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We believe that we have set the benchmark when it comes to investing in training in our staff.

We operate a HABC approved training centre, so most of our staff are hand picked after successfully completing the required compulsory training.

We find the needle in the haystack and fast

As well as enhancing safety and security, Qognify solutions distill mountains of data into meaningful intelligence to optimise business processes, cut costs and reduce the risk, and mitigate the impact, of shutdowns and service disruptions. The company sells solutions for airports, rail, traffic management, utilities, the financial sector and other environments where even minor setbacks can cost millions of pounds in lost revenue or cause major economic disruption. We spoke to Moti Shabtai, Qognify CEO and president, about the company s suite of big-data solutions, including Qblock, Suspect Search and Operational Intelligence Center.

IFSEC Global: Please tell us about your Operational Intelligence Center? Moti Shabtai: The Operational Intelligence Center (OIC) can be described as a big data machine that sits on top of our Qognify Situator PSIM solution and provides intelligence to the security team, the operational team, the executive suite as well as the wider organisation. It correlates huge amounts of data to give a snapshot overview, along with deep insight into how the organisation is performing. Using the OIC, an airport can run predictive analytics to assess what would happen if a runway were to be closed One sector where the OIC is proving very popular is airports. They are measured on how many connections airlines choose to have through their airport versus another. If they re not providing a good service, it costs airlines money and therefore they may choose to go with another airport. So, knowing your response times, whether you are meeting your service level agreements and being aware of the number and the root cause of flights being diverted, is vitally important. Using the OIC, an airport can run predictive analytics to assess what would happen if a runway is to be closed. How would it impact the capacity to contain landings?

When would planes need to be diverted because the airport can t absorb more landings? We have been working with one of the biggest airports in the world that is using the OIC to check how it is performing and how it is trending against its own KPIs as well as how to predict what may happen if the airport continues on a certain trend. IG: Where other than airports is the OIC useful? MS: The OIC is ideal for any mission-critical environments where the cost of business obstruction is very high. So airports, mass transit, seaports, financial institutions and utilities are key sectors for the solution. Also, smart cities initiatives around the world, where we are having conversations with governments and mayors, looking at how they can improve safety and security for their citizens, but also to optimise essential city infrastructure such as telecoms, water supply, sewer systems and traffic management. We take a sea of data which is getting bigger all the time and turn it into usable intelligence For example, we have a city that uses OIC and Situator to handle tickets for traffic violations. It has tripled the number of tickets by automating the process and making it much more efficient! So, Qognify Situator is the solution that enables operators or managers to manage situations and incidents, whereas the OIC focuses on operational intelligence and performance.

IG: Please tell us a bit about Qblock MS: Qblock is a converged IT solution for mass video storage. It s meant for those mission-critical organisations that cannot afford to lose anything and are seeking a zero-failure solution. They appreciate the benefits that network-attached storage is providing. IG: Do Qognify solutions deploy machine learning or deep learning? MS: Yes, our Suspect Search video analytics application is heavily based on both deep learning and neural networks, to analyse huge amounts of people and create a digital signature of whoever you are. IG: What kind of sectors or adjacent areas might you want to diversify into? MS: We are open to any opportunities to do with big data that complements our solution. We re a software company that specialises in finding the needle in the haystack and fast. We take a sea of data and that sea is getting bigger and bigger all the time and turn it into information and usable intelligence.

Free Download: Securing the UK s borders. Getting national security and Brexit right first time is crucial , we do not want to get this wrong. This report considers the implications of leaving the EU for the management of the UK s borders and making it as easy as possible for international business to thrive and legitimate movement to occur in a post-Brexit UK.

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Private Investigator Sheffield

If you want to investigate a personal or organization matter, we have over 25 years experience – and our Sheffield Private Investigator team has the training and skills to undertake investigations into one of the most sensitive and complicated situations. Private Investigator Sheffield will listen to you with understanding and empathy due to the fact they ve been there prior to. We supply effective, reasonably priced Private Investigator in Sheffield services that are entirely confidential.

