Global public safety and security market forecast to grow to $537 billion by 2024

In its latest Global Public Safety and Security Market report, NK Wood Research projects the market to grow from $234.57 billion in 2016 to $537.20 billion by 2024. The growth will occur at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.91% between 2016 and 2024. According to the report s findings people and enterprises face continuous threats from cyber criminals, natural disasters, and terrorist attacks, which has boosted demand for public safety and security products and services globally.

Governments are contributing to the growth in demand for these goods and services. The global public safety and security market is segmented by products/solutions, services, verticals, and geographical regions. The solutions market is sub-segmented into critical communication networks, surveillance systems, biometric security, authentication systems, scanning and screening systems, C2/C4isr systems, emergency and disaster management, backup and recovery systems, public address and general alarms, and cyber security. Critical communication networks holds largest market share in the global public safety and security market and is expected to continue to be the biggest market over the forecast period. However the emergency and disaster management market is anticipated to grow at the fastest CAGR to 2024. The report splits the market regionally into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and rest of world (ROW). North America was the highest revenue-generating region in 2016, due to spending on defence, compared with other countries. The report anticipates that the riot control equipment market will grow in the US, following the rise in the number of cases of violent related crimes in North America, especially US. This is partly due to availability of guns and rise in violence among street gangs.

Asia Pacific is expected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period. Japan has been the site of some of the worst natural disasters of the 21st century, a phenomenon that has led to the growth of the public safety and security market in the region. Free Download: The key to mitigating cybersecurity risks Exploiting IoT technology without creating cybersecurity vulnerabilities is one of the defining challenges in today s security landscape.

This report will help you to see why third parties should adhere to secure by design principles and why the necessary convergence of IT and security departments demands a holistic approach .

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Corps Security is a provider of manned guarding services

Our professional guards are all Security Industry Authority (SIA) licensed and have completed extensive in-house manned guarding training to the highest industry standards. This means that customers receive a level of service that always meets their exact requirements. With the sole objective of protecting people, property, assets and general business interests in the most effective manner possible, we value our people and the skills they offer an ethos that means we enjoy industry leading staff retention rates.

We also deploy highly experienced duty managers who are capable of directing effective operational delivery on a 24/7 basis.

Just as importantly, every one of our teams is backed-up by appropriately trained reservists, ensuring that service standards are fully maintained during any periods of holiday or sickness.

These principles are enshrined in our Customer Charter, which is based around the acronym PRIDE proactivity, reliability, integrity, delivery and enthusiasm.

It details how we will regularly review and improve our service; be enthusiastic, trustworthy, honest and ethical; and conduct our business in a way that is as transparent as possible.

By appointing Corps Security, you will be entrusting the most important aspect of your security operation to the world s most experienced and well-respected manned guarding services provider.

The international league table of cybersecurity: How cyber-safe is your country?

infographic The infographic below details the countries that are the most and least safe in terms of vulnerability to cyber-attack. Full of fascinating comparisons, the visual gives league tables for the countries with the highest and lowest rates of malware infection; the highest number of users attacked with ransomware; the most targeted countries for web app attack traffic; the highest percentage of global DDoS attacks; those most affected by cyber espionage; and many more Thank you to Comparitech.com for letting us use this infographic. Comparitech.com is a consumer advice resource that helps consumers make better decisions when they subscribe to tech services such as VPNs, antivirus and security products.

Source: Comparitech.com Free Download: the Cyber Security Crashcourse This report contains 40 slides packed with insight into the trends shaping the industry and how you can protect yourself.

Eric Hansleman from 451 Research presents a rapid-fire overview of cyber security.

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Honduras Resists :: Honduras RESISTE: Security guards threaten …

Masked security guards of Honduras’s largest landowner verbally threatened and then fired a warning shot at nine human rights activists in Tocoa, Honduras, in the country’s violence wracked Aguan valley at about 3 PM local time today. The incident was captured on videotape and in still pictures. The activists are on a solidarity tour organized by the Chicago-based La Voz de la Abajo1 organization, which is investigating human rights violations and the social and political conditions in the country, including its dubious distinction of having the world’s highest murder rate. At the time of today’s incident, the La Voz delegation was investigating a combined raid by over 500 private security, national police and army last Sunday, Sept. 9 which killed Hector Navarro, aged 69. The raid was part of the violent eviction of a campesino group from land claimed by big land owner Miguel Facusse on the Los Laureles plantation. Witnesses from the surrounding neighborhood told the delegation that the armed men ordered them to go into their houses during the raid. They then fired tear gas cannisters into the homes and broke down doors looking for any campesinos who may have fled into some of the homes. There were 34 people arrested, including many youth. Early the next morning, Navarro, who had been resting in a hammock in his backyard, died of apparent excessive tear gas inhalation. During today’s incident, as the La Voz delegation was standing well outside the plantation land waiting to interview more neighbors, five masked guards approached, some pointing their weapons at the La Voz delegation. They shouted threats and one guard said, “This is your last warning,” and then fired a rifle. Video and still pictures of the incident are available at http://youtu.be/AbOgsm8qQE42 and http://tinyurl.com/hondurasguns3 “That we were not shot at directly is probably only because most of us appear to be North Americans,” said Vicki Cervantes, co-coordinator of the La Voz delegation. “Hondurans don’t have that same protection, which explains the rampant political violence in this country.” “Today we visited three campesino encampments in Aguan and people at each of them emphatically requested that we stop U.S. aid to the Honduran military and police,” said Alexy Lanza, another co-coordinator of the La Voz delegation. “Yesterday at the Garifuna land encampment in Vallecito we learned of the murder the same day of Aguan campesinos Herman Alejandro Maldonado and Ivis Ortega (Ortega was gravely wounded, and lingered before dying this morning). After the shooting incident at Los Laureles, the delegation filed a formal complaint against the security guards at the police station in Tocoa. Delegation member Sarah Sommers of the Cleveland InterReligious Task Force on Central America stated that one of the police officials who took the complaint, Wilfredo Bautista, who is in charge of investigating murders in the Aguan Valley, told the delegation, “that even we the police can’t go into that plantation; there sic are very bad people. We can’t investigate because we can’t go there; we might get killed.” “It is disturbingly clear who is in charge in the Aguan,” said Cervantes. “Police and military carry out raids on behalf of the big landowners like Miguel Facusse and essentially say that they can’t control heavily armed private guards who shoot and kill at will.” Besides Cervantes, Lanza and Sommers, members of the La Voz delegation include Lois Martin, Tucson and a member of No Mas Muertes, an organization dedicated to preventing the deaths of migrants crossing the deserts in the border region; Sidney Hollander, an activist with the Chicago Religious Leadership Network on Latin America; human rights activists Mary Dean and Greg McCain, formerly of Chicago and now of Colon, Honduras; and Andy Thayer, a Chicago-based anti-war activist and co-founder of the Gay Liberation Network4.


