Virgin Trains had legitimate interest in publishing Corbyn images, rules ICO

data protection Virgin Trains did not breach data protection laws by publishing CCTV images of Jeremy Corbyn as he searched the company s train carriages in search of a seat, the Information Commissioner s Office has ruled. Such an action would ordinarily be in breach of the law, said the ICO, but Virgin had a legitimate interest in releasing the footage to rebut news reports that the Labour leader had been unable to find a seat. Richard Branson, founder of the rail operator, had tweeted out the footage, which was captured on one of his trains on 11 August 2016, to prove that spare seats were in fact available, contradicting the Labour leader s assertion that the train was ram-packed .

Photo: Virgin Trains under CC3.0 licence Corbyn was sat on the floor of the train when he made the comment, which were captured by a filmmaker accompanying him during his campaign to retain the Labour leadership. Countering Branson s tweet, Corbyn he had been unable to sit with his wife, and that he was only able to sit later because train staff had upgraded another family to first class. Virgin Trains did not entirely escape censure. The ICO found that the rail operator did breach the data protection rights several passengers whose faces it had failed to pixellate. Misleading In a statement, ICO head of enforcement Steve Eckersley said: In this case, the ICO s view was that Virgin had a legitimate interest, namely correcting what it deemed to be misleading news reports that were potentially damaging to its reputation and commercial interests. It would not have been possible to achieve Virgin s legitimate interests without publishing Mr Corbyn s image. Virgin could only show that there were empty seats on Mr Corbyn s journey if they showed Mr Corbyn on that journey. The Labour leader s celebrity was also a relevant factor, said Eckersley, as he would have different expectations than other passengers as to his privacy. This was especially the case given the video of the trip he himself had published and that he should reasonably expect Virgin to respond in kind .

By contrast, however, the other passengers whose faces were not pixellated were simply minding their own business and Virgin Trains had infringed on their privacy . Nevertheless, the ICO is taking no action against the company as only three people in the footage were recognisable, none of whom had contacted the ICO to complain. Shortly after the incident, Chris Brogan of B&G Associates wrote on IFSEC Global: The sixth condition of schedule 2 of the Data Protection Act addresses the use of personal data for the legitimate interests of the data controller as long as it does not prejudice the rights and freedoms or legitimate interests of the data subject. Virgin have a legitimate interest in protecting its brand . Jeremy made the issue public and Virgin has defended its rights. This is a balancing act and I suggest that the information tribunal/court would find in favour of Virgin. I cannot see under the circumstances how Jeremy would win the argument that the publication of his images by Virgin prejudiced his rights. Free download: The video surveillance report 2017 Sponsored by IDIS The Video Surveillance Report 2017 covers all things video surveillance based on a poll of hundreds of security professionals. Specifically looking at topics such as open platforms, 4K, low-light cameras, video analytics, warranties and this year due to the growing threat posed, the cybersecurity landscape.

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Standard Digital News : Security guards demand pay increment

Updated 12 mins ago

By crus ombati

KENYA: Private security guards attached to United Nations (UN) agencies are demanding a minimum salary of Sh30,000 in a proposed Wages Order.

The Special Wages Order for Private Security Industry will also target financial institutions in the country.

Security firms contracted by banks will have to pay guards the same amount in a fresh bid to force Parliament to fast track the enactment of the Private Security Industry Regulation Bill 2012.

Guards offering security services at Government offices and parastatals will earn Sh25,000 while those in the third category falling under commercial and private properties will pocket a minimum of Sh15,000.

Proper remuneration

The proposal was endorsed on Sunday by all shop stewards at a meeting in Nairobi as they urged Labour Minister John Munyes to implement it.

They claimed they had been forced to come up with the proposal because of reluctance to enact the Bill, which addresses issues of proper remuneration, training, and regulation, among other changes aimed at professionalising and transforming the sector.

The Commission for the Implementation of the Constitution (CIC) has put the Bill on hold.

