Architect says sprinkler installation at Glasgow Hospital was used as an excuse to flout other buildings standards

Cost-cutting Credit: George Allison under CC BY-SA 4.0 An architect who helped design Scotland s largest hospital has warned that corners were cut in the construction of the 14-storey complex in the name of keeping down costs. Robert Menzies, now retired from his role at BMJ Architects, believes the installation of a sprinkler system in Glasgow s Queen Elizabeth University Hospital has been used as an excuse for flouting other building standards. He says the complex, which includes a children s hospital, adult hospital and laboratory, lacks exit stairways and exceeds size limits on fire compartments, while a hose-reel for firefighters is too short and some fire doors open in the wrong direction.

Insulation panels used in Grenfell tower are also fitted to the hospital, although the health board has insisted they are safe. Menzies drew up the hospital s exemplar design which sets criteria that firms bidding for construction projects must meet as senior healthcare architect at BMJ. He says the construction contract was given to London-based Brookfield Multiplex in defiance of architects recommendations that a bid from Balfour Beatty be accepted on the basis of cost , he suspects. They ve then made the stairs the minimum width possible. Surely you d want to make them wider to compensate for not having enough stairways in the first place? Robert Menzies, BMJ Architect We thought we would provide a monitoring role right through to completion of the actual build, in terms of where this is compliant and where it s not, so we were surprised to be told we were no longer required, Menzies told the Glasgow Evening Times. I had read the winning bidder s fire strategy and it concerned me a lot. It was almost like they the health board didn t want us around asking questions. It was very odd.

Lack of stairways On the lack of stairways he said: They are supposed to provide three stairways minimum as an emergency escape route if there are more than 100 people per storey. In the adult tower, there are 112 patients per floor but only two stairways. They are only slightly over, but that s just the patients there are also staff and visitors. They ve then made the stairs the minimum width possible. Surely you d want to make them wider to compensate for not having enough stairways in the first place? At least one fire compartment was too big in the original designs, says Menzies at least for the limit prescribed in Scotland, set at 1500sq, whereas it did meet the 2,000sq metre limit set in England. Pointing to the high failure rate of sprinklers in US hospitals 20% of which have had fires where sprinklers failed Menzies told the Glasgow Evening Times that an over-reliance on sprinklers was foolish. If you re putting sprinklers in and you re saying a fire will never occur as a consequence, then why do you need escape stairs? Why do you need anything?

But what happens when the sprinkler system fails? They re not 100%. A spokesman for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde did not dispute the veracity of Menzies claims, but pointed out that all buildings in the hospital complex were certified as compliant with Scottish fire safety and building standards by Glasgow City Council in 2015. Health Facilities Scotland also endorsed the hospital s fire strategy, he said. He said: It is important that everyone working in and coming to these world class facilities for healthcare know that we take fire safety extremely seriously and that there are heat/smoke detection and early warning fire alarm systems combined with automatic fire suppression sprinkler systems fitted in all areas. The hospitals are further protected by designated fire-fighting and fire evacuation lifts, as well as multiple fire escape stairwells. A spokeswoman for Brookfield Multiplex said: The final design met all the requirements of the building regulations and was signed off progressively through construction by Glasgow City Council s building control office.

Construction consultancy firm Currie & Brown has been appointed to verify the hospitals construction and certification process following the Grenfell blaze.

Security Safety Security Jobs in Orpington

Platinum Recruitment Agency Llp currently have a vacancy for a competent electronic security project lead installation and commissioning engineer to join their rapidly expanding team. As an SSAIB accredited company all work is carried out to a high standard. The right applicant would have a minimum of 3 years experience of installing and commissioning the following equipment

– Working knowledge of some of the below systems: Access control – Xplan, WinPak CCTV- Hikvision, Panasonic, pelco, milestone

Door Entry – Videx, BPT, Comelit Intruder – Pyronix, Texecom, Visonic, Nursecall- Austco, Static systems

– Minimum 3 years experience



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NRA wants armed security guards at every school – Washington …

Photo -

The nation s largest gun-rights lobby on Friday called for armed officers to be placed in every American school, saying, The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.

Breaking its silence a week after the shooting in Newtown, Conn., that left 20 children dead, the National Rifle Association blamed the media, a culture of violence and the lack of armed school security guards, among other factors, for such mass killings.