Call us now for free of charge suggestions – we re waiting to take your call.

Door Supervisor Jobs in Kent

Previous experience of working as a Door Supervisor in the industry minimum of 2 years. SIA Door Supervisor Licence…. Competitive rates of pay. We supply Static Guard Security Door Supervisor Security Manned Guarding Mobile Patrol Security Key holding…. We are currently recruiting for *SIA licensed Door Supervisors*.

SIA Door Supervisor Licence. Immediate starts available for the right candidate with Various… SIA Door Supervisor Licence. Experienced, Qualified Door Supervisor Required for this busy bar in the centre of Whitstable…. TMS are recruiting Door Supervisors to join our team, and cover venues across Kent. We are currently looking for the right candidates to cover the following… To maintain clear communication with other door supervisors and venue staff to warn them or assist with any developing incidents…. SIA Door Supervisor Licence. Experienced Door Supervisior needed. Must be smart and approachable, professional with a can do attitude…. SIA Door Supervisor Licence. Candidates will already be working in a similar retail environment, hold the SIA security licences, Door Supervisor (essential) and… We would like applicants to apply if they would like part time, permanent work, working as a Security Officer for a well-known retailer…. SIA Door Supervisor Licence. Holiday park security at event room.

9.75 to 10.00 /hour…. Valid sia License (security/door supervisors). Calibre facility services ltd are looking for dog handlers to join our growing dog section for current and… To maintain clear communication with other door supervisors and venue saff to warn them or assist with and developing incidents…. Replacing broken ironmongery, ease and adjust doors and windows; There are a total of eleven employees in the maintenance team covering a wide range of skills,… We are currently recruiting for *SIA licensed Door Supervisors*.

SIA Door Supervisor Licence.

Immediate starts available for the right candidate with Various… Applicants must be able to work as part of a team, be professional, smart and hold a current SIA Door Supervisor, Close Protection or Security Guard license….

A comprehensive home security system guide for the elderly

Elderly people and technology are rarely associated with one another, but when it comes to safety and security, modern technology has a great deal to offer. Considering robbery, assault and other crimes against seniors are most likely to occur in or near the home, a comprehensive home security system is particularly important for seniors. A home security system represents an investment in the safety and well-being of your elderly loved ones, and it s important to make sure you re getting the protection they need to be safe at home.

To that end, let s take a look at the most popular home security products for seniors and how they work to keep your loved ones protected. Security cameras In surveys conducted among convicted burglars, more than half admit that they deliberately avoid any home that s equipped with one or more security cameras. That alone is reason enough to consider installing a surveillance system. But the usefulness of security cameras extends well beyond that. Cameras equipped with real-time monitoring also allow elderly homeowners to stay aware of their surroundings, providing much-needed peace of mind and ensuring that they need not leave the house to investigate a suspicious noise or identify a person on their property. Best of all, many smart cameras can even be remotely monitored, allowing you or your family to keep tabs on your loved one and their home no matter where you are. Medical alert systems A medical alert system is a great way to monitor your elderly loved one s health and provide a safeguard in the event of a health emergency, but some systems may offer an added layer of security as well. Many such systems feature pendants or wristbands equipped with buttons that immediately trigger an alarm and request assistance. Though they re designed primarily for medical emergencies, the fact that these systems are constantly monitored and connected with local authorities means help is never more than a button-press away.

Some systems also employ impact sensors that detect when the wearer may have fallen. Home automation Though you may not associate it with home security, smart home automation technology offers a number of ways to keep your loved ones safe. Installing programmable smart locks on doors and windows means your elderly family member never has to worry about remembering to lock up at night or when leaving the home. Many smart locks can also be monitored and controlled remotely from a mobile device. For another layer of security, smart lighting both indoors and outdoors can be programmed or triggered via motion sensors to provide effective deterrence. Remote control access Whether your elderly loved one is a frequent traveler or simply has trouble getting around like they used to, the ability to remotely control various aspects of the home is invaluable. Many modern home security and automation systems can be monitored and controlled via mobile devices, putting everything from video cameras to door locks to window shades just a few taps away. This easy and convenient access means that seniors can take care of many of their normal tasks around the home no matter where they might be. Doorbell cameras A doorbell may not strike you as the ultimate crime-stopping device, but there s a surprising statistic you should consider.