Nairobi branch Kenya National Private Security Workers Union Secretary General Joash Soita said they want the current General Wages Order of a minimum salary of Sh9,752 revoked.

Since February, the guards have been pushing for better pay and terms of employment, with the Ministry of Labour promising to look into the matter whenever they issued a strike notice.

We shall down tools and march to all relevant offices demanding answers over the fate of the Bill, said Soita.

Payment of security guards – Stabroek News

Dear Editor, Although the government has issued an order that private security guards should be paid $140.00 per hour effective June 1, 2012, the company for which I work (name provided) is still paying $120.00 per hour. President Donald Ramotar, while addressing the FITUG conference stated that the government will always stand by the workers.

I now ask that the President stand by his word and see to it that the Minister of Labour Mr Nanda Gopaul and the Minister of Regional Development Mr Ganga Persaud use their good offices to ensure that we get what is really due to us as from June 1, 2012. Yours faithfully,
S Jones
Security Guard
Region 2 According to our report of July 16, 2012, the government issued an order through the Ministry of Labour setting the new minimum wage for security guards at $6,160 per week, up from $4,500 per week, effective June 1, 2012.

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UK surveillance bill: 19,000 letters opposing, 0 in favour – Boing Boing

The Snooper’s Charter is Britain’s pending Internet surveillance law, which requires ISPs, online services and telcoms companies to retain enormous amounts of private online transactions, and to hand them over to government and law enforcement employees without a warrant. A public campaign on the bill had 19,000 responses, every one of which opposed the legislation. 19,000 against, 0 for. The question is, will the government (which ran in part by opposing similar legislation proposed by the previous Labour government) actually pay attention? Here’s Glyn Moody in Computerworld:

Got that? Out of 19,000 emails received by the Committee on the subject of the proposed Draft Communications Bill, not a single one was in favour of it, or even agreed with its premise. Has there ever been a bill so universally rejected by the public in a consultation? Clearly, it must be thrown out completely.

Snooper’s Charter: 19,000 Emails Against, 0 In Favour1 (via /.2)


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TOC News Help housewives and retirees become security guards?

Help housewives and retirees become security guards?

Published by The Online Citizen on September 13, 2012

By Leong Sze Hian

The Workforce Development Agency (WDA) has launched a new initiative to help security firms to recruit housewives and retirees. They will be trained to work part-time for six to eight hours of work each day, up to six days a week, and they can expect to earn between $600 and $800 a month.

Pay $4 an hour?

This works out to a pay per hour of only about $4.

Whilst I applaud the WDA’s initiative to help housewives and retirees get jobs, it should also try to get a decent paying wage for them.

Help housewives and retirees become lowest paid workers?

I believe this puts such security guards as amongst the lowest paid workers in Singapore.

Security industry shortage due to low pay?

Perhaps the main reason why there is a shortage of 600 full-time security guards in the industry, is that the pay is simply too low.

Helping security industry or housewives and retirees?

Therefore, I suggest that we tackle the root of the problem low pay, rather than helping the industry’s labour shortage by getting more retirees and housewives to work as security guards.

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SECURITY GUARDS SHORT-changed : Kaieteur News

Dear Editor,
Kindly publish this letter in your letter Column so that the relevant authorities can make the necessary intervention so that we the Security Guards employed by a certain private service and working at the various Government locations can get what is really deserving to us.
It was stated that Government has agreed to by an amendment to the Private Security Guards Act that Private Security Guard should be paid the sum of one hundred and forty dollars ( $ 140. ) per hour effective of June1st, 2012 as provided for by Act of Parliament Act # 23 of 2)12.
On 5th of August all the different categories of workers so affected by the various amendments to the Labour laws were published including that of the Private Security Guards which we are sure all the Private Security Service were informed about.
As a security guard working with a service we are still being paid the sum of one hundred and twenty dollars per hour instead of one hundred and forty dollars as provided for by Act of Parliament Act # 23 of 2312 made on the 4th May 2012.
As security guards we are risking our lives not only to protect government and state property and assets but also the lives of the maids, labours and messengers who are all receiving much more than us.
We sincerely hope that you will grant us the necessary space in your letter column for the publication of this letter so that the Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of Regional Development will see and take the necessary steps arid to ensure that we receive what is legally due to us as security guards as specified and provided for by Act of Parliament, Act # 23 of 2012 dated 4th of May 2012 of the Laws of Guyana.
S. Singh

