National Cyber Security Centre marks first year of protecting the UK

In the last 12 months cyber experts within the new National Cyber Security Centre received 1,131 incident reports, with 590 classed as significant . A report published to mark the first anniversary of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) highlights the work undertaken by the organisation to help improve the safety and security of online activities and transactions in the UK. The NCSC, which is part of GCHQ, exists as a single, one stop shop for UK cyber security.

The centre acknowledges there is still a lot of work to be done but points out the progress in the first 12 months, which includes preventing thousands of attacks, providing support for the UK Armed Forces and managing hundreds of incidents. The NCSC has also helped to foster a pipeline of the next generation of experts and is working with businesses and universities to nurture technology for tackling cybercrime. According to Jeremy Fleming, director of GCHQ, cyber is playing an increasingly important part in daily lives and in the UK s approach to security, with threats evolving rapidly as technology advances. Our response has been to transform to stay ahead of them. The NCSC is a pivotal part of that transformation. It is a critical component not only of GCHQ, where it benefits from the data and expertise it has access to as part of the intelligence community, but of how the government as a whole works to keep the UK safe, Fleming said. Free Download: the CyberSecurity Crashcourse Are you even aware if you have been the victim of a cybersecurity breach?

This report will help you to find out and protect yourself, Eric Hansleman from 451 Research presents a rapid-fire overview of cybersecurity , because a firewall just won t do, you need multi-layered defences to truly protect your data.

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BSIA endorses guide on prevention of false hold-up alarms

The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) has contributed to a new guide published to help installers of hold-up alarms (HUAs) to reduce the number of false alarms. The document, created by the National Police Chiefs Council Security Systems Group, discusses the impact that false alarms can have on police resources before offering recommendations on how installers can help to reduce these incidents. Recommendations include taking HUAs out of service before work starts and remembering to return them to full service once work has been completed.

Others including reminding users of the proper use of HUAs as advised by the police. The guide reiterates such alarms are for use during an attack or threat of an attack involving people and staff at premises protected by this type of alarm. These, and other, simple steps can cut the number of false alarms, reducing the impact on the police whilst maintaining the reputation of alarm receiving centres and installers. David Wilkinson, the BSIA s director of technical services, said: Preventing false hold-up alarm activations will help to ensure that hold-up alarms remain an effective method to deliver a rapid police response and maintain users confidence in security systems. Free Download: A Technical Guide to Fire Detection and Alarm Systems Fire legislation, which is written for the purpose of life safety, requires duty holders in non-domestic premises to assess fire risks and put in place arrangements for the prevention of fire and to protect people from fire when it occurs. This guide provides an overview of the need to know information for fire detection and alarm systems and your legal requirements, key actions, key terms and more. Click here to download now Related Topics Free cybersecurity seminar will focus on physical security systems and star ethical hackers Mike Tennent of Tavcom Training wins posthumous industry contribution award all winners revealed Want to export outside the UK in the defence and security markets?

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National Business Crime Solution launches Associate Membership scheme for security solutions providers

NBCS The National Business Crime Solution (NBCS), a platform for sharing crime-related data between law enforcement agencies and the business community, is launching an associate membership scheme targeting security solutions providers. The scheme will kick off with a series of one-day member events that aim to promote greater understanding and collaboration between risk management providers and security professionals that protect people and assets. Daniel Hardy, the managing director of NBCS who came up with the idea, says the scheme will help NBCS become self-sustainable and make membership even more attractive to suppliers.

Our new associate membership scheme will give vendors unfettered access to senior decision-makers at some of the nation s most prestigious organisations, he said. They will get a unique opportunity to demonstrate their risk management, security, fraud and loss prevention solutions to our members at organised events that are cost-effective to attend and will eliminate the hassle normally associated with trade shows and exhibitions. This saves all parties significant time and money and makes the experience far more effective by ensuring that end users meet vendors that are directly relevant to their businesses. Available in a variety of packages, associate membership will cost between 4,000- 15,000 a year. The basic package will offer advertising and promotion to existing members, while the premium package will include consultancy from senior NBCS personnel on subjects like fraud risk, risk management, enterprise risk management and security deployment. Each event update members on NBCS strategy and news and feature a talk from a guest keynote speaker several other presentations. Members can network, ask questions and get hands-on with product demos during regular breaks throughout the day during the day. NBCS, a not-for-profit initiative, recently secured significant government funding as part of the Police Transformation Fund, a Home Office programme intended to help police leaders and police and crime commissioners respond to the changing nature of crime. We want to bring members, suppliers and all those involved in business crime risk management closer together, said Hardy.

