The video surveillance report 2017

Cybersecurity, open platforms, 4K, low-light cameras, video analytics and warranties The Video Surveillance Report 2017 builds on the success of two previous reports in 2015 and 2016 on the same subject also sponsored, like this report, by global surveillance leader IDIS, the largest manufacturer in South Korea. This time round there was one subject in particular that we d have been neglectful to ignore: cybersecurity. Integration with other buildings systems, a spate of breaches including the hijacking of network cameras during the 2017 presidential inauguration and the spectre of more punitive fines for data breaches under the forthcoming EU data protection law (the GDPR), is sharpening minds across the supply chain as vendors, installers and security professionals scramble to strengthen their cyber defences.

Based on a poll of hundreds of security professionals, The video surveillance report 2017 also examines video analytics, ultra-low light cameras versus thermal cameras, demand for 4K, the value of warranties and more.

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Security Guard Jobs | Monster

Security Guard Jobs Overview

Security guards are a vital part of many organisations, whether the job involves looking after individuals, property, premises, or handling public safety at events. Security personnel need to be reliable, honest, discreet, and able to work on their own just as well as they do as part of a team. Depending on the position, people skills can be very important, although with some security guard jobs, the ability to work effectively in solitary conditions can also be important. Security guards should also remain calm under pressure, and be able to deal with the unexpected or unusual just as easily as they do in everyday situations.

Security Guard Jobs Education Requirements

Applicants for security guard vacancies do not need any formal or academic qualifications, although an overall good standard of general education is usually helpful. Previous related experience, such as having had various kinds of police jobs1 or military jobs2, is also highly desirable. Most security guard jobs set in an industrial environment call for a Security Industry Authority licence, which is awarded after completing the relevant training. Most jobs will also require a criminal background check to be carried out, although having minor convictions is not necessarily an obstacle to working in this field.

Security Guard Jobs Market

There is a wide array of security jobs out there, with duties ranging from patrolling premises to monitoring CCTV, and employers ranging from small local businesses to global corporations, so there is usually plenty of opportunity for work in this sector. Although most people assume security guards will be male, dependable female operatives are also in high demand, particularly in positions dealing with public safety, crowd control, or where children and female safety is a concern.

Security Guard Jobs Salary Information

Starting salaries for security guard vacancies are usually between 12,000 and 15,000, and they can rise to 20,000, depending on experience. Hours are generally longer than average, with a typical working week consisting of 48 hours, and shift work is extremely common, including unsociable hours.


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  2. ^ military jobs (

SiA Security Courses

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Approved SIA Security Industry Authority training provider. Offering SIA compliant Training in venues across London and Birmingham.

For promotional offers and prices call and book on telephone

Course List

London: 119 Birmingham: 135

The SIA door supervisor training course is a four days training. The training allows you to apply for an SIA license in order to work in the security industry as a door supervisor. The training is provided at various venues in London. The course timings for the course are from 09:30 am to 6:30 pm.

London: 129 Birmingham: 135

The SIA CCTV Training course is a three days training. The training allows you to apply for an SIA license in order to work in the security industry as a CCTV operator. The training is provided at various venues in London and Birmingham.

If you wish to work in the construction industry you would be required to apply for a CSCS green card. You need the health and safety Level 1 qualification then you need to clear your online CITB exam. Once both have been done then you can apply for your CSCS card.

General information about Close Protection Qualification

  • Guided learning hours 140
  • Credit value 16
  • Days: 13 days
  • Close Protection 880

London: 75 Birmingham: 75

After 1st January 2015 the qualification has significantly changed, now it is a two days course. This qualification is required for those door supervisors who already have an SIA license and they wish to renew their SIA Door supervisor license.

We offer the cheapest quality training for first aid training courses across London at your or our venues. These courses are QCF qualification at level 2 and level 3.

The Fire Marshal training course n London and our east or west London center are only for 65 if you book it online or on the tel. It s a half day training courses which end with a certification. The Traffic marshal training course n London and our east or west London center are only for 65 if you book it online or on the tel.

It is a half day training courses which end with a certification.