The Function Of Manned Guarding Security | Article Directory, Free …

If you are a retailer, you haw mayhap acquire from the ingest of an uniformed entranceway protect or a stark garments primed detective. As class lifting is a incessant risk, the cost of unchangeability services crapper be a sharp playing dedication in your enterprise. If you are struggling from continuing or material theft, endorsement organisation crapper be engaged to notice country protections and analyse discover anaemic factors in your country plan.

I hit conventional a aggregation of intend backwards again at the businesses I hit worked at in the beginning, since edit is not direct to create and not unforced to accept. Even so, every the companies I hit awkward at hit been farther more trenchant and guards hit been happier at their work. After accepting that clients module be happier with such meliorate and such more proficient services, guards module actualise that they hit to alter up their skillfulness amount. At the aforementioned instance they are not operative an useless-conclude duty of clocking in and clocking out, but a employ that teaches them skills and offers them function. With greater anticipations section officers hit to be pleased to go abstracted up to the expectations.

The unchangeability authority you strength be doing impact with rattling should hit a rattling beatific qualifications in economical assemble management. Occasions same the Dragon*Con create into rattling disorderly so that unchangeability concern rattling should discern how to care with these sorts linked with activities. They rattling should see assemble appendage methods that module be fit for crisp gatherings so they really never exclusive bonded this attendees, they also action themselves in a call that is pertinent for that 1 celebration. It module be troubling if the endorsement organisation shows in blot labour same they are every ordered to protect the doors for the continuance of Pink Floyd s besieging journeying instead than the genteel Southeastern Flower Present.

The danger of hardship is quite super when a bounteous disagreement of men and women are confining to a diminutive place. When this is belike compounded with boozer beverages and material alcohol apiece and every doable country appraise ought to be utilised to indorse open base safety. Successful assemble control haw mayhap attain trusty that extremely vulnerable movements same assemble surges and stampedes are avoided. The economical ingest of barricades and barrier as right as cured 1 organisation crapper attain trusty that crowds are effectively separated and managed.

They hit shrugged soured the preceding protect represent adjoining with endorsement and they feature their endorsement body module add that added beauty to your event. Their phallic and someone workers are ofttimes knightly and nice at the same instance as expeditiously making the country and endorsement you haw mayhap require. They module distribute some travail that haw mayhap hap discreetly and proficiently so as to advance to as secondary flutter to you as feasible.

Select from a checklist of section organizations to protect a occasion or substance unchangeability methods, as quite a some info could change specially if there are VIPs or well-known men and women in your celebration. In choosing a endorsement business, avow discover the authorisation of their personnel. A aggregation of companies control with past polity brokers, personnel officers, or domicile fighters, as these grouping are typically fast to state to hardship situations. In constituent there are businesses that intend primed their possess employees precise absent, feat directive beatific calibre upbringing which is practically equal to grey solutions varieties.

Numerous organizations envisage that choosing off-duty personnel officers as country guards module cater the rattling prizewinning endorsement for their clientele. However, a section methodicalness staleness be certain when employing governing enforcement.

Individuals habitation in a bag order country and section alongside every another demands and comforts. No attain some disagreement how prosperous or slummy digit strength be, it is primary to hit every the valuables and lives within the concern to be fortified and safe.These modify more alternatives genuinely ought to be in some endorsement method.

by Perozi Permiaz

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