The Los Angeles Police Department recently conducted a study comparing two local neighborhoods one in which homes were equipped with smart doorbell cameras and one in which they weren t. The results? The neighborhood with doorbell cameras saw a stunning 50 percent drop in burglaries. That alone makes a compelling case, but doorbell cameras also protect seniors by ensuring that they need not open up to see who s standing at the door. Most doorbells also offer remote monitoring, so seniors can keep an eye on visitors from virtually anywhere. Alarm systems True home security requires accounting for all manner of potential threats, and this includes things like fire, carbon monoxide and attempted access by an intruder. Fortunately, many home security systems are designed with these threats in mind, providing a range of detectors and alarms to help alert elderly homeowners and give them time to respond appropriately. Ideally, fire and carbon monoxide alarms should be loud enough to alert others nearby in the event that your elderly loved one can t hear the alarm or isn t able to respond on their own. To guard against intruders, motion sensors on doors and windows can trigger alarms in the event of any unexpected activity.

Energy management Staying safe at home doesn t need to be costly. In fact, many home security systems include energy management tools that can actually help you save some cash each month. One popular inclusion is energy monitoring, which allows elderly homeowners to see exactly where their energy dollars are being spent and may even offer suggestions on ways to cut costs. Another energy management solution is a smart thermostat system, which enables programmable settings, activity monitors and other tools to ensure that heating and cooling is done as efficiently as possible without sacrificing comfort. It s no secret that seniors are among the most vulnerable members of society, but that doesn t mean that they can t live safely and securely at home. If you have an elderly loved one living independently, a comprehensive home security system built with their needs in mind is a wise investment. Armed with this knowledge, you can help them choose a solution that will make their lives easier and allow them to feel confident and secure in their home. See here for a directory of home automation companies, products and services About the author: Maricel Tabalba is a freelance writer who is interested in writing about smart gadgets, emerging tech trends and environmentally friendly advice. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in Communication from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Free Download: The key to mitigating cybersecurity risks Exploiting IoT technology without creating cybersecurity vulnerabilities is one of the defining challenges in today s security landscape.

This report will help you to see why third parties should adhere to secure by design principles and why the necessary convergence of IT and security departments demands a holistic approach .

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Close Protection | 3D Security

We provide professional close protection officers, high value escorts, security chauffeurs, special event protection, backstage and front stage close protection /bodyguards, executive close protection, celebrity close protection, surveillance, counter surveillance. Today the intelligent close protection operative has developed into a physical security Professional that has extensive knowledge of asset ranking, threat risk assessment, physical and electronic security systems, security planning and physical protective duties. We do not believe in heavy handed bodyguards who often attract attention. Our Close Protection Service offers a safe route to individuals, groups or VIP S in going about their business or leisure activities.

Every step that our clients take will be planned, monitored, protected and if required, completely covert so as to create a comfortable lifestyle for our clients. However, the one thing that will stand out will be the professional attitude and consistency by the 3D Security CPO and the protection team involved.


The need to secure the clients residence can be vital and with our detailed security surveys will expose the risks and weaknesses which we can then counter with cost effective solutions depending on the client s needs.


Our Security risk and threat assessments are concerned with the evaluation of risk to vulnerable individuals and assets including corporate entities. The aim of the assessment is to identify weaknesses in existing security protocols and make recommendations to rectify any failing. The assessments are conducted by experienced security consultants over a period of time by way of checks and tests, and may include inserting an undercover operator to work within the entity so as to obtain an objective analysis, free of interference and cover-up.

All 3D Security Close Protection Officers are very well trained and very professional with most having served in the British Armed forces.

Three data breaches that should alarm the healthcare industry

Recent data breaches from the past several years seem to be following a trend. More and more target health service providers, and it s little wonder why. Few industries regularly hold as much sensitive data as the health industry.