The security guard training is three days intensive training course at the end of which you shall be examined and would be required to take three exams. Generally, learners do not opt for the training and prefer the door supervisor training.

Door Supervisor 9.5- 15 Per HourWhat Jobs Can I Do?Retail Security Officer.Corporate Security Officer, Banks, Buildings.Door Supervisor Nightclub, Bars, Restaurants. Most PopularDoor Supervisor + CCTV + 1st Aid 11- 16 Per HourWhat Jobs Can I Do?CCTV OperatorAppointed PersonRetail Security Officer.Corporate Security Officer, Banks, Buildings.Door Supervisor Nightclub, Bars, Restaurants.

9- 12 Per HourWhat Jobs Can I Do?CCTV Operator OnlyCCTV Control Rooms for Banks, Buildings etc Security Guard 8- 9 Per HourWhat Jobs Can I Do?Retail Security Officer.Corporate Security Officer, Banks, Buildings.

SiA Security Courses

SIA and Industry Compliant Approved Training

All our associated centers across the UK are accredited by approved awarding bodies recognized by SIA and concerned regulators offering industry specific approved qualifications.

Where can the training be conducted

The SIA linked security qualifications for security can be held at your venue in case of a corporate client or our venues. We can arrange to provide training at venues across London which include forest gate, Stratford, Ilford, Barking, Romford, hackney, poplar, Westminster, the City of London, Wembley, South Hall, Hayes, Croydon. Besides London, we also arrange training in Birmingham.

Documents Required before you do the Security Course3


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Fire alarm and detection qualifications: FIA reveals more details on pioneering training

skills crisis The FIA, in conjunction with the new awarding organisation for the fire industry, the FIA AO, is going to be releasing not one, but four new formal qualifications in fire detection and alarm systems later this summer. The new qualifications in fire detection and alarm systems will be officially launched at FIREX this year (20-22 nd June, ExCel, London). There will be a range of seminars and workshops to help you understand more about what is actually involved, as well as a large FIA networking bar, where you will be able to meet with FIA staff and ask questions 1:1 (over a beverage, if you like).

But before we talk about the actual content of the qualifications themselves what actually is the FIA AO? The FIA AO (Fire Industry Association Awarding Organisation) is a nationally regulated organisation that is externally quality assured by OFQUAL, QIW and CCEA specifically for the purpose of setting qualifications. The same regulators are responsible for the standards adhered to by the awarding bodies of GCSE s, A Levels and vocational qualifications studied through schools and colleges nationwide. Therefore, learners and business owners looking to embark on the new qualification pathway can be assured of the quality mark of the new qualifications and that the qualifications on offer are validated and properly approved with the relevant government authorised qualification bodies. Ian Gurling, Manager to the new FIA AO, explained how the qualifications were initialised: To get the qualifications off the ground, we started off with gaining recognition for the FIA with the regulators to be an awarding body an awarding organisation as they call us to essentially set up a new company within the FIA. The regulators wanted us to set it up outside of the FIA with its own offices, but I managed to persuade them through proving our integrity, and our corporate governance, that we could do this within the organisation and still have a training arm as well. Ian Gurling of the FIA Composition of the courses As for the qualifications themselves, the FIA AO has developed four qualifications each for the job roles of installer, maintainer, designer, and commissioner of fire detection and alarm systems. Each qualification is made up of four units, all of which have to have a pass recorded against them in order to achieve the qualification. The first unit is a foundation unit, which is covers the common aspects of fire safety across all four roles including legislation and guidance, technology and how they relate to each other.

we ve also tailored them to account for regional variations so if you re in Ireland for example we include IS 3218, and so on and so forth for the various standards and requirements, explained Gurling. Once you ve completed the foundation you can complete the other units in any order you want. We have a Health & Safety unit, and an environmental unit so in that the environmental unit we re covering the environmental impact of a fire alarm system; for example, how to transport and handle ionisation detector heads how to handle gaseous systems if you re working on them in any way. We ve also got the role specific advanced unit for the design, install, maintain, and commission. Once you ve got all four units recorded as a pass, you ve got your qualification. So what level of detail do the qualifications go into and what sort of technical content can we expect? The qualifications call for an in-depth technical knowledge, so it s not just a simple matter of knowing BS5839 or IS 3128 or 7671 actually say (or any other number of standards on the syllabus for the qualifications) technicians will have to be able to apply that knowledge. So it s not just a matter of knowing them and being able to read them, it s understanding how to interpret them as well. The qualifications also explore many other areas such as legislation and the different technologies involved in a fire detection and alarm system.

