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Axis launches integrated mobile access control with HID Global and upgrades Zipstream compression

IFSEC 2017 Axis Communications, the leading provider of network video recording systems, has launched the integration of HID Global s Mobile Access with its Axis A1001 Network Door Controller and entry manager software at IFSEC 2017. The integrated mobile access control platform supports mobile-enabled workforces and lets smart phones and other mobile devices function as credentials so staff and other authorised personnel can gain access to secured buildings, rooms and areas. Mobile devices and smartphones are ubiquitous and their functionality includes diverse applications, from contactless payments to health tracking.

By integrating HID Global s mobile access technology with its software and door controller, Axis system combines convenience with the levels of security expected by businesses and their employees. The platform is suitable for small, medium or enterprise-sized organisations. The platform stores secure identities on smartphones for opening doors and locks instead of managing traditional printed identity credentials, improving convenience for end users and offering a more cost-effective and simpler way to manage credentials. Axis and HID are both well-known, global brands that are partnering together to develop open, IP-based secure access solutions. Mobile credentials are finally gaining greater acceptance and adoption thanks to an increasingly mobile-first perspective. This mobile access control offering demonstrates Axis innovative solutions to the market in partnering with a leader such as HID. It is an easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use solution, says Stephanie Hensler, Axis Communications director of business development, access control. The platform consists of: AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller, which makes yes/no decisions about who may enter, in which areas and at what times AXIS Entry Manager access control software, which is integrated with HID Mobile Access portal and is used to set up the systems, add new users and manage mobile IDs HID iCLASS SE and/or Multiclass SE readers HID Mobile Access portal HID Mobile Access app Axis Communications has also partnered with Simons Voss Technologies to launch an integrated, IP-based digital locking and access control system to replace physical keys for buildings. SmartIntego battery-powered digital locks come in the form of either cylinders, padlocks or door handles.

They connect wirelessly via a Simons Voss GatewayNode to Axis A1001 door controller and Axis Entry Manager software. Each SimonsVoss GatewayNode has a 16-wireless digital lock capacity and each Axis A1001 manages one GatewayNode. Therefor each A1001 door controller can manage up to 16 Simons Voss wireless locks and a hard-wired door reader. The integrated platform is offered as a standalone setup, with no server, or a fully integrated platform using an Axis software partner for enterprise installations. Online integration between the AXIS A1001 door controller and SmartIntego wireless lock components via AXIS Entry Manager work on an open, IP-based architecture. Also, in time for IFSEC, Axis is enhancing its compression technology to work with new 360 cameras and 4K resolution. The Zipstream technology ensures important forensic details of video footage are maintained, while minimising bandwidth and storage requirements by half. The company has also developed new domes that include the enhanced Zipstream, offering 360-degree, high-resolution coverage, cost-effectively. Combining these new 360-degree domes with the enhanced Zipstream technology really does deliver a cost-effective solution for customers, providing comprehensive coverage while ensuring the detail of that panoramic view is not lost when streaming and storing data, added Petra Bennermark, global product manager, Axis Communications.

The AXIS M3047-P and AXIS M3048-P dome cameras will be available through Axis distribution channels from June 2017 to the suggested retail price $469.00 and $669.00 respectively. The enhancements to Zipstream will be exhibited together with the new panoramic cameras, as well as new 4K cameras, at IFSEC. Visit Europe s leading security event in June 2017 Visit IFSEC International for exclusive access to every security product on the market, live product demonstrations and networking with thousands of security professionals. From access control and video surveillance to smart buildings, cyber, border control and so much more. It is the perfect way to keep up to date, protect your business and enhance your career in the security industry.

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Professionals must have soft skills set, panel claims

IFSEC 2017 Ensuring candidates have softer non-technical skills is crucial for recruiting health and safety professionals, a panel has claimed at the SHExpo keynote theatre. Anna Keen, director of Acre, which has been building a competency framework with 50 leading professionals, said the firm was really starting to see a change around what clients are looking for . The firm built a psychometric profiling tool that shows not just who you are, but the impact of your character against core competencies and the results showed a number of interesting findings about health and safety professionals.