Everyone s time is precious these days, so cutting through the noise that is usually associated with getting members of these two interdependent groups in the same room allows NBCS to offer real value to all members. It will also help cement our position as a critical friend of business, the police service and all business reduction partnerships, by furthering the use of the National Business Crime Solution model for all those affected by business crime. Suppliers can find out more about becoming NBCS Associate Members by sending an email to [email protected] Free Download: The key to mitigating cybersecurity risks Exploiting IoT technology without creating cybersecurity vulnerabilities is one of the defining challenges in today s security landscape.

This report will help you to see why third parties should adhere to secure by design principles and why the necessary convergence of IT and security departments demands a holistic approach .

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Crime data-sharing platform wins six-figure government funding

National Business Crime Solution An initiative for sharing data between the business community and law enforcement agencies has secured significant government funding. Founded by Jason Trigg, the former owner of Cardinal Security, the National Business Crime Solution (NBCS) is a centralised repository for business crime data from which intelligence can be generated to more effectively detect, prevent and respond to crime. The initiative helps stakeholders identify links between crimes committed across a wide geographic area because many criminals travel the length and breadth of the country to commit crime.

The not-for-profit initiative, which in three years has grown its membership by 213% to nearly 50 organisations, has been awarded a six-figure sum from the Police Transformation Fund, a Home Office programme. NBCS management say the money can help them become self-sustaining, make new appointments, attract new members, enhance corporate governance, raise awareness and revamp its branding. With additional resources they will also seek to enhance the quality of information shared and circulated and deliver a fraud-sharing platform. Preventative action This is a unique service from a trusted partner that truly offers the way forward for the industry and police to work together to achieve a common goal, said DCI Georgie Barnard of the National Police Chief s Council, which supports the NBCS. NBCS offers timely information on crime trends to enable businesses in all market sectors to take better preventative action and enable more effective engagement with the police. The NBCS is already credited with the positive identification of 419 suspects and arrest of 309 offenders over the last three years, as well as playing a role in securing sentences of over 200 years for offenders causing the most harm. The NBCS won a Retail Fraud Award in 2014 and an award for Best Collaborative Solution and Best Crime Partnership in 2016. We have proven that by working in collaboration we can build a national profile of business crime and actively support the police service by building watertight cases that result in real action, says Catherine Bowen, policy and stakeholder director at NBCS. The partnership between NBCS and the police service has gone from strength to strength and the money we have received from the Police Transformation Fund rubber stamps our credentials and can be seen as an endorsement of the work we do in better protecting businesses.

I m looking forward to providing an even better level of service to our existing members and welcoming new companies on board. Free download: The video surveillance report 2017 Sponsored by IDIS The Video Surveillance Report 2017 covers all things video surveillance based on a poll of hundreds of security professionals. Specifically looking at topics such as open platforms, 4K, low-light cameras, video analytics, warranties and this year due to the growing threat posed, the cybersecurity landscape.

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Watch: NSI CEO Richard Jenkins on IFSEC TV

IFseC 2017 Watch Richard Jenkins, CEO of the National Security Inspectorate (NSI), speak to IFSEC TV during IFSEC 2017, which took place at London ExCeL. Watch more videos from IFSEC 2017 here . embedded content Richard Jenkins also championed the Engineers of Tomorrow competition, which the NSI sponsors.

embedded content Free download: The video surveillance report 2017 Sponsored by IDIS The Video Surveillance Report 2017 covers all things video surveillance based on a poll of hundreds of security professionals. Specifically looking at topics such as open platforms, 4K, low-light cameras, video analytics, warranties and this year due to the growing threat posed, the cybersecurity landscape. Further topics covered include: The network cameras hijack during the 2017 presidential inauguration, updates on the forthcoming EU data protection law (the GDPR), ultra-low light cameras versus thermal cameras and much more.

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Watch: Fire and security apprentices and the NSI reflect on the Engineers of Tomorrow on IFSEC TV

IFseC 2017 In the video below, apprentices Craig Jude and Charlie McFarlane of fire and security installation firm EFT Systems talk about taking part in the Engineers of Tomorrow competition and how they got into the trade. IFSEC International s 19 th annual Engineers of Tomorrow contest pits more than 50 young engineers against each other in a 90-minute installation challenge taking place across three days at IFSEC 2017. Overall heat winners and their employers will be invited to the Security & Fire Excellence Awards, taking place in November.

embedded content Also speaking at IFSEC 2017 below, Richard Jenkins, CEO of the National Security Inspectorate (NSI), also championed the competition, which the NSI sponsors. embedded content Free download: The video surveillance report 2017 Sponsored by IDIS The Video Surveillance Report 2017 covers all things video surveillance based on a poll of hundreds of security professionals. Specifically looking at topics such as open platforms, 4K, low-light cameras, video analytics, warranties and this year due to the growing threat posed, the cybersecurity landscape.