But leaders for the nearly 4 million NRA members said more guns not fewer was the way to address a spate of high-profile shootings in recent years.

NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre said the lack of armed guards protecting children tells every insane killer in America that schools are the safest place to inflict maximum mayhem with minimum risk.

How many more copycats are waiting in the wings for their moment of fame? he added.

Twice gun-control advocates interrupted the NRA press conference, located just blocks from the White House. One shouted that the NRA is killing our children and the other accused the organization of having blood on its hands.

President Obama this week appointed a task force to examine how to prevent such violence in the future.

He also called on Congress to renew an assault weapons ban. to restrict the availability of high-capacity ammunition clips and to expand the use of criminal background checks to those who buy weapons at private gun shows.

The NRA called its opening gambit part of an ongoing national conversation but then refused to take questions from reporters.

The group said stricter gun-control laws would just exacerbate violence, not halt the deadly carnage that has been dominating the nation’s headlines.

With all the foreign aid the United States does, can t we afford to put a police officer in every single school? LaPierre asked.

Why is the idea of a gun good when it s used to protect the president but bad when it s used to protect the children in our schools?

Close Protection Training and Jobs Questions Answered – Security …

10 Questions from Service Leavers and Civilians

Hoping to Break into the Security Industry

We summarised the questions we regularly get asked about security training and jobs in the UK and hostile environments and answered them for you, along with a prominent UK security and investigations company: Lateo Surveillance Ltd.

1. Is military experience a prerequisite for getting into the security industry?

Our Comment: Most companies operating overseas in hostile environments see it as a prerequisite, often asking for individuals with a minimum of three or more operational tours and 7+ years of experience. Thats said there are civilians on the hostile circuit who cut the mustard as well as ex-military guys and girls.

Mark Owner Lateo Surveillance Ltd.

Comment: This is a very good question and one which deserves an honest answer. There are many ex military within the industry who will say of course it does however many civilians will clearly disagree. What I can say from personal experience it is generally down to the client, some prefer Ex Military only as it gives off a certain persona others prefer civilian and others don t care as long as the job gets done.

At the end of the day if you are prepared to be flexible, discreet and work hard your background is in most cases irrelevant.

2. I know there are training providers out there who teach it but is private investigation a black art or can it be taught like anything else?

Our Comment: It certainly isn t a black art but in our experience requires an individual to actively seek to develop their skill set and be willing to learn from others who may be longer in the tooth. Be weary of training providers who do not offer a comprehensive surveillance course to compliment any Private Investigation qualification they may offer.

Many companies see the PI qual as a way of lining their pockets at minimum expense. Spend time researching the many security training providers before you make your choice. Also bear in mind that digital video and photography play a huge part in private investigation, these are the tools with which you provide 99.9% of your evidence so there are other courses you may wish to attend which are not necessarily provided by traditional security training providers.

But again, research thoroughly, speak to existing surveillance operators and private investigators they will be more than willing to point you in the right direction.

Mark Owner Lateo Surveillance Ltd. Comment: Private Investigation is far from a black art, it is very much procedurally driven, a methodical and diligent approach ensures the basics are not missed. Flexibility yet the clear understanding of legislation will make sure you provide a good service and ensure both yourself and your client stays the right side of the law.


Will a surveillance module have any bearing at all on hostile environment close protection or am I wasting my money?

Our Comment: Absolutely! Surveillance is a key skill of any Protection Officer and is applicable in any theatre, hostile or not, worldwide.

Mark Owner Lateo Surveillance Ltd. Comment: I believe any quality surveillance training you undergo will benefit you in a hostile environment without a doubt!

It increases your situational awareness, understanding of tactics which may be employed against you, allows you to think one step ahead. To be able to conduct counter surveillance effectively (a vital skill in a hostile environment) you must have an intermit understanding of how surveillance teams conventional and none conventional operate, I do not believe that can be taught in a class room or on a powerpoint.

4. Do you think there is much longevity in maritime security?

Everyone I talk to has different opinions. I don t want to waste my learning credits on the wrong course.

Our Comment: Maritime Security is a very unpredictable area of the industry in all aspects pay; vacancies; rotations; standards. There ares imply that many companies that it is hard to get a good grip on how maritime security will develop.