She said: We wanted to give people an understanding in how they could progress their career and understand what their teams looked like. There were a number of things that challenge the stereotypes, we were seeing a lot about high-caring individuals, and natural intrigue. Confidence Keen said one of the key discoveries was about confidence. She said: It s a real issue having the confidence to challenge at executive level and with those people who you work with on an everyday level. Self-awareness is also something we are challenging too and how they understand themselves. For example, if someone says they aren t good with data, we looked at how that impacts their business. Richard White, quality, health, safety and environment (QSHE) director at CBRE said the themes from Keen were now commonplace . He said: My view has changed. I used to think a relevant degree was the most important aspect, but now it s also about softer skills, the ability to present and speak the right commercial language of the business, and you can train the other technical aspects required.

Softer skills are crucial to the success. Never enough Ruth Denyer, head of operational risk at ITV, agreed: You can never have enough technical knowledge to do every production it s all about engagement with those that can help. The technical piece gives you a comfort factor, and the engagement piece is much softer. You have to change your thinking about White said: You can t be good at everything if you get the right mix of people around you, that works for the whole team. Keen also said that Acre found people recruiting a reflection of themselves , which needed to change. Broad church Denyer added the entire way conversations were held with associated elements of other industries and professions was also needed across risk assessment. Health and safety is just one of the risks being is managed there is a lot which can be learned from the broader risk framework. Much broader conversations about risk are required. Visit Europe s leading security event in June 2017 Visit IFSEC International for exclusive access to every security product on the market, live product demonstrations and networking with thousands of security professionals.

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Director offers harrowing insight into workplace death

A harrowing story of a former construction director has offered an example of the need for health and safety vigilance on site at the Safety and Health Expo 2017. Matthew Hazelton, speaking on behalf of training specialist Proud2bSafe, spoke about his personal journey following a workplace incident where his brother died. He said the incident left him having to deal with things you don t think you will ever have to deal with and that he struggled with the attention of the media and organising the funeral for his brother.

Legal Hazelton said: While I was trying to deal with the personal side of things, I then had to realise I had to deal with the legal side of things. Director to me was a ridiculously posh term I had no idea what I was about to get myself into. He explained how he had meetings with the insurance company, which led to the HSE and the police involvement. Getting arrested and taken to a police station under cameras is not a nice feeling, he said. The legal process also meant that he couldn t speak to his work colleagues and friends as they weren t allowed the same barrister or solicitor and when you really want to be close to your mates, you are being dragged apart . Timeline He warned about timelines following such an event in his case it took six and a half years before the verdict of accidental death. You are being hidden away from everyone when you feel you haven t got anything to hide. We were doing and all the while as a business we were doing okay and we went to losing money, getting new business was a no-no, but old clients did look after us. Mental health Hazelton also talked about the personal toll on his own mental health.

Despite continuing in the construction industry, he could never get over the incident. I could never recreate the old construction firm vibe and I kept getting angrier. My wife had stood by me, but when she left, then the wheels really came off and I started drinking and doing drugs. Things came to a head when he had a collision with a transit van at 60mph. I didn t want to get out of bed, I didn t want to do anything. When I have to go to see my mother on mother s day I will always feel guilt. Consequences It s something I have to live with everyday as the client has to, and the main contractor does. He summed up that the effect it has is on a personal level and a legal level, and on his children and family. The effects will be felt for the rest of their lives.

Was there enough pre-planning by us? No. That is something I will have to live with. I really hope that none of you have to make those phone calls, because if you do, your lives will never, ever be the same again. Register now for the Inspirational Speaker Series at IFSEC International to hear from these world-famous names on the topics that will really hit home and stir the masses Build your motivation by emulating the work ethic that led to double Olympic medals from Dame Kelly Holmes and discover more on her experience in overcoming mental health challenges Explore the universe with Professor Brian Cox, and expand your mindset beyond the day-to-day aspects of your role Be inspired by a story of triumph and courage, from Falklands war hero, Simon Weston OBE, and turn adversity into opportunity Click here to register your place now to join us at London Excel on 20 22 June 2017.

Community engagement vital to prevent ripple effect of terrorism

Counter Terror Recent attacks show that governments must ensure adequate communication to and between communities to protect from increasingly-sophisticated terror attacks, experts have said. Speaking in a panel debate at IFSEC International 2017, Stephen Mackenzie, director of Mackenzie risk management said the whole philosophy has moved on counter-terrorism following attacks in Manchester and London. We re trying to make our counter-terrorism strategy much more public and transparent to engage the community.