Further topics covered include: The network cameras hijack during the 2017 presidential inauguration, updates on the forthcoming EU data protection law (the GDPR), ultra-low light cameras versus thermal cameras and much more.

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If you can t beat them, recruit them: enlist young hackers to fight cybercrime, says infosec chief

Cybersecurity A poacher-turned-gamekeeper approach is needed to encourage younger hackers to turn use their skills for positive impact and help companies tackle cybercrime, a cybersecurity chief has suggested. Dr Jamie Graves, CEO of cybersecurity firm ZoneFox, says: At a time when cyber-crime continues to cripple companies and over two-thirds of businesses can t find enough talent to defend their company against cyber-threats, we should be asking how we can get these talented young hackers to fight crime, not contribute to it. His comments are in response to recent research by the National Crime Agency (NCA), which has found that peer respect and popularity are motivating factors for young cybercriminals.

According to the study, some offenders begin by participating in gaming cheat websites and game modification forums before progressing to criminal hacking forums. While Graves agrees that targeting and removing the free tools that exist online that allow hacking to take place must be a focus, more innovative approaches are needed. Such is the global shortage of cybersecurity skills, professionals can command huge salaries He says: We live in a country where technology encompasses every inch of our daily lives especially the younger generations. The report details that criminal hackings are considered cool and done to impress peers. Now is the time for the UK to really focus on tackling this by putting an emphasis on trying to flip young people s attitudes on cyber-security from bad to good . As well as avoiding the risk of getting a criminal record, so-called ethical hacking offers a powerful financial incentive. Such is the global shortage of cybersecurity skills, professionals can command huge salaries. The global cybersecurity workforce is expected to have 1-2 million jobs unfilled by 2019. The report, titled Pathways into Cybercrime , which is based on debriefs with offenders and young people on the fringes of criminality, explores why they are assessed as unlikely to commit more traditional crimes get involved in cybercrime.

According to the report, financial gain is not necessarily a priority for young offenders. The sense of accomplishment at completing a challenge, and proving oneself to peers in order to increase online reputations are the main motivations for those involved in cyber criminality. One offender, who was jailed for Computer Misuse Act and fraud offences, told officers, it made me popular, I enjoyed the feeling I looked up to those users with the best reputations . The report also highlights that there is no socio-demographic bias, with people across the country from different backgrounds among offenders. However, the average age of cybercriminals is much younger than other crime types. In 2015, the average age of suspects in NCA cybercrime investigations was 17 years old, compared with 37 involved in drugs crime cases. Ensure a solid security strategy at Borders & Infrastructure Expo Join other high-end security professionals at the launch of Borders & Infrastructure Expo, in conjunction with Europe s most renowned security event, IFSEC International, addressing your critical needs for large-scale security projects.

By attending, you ll access leading security providers showcasing the latest advancements in both physical and cyber solutions.

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Close Protection Operator / Mechanic , Mogadishu, Banaadir, Somalia

Employer: G4SJob Reference: G4S/RM/1156Number of Positions: 2Contract Type: Full TimeClosing Date: January 18, 2013

Job Introduction: G4S Risk Management is the specialist protective security and consulting arm of G4S plc, the world s leading international security solutions group and a FTSE 100 listed company. It builds on the comprehensive experience and the global expertise of G4S, with its 600,000 employees and an annual turnover in excess of 5 billion. G4S Risk Management provides a range of services for clients operating in complex or sensitive environments.

G4S Risk Management s primary focus is to provide national governments, multinational corporations and international peace and security agencies operating in hostile or sensitive environments with: Protective security servicesRisk advisory and consultancy servicesSpecialist trainingMine action services including Weapons Reduction and Explosive Ordnance ManagementDevelopment and reconstruction services. We are continually recruiting for a dual role of CP Operators/Mechanic to work at the front end of the delivery of our operation, the role requires individuals people who are suitably experienced and qualified in firearms and armoured vehicle driving, they must be able to follow instructions clearly but also able to make command decisions on the spot in order to achieve the aims of the organization. We have operations in Somalia on a rotation of 9 weeks in-country, 3 weeks on leave.