Everyone including researchers, insurance providers and doctors keeps not only sensitive health information, but also billing data and unique identifiers, such as social security numbers. While plenty of legislation aims to provide extra protections for patient data, the fact is that anywhere there are humans, there will be errors. What happens in the doctor s office may not be as confidential as we all hope. Here are three of the most recent data breaches in the health industry. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield This disaster was one of the biggest data breaches of 2016. The health insurance company is one of the top Medicare providers and partners, and in July, it announced a breach of Medicare members data. Over 18,000 Medicare recipients received notification that their data was no longer secure. Retirees and the elderly have always been a favorite target for spammers and fraudsters. This breach increases their risk significantly.

According to Anthem, the attack came through one of their vendors, LaunchPoint Ventures. Indiana Medicaid Due to an oversight, Indiana s Health Coverage Program left an active hyperlink open that gave direct access to Medicaid recipients information. This data breach revealed full names, addresses, Medicaid ID numbers, doctor information, patient numbers and more. The state of Indiana had over one million people enrolled in their Medicaid programme this April, and the information was available starting in February of this year. The hyperlink was available to the public, so it s difficult to say who had access to the information. Fortunately, Indiana s Health Coverage Program believes the breach has caused no damage to patients. They have offered all notified individuals a free year of credit protection, however, just to be safe. Washington State University This April, Washington State University discovered that a hard drive containing sensitive information concerning survey participants had been stolen. The hard drive was kept in a locked safe, but the safe itself was stolen from storage and has not been found.

Approximately one million individuals may be compromised by this breach. Most survey participants provided names and social security numbers, which are a valuable prize for identity fraudsters. Some participants health data may also be jeopardized. Although there is no sign of the stolen hard drive or its protective safe, WSU has notified all parties put at risk by the breach. Like Indiana s Medicaid programme, WSU has offered a year of free credit monitoring for every notified individual. The university is also taking measures to upgrade and strengthen security procedures to ensure this kind of incident does not happen again. Unfortunately, these three examples are only the tip of the iceberg. New reports and notifications keep hitting the news. Even doctors aren t safe from ransomware.

Ultimately, there is little patients can do to protect themselves, and the burden of responsibility falls heavily on the healthcare industry itself. Free Download: the CyberSecurity Crashcourse Are you even aware if you have been the victim of a cybersecurity breach? This report will help you to find out and protect yourself, Eric Hansleman from 451 Research presents a rapid-fire overview of cybersecurity , because a firewall just won t do, you need multi-layered defences to truly protect your data.

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Manned Guarding Jobs

Extensive knowledge in the manned guarding sector. What we are looking for in our SIA Duty Security Manager:…. SSGC Ltd is the leading innovator of Manned Guarding Services for the Private and Public Sector. In addition to being ranked in the top 5% of all SIA registered… The right candidate must have previous experience as Manager for security Manned Guarding and be results orientated, with a proven track record of delivering… Manned Guarding (SG) or Door Supervisor (DS)*.

Our team is responsible for the maintenance of the site s grounds along with providing a high visibility Static… SIA Door Supervisor Licence (OR Manned Guarding). A valid front line SIA security guarding or door supervisor licence is essential…. The right candidate must have previous experience as multi-site experience for security Manned Guarding and be results orientated, with a proven track record of… Alpha Omega Securities Ltd is a successful and expanding manned guarding security company based in Cheshire…. SIA Manned Guarding *or*. Full Time Security Guards in Belfast and throughout Northern Ireland*…. Ensuring all sites are correctly manned. SIA Door Supervisor Licence, Security Guarding or Close Protection Licence…. The candidate must have an in date SIA licence for minimum Manned Guarding and clean driving licence. The position is for a Front of House Security Officer for… We provide services for Manned Guarding, Security Systems, Mobile Security, Secure Event Solutions and Soft Services to all of our clients…. SIA licensed Door Supervisor or Manned Guarding. Daytime Security Officer for a busy Retail Complex…. A valid and current SIA Licence for Manned Guarding or Door Supervision. We currently have an opportunity for a Security Officer to join our team…. The right candidate must have previous experience in scheduling for security Manned Guarding and be results orientated, with a proven track record of delivering… Previous experience in manned guarding.