We re seeing the balance between organisational response and the response of the ordinary citizen. With the rise in recent terrorist events we re working to get better information out into the public domain, but we re playing catch-up. His view was backed by the Canadian perspective of Bonnie Butlin, co-founder and executive director, Security Partner s Forum. Preparing for the 150 th anniversary of Canada has highlighted the importance of counter-terrorism in a new way , said Butlin. We re seeing trends for sectors of the economy to start working together like never before, she said. Typically reputational risks are so high that they are a powerful disincentive to sharing information, but if then one business gets hit it might ripple all the way through for lack of sharing. Butlin also noted that the lines between physical and cyber security are becoming increasingly blurred. We have discovered a number of IMSI devices, or fake cell towers, which will absorb the calls to emergency services and prevent them responding, she said. But we don t know who is responsible.

However Dato Amar Singh Ishar Singh, Kuala Lumpur police chief, Royal Malaysia Police, believes an even more robust policy than community engagement is required. Singh, who deals with the growing terrorist threat in Colombo, said police must be much more aggressive, rather than waiting for terrorists to come to us . You can have all the defensive strategy you want, being ready to respond with the army and police. But we need to be aggressive we target possible terrorists groups online and in Kuala Lumpur alone we have made more than 300 arrests. Join other high-end security professionals at the launch of Borders & Infrastructure Expo In conjunction with Europe s most renowned security event , IFSEC International, B&I is addressing your critical needs for large scale security projects affecting national security, integrated systems, border protection and much more. You will have access to test the latest security innovations in; Physical & perimeter, Barriers & bollards, Command & control, Emergency response, Cyber solutions, Drones & UAVs, Transport security and much more. Click here to register your place now to join us at London Excel on 20 22 June 2017.

Want to export outside the UK in the defence and security markets?

Get some advice at IFSEC 2017

IFseC 2017 IFSEC Global asked the BSIA and Defence and Security Organisation (DSO) to answer some questions about their presence at IFSEC 2017. The Small Business Advisers from the Defence and Security Organisation (DSO) within the Department for International Trade (DIT) are in the DIT area of the BSIA Business Lounge to provide advice and support to UK companies seeking to export in the defence and security markets. They will highlight the various services and capabilities that DSO can offer and can put you in touch with various market, sector or military experts, as well as providing links to wider DIT.

They can also explain how DSO could help SMEs to enter these markets through its links with various UK prime companies and trade associations. IFSEC International runs between 20-22 June 2017 at London ExCeL. Visit the DIT area of the BSIA Business Lounge for exporting advice. Get your free badge now. IFSEC Global: What does BSIA and DSO offer the UK security sector? BSIA: As a Trade Challenge Partner (TCP) the BSIA is committed to helping the UK security sector export its products and services into the international markets. We work closely with the Department for International Trade (DIT) to promote the UK brand and as a TCP facilitate UK Pavilions in security exhibitions to showcase the industry s innovation, quality and experience. DSO: The Defence and Security Organisation, now part of the Department for International Trade, offers advice and assistance to the UK security sector to help them achieve export success. It has overall responsibility for promoting UK trade across the world, and attracting foreign investment to the UK.

The Organisation works with companies to help them export their security capabilities supported by closer working with the Home Office and other Government Departments. IG: What will DSO and BSIA be prioritising at IFSEC 2017? BSIA: As the premier exhibition for the security industry here in the UK, the BSIA hosts the international visitors lounge, bringing together international visitors and UK companies looking to develop partnerships. Working alongside UBM, the BSIA lounge offers visitors and exhibitors alike the opportunity to meet in an informal and relaxed environment to discuss opportunities and build relationships. DSO: The Defence and Security Organisation aims to get as many defence and security companies as possible exporting, and to achieve this, will be attending IFSEC to provide advice and guidance to security companies who wish to export. Available in the DIT area of the BSIA lounge, representatives of DSO s Small Business Unit will be able to provide specific advice to Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) on how to market security products. They can also provide details of events and activities they run aimed at introducing small companies to UK and overseas prime contractors. IG: What (export) support does DSO and BSIA offer to the UK security sector? BSIA: As a TCP the BSIA can draw down Tradeshow Access Partner (TAP) funding, allowing exhibitors in the UK Pavilion at international exhibitions the opportunity to claim up to 2,500 to offset the cost of exhibiting.