There is certainly longevity in maritime security but getting a foothold is very difficult because of the sheer number of applicants to the few vacancies that are circulated. Combine this with the fluctuating rates of pay and irregular rotations, our advice is to not put all your eggs in the maritime security basket.

5. Are there any quals I can go for that are relevant to both hostile CP and MarSec?

If so, who teaches them or should i spend my money on something else?

Our Comment: The Ship Security Officer qualification (SSO) is often a prerequisite for Personal Protection Officers working on super-yachts and other such craft. If you are civilian then any firearms training you conduct will be applicable in both areas. First Aid wise possibly Medicine in Remote Areas applies to both maritime security and close protection but few maritime security companies require this qualification.

Who teaches the courses well as mentioned previously you need to do the research to come up with a provider that suits your needs but there is only one security training provider who we know of that covers both bases.

Argus Europe Ltd. At the time of writing they are also the only training provider in the UK that offer BTEC accreditation as part of their Maritime Security Officers Course. Close Protection, Surveillance and Private Investigation (including photography) are also provided by Argus Europe Ltd.

and from previous experience and research, its difficult to find a bad word said about them, if at all.

6. Is surveillance work in the UK really hard to earn a living from? It seems very clicky.

I am located in West Wales and would probably have to relocate to start earning a living from surveillance. Am I wasting my time?

Mark Owner Lateo Surveillance Ltd. Comment: Fact, there is lots of surveillance work across the UK both privately and commercially however to be successful in the industry you must have the following:

  • A good NETWORK The Argus group share information and work freely, vital in my opinion!
  • Invest in some basic equipment Time and time again jobs will come in and they all require some form of video or still image evidence, If you have your own equipment, you will get the work!!
  • Be prepared to travel Very few jobs will be on your doorstep.
  • Go the extra mile There are too many clock watchers, be honest, never bluff your case or you will get caught out and it will be your last job.


What is the bare minimum equipment I need to start out as a Private Investigator and what quals should I try and get.

Mark Owner Lateo Surveillance Ltd. Comment: Private Investigation covers such a wide range of skills, from process serving, tracing/background checks to physical surveillance. Decide where your strengths are and concentrate on them in the first instance.

I personally attended a BTEC Level Private Investigation course, the reason i chose NOT to do an online course was I felt the subject was so varied, I wanted to be able to pick the brains of the instructor face to face, I felt I made the right choice.

8. How can I begin to build up my skills while I am still in the Army? Is there anything I can read or watch that will help me prepare for my close protection course and surveillance course if I choose to do one?

Our Comment: No-one can become a Protection Officer or surveillance operator simply by reading a few books but it will certainly help you get to get a head start.

It will also give you a good insight into what the industry is really like, you never know you may change your mind and think it isn t for you! Both close protection and surveillance / private investigation are mentally and physically demanding roles, certainly not a walk in the park. You work for your money and you work HARD.

Some companies will provide you with material prior to you starting the course for you to get your head into but in the interim period between booking the course and now try reading the following for an insight into close protection and surveillance:

9. I was in my unit s recce platoon for five years and did loads of O.P s and C.T.R s. Will this help me in any way at all getting a job in the UK as a surveillance operator or will people laugh at me if I mention my military experience in the area.

Mark Owner Lateo Surveillance Ltd.

Comment: There is a huge difference between how we conduct surveillance in the military and operate commercially, anyone who has conducted military style surveillance in recce platoons for example WILL stand out from the crowd. I want guys who understand of the basics relating to cam & concealment, being able to read the ground for example is a vital skill which can not be taught on a weeks course in civvi street. Personally the reason I only use ex forces on my rural jobs is because I know they wont throw the towel in when the going gets tough, again this mental toughness can not be taught on a course in civvi street.

The old saying any fool can rough it is untrue!!

10. If there was one sentence of advice you could give to someone hoping to break into the UK security/surveillance industry what would it be.

Mark Owner Lateo Surveillance Ltd. Comment: If you show your employer and work mates the following: Courage, Discipline, Respect for Others, Integrity, Loyalty and Selfless Commitment, one guess who s phone will be ringing when a job comes in?