What we are looking for an SIA Security Training Manager to have:….

Close Protection Operative

The course main target is to provide student with all the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills to work as a Close Protection agent as soon as he complete our 14 days intensive program. The course will use minimum of classroom lectures with maximum of realistic and practical field training exercises to provide a full understanding of close protection operations worldwide. The CPO Course includes the overall knowledge within ‘Business’ and ‘Dignitary’ areas of Close Protection, and it’s training program is based on the proven training methods. The Course is approved by City & Guilds and allows the Graduate to apply for the SIA license.


  • Principles of close protection
  • Introduction to threat assessment and risk analysis
  • Protection formations
  • Hello Arrivals / Departures
  • Dress code and etiquette
  • Low profile security and tactics
  • Unarmed combat
  • Tactical Firearms (Pistol and Submachine guns Live Fire)
  • Case studies
  • Elements of Close Protection Team
  • Cover and evacuation drills live fire (FX Simunition)
  • Advance work
  • Advance work; surveys, preparation and planning exercise
  • Team Leader; roles & responsibilities
  • Radio communications procedures
  • Motorcade procedures
  • Final training exercise: IN TOWN EXCERICSE training in realistic every day situation
  • Briefing the Principal

WEAPONS: Pistols Glock 17, Glock 19, H&K USP, Sig Sauer P229, Beretta 92F, Submachine guns MP5, MP5K, B&T APC, Simunition Glock 17, B&T APC & MP5 conversion kits,

METHODS: This course will be taught using theoretical and practical excercises. The lectures lectures will be conducted in the classroom, urban area and shooting range. The course will be given in ESA Training Center with the use of ESA equipment.

SKILL PREREQUISITES: None. The candidate does not have to possess prior experiance in Close Protection.

GEAR: Casual clothing (no jeans), rain / weather gear and business clothing (slacks, jacket, tie and appropriate shoes), tactical cargo pants, tactical belt (sturdy) , sport shoes, sport uniform,

Close Protection Operative

Sia Security Officer Jobs

SIA. The Security Officer will have:. Security Officer Vertas Group Limited*. A valid Security Guarding, Door Supervisor or Close Protection SIA License,….Security Officer required for 40 hours per week covering various sites.

Frontline SIA Licence. Completing the required security checks….SIA. We require Security Officers who hold a valid SIA licence and CSCS card to secure our construction site in the North Walsham area…. Wilson James are recruiting a Security Officer to work within a corporate site based in Canary Wharf, London…. Corporate Security Officer. Corporate Security Experience. Corporate Security Officer to work for one of our prestigious client’s based in Mayfair…. SIA Security Guard Licence. An SIA Security Licence is required for this role*. Corporate Security Officer*. SIA Door Supervisor Licence…. We are now looking for a Security Officer to join our team in London. SIA Door Supervisor Licence. Offering pioneering security solutions across the globe,… SIA. We are currently seeking a full-time professional Corporate Security Officer starting immediately with 10.65 per hour…. Have a valid SIA licence.

We are looking for an experienced front of house/customer service/reception security officer who has a proven record of strong… ENGIE are recruiting for a Security Officer to be based in 4 Abbey Orchard Street, London, SW1P 2HT. Keeping up to date with security guidelines…. We are a private Security company based in London, Our Company is looking for reliable and trustworthy operatives to represent us working around the central… SIA Security Guard. An SIA is desirable for this position. _Wilson James is a leading security, logistics and business services provider with more than 3,000… We are now looking for a Security Officer to join our team in London. SIA Door Supervisor Licence. Offering pioneering security solutions across the globe,…SIA. We now have an exciting vacancy for a Weekend Security Officer to join MAN Commercial Protection working in the Poole area….SIA.

We are looking for a confident SIA licensed Elite Relief Officer with exceptional communication skills and computer literate….