In addition, the BSIA will assist in designing and building stands and be onsite to help ensure exhibitors have a successful event. DSO: In addition to DSO s Small Business Unit providing advice to SMEs, DSO has a number of desk officers who have developed country expertise and well as active overseas engagements with foreign governments, politicians and officials. There are also two dedicated security specialists who can provide expert specialist export advice and practical assistance to security companies, and we also have in country police and security experts in some key markets who provide that vital on the ground intelligence. DSO also has a dedicated Events Team (a member of which will be at IFSEC) who can offer advice to companies on how to exhibit as part of a DIT DSO organised UK Pavilion. IG: What do you both see as the principal challenges for the UK security sector in 2017 and beyond? BSIA: The recent horrific terrorism events in the UK, France and Belgium have served as a wake-up call for businesses worldwide. This has resulted in organisations reviewing their physical and electronic security as well as tightening their security processes. More is now expected from the security they procure and the security solutions they already have in place, to enable businesses to stay ahead of the criminal fraternity and protect individuals and assets. This acts not only as a challenge for the UK sector but more importantly presents a real opportunity.

Being part of a UK Pavilion can help new exporters to dip their toe in the water before they fully commit to any given market. BSIA DSO: National security is the first priority of HMG, and being able to respond quickly to new and emerging threats and develop the technologies to counter them is the key challenge for the UK security sector. The UK has a strong and proud tradition in security innovation and that is due to its creative, dynamic and innovative SME Community, and it is due to our reputation as a world leader in manufacturing and services that other countries look to us to meet their capability requirements. IG: In your views how will the prospect of Brexit impact on the UK security sector? BSIA: The decision to leave the EU has created uncertainty for the UK. However, organisations should seize the opportunity to boost their global competitiveness by investing now in successful sector-based exporting strategies, focusing on the security industry s strengths of innovation, quality and experience. This will ensure the sector is best prepared for any global challenge it might face in the years ahead. DSO: We can not predict how Brexit will impact the UK security sector. But we can say that the Department for Exiting the European Union is leading on the negotiations for our departure and will ensure we get the best possible deal for the UK.

In the meantime, the UK is clear in its message to businesses and our international partners: We are open for business. IG: What key areas do UK security companies need to consider when embarking on export? BSIA: Exporting can be an unnerving experience for some companies. However, it is worth the effort. Exporting brings many benefits for UK businesses, not least of all increasing an organisation s sales revenue but also allowing companies to diversify their markets meaning that they become less dependent on any single market for sales. Being part of a UK Pavilion can help new exporters to dip their toe in the water before they fully commit to any given market. It also allows new exporters learn from more experienced companies who are part of the pavilion. Remember, there is a lot of advice available to companies; DiT, Trade Associations and Chambers of Commerce all offer advice and guidance on overseas markets to minimalise any risks. DSO: There is a wealth of information available on the DIT/Exporting is Great website to help companies export their products from those new to exporting and the occasional exporter to companies that regularly sell overseas.

Issues to consider include shipping and logistics, financial assistance, rules, regulations and restrictions, export opportunities and all these issues play a part in determining whether companies should export and if so, likely markets. IG: What key territories does DSO and BSIA recommend the UK exporting manufacturers consider? BSIA: Each year the BSIA conducts research on its members target markets. UAE, ASEAN and Europe are all key territories for its members. However, there are some interesting developments with other markets such as India and the USA becoming more attractive to UK security exporters. The BSIA has a list of shows it s facilitating or considering facilitating a UK Pavilion at. These include: IFSEC SE Asia IFSEC India Intersec Dubai Intersec Saudi ISC West DSO: There are numerous markets for security exports DSO can provide advice on the landscape of opportunities, which often depend on the nature of products. IG: How can interested IFSEC exhibitors engage with BSIA and DSO at IFSEC 2017? BSIA: The BSIA is exhibiting at IFSEC 2017 alongside DSO, and its staff are on hand to provide advice and guidance to exhibitors and visitors to the show.

DSO: Members of DSO will be attending IFSEC and will be available to speak to companies who wish to export. IFSEC International runs between 20-22 June 2017 at London ExCeL. Get your free badge now. Visit Europe s leading security event in June 2017 Visit IFSEC International for exclusive access to every security product on the market, live product demonstrations and networking with thousands of security professionals. From access control and video surveillance to smart buildings, cyber, border control and so much more. It is the perfect way to keep up to date, protect your business and enhance your career in the security industry. Click here to register your place now to join us at London Excel on 20 22 June 2017.

