business such as restaurants, pubs, clubs, and gambling houses need a different level of security. You will be liable to the safety of your customers, so you have to ensure the premises are safe always. Services from certified door supervisors Bristol can be helpful2. These security employees have experience in customer service, access control, random searches, and conflict management.

    Other than door guarding, door supervisors in Bristol may also work as staff for CCTV monitoring and control room, carpark control, and internal and external building patrol. Additionally, they specialize in vehicle and personnel searches, together with providing first aid treatment for minor injuries in the premises.

    When your business involves sporting events, festivals, live shows, exhibitions, and conferences, the big number of attendees may also be a threat to safety. Thankfully, you can also find services for event security in Bristol3. Their personnel can include access control, stewarding, crowd control, VIP security, and patrols in and out of the event vicinity. Also, they are competent in vehicle and personnel searches, as well as responding to first aid needs of the participants.

    They are only a few of the expert services you can get from Bristol security providers. Start searching on the internet for a reputable provider of security services. Whether you require mobile patrols or CCTV Bristol4, several searches allow you to pick from competent providers.

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