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Private Investigator | Private Investigators | Private Detectives …

Using a Private Detective Agency

There are many reasons and scenarios where you may need to call upon the assistance of a private detective agency, Insight, established over 30 years are a full service private detective agency and can undertake any private, commercial or corporate investigation.

Our services range from marital issues through to commercial problems such as internal theft and employee absenteeism. Employing the services of a private detective agency which has specialist investigators for each individual type of case means you can rest assured that your case is in the right hands, which should give you increased peace of mind.

As we are a full service detective agency we have many repeat clients and often find new cases being referred to us by satisfied clients. We pride ourselves on being a trusted and respected detective agency, one that people feel they can come back to time and time again with any sort of problem.

Insight private detective agency can help uncover information that general enquiries may miss, for this reason it is crucial in instances such as criminal appeals and defence; we also have a great track record in locating missing persons.

Our services are both affordable and of the highest quality, give us a call today to find out how Insight can help you with your problems.

What are private detectives?

Private detectives are individuals who undertake operations and activities that require a high level of skill, experience and a professional approach at all times. Insight has built a team of private detectives that meet all the above requirements to ensure your requirements are met every time.

The life as a private detective is often portrayed as a glamorous job; nothing could be further from the truth in reality. Private detectives often carry out repetitive, painstaking work that requires a high level of concentration and mental strength, to deliver to their client the information they need. You can be assured that our private detectives will go the extra mile to help with your case.

Individuals and businesses find many needs to employ the services of our private detectives, the evidence we collate and uncover could be crucial to you making highly informed decisions.

There are many private detectives operating without experience in the industry, as it is not currently a legal requirement to carry a license to operate as a private detective in the UK. You could end up employing a bogus company who are not concerned with making sure you get an excellent service and simply want to take your money. Insight has been established for over 30 years, and is registered with the one of the leading industry organisations that ensure all members carry out operations to a high standard or face exclusion, following their code of practice.

Our private detectives undertake and complete regular training courses so that we can be one step ahead at all times in our techniques and methods. Due to the increase in social media related crime and online enquiries we receive, Insight has become an industry leader and specialist in the field of the internet.

Private Investigator Services

When you choose to hire a Private Investigator you need to know that you are working with a company who can effectively complete your investigation in the correct manner.

Choosing to work with Insight will ensure that you have a private investigator with many years of experience in the investigation sector helping you with your requirements. As a bricks and mortar operation with many regional offices throughout the UK we can offer you an unrivaled private investigator service whatever your problem may be.

Insight understand that you may have a problem that requires the upmost discretion and sensitivity, being able to offer a full array of private investigator services means that we can offer a full service solution to any problem be it personal, commercial or a combination of both.

Whatever type of private investigator you require, Insight can help. All of our private investigators are trained and equipped with an arsenal of knowledge, experience and modern equipment to assist your investigation.

If you have a problem that needs the assistance of a private investigator please do not hesitate to contact Insight today for a no pressure, discreet consultation.

Using Insight private investigators

When you choose to work with Insight and our team of private investigators, you are getting the right level of both expertise and experience to assist your requirements.

Having been established for over 30 years, our private investigators are dedicated, highly trained individuals who can offer discretion, professional implementation and ensure a successful outcome to your needs be it a private or commercial matter.

Our free telephone consultations are confidential, and guaranteed discreet, it will not initially be necessary to give your name. We understand that this may be a time of emotional conflict and we are here to help and advise you on the possible solutions to your query or problem.

Insight takes pride in being able to offer our clients and potential clients a service that is second to none in the private investigator industry. Over the past 12 months the rogue element of the profession, calling themselves private investigators have been exposed like never before, both in the press and the UK courts. When you work with Insight you can be sure that all our methods are legitimate and legal, combining many years of experience with modern private investigator methods.

If you need the help of private investigators, please feel free to contact Insight 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

Clearwater Projects – Bodyguard Training and Services

Executive / Close Protection Training

Clearwater has enjoyed enormous success having risen to be the market leader in Close Protection training. People travel from all over the World, entrusting us to deliver to them exactly what they need to know. the very best in Specialist Security personnel across many regions.

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