Man and machine: How to team up to meet cybersecurity challenges

In today s cybersecurity landscape, the pressure is on. CISOs and other executives are suffering security insomnia : attack surfaces are growing exponentially, their security teams are receiving overwhelming numbers of alerts, real threats are masked by false positives, and the numbers of serious breaches are reaching new records the list goes on and on. To protect their organizations, a paradigm shift is required, a new holistic approach that cuts detection-to-response time and provides complete visibility across network, endpoint, and payload.

The systems must offer continuous, round-the clock incident monitoring, detection, and investigation, all while reducing operating costs and addressing the ever-expanding cybersecurity skills gap. The Answer: Automate the analyst Driverless taxi cabs in major cities are becoming a reality. If you can automate something that complex, why not automate cyber investigations? Automating investigations frees up valuable human analyst time so he/she can focus on tasks that DO require human judgment and intuition. Automating the complex work of incident investigation slashes dwell time and makes security operations vastly more efficient. Verint Systems is exhibiting at IFSEC International, which runs from 20-22 June 2017 at London ExCeL. You can find them on stand G375. Get your free badge now. Here s why.

The automated analyst: Thinks just like a human investigator Virtual investigators gather evidence, extract leads, create an intelligence map, build hypotheses, and then verify or refute said hypothesis, just like an analyst would. Unlike humans, though, it can analyze thousands of leads per day, providing analysts with clear, visual incident storylines that accelerate detection and response. Combines the best of man and machine In a great example of teamwork, the machine documents workflow and rationale for the human analyst. When the analyst adds new evidence, the machine re-evaluates the incident. The machine also learns from the analyst how to improve future investigations. Collects the right information Automated investigation ensures that analysts get the big picture when complex threats are detected the complete information that is necessary to resolve the threats. Automation gives analysts total visibility of the attack surface from attack chain to the attack vectors; from network, endpoints, and files to the organization s ecosystem gleaning insights as sensors share the data. Blends detection with proactive forensics Automated forensic analysis, using a full set of network and endpoint forensics tools, helps incident response teams identify the root cause, trace the attack storyline, and contain attacks before data is exfiltrated. Combined with intelligence from other sources, it allows analysts to connect the dots among seemingly unrelated events and understand how the attackers entered, what systems are compromised, and what and how to contain, remediate, and prevent future incidents.

Transforms alerts into actionable intelligence Automated investigation can extract essential information from every piece of evidence, build linkage and context, visualize for immediate response, and update the intelligence map in real time. Man, machine or both? Cyber attacks are getting more and more sophisticated. Due to the volume and complexity, man cannot fight them alone. Human analysts are no match for today s advanced threats, which vigorously act to avoid detection, often lying undiscovered for months. This is where virtual analysts come in, to perform the grunt work, including: Gathering, analyzing, and prioritizing information Sifting daily alerts, and synthesizing them to create a forensic timeline for an incident Documenting every step of the investigation and facilitating information sharing Continuously reviewing evidence to confirm or refute attacks, transforming thousands of leads into a handful of prioritized incidents that tell the attack story Streamlining the process and improving SOC efficiency By freeing up human analysts of routine and repetitive tasks, and eliminating human errors, the human pros can more effectively handle the work that require human experience and insight, including: Dive deeper into incidents, for example, by analyzing the content of suspicious network traffic Check open source intelligence for additional information on detected threats Run additional forensic investigations on endpoints and network for additional evidence collection Suggesting how to respond, remediate, or contain the threats/attacks With automated investigations, companies can now stop scrambling to put out cyber fires. Visit Europe s leading security event in June 2017 Visit IFSEC International for exclusive access to every security product on the market, live product demonstrations and networking with thousands of security professionals. From access control and video surveillance to smart buildings, cyber, border control and so much more. It is the perfect way to keep up to date, protect your business and enhance your career in the security industry.

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London Fire Brigade: Every day we see unsuitable fire risk assessments

FIREX 2017 Andy Jack, Head of Regulatory Enforcement at London Fire Brigade spoke to a packed audience at FIREX 2017 about the inadequate fire risk assessments he sees every day of the week . Taking pains to mention that he is not commenting on Grenfell Tower, which is currently under criminal investigation, Andy Jack spelled out the role of responsible persons in fire risk assessment. It is twenty years since fire risk assessment came in and ten years since reg 38 (or 16B) packs were introduced but has it made any difference?

he asked the audience. Responsible for what? The law spells out the needs for responsible persons, but responsible for what ? Article 9 from the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 explains that: The responsible person must make a suitable and sufficient assessment of the risks to which relevant persons are exposed for the purpose of identifying the measures they need to take to comply with the requirements and prohibitions imposed on them by the Order. However the law doesn t explain what responsible persons are responsible for and the suitable and sufficient assessment in article 9 means, very broad said Andy. Are these fire risk assessments suitable and sufficient? Andy Jack explained a number of assessments that, as an enforcer, he sees coming across his desk every day There are many cases where the fire risk assessor did not go to all parts of the building e.g. a locked manager s office or false ceilings, leaving areas of the building unchecked.It is common for assessors to ignore basements or top floors. Excuses can range from difficulty accessing the building to safety, but these things are are simply wrong.

