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If you want to investigate a personal or organization matter, we have over 25 years experience – and our Sheffield Private Investigator team has the training and skills to undertake investigations into one of the most sensitive and complicated situations. Private Investigator Sheffield will listen to you with understanding and empathy due to the fact they ve been there prior to. We supply effective, reasonably priced Private Investigator in Sheffield services that are entirely confidential.

Call us now for free of charge suggestions – we re waiting to take your call.

Private investigator fees, how much is it going to cost me

How much will hiring a private investigator cost me?

Below you ll find our typical rates per investigator. You might already know what you need but please do call 0141 548 8055 because based on our experience we re often able to offer a more cost effective solution than you may realise.

Private Investigator Fees, How Much Is It Going To Cost Me

The cost per investigator depends on the time of day

The cost of every investigation is different and will depend upon a number of factors including:

  • The number of investigators required
  • When the investigation takes place (daytime, evening or through the night)
  • The need for any special equipment

Charges for a typical investigation

To help you decide if a private investigation is an option you want to pursue we have put together some costing for three common scenarios. For a more detailed discussion of you own situation and the likely cost of solving your problem or putting your mind at ease please call 0141 548 8055 (Glasgow), or 07525 047007.

Matrimonial surveillance

A client called us because she believed her husband to be having an affair and that the extra marital activity was taking place while our client worked night shift. We discussed various options with our client and decided it best to surveil her property (the marital home) over a period of three nights, the following Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evening when our client would be at work. The surveillance included a two man team and was arranged for 8pm midnight on each evening. If the client s husband left their home our investigators were instructed to follow the husband and to continue surveillance through the night until the husband returned home. On the first evening the husband stayed at home.

On the second evening the husband was surveilled leaving the marital property and followed to an address 30mins away where he entered a domestic residence and where the door to the residence was opened by a female. At 2.25am the husband left the residence. He was accompanied to the door by a female in nightwear. We reported our findings including video evidence to our client and the third night of surveillance was cancelled because although deeply distressed our client was now sure of her husband s indiscretions. In this instance the charge for the private investigation was 625 +VAT plus mileage.

Tracing birth mother

A lady who was adopted at birth had failed in several prior attempts in locating her birth mother before contacting us. With the details provided we were able to conduct desk based research to establish the current location of the mother and this was followed up by physical surveillance to establish without doubt that the birth mother was residing at the address we had uncovered. In this instance and with a great deal of sensitivity we approached the birth mother (at her daughter s request) and left with her a letter, some photographs and the telephone number of her birth daughter. A few days later mother and daughter met for the first time since their separation and was welcomed with open arms into a new part of her family. In this case the cost to hire a private investigator was 270 + Vat plus mileage.

Suspected sickness fraud

We were approached by a local business where the owner believed one of his employees was fraudulently claiming sickness benefit. The employee was an electrician and over the course of a two week surveillance (at different times each the day) was observed entering and leaving a number of domestic premises and on each occasion with a works bag in hand. Video evidence was provided to the employer and the employee dismissed. We charged 1440 + VAT and mileage to complete this investigation. The exact charge for a private investigator will vary from case to case and you must also be prepared to cover incidental expenses for example entry fees or the purchase of food or drink if the surveillance is being conducted on licensed premises or restaurant.

In some cases your fears may be unfounded and in other cases we ll provide a written report that confirms your suspicions. In each and every case you can be assured of our utmost professionalism, sensitivity and discretion. Do you have more questions on the cost to hire a private investigatior?

Call us 0141 548 8055.

Or click here1 to enquire online. If you haven t used a private investigation service before you ll find more info on our website answering frequently asked questions2 and to help you choose the best investigator for you. We offer a professional investigation service across the UK backed up by our experience of ex-police officers, military personnel and professional memberships3.


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How to Hire the Right Private Investigator

Choosing a private investigator can be difficult. Getting the right results from a detective agency depends on working with a private investigator you can trust, who s experienced, efficient and keeps in touch with clients. One of the things that we hope for, in every new situation, is that we ll be able to reassure your worries, resolve your problems and close your case to your complete satisfaction. A first class private investigator will have your interests at the heart of their work, at every point in the process.

What to look for in a private investigator

It s sad but true that we re required to make difficult decisions at the time of greatest stress and emotional pressure such as during a marriage break up or when we realise that our business is being damaged by the actions of a colleague or employee. Few of us ever expected to be in the position of needing to have a friend, family member, colleague or employee investigated, so knowing what questions to ask, and what criteria to use, can help you decide exactly which private investigator is right for you. This is crucial information, because entrusting your relationship, your future, your career or your business to an unprofessional or inadequate private investigator will simply make things more difficult and cost you money to no purpose.

How To Hire The Right Private Investigator

4 key points to check when hiring a good private investigator:

  1. Detective Skills
    There are many ways that a private investigator can learn their skills: police training, military service or Home Office experience all these give a private investigator a great background. So ask how your investigator learned their craft, it will help you separate the truly skilled private detectives from those who just like the idea of being an investigator.
  2. Background Support
    Whatever TV shows suggest about lone detectives doing all the legwork themselves, most detective agencies rely on a team of competent, dedicated researchers who can put their fingers on the right information.

    Solo private investigators lack this background support that allows swifter resolution of cases and better information for clients.

  3. Communication Skills
    Whether you re experiencing difficulties that lead to a matrimonