Watch: Fire, security and fire escape doors are you putting lives at risk?

ABLOY UK Six out of 10 people don t know how to identify a fire door, according to research by Fire Door Safety Week. To mark the event, which took place in September, Abloy UK created a video explaining why complying with fire door regulations is so important and not just for legal reasons. You can watch the video which also touches on fire escape doors and security doors, below.

Abloy UK manufactures electric and mechanical security locking solutions.

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A comprehensive home security system guide for the elderly

Elderly people and technology are rarely associated with one another, but when it comes to safety and security, modern technology has a great deal to offer. Considering robbery, assault and other crimes against seniors are most likely to occur in or near the home, a comprehensive home security system is particularly important for seniors. A home security system represents an investment in the safety and well-being of your elderly loved ones, and it s important to make sure you re getting the protection they need to be safe at home.

To that end, let s take a look at the most popular home security products for seniors and how they work to keep your loved ones protected. Security cameras In surveys conducted among convicted burglars, more than half admit that they deliberately avoid any home that s equipped with one or more security cameras. That alone is reason enough to consider installing a surveillance system. But the usefulness of security cameras extends well beyond that. Cameras equipped with real-time monitoring also allow elderly homeowners to stay aware of their surroundings, providing much-needed peace of mind and ensuring that they need not leave the house to investigate a suspicious noise or identify a person on their property. Best of all, many smart cameras can even be remotely monitored, allowing you or your family to keep tabs on your loved one and their home no matter where you are. Medical alert systems A medical alert system is a great way to monitor your elderly loved one s health and provide a safeguard in the event of a health emergency, but some systems may offer an added layer of security as well. Many such systems feature pendants or wristbands equipped with buttons that immediately trigger an alarm and request assistance. Though they re designed primarily for medical emergencies, the fact that these systems are constantly monitored and connected with local authorities means help is never more than a button-press away.

Some systems also employ impact sensors that detect when the wearer may have fallen. Home automation Though you may not associate it with home security, smart home automation technology offers a number of ways to keep your loved ones safe. Installing programmable smart locks on doors and windows means your elderly family member never has to worry about remembering to lock up at night or when leaving the home. Many smart locks can also be monitored and controlled remotely from a mobile device. For another layer of security, smart lighting both indoors and outdoors can be programmed or triggered via motion sensors to provide effective deterrence. Remote control access Whether your elderly loved one is a frequent traveler or simply has trouble getting around like they used to, the ability to remotely control various aspects of the home is invaluable. Many modern home security and automation systems can be monitored and controlled via mobile devices, putting everything from video cameras to door locks to window shades just a few taps away. This easy and convenient access means that seniors can take care of many of their normal tasks around the home no matter where they might be. Doorbell cameras A doorbell may not strike you as the ultimate crime-stopping device, but there s a surprising statistic you should consider.

The Los Angeles Police Department recently conducted a study comparing two local neighborhoods one in which homes were equipped with smart doorbell cameras and one in which they weren t. The results? The neighborhood with doorbell cameras saw a stunning 50 percent drop in burglaries. That alone makes a compelling case, but doorbell cameras also protect seniors by ensuring that they need not open up to see who s standing at the door. Most doorbells also offer remote monitoring, so seniors can keep an eye on visitors from virtually anywhere. Alarm systems True home security requires accounting for all manner of potential threats, and this includes things like fire, carbon monoxide and attempted access by an intruder. Fortunately, many home security systems are designed with these threats in mind, providing a range of detectors and alarms to help alert elderly homeowners and give them time to respond appropriately. Ideally, fire and carbon monoxide alarms should be loud enough to alert others nearby in the event that your elderly loved one can t hear the alarm or isn t able to respond on their own. To guard against intruders, motion sensors on doors and windows can trigger alarms in the event of any unexpected activity.

Energy management Staying safe at home doesn t need to be costly. In fact, many home security systems include energy management tools that can actually help you save some cash each month. One popular inclusion is energy monitoring, which allows elderly homeowners to see exactly where their energy dollars are being spent and may even offer suggestions on ways to cut costs. Another energy management solution is a smart thermostat system, which enables programmable settings, activity monitors and other tools to ensure that heating and cooling is done as efficiently as possible without sacrificing comfort. It s no secret that seniors are among the most vulnerable members of society, but that doesn t mean that they can t live safely and securely at home. If you have an elderly loved one living independently, a comprehensive home security system built with their needs in mind is a wise investment. Armed with this knowledge, you can help them choose a solution that will make their lives easier and allow them to feel confident and secure in their home. See here for a directory of home automation companies, products and services About the author: Maricel Tabalba is a freelance writer who is interested in writing about smart gadgets, emerging tech trends and environmentally friendly advice. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in Communication from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Free Download: The key to mitigating cybersecurity risks Exploiting IoT technology without creating cybersecurity vulnerabilities is one of the defining challenges in today s security landscape.

This report will help you to see why third parties should adhere to secure by design principles and why the necessary convergence of IT and security departments demands a holistic approach .

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Free cybersecurity seminar will focus on physical security systems and star ethical hackers

BSIA The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) has announced a free seminar on cybersecurity and data protection for both installers and users of physical security systems. The half-day event will focus in particular on addressing vulnerabilities of physical security products that are connected those that are accessed or operated remotely via the internet. So whether you procure, operate or install IP CCTV, IP access control, IP intruder alarms, IP fire systems and other connected systems, the event is relevant to you.

Also supported by the Fire Industry Association (FIA), the seminar will take place in Solihull, West Midlands on 4 October. The introduction of the GDPR, which comes into force from 25 May 2018, is raising the stakes when it comes to strengthening protections against data breaches. Fines for non-compliance could be as much as 79 times greater than under the existing data protection regime. The GDPR and its implications will no doubt be a big attraction for those who attend the seminar. Cybersecurity experts from the West Midlands Police digital cybercrime team and the Scottish Business Resilience Centre s team of ethical hackers will also deliver presentations. Another session will discuss the Cyber Essentials accreditation, while the BSIA will review its own work in the cybersecurity field. Exhibition space is still available to companies wishing to showcase products and services to a wide range of delegates from the fire and security sectors. A limited number of stands are still available to book, priced at 395 + VAT for BSIA and FIA members, and 495 + VAT for non-members. Registration for the event will be open from 9:00am, with presentations kicking off at 9:45am and the event expected to finish at around 13:30.

A full programme and online booking forms for both delegates and exhibitors are all available from the BSIA s website. Free Download: the CyberSecurity Crashcourse Are you even aware if you have been the victim of a cybersecurity breach? This report will help you to find out and protect yourself, Eric Hansleman from 451 Research presents a rapid-fire overview of cybersecurity , because a firewall just won t do, you need multi-layered defences to truly protect your data.

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Hire Security in Wymondham, Norfolk

For large scale events, security is an incredibly important part of your planning.

Ensuring your guests safety is paramount and there are a host of options to choose from.

CCTV or physical security guards are the best option, and will provide your guests with peace of mind as well as a deterrent from causing any trouble, allowing your event to run smoothly.

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Hire Security in Watton, Norfolk

For large scale events, security is an incredibly important part of your planning.

Ensuring your guests safety is paramount and there are a host of options to choose from.

CCTV or physical security guards are the best option, and will provide your guests with peace of mind as well as a deterrent from causing any trouble, allowing your event to run smoothly.

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Event security operations NOS out for consultation

Event security operations NOS out for consultation The Standards Development Team at Skills for Security has been working with representatives from event security companies to develop new National Occupational Standards (NOS). Given that the event sector is growing all the while it’s now time for the wider consultation, and all practitioners in the sector are invited to have their say. This is an important part of the process to ensure industry-wide support for the final version of the National Occupational Standards (NOS).

All comments will be considered by the Working Group.

In essence, the purpose of the consultation is to: establish whether the draft NOS reflect the outcomes of competent performance across all those involved in this sub-sector offer the industry an opportunity to comment on the requirements of any qualifications and awards based on NOS establish whether the draft NOS are required to be translated into Welsh Visit the Skills for Security website then click on the banner for NOS consultation to view the draft NOS with supporting documentation and to complete the online questionnaire. *Note that the consultation period ends on 4 January 2013

Security Guards vs. Wedding Crashers – guardNOW | A Private …

crying bride Security Guards vs. Wedding CrashersEvery bride wants the perfect wedding. For years, little girls dream of Prince Charming and a fairytale wedding with all the magical makings of a Disney movie. Luckily, most brides get to see their wishes come true and receive well wishes from friends, family and pesky wedding crashers.

Ah, yes wedding crashers. These are guests the marrying couples don t account for at their magical ceremony or reception. Be it a family member who was purposely left off the invite list, tag-along friends, or just plain old wedding crashers; unwelcome guests are a hassle. But aside from the infringement, wedding crashers can cost the wedding couple lots of money unless there is a game plan in place.

Some will say, Hey, it s just a few extra people . But what if these unwanted guests actually have ill intentions? Like, stealing wedding gifts or congratulations cards full of checks and cash from the gift table. Then, it becomes more than just a few people showing up. Sadly, this happens more than most bride and grooms realize.

So wedding planners and nuptial experts across the country agree hire a security guard for your wedding day. guardNOW (Private Security Guard Services)1 polled top wedding and event planners in Los Angeles, on what their protocol is for averting wedding crashers and 97% of them agreed that having security guards at the wedding receptions greatly decreases the chances of gift theft.

Here are some other statistics on why wedding planners say hiring security is beneficial for couples:

– On average, gift theft occurs at 1 out of every 10 weddings.

– 43% of wedding planners have experienced an incident of wedding crashers, when security was not hired by the marrying couple.

– 93% of wedding planners have hired security guards in the past year to protect gift tables.


If these statistics aren t enough to sway you, here are two stories where couples actually experienced wedding crashers and theft firsthand:

Amy W. / Sun Valley, CA

My husband and I saved for 3 years to have the perfect wedding. We worked tireless year after year squirreling away money so that all of our friends and family could enjoy our special day. My parents also pitched in to help us cover some of the costs. We just knew that our family and friends would share their generosity by giving us financial gifts at the wedding. And they did. Our card box was full of well wishes, cash and checks. The card table was placed right at the front of the door, for guests to drop off as they entered the reception area. We didn t think of hiring security to watch over the cards and gifts because we just invited our close friends and family and there was no way they would steal from us.

At the end of the reception, my parents went to collect the card box. It was nowhere to be found. We searched high and low, asked guests if they saw anything. But our card box full of money was gone. As were a few gifts that were left nearby. In that moment, between the tears, I said to my husband, We should ve listened to advice from our wedding coordinator and hired security guards . But it was too late. Now I tell all my friends who are getting married, Make sure you hire security for your reception .

Trisyha L. / Calabasas, CA

The moment I met my husband, I knew he was the one. When he proposed 2 years later, I wanted to plan the perfect wedding and it had to be upscale and lavish. After months of searching for the right venue, we opted for a quaint location near our home in Calabasas, California. Our guest list was very affluent and we were meticulous with seating arrangements, d cor, catering and all of the other important details. So, when our wedding planner suggesting hiring two security guards, I was 100% against the idea. I thought it would be an insult to my family and friends to have security guards in one of the most affluent neighborhoods outside of Los Angeles. Even though our planner kept insisting we hire security, I would not budge. Finally, she stopped pushing the idea.

The actual wedding was like my dream come true. I loved everything about it. By reception time, I was on cloud 9! There were so many guests there, lots of champagne and talking. I didn t even have a chance to look at the gift table. My husband and I danced the night away. When the night came to an end, I was exhausted. But I wanted to take a peek at our gift table before heading to our hotel. Walking up to the table, I saw my planner with a look of horror on her face. She was frantically checking the guest list and asking my parents and husband questions about noticing any uninvited guests. Long story short, half our gifts were gone. No trace of them, just gone. My beautiful Tiffany flatware that I spent hours fawning over, crystal wine glasses, all gone.

While we were having the time of our lives, thieves were having their own fun. We were never able to track down the gifts. If only I had listened to the advice I was given and hired security guards.


Let s face it; these are gut-wrenching stories to hear. A bride, in tears on her wedding day. But this does not have to happen.

We recently spoke with a number of brides regarding hiring security; here are some common questions and answers we talked about:

Q: Won t security guards in uniforms make my wedding or reception look tacky?

A: Couples have the option of choosing formal attire for guards to blend in with the other guests. There s also an option to have armed or unarmed guards. Your guests won t feel intimidated. Instead, they can rest assured that the loving gift they purchased for you will actually make it to your hands and not the hands of a thief.

Q: Can t I just ask a friend or family member to be a gift attendant?

A: Your wedding day should be enjoyed by all of your guests. Why exclude family or friends from attending the reception, just to protect your gifts? Hiring a security guard or two will take this pressure away from your loved ones and allow everyone to have a great time.

Q: Well, it s my wedding planner s responsibility to watch the gifts, right?

A: That depends on your agreements with your planner or organizer. But most wedding planners are focused on keeping every detail of your wedding running smooth. So chances are, he/she will not be stationary, rather moving around the entire venue checking on guests, catering, DJ s etc. The benefit of having security present is to make protecting the gift table their sole purpose.

# # #

For more information on guardNOW and services for weddings or special events, contact us at 877-482-7366.


  1. ^ guardNOW (Private Security Guard Services) (www.guardnow.com)

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EVENT SECURITY on Long Sleeve Adult & Youth Cotton T-Shirt (in 24 colors)

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