Lateo Surveillance Ltd

Lateo Surveillance has been established by ex military surveillance specialists who have operated across the globe in all theatres of operations. Lateo which is Latin to remain hidden underpins the ethos that is behind the teams drive and determination to achieve the results which count. The team also has the advantage of not only military but a fine balance of very experienced civilians with over 20 years of covert photography and surveillance experience.

We employ tried and tested Standing Operating Procedures to produce first class results with no compromise to the highest standards you would expect from a professional organisation.

WEB EXCLUSIVE: SBCISD security guards concerned with pay …

Staff Writer

SBCISDThere has been a freeze placed on up to 10 full time San Benito Consolidated Independent School District security guard positions, said SBCISD Superintendent of Schools Antonio G. Lim n on Thursday.

To some SBCISD security guards with tenure of five, 10 or more years, this poses a significant concern. In light of the board s decision to award the same $1,000 retention incentive to qualifying district employees, whether the individual was a degreed professional and or paraprofessional, many security guards feel left out entirely.

SBCISD Board Secretary June Aguilera made mention at a recent meeting to discuss the aforementioned incentive that she feels all individuals who work for the district are equal pillars and should be compensated accordingly.

Francisca Gonzalez says she s been employed with the district for five years.

She said of Aguilera s speech regarding equal award incentives, Ms. Aguilera talked about everyone being equal. Well, if that s true, she should be equal with everyone, then.

We (security guards) are part of the district also. She never mentioned us.

Of around 100 security guards within the district, Lim n explained that only nine or 10 are full-time employees. The rest, said the superintendent, are considered substitutes.

At the close of the previously mentioned meeting, at least 10 unhappy security guards asserted that they had not received a raise since minimum wage increased from $5.25 eight years ago, to which Lim n acknowledged.

The district does not allow for part-time employees, such as security guards, to receive benefits.

Lim n said he would be discussing the concept of bringing them all in as district employees with the school board, but could not make a comment regarding the outcome of the discussion, which has yet to be slated as of presstime.

An emotional Gonzalez said, The positions are there for full time security guards. They just won t fill them.

We re looking into that right now, explained the superintendent, who added, and that s all I can say. All positions have been frozen.

Furthermore, Lim n said, The district is looking into the possibility of taking (the matter) to the board, to (evaluate) the way we currently hire security.

He expressed that, at least for now, the district will not guarantee the number of work hours for part-time employees or even that work will be available for them every day.

Several security guards who showed up at the special meeting of the school board to discuss holiday retention incentives approached School Board President Yliana G. Rodriguez after the meeting. To the guards, Rodriguez said, I can t answer that right now.

It was not on tonight s agenda.

Rodriguez invited the individuals to speak during public comment at an appropriate time.

Lim n said scheduling of security guards falls on the shoulders of the district police chief. He said, Depending on the (district s) need, hours can t be guaranteed. It s the police chief that does the scheduling.

Sometimes we call them, sometimes we don t. If he doesn t have a need for them there, he can send them home.

A recommendation may be presented to the board to approve the district-wide incentive for security guards who have worked over 30 hours, said Lim n. He said, The board is currently looking into the possibility of awarding the incentive to those security guards who meet the guidelines as established by the resolution.

This story will be published in the Dec.

12 print edition of the San Benito News, or subscribe to our E-Edition by clicking here2.


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Using the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution is still not only the most …


It was only last week after attending the BlackBerry 10 Jam Enterprise Edition1 that I put across my thoughts on where RIM currently stands and what I think the future holds for them in the workplace.

Just a few days later RIM released a statement detailing the results of a year long study by Strategy Analytics which goes to show that not only is BlackBerry still the most secure smartphone platform, but it is also the most cost effective.

In fact – managing non-BlackBerry devices using a Walled Garden’ approach is 39% more expensive.

It looks like my BlackBerry 102 Enterprise thoughts may well come true.

The haters will still hate and I’m sure many of the newspapers and other media outlets will find negativity in the announcement, but from where I’m sitting it all looks good.

Roll on Q1.

You can catch the full press release, along with some interesting charts, below.

According to a new research study from Strategy Analytics, the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution not only provides the most secure mobile platform but also the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) for mobile deployments.