In other cases, Andy sees assessors completely misconstruing what building is made of The assessment tells us that the premises are of brick and concrete constructuion, when it s actually made from timber frame with studwork. Too often Fire Information Packs don t get passed to the fire risk assessor who is missing out on a whole wealth of information . What have London Fire Brigade have learned? It is clear there is an inconsistent views on who is responsible and liable for fire risk assessments but you can t get rid of the duty, you can t saw it s nothing to do with you, or to mitigate your responsibility . Co-operation and co-ordination between the responsible person and their fire risk assessor is often is not all it might be and causing problems. Jack s advice to the industry is: Get co-operation working to get a better fire risk assessment, reduce risk to relevant persons, and reduce risk of litigation from the likes of me. I d rather I didn t have to do it at all, to be honest. There are plenty of things I d much rather do with my time than litigating. Visit FIREX International for cutting-edge solutions, essential knowledge and the ability to grow your business by getting direct access to the whole fire safety industry.

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Redvision officially unveils quietest, fastest ever PTZ and mould-breaking rugged camera enclosure

IFSEC 2017 Redvision has unveiled its new rugged PTZ VOLANT and customisable camera housing range VEGA at IFSEC 2017. The UK-based manufacturer of high-end video surveillance cameras says the Volant moves faster, more accurately and more quietly than anything else on the market. The reason for this is pioneering Infinity direct drive, brushless DC motors that can rotate continuously in both its pan and tilt axis.

The camera will silently pan at 420 per second to a preset position or move very slowly to track a target or person at 300m. Redvision says the motors deliver minimal latency and military-level, positional accuracy, repeatable to 0.01 . The VOLANT also remembers and reverts to its correct position if knocked out of position. Integrated, Dual-Adaptive IR and white light LED illuminators are set in a ring surrounding the camera window, making the camera effective up to 150m in complete darkness. Incorporating many design features of the X-SERIES, it has: A durable, die-cast aluminium body for rugged, outdoor operation A flat, optically-correct, toughened glass camera window with wiper to remove dirt and water And vertically downwards viewing when mounted on a pole or column IP68 weather-proof rated; IK10 shock and vandal resistance rated; and passes IEC vibration, shock and salt spray compliance requirements. But it is the infinity motors that really set this launch apart. Magnetically driven, they could even reduce total cost of ownership because there is less contact between moving parts and therefore less wear and tear. The VOLANT will be available in standard, adaptive IR and adaptive white light models, and in IP or analogue. In a market with little aesthetic variety, Redvision is hoping that its rugged, customisable housing will generate considerable interest.

VEGA housing will be adaptable to the specifications of customers in a wide range of markets. Redvision recently gave its customers and industry professionals a sneak preview of its latest innovations with the help of a top magician. IFSEC Global caught up with the company s founder and director, Paul Hucker, and MD, Dermot Grace, to find out how the company is positioning itself in the surveillance market and its plans for IFSEC. You can see the Volant and Vega ranges for yourself at IFSEC International, which still has two days to run after today. You can find Redvision on stand D1150. Get your free badge now. Visit Europe s only large-scale security event in 2017 Taking place in London, 20 22 June 2017, IFSEC International gives you exclusive hands-on access to over 10,000 security solutions, live product demonstrations, and networking with over 27,000 security professionals.

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Businesses have been hacked whether they realise it or not, expert warns

There are two types of businesses those who know they ve been hacked and those who don t know they ve hacked a leading security expert has said. Stuart Rawling, director of business development at Pelco Schneider Electric, made the stark warning at the event s opening panel Current trends and future of the industry . Rawling said businesses must have a solid security plan in place which brings together both human and cyber elements.