How does a point detector work? How does a beam detector or an aspirating detector work? What are the effects of a sound alarm system? What about the difference between bells and sounders? Voice alarm how does that work? A lot of depth of knowledge is going to be involved in the qualifications, said Gurling. The implications of the system as it is attached to the fabric of a building how does it affect passive protection, fire stopping? How does it affect or is affected by evacuation strategies? All of that is brought out in the new qualifications.

embedded content Knowing why as well as what and how The difference here is that technicians will be able to develop professionally much further than before, because of the level of thinking required for the qualification. No longer will technicians simply be able to perform the various tasks that they need to carry out they will be able to use their knowledge of standards and legislation to know why certain things need to be done a certain way. No longer is it a case of knowing what to do it is 2017 and it is all about knowing why you re doing it. The important thing to note here is that the study required for the qualification is much wider and the examinations are set externally by the Awarding Organisation, so it will be impossible to teach to the test , meaning that candidates undertaking the exam must really have absorbed the knowledge and understanding in order to pass. Unlike during any other form of training, where assessments are just a test, the qualification examinations are a much more formal process. The benefit here is clear: a formal exam means that candidates must demonstrate not just that they can parrot out the information they have been given ad nauseum , but be able to analyse, apply, and answer the examination questions correctly. Hopefully, this will mean that technicians will be able to do the same once they are out working in the field, using their new knowledge and deeper understanding to analyse and solve problems. We ve developed a system now, where the formal examinations going to be conducted electronically, said Gurling. Learners are going to be provided with a tablet, and they re going to be asked to log-in to their own assessment paper online.

That assessment paper will then be conducted live and the learner will receive a pass/fail result at the end of it. That pass/fail result is provisional only on possible necessity that I need to investigate the conduct of the exam, in which case, learners will be notified. Otherwise, after 2 weeks, that result is confirmed. Other FIA training If you re wondering about other forms of training currently available from the FIA, and whether it is still relevant, be in no doubt that it absolutely still is as beneficial to technicians in the fire industry as it ever was. The existing FIA units are incredibly valuable, said Gurling. They serve the industry very very well and they remain just as relevant and current as they ever have done. Technicians undertaking current FIA training courses will still gain indispensable knowledge that will help them on the road to success, and whilst they might receive a certificate of completion, that unfortunately doesn t make them qualified technicians . This is a phrase that gets bandied around a lot within the fire industry, but as from the launch of the new qualifications, only those that have actually undertaken the qualifications and passed successfully will be able to use the above moniker as a badge of proficiency and professionalism. Current FIA training courses remain popular due to their high level of technical knowledge and recognition within the industry among employers and technicians across the board.

The standard is high and well respected but the qualifications go one step further, increasing the amount of content delivered, and the amount of time spent in the classroom developing that knowledge and understanding. From now on, a higher bar has been set for the industry to increase the level of professionalism throughout. However, if you re still wondering whether the new qualifications will be right for you, the FIA are exhibiting at FIREX International (20-22 nd ) June this year, with a full programme of seminars and workshops where you can listen to presentations about the new qualifications, pick up a brochure, or drop by the FIA s networking bar to ask FIA staff a few questions in an informal setting. For more information, go to the FIA website or find us on our brand-new Facebook page. Visit FIREX International for cutting-edge solutions, essential knowledge and the ability to grow your business by getting direct access to the whole fire safety industry. It is the perfect place to get your product in front of thousands of buyers, across a multitude of featured areas. From the brand new Drone Zone, the ARC Village, ASFP Passive Protection Zone, the Engineers of Tomorrow competition and more, it s all under one roof so you ll never miss a beat.

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Lodge Service to showcase Lodgic intelligence network, which slashes loss prevention operating costs

IFSEC International 2017 The Lodgic intelligence network, developed by Lodge Service, will be demonstrated at this year s IFSEC show, taking place June 20-22 at London Excel. The network enables security, facilities and logistics managers to remotely monitor and control an extended range of systems across multiple sites. Applications are varied, ranging from conflict management systems to remotely monitor and protect staff from assault, to alarm response and heating, ventilation and air conditioning controls in buildings and offices.

The Lodgic intelligence network is designed to cut operational costs for loss prevention and facility management by up to 50%, claims Lodge Service, by reduce staffing levels on sites, for example, or by enabling efficiencies in managing round-the-clock appliances like lighting and refrigeration. The Alarm Receiving Centre can despatch and manage on-site security, repair and maintenance teams in response to alarms, protect sites and minimise operational downtime. Lodgic intelligence network allows alarm signal verification and reporting, as well as GPS tracking and remote access control. Most web-enabled systems or services can be supported by the network, with real-time monitoring and alerts sent to smartphones, tablets or other devices. The Lodgic team will be on hand at IFSEC to answer visitors questions about the technology, including connectivity, compatibility and testing questions. IFSEC International takes place between 20-22 June 2017, London ExCeL. You can find them on stand C1030. Get your free badge now. Visit Europe s leading security event in June 2017 Visit IFSEC International for exclusive access to every security product on the market, live product demonstrations and networking with thousands of security professionals.

From access control and video surveillance to smart buildings, cyber, border control and so much more. It is the perfect way to keep up to date, protect your business and enhance your career in the security industry. Click here to register your place now to join us at London Excel on 20 22 June 2017.

Hanwha Techwin cameras and recording devices integrated with SureView Immix

Video Surveillance All Hanwha Techwin cameras and recording devices can now integrate with SureView s Immix CS central station software platform. The latest Wisenet IP camera series and NVRs, as well as analogue DVRs, can now work in conjunction with Immix CS, which is designed to make central alarm monitoring stations that offer video monitoring services more efficient. Immix Command Centre (CC), a PSIM software platform which monitor alarms, access control, audio and situational awareness systems, can also be integrated.

SureView Immix on multiple media Our engineers have worked closely with the SureView technical team to ensure a high level of integration which allows operators to control key features and configuration of our cameras and recording devices, said Tim Biddulph, head of product and solutions at Hanwha Techwin. Remote video response centres (RVRC) are now able to view the superb quality images captured by our cameras and domes. They can also utilise edge-based analytics on board our Wisenet IP network cameras as an effective event reporting tool and to reduce false alarms. Check out security solutions from Hanwha Techwin at IFSEC International, 20-22 June 2017, London ExCeL. You can find Hanwha Techwin on stand G800.

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Blocked fire exits lead to 100,000 fine for care home

Fire news round-up A care home in Somerset, England, has been fined 100,000 after fire doors and escape routes were blocked. Charges were brought against Almondsbury Care Ltd, in Burnham-on-Sea, following a routine inspection of staff accommodation. Fire safety officers said the care home had failed in its duty to protect staff.

District judge David Taylor told Taunton Magistrates Court the company knew its premises had a whole range of abundantly obvious failures. During the inspection, fire safety officers found the three-storey house did not have a sufficient fire detection and warning system in place. Fire exit doors could not be opened. The inspectors also found a lack of fire-resistant doors and found escape routes blocked by cupboards. Paul Bray, business safety manager of Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service, said: It was extremely fortunate that a fire did not occur at these premises. Almondsbury Care Ltd would have been well aware of the need to implement suitable fire safety measures yet failed to ensure the safety of those working for their company. The severity of the fines imposed by the court gives out a clear message to those who have control of a premises and show a disregard for the law and those they have a duty to protect. Fire engulfs Dubai skyscraper A fire raged through a 72 storey tower complex being built alongside Dubai s largest mall, on the morning of Sunday. Though authorities said the fire caused no injuries, three workers were rescued from the blazing structure, just a block away from the 63-story The Address Downtown Dubai hotel, which itself had caught alight back in 2015 on New Year s Eve.

The fire at The Address Residences Fountain Views complex began at around 5:30am on Sunday 2 April. Major General Rashid Thani al-Matrooshi, the director-general of Dubai Civil Defense, described the fire as accidental. It started in a parking level of the 72-story Fountain Views building. A cause has not been attributed. A witness at the scene said firefighting crews arrived quickly. However it took much of the morning to get the fire under control, which was punctuated by small explosions due to the propane gas and welding tanks in the building. The high-rise Fountain Views complex, which is being built by state-backed Dubai developer Emaar Properties, will eventually connect to the huge Dubai Mall across the street. It will hold over 750 apartments and a hotel when built. Emaar, which built both the Dubai Mall and the tower struck by the 2015 blaze, declined to comment.

Fires are not uncommon in skyscrapers in Dubai and other cities in the United Arab Emirates. Building and safety experts think a potential cause can be found in a popular type of cladding covering for the buildings, made of highly flammable materials. Fire blazes near Chessington World of Adventures Dozens of firefighters tackled a large fire at a disused village hall near to the Chessington World of Adventures theme park, on the outskirts of south-west London. Photos posted on social media showed thick smoke billowing into the sky and six fire engines lining the Leatherhead Road, just a few miles of the M25. Crews from Surbiton, New Malden and Kingston fire stations attended and colleagues from Surrey Fire and Rescue Service. The cause of the fire is under investigation. The blaze took about two hours to bring under control. Read more about this blaze on the Evening Standard Visit FIREX International for cutting-edge solutions, essential knowledge and the ability to grow your business by getting direct access to the whole fire safety industry. It is the perfect place to get your product in front of thousands of buyers, across a multitude of featured areas.

From the brand new Drone Zone, the ARC Village, ASFP Passive Protection Zone, the Engineers of Tomorrow competition and more, it s all under one roof so you ll never miss a beat.

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Free CCTV Operator SIA Training


Working as a CCTV operator definitely has its benefits. You learn how to operate the latest technology and key to protecting both business and the public from crime and disorders. These roles require minimum training and a licence to practice.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for people who wish to get a security job in the retail and leisure sector, and require a licence to practice.

What will you get out of it?

After completing this course, you will have the skills and certificates necessary to get a job as a CCTV operator.

What will you learn?

  • CCTV operations (public space surveillance) skills, including:
  • Working in the private security industry
  • Working as a CCTV operator
  • Practical use of CCTV equipment

In order to qualify for our free courses, you need to be:

Over 19 years old

Currently receiving JSA, ESA or Income Support

Resident in the UK or EU for the past 3 years with the right to work in the UK.

Criminal record checks apply

Ideally some previous experience in the security industry


Qualifications gained:

CCTV Operations

Certificate in Customer Service

Certificate in Retail Knowledge

Certificate in Team Leading

Award In Personal Safety Awareness

We can reunite you with lost keys

We can reunite you with lost keys

Attach a complimentary individually-numbered KHC KeyFob to your keys, and register the KeyFob using our simple form below. If your keys are found and returned to our office, we ll contact you to return them.

Security Promise: The Keyholding Company holds all personal information securely. Your details will not be passed to a third party.

Terms and conditions

  • Any keys returned to our office and not claimed within 30 days will be destroyed.
  • Third party involvement may hinder the return of any keys.
  • Keys returned to our office will incur a 20 administration charge which may be subject to change.
  • We reserve the right to cancel due to misuse or suspected fraudulent activity.
  • The service is valid for 5 years from the date of registration.

Security Company Wymondham

Hastings Direct have been using Phaseone as a security supplier for over a year now, where they provide services at our sites in both East Sussex and Newmarket.

During this time we have always found Phaseone to be very responsive to our requirements, coping with new challenges we ask of them, and always willing to offer support and advice to improve our site security.

They are a company who carry out their duties with a professional approach, whilst offering a flexible and personal face to our employees and customers alike.

The staff provided by Phaseone Security carryout their roles professionally and effectively, with both the staff and management going above and beyond the call of duty.

Security Manager
Security Company Wymondham