The study, commissioned by Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ: RIMM; TSX: RIM), considered typical industry best practices, using the UK government as an example. The entire mobile solution was examined, including device management and devices themselves for a 100 user smartphone deployment running at IL2*, the minimum security standard for all Government departments including schools, health departments and local government. It compared two recommended approaches to mobility: theBlackBerry Enterprise Solution and a Walled Garden’ approach to mobility where any non-BlackBerry device is given VPN access to a secure limited zone on a network and is managed by third-party mobile device management software.

After one year, the cost to securely manage non-BlackBerry devices using a Walled Garden architecture was found to be 39% more expensive than BlackBerry devices in a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) deployment.

The analysis further indicated that a Walled Garden approach would continue to cost more than the BlackBerry solution in subsequent years.

“This study highlights that the cost of setting up and managing devices using a Walled Garden’ architecture is more expensive than using BlackBerry Enterprise Server with BlackBerry smartphones,” said Andrew Brown, Director of Enterprise Research at Strategy Analytics. “When looking to define a cost-efficient, long-term enterprise mobility strategy, we would caution all organisations across both the public and private sectors to look at the total cost of supporting multiple devices with multiple operating systems over several years.”



Strategy Analytics also assessed the security of the BlackBerry 7, Apple iOS 5, Symbian S60 and Windows Phone 7 (WP7) operating systems, using eleven key threats as a framework.

The BlackBerry solution proved the most secure, scoring a low-threat level in ten of the eleven categories.

The report also found that the end-to-end architecture of the BlackBerry solution, including encryption for data-at-rest and in transit, mitigates the maximum amount of risk and offers essential support for corporate IT policies.

“OEMs and device OS manufacturers need to ensure greater technical controls on their platforms to limit platform vulnerabilities and other operating systems have a long way to go before they can be considered viable options,” concluded Brown.

Scott Totzke, Senior Vice President, BlackBerry Security Group at RIM said, “As the only mobile solution to be approved by the UK government to protect material classified up to and including Restricted’, the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution continues to set the standard for mobile security.

This research study also further underlines that at a time when all types of organisations are looking to drive efficiencies, the BlackBerry solution remains the most cost-effective enterprise mobility option.”


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  2. ^ BlackBerry 10 (

More Special Buys

The Profit Of Choosing A Security Guard Company & Security …

Sometimes, non-public safety guard assistance providers function parallel with the governing administration to assist and support whenever necessary. In purchase to manage law and purchase of the state they function in collaboration with Governing administration. So, with this wealthy knowledge, non-public stability guard becomes the perfect choice for your non-public stability.

Security Guards

The Atlanta protection organization really should also offer appropriately trained and professsional guards. Unfortunately, the stability business battles the perception that it only hires bare minimum wage, reduced schooling officer. This is the notion, but it is not the truth.

Not only are security guards a needed calculate, but so are crime stopping products. Any product that makes it more challenging for criminals to get benefit your business is the aim.

A lot of businesses benefit from security guards specially these that span over huge areas which includes warehouses and transportation yards. Experts may possibly also give security guards for activities that want tighter stability companies these kinds of as area activities where masses of individuals obtain and difficulties could occur.

This could sound draconian. Nonetheless, even though most individuals have entirely innocent and welcoming interaction in between client s staff and Security Guards1 there are some who cultivate these friendships who have a certain agenda. Say for example, a person on your workers, (it could even be an extended serving personnel member) has an intention to accessibility a restricted location of the creating for the applications of stealing intellectual residence. They could do this by turning out to be extremely helpful with the guard and the guard relaxing the safety accessibility for the gain of that particular person.

Folks photograph a safety guard as a particular person uniformed who stands guard all day in banking companies, faculties and associated services for the security of the individuals who are functioning or planning in and out of these buildings. It is actually fairly unusual that these persons are observed in motion. In actuality, all they look to do is typically to deliver a kind of visual indication to the possible chance of crime. Noticeably like a security digital camera, a stability guard can forestall the celebration of an organized crime from occurring by just being present inside of a constructing.

Since each state has its own regulation enforcement departments and licensing authorities, therefore I am stating a thorough treatment for coaching in New York Metropolis simply because this great city is the economic hub of US and has lots of safety protector job options. New York has the busiest airport in the complete entire world with UN headquarters and numerous other critical international and neighborhood corporations, this is the perfect town for stability sentinels with tons of options.

Gold Stability Guard Services is yet another licensed protection training institute which is renowned for offering instruction and programs that are majorly utilized at airports, constructions web sites, accommodations, commercial voie and other folks. So if you love to be an airport security professional, do make contact with Gold Protection Guard Companies.

What you want to decide is do I require physical protection on my premises? This will depend on the dimensions of your company, what you are defending and of study course in which you are found. If for instance you have a huge creating and exterior place, with higher value intellectual residence and/or inventory that requirements to be secured and you are found in an area with a large criminal offense price you would be nicely suggested to utilize guard security.

We at black panther Protection Power shall usually endeavor to supply efficacious Stability remedies to our esteemed buyers by way of compliance of QMS needs and subsequent it meticulously with adjustments in QMS requirements as and exactly where needed specifically in stability assistance in tamil nadu and chennai all above south India.

The procedure of looking for security guard companies requires time and dedication.
Security Guards2


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  2. ^ Security Guards (

Static Security Guard | Scotland Security Jobs

Static Security Guard

Job No: SUN/78973
Wage: Meets National Minimum Wage
Hours: 60 PER WEEK, 5 DAYS OVER 7
Location: Sunderland, SR1
Duration: Permanent
Date posted: 16 July 2012


Must be age 18+. Stag Security are currently seeking Static Security Officers to work on a new project. The role includes ensuring the safety and security of clients property and employees. Duties include patrolling the site, guard logs and check calls. Must have an SIA licence. A CSCS card would be an advantage however training can be provided. Stag also offer a meal plan and child care scheme. The employer has claimed an exception under the Equality Act 2010. This vacancy is covered by the Working Time Regulations. For advice on this regulation you should see the website or contact the Pay and Work Rights helpline.

How to apply
You can apply for this job by visiting and following the instructions on the web page.

Stag Security Services

Capital News Security guards want to strike over pay

He said that the union had agreed to shelve the strike action in March after the government pledged to engage them in dialogue which has never taken place/FILE

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 21 Private security guards have now issued a 14-day strike notice, following the failure of security firms to comply with an order increasing minimum wages.

Secretary General of the Kenya National Private Security Workers Union Isaac Andabwa announced on Wednesday that he had notified the government and employers of all unionisable security guards of the July 9 strike.

This is the only language the government understands; we have tried severally (sic) to engage the Minister in dialogue but he never responds to our letters, Andabwa told journalists.

He said that the union had agreed to shelve the strike action in March after the government pledged to engage them in dialogue which has never taken place.

That time they told us to shelve the move and we complied but until now, there has been no communication from the minister s office, he said.

The union had written to Labour Minister John Munyes in a letter dated March 19, but they later shelved the move on advice from the minister s office.

The advice received from your office was that, the Labour Commissioner will send out a circular to the Labour officers in all counties to enforce the security order, he said.

Andabwa said the union has since toured most parts of country and established that no action had been taken.

Our recent visit to all counties and survey across the country has revealed that your officers have failed completely to implement the order and our members continue to suffer at your watch, a letter addressed to the union dated June 21 read.

Most security companies have declined to comply with a provision of the protective security wages order which called for an increment of starting from 18 percent starting from 2009.

It is disturbing to note that the circular which was supposed to instruct the officers in the field has not reached the officers on the ground, the union said, adding we are left with no alternative but revert to industrial action.

Most private security guards are paid poorly, with some receiving as low as Sh2,000 per month.

We will continue fighting for these guards, they are poorly paid. Most employers don t care about them at all, the government is also not doing enough, Andabwa said.

Urgent SIA Licenced Staff needed for long shifts : Central | London …

Urgent SIA Licenced Door Supervisor security staff needed for long shifts starting July 2012. Very Busy during Olympic period in highly exclusive VIP venues/hotels in central London. Very competitive pay rates Training provided Person Specification:  High level of customer service skills  Good level of English  Highly presentable  Experience in high profile venues/hotels Please email CV with picture attached

  • Pastry Chef 2AA Rosettes London GBP23k : London
    This fantastic restaurant based in central London with 2AA Rosettes is looking for a strong Pastry chef de partie to run the pastry section alongside one other. The restaurant is based o…1
  • Bar staff required : London
    Looking for bar staff to fill part time or full time positions, need to be able to speak and understand english, experience preferred but not necessary. Rate of pay is over the minimum wage. …2


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  2. ^ Bar staff required : London (