IFSEC 2017 preview: Abloy UK on Cliq Connect, sustainability, and the benefits of electric locks

Sponsored by Genetec, Borders & Infrastructure Expo will take place between 20-22 June 2017 as part of IFSEC International and the wider Protection & Management Series. IFSEC exhibitor Abloy UK, which provides high quality electric and mechanical security locking solutions, is focusing on borders and critical infrastructure this year, the company s head of PEU, Steve Wintle, told IFSEC Global in an interview you can read below. IFSEC Global: What s your priority at IFSEC?

Steve Wintle: The focus this year on borders and infrastructure. That s an area that Abloy are very focused on, especially with Cliq Connect and how it s evolving. Cliq offers benefits not just from a security and health and safety point of view but also delivers operational efficiencies. IG: What kind of customers will you be looking to meet at the event? SW: I m hoping that we re going to meet people from all national infrastructure sectors. We re involved across all sectors, but our focus is on national infrastructure. We have quite good relationships in some sectors, not quite as good in others. And therefore we re definitely looking to broaden our relationships or opportunities across all CNI sectors. Steve Wintle IG: What is so special about Cliq?

SW: It is becoming a recognised solution for infrastructure. On the back of that we are continuing to develop and add more features to Cliq. One recent addition is mapping. Through integration with permit to work systems we ve got examples of where we ve used it with infrastructure. It s providing greater control and tightening up not just from a security point of view but from a health and safety one too. You re able to ensure that whoever is working on a certain plant or within certain areas are compliant and trained to be working on that kind of equipment or within those areas. IG: And what about the people who install or integrate the systems? How do you work with them? SW: We have a network of approved installers.

They ve been through training, and because of their geographical locations are able to provide day to day technical support whether it be for electro-mechanical or mechanical systems. So we have a well-established network of installers and distributors who are able to work with and support the end user on a local basis. IG: How important is sustainability? Is this something you re striving to improve? SW: Absolutely. It s something we re getting asked about constantly. Whenever we re tendering for contracts, especially within infrastructure, part of the prequalification is often questions on how we manage the environment or risk to environment, sustainability of raw material, resources, and use of natural resources or power or water. So the Abloy Group has people who are driving that internally to make sure we re staying up there with the latest government guidance on sustainability. But it s also driven by our customers.

Because they re being encouraged to use businesses that are environmentally aware and can support them in achieving their green credentials. IG: Going back to IFSEC, is there anything else you want to highlight? SW: We will be showing a new J handle often used on data racks and our electric lock range which is very relevant following recent events in Manchester and London as an the electric lock can provide a more effective method of securing a building in a dynamic lock down scenario and is fully compliant with BS EN 13637. The reason electric locks can be very effective is that they always provide a mechanical means of escape but will self-lock even without power, unlike a magnet that once the power is cut the door is left insecure. In terms of green credentials electric locks also only use power when operated whereas magnets use power constantly so electric locks deliver a significant reduction in the carbon footprint of a business. We will also be demonstrating CliQ Connect, which takes key control to another level. The benefit of CliQ Connect being that if a key is lost or stolen, it won t open anything until it s been activated by the owner of the key or via integration with a permit-to-work system. Which is ideal for handing to contractors and knowing that the contractor can t access a site without prior authorisation, which is critical for managing health and safety as well as security benefits, especially for CNI critical national infrastructure sites. IFSEC International takes place between 20-22 June 2017 at London ExCeL.

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Corps Security and Assa Abloy: unlocking the potential of remote door opening

Corps Security and Assa Abloy: unlocking the potential of remote door opening An agreement between Corps Security and Assa Abloy will give customers of the Corps Monitoring Centre (CMC) access to the latter’s state-of-the-art door opening products. The Corps CMC provides alarm receiving and surveillance system monitoring services to customers in a diverse range of market sectors on an independent basis, or as part of an integrated service. Eric Roberts, Corps Security s CMC business development director, explained: “Our Glasgow-based facility exemplifies our commitment to excellence in everything we do.

To add to its credentials we have also attained National Security Inspectorate (NSI) Gold accreditation to go with our existing BS 8418 and ISO 9001:2008 certifications.” Headquartered in Willenhall, West Midlands, Assa Abloy UK plays host to a wide variety of leading brands including, Assa,Union, Adams Rite, Trimec and Abloy. Eryl Jones, Assa Abloy Security Solutions’ commercial manager, commented: “The Assa Abloy Group is represented in all the major regions of the world with over 36,000 employees. We offer a complete range of high quality door opening systems more than any other organisation on the market including locks, cylinders, electromechanical products, remote monitoring solutions and accessories.

Our products are proven to help our customers meet strict security standards such as PAS 24 and LPS1175 which addresses critical issues relating to total doorset security.” Features of the CLIQ system In the rapidly growing electromechanical security sector, Assa Abloy enjoys “unrivalled status” in access control as a result of its pioneering technology such as the CLIQ system. The keys used with the CLIQ system feature a unique electronic ID that ensures a greatly enhanced level of security, power and control. CLIQ keys can operate both mechanical and electronic cylinders in the same master key system, in turn making it one of the most secure locking systems in the world.

Embedded in the head of the key is a battery and microcircuit that stores an encrypted digital ID. When the key is placed in the lock, the circuit in the key communicates with the cylinder chip to authenticate it and allow the user to gain entry. The chips in the key and cylinder log activity to track anyone whose key opens the door or is denied access.

Recent addition of CLIQ Remote The CLIQ solution has recently been enhanced with the introduction of CLIQ REMOTE. CLIQ Remote makes it possible to give one person regardless of location, anywhere in the world remote access to a building. In addition, for greater security an option is available to determine when and where the key will work.

A major benefit to the user is the vastly reduced administrative work involved with managing keys for employees, consultants and temporary staff. A copied or lost key is an immediate security threat, and replacing lock cylinders and keys combined is a time consuming and expensive process. CLIQ remote make those changes quick and easy, without changing keys or cylinders.

By using Assa Abloy s Web Manager software, operatives in the CMC can programme keys, obtain an overview of the locking system, check authorisations and identify shared keys by connecting a programming key to a PC. Entry to specific building areas The CMC operators can also grant employees and visitors entry to specific areas of a building, and allow restricted access for specified time periods to certain individuals (such as third party service engineers). The CMC is currently promoting Assa Abloy Security Solution s products to its customers and third party installers as its preferred door opening technology partner.

Corps Security s Eric Roberts concluded: “In the past we have experienced problems unlocking doors remotely due to badly fitted or inferior locks. This can cause major problems, and often necessitates a site visit to rectify the situation. The quality of Assa Abloy Security Solutions’ products gives us and our customers valuable peace of mind, and I m delighted that we have entered into this formidable partnership.

I’m fully confident it will generate significant amounts of new business for us both.”