There is a risk of getting an antivirus solution and hoping that will solve everything, said Rawling. An antivirus won t help you against a zero-day attack by its very definition it s unknown. The theme that rapidly-advancing security technology cannot be expected to tackle threats without a human element and robust planning was a key element of the session. Professor Martin Gill, perpetuity research & director at industry awards the OSPAs, warned that leaving it to technology and it hoping it will all be ok is a dangerous path for the industry. We should be holding on to the human element. I speak to a lot of offenders, and one said to me recently technology doesn t jump off a wall and arrest you . I just interviewed 12 heads of retail and 12 loss prevention directors. And when asked what their best security system is they all agree: their staff. Rawling agreed, saying he doesn t see a day coming soon where a physical security guard is not deployed.

Ultimately there still needs to be a human decision made on what to do, he said. A response plan still requires a human response. What do you do when something happens? That s where security fails most often the operating procedure, not the technology. Fellow panellist Tony Weeks, head of technical services at NSI, said that technology cannot be implemented without human expertise. No matter how advanced the technology, you will still need people to configure and look after the systems, he said. The most important consideration is an outstanding security policy which addresses all aspects, the panel agreed. When I speak to offenders about why they chose their target the answer is always the same because it was easy, said Gill. That hasn t changed over 30 years.

Visit Europe s only large-scale security event in 2017 Taking place in London, 20 22 June 2017, IFSEC International gives you exclusive hands-on access to over 10,000 security solutions, live product demonstrations, and networking with over 27,000 security professionals.

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Nedap previews IFSEC 2017: vehicle identification, mobile access and more

Nedap has a big focus on mobile access at IFSEC 2017. Mainland Europe is well presented at the trade and Nedap Identification Systems uses the show to launch new products and new innovations. To preview IFSEC 2017, we asked Maarten Mijwaart, general manager of Nedap Identification Systems, what he expects from Nedap at IFSEC 2017.

IFSEC Global: What solutions and products will Nedap be demonstrating this year? Maarten Mijwaart: This year we will demonstrate to the industry that we have invested significantly in further expanding and improving our portfolio of security products. A few examples are: Last year we introduced MACE, our platform for mobile access control. We have greatly improved the possibilities of the cloud based MACE Admin Portal. Virtual cards can now be easily distributed and also revoked by our partners or their end users. Virtual cards can be customized to reflect the corporate style of customers. And we can even authenticate the identity of the virtual card holder by using the fingerprint if that is stored in the phone operating system. Our uPASS product line of Rain RFID / UHF readers is expanded with uPASS Target, our best performing long range UHF reader for vehicle identification to date. The uPASS Target can now also be equipped with a second antenna to expand the reading area or to support an entry and exit lane with one reader.

We have also added new UHF tags to our portfolio. A UHF Rearview Mirror Tag that motorists can easily hang on their rear-view mirror. Additionally, EPC GEN2 V2 cards and windshield tags are available that support security enhancements based on AES encryption. Our TRANSIT Ultimate readers for high end vehicle and driver identification have been redesigned last year. This year we are focusing on improvements to optimize the overall performance and configurability of this market leading RFID reader. IG: Why should end users stop by at the Nedap booth this year? MM : We feel that many people are not aware of the benefits that our products can bring. Making security systems a little more convenient for people to use will greatly increase the support of people in organizations for the security systems that are implemented. Access control systems that slow down people or their vehicles often end up not being used in the best way possible, which decrease the security level of your organisation.

Security should not be in the way of people. Our solutions make security and convenience go hand in hand. In the building and outside the building. For people and for vehicles. IG: Why should system integrators consider working with Nedap and its products? MM : Well, for one because we understand the importance of our partner channel. We understand that they are the one that convert our products into solutions for their clients. That is why we try and make their lives as easy as possible. Our long range readers are engineered to support specific applications as good as possible.

We support many interfacing possibilities. Our products are documented well and are certified by radio authorities to be used in most countries in this world. Our partner portal makes a wealth of support material available and our free e-learning courses help you on your way quickly. And last but not least: our support staff and commercial staff are more than willing to lend you a helping hand when needed. Another reason is that we have a track record in providing high quality products. Our products are tested against competitive products regularly and almost always tend to be the preferred solution. And when we do get feedback on how to improve our products, we listen carefully and are able to implement these improvements without delay because our ability to do product developments and improvements ourselves. With our own team of engineers. We strive to be market leading.

We are constantly working on expanding and improving our portfolio. With only one simple reason: we d like to make sure that, in our field, we are the logical choice to work with. Now and in the future.

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