This is subject to a 12 month service agreement. Role Responsibility: Provide Close Protection in accordance with SOP s for all clients as directed during Ops briefs or other Quick Orders briefs to take positive action and accountability for assigned work.To assist the CPO Team Leader to execute the day to day assigned tasks.Hands on repair and maintenance of the entire project fleet, largely consisting of Toyota Landcruiser B6 vehicles and similar soft skin vehicles.To assist the Vehicle Commander in prior and post mission administration for serviceability and accountability of all designated equipment.To provide statements when requested for the preparation of all incidents and accident reports.To maintain a high standard of welfare, morale and discipline.Execute any other tasks commensurate to the Operator s role as deemed appropriate by the Project Manager.Where required, working with local partners / workshops as may be needed from time to timeManage the field workshop, carry out or supervise repairs, develop and work to a servicing schedule.Set up and implement vehicle maintenance plan.Deploy from base camp into the field to repair / recover vehicles as necessary.Work outside normal hours as necessary to keep the fleet on the road.Maintain a professional operational relationship with the clients.Maintain an acceptable level of physical fitness. The Ideal Candidate: Formal military / police training with at least 7 years service.Recognised Close Protection course and current SIA licence in Frontline Close Protection.Qualified Vehicle Mechanic.

City and Guilds, NVQ, BTEC or equivalent; previous British Army Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) Class A, B or C mechanic or Royal Engineers Fitter.Possesses SC clearance or has a history which will facilitate the issuance of SC clearanceRecent experience in a volatile or relevant environment (active service / commercial experience in low infrastructure environments).Experience of firearms / off-road driving / first aid.Excellent communication skills and the ability to follow instructions.Experience of working as part of a workshop team.Very good all round mechanical and electrical expertise.

Able to do basic welding and fabrication.Must be a self starter who can cope under pressure.Must be able to handle working in isolated environments with other international and national staff for their allotted rotation.Management of spares including stock.

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Axis Security recognises employee achievements in 2012

Axis Security recognises employee achievements in 2012 Axis Security has commended the hard work and extraordinary efforts of its staff throughout the past year at its fifth annual National Security Awards Ceremony. In keeping with tradition, the event was held at the RAC Club in London and the awards were presented by John Fitzpatrick (London operations director) and Richard Jemson, the company’s national operations director. Awards were given in three categories Team of the Year, Employee of the Year and National Team of the Year – with the nominees in each category having been put forward by both their respective customers and the Axis Security account management teams.

Axis Security Team of the Year: Southbank Centre Security Team The Southbank Centre Security Team was named Team of the Year in recognition of its professionalism and high standards of customer service, particularly during the Olympics when the site hosted the South African House. The team helped provide cover for over 14,500 additional hours between April and September – a feat which head of facilities Mark Foster described as a remarkable achievement” – and responded to more than 3,000 First Aid calls throughout the year (including an attempted suicide on site). Axis Security Employee of the Year: Edmund Marquez (security supervisor, Woking Shopping) The award for Employee of the Year was given to Edmund Marquez, Security Supervisor for Woking Shopping, who has worked at this site in Surrey for ten years.

Edmund was nominated by Martin Pooley, the operations director at Woking Town Centre Management, who praised him for his work in uniting two separate security teams as well as dealing with a number of emergencies (among them an incident of flash flooding). Axis Security National Team of the Year: NHS Manchester and NHS Salford Supervisory Team Finally, once again there was a large number of worthy nominations for the National Team of the Year award. These included: The Chelmsley Wood Shopping Centre Team, Birmingham The Sage Team, Gateshead Goodman sites in the North East and Leeds The Finzels Reach Team, Bristol The FG Wilson Team, Northern Ireland The Alliance Healthcare Teams in Scotland and Newcastle The Topshop CCTV Team, Oxford Circus, London However, the deserving winners of this year s award was the NHS Manchester and NHS Salford Supervision Team, whose members were described by Richard Jemsonas having consistently gone the extra mile to deliver customer care in difficult and pressurised situations.

Jemson added: All of the teams mentioned have delivered above and beyond expectations, dealing with members of the public and senior managers within client businesses, assisting with large-scale site protests, patrolling and responding to emergency call-outs as well as carrying out their normal daily tasks with enthusiasm, diligence and attention to detail. Jonathan Levine, the CEO of Axis Group, praised all of the superb efforts witnessed across the company during 2012. Yet again I’m delighted to hear such positive feedback from our customers, reinforcing how proud I am of the exceptional work carried out by Axis Security officers around the country.

I’m very grateful to all customers who were able to join us and make this event so special.

It’s a pleasure to have ended 2012 by recognising the highlights of the year and now we look ahead and hope to build on our strengths and successes even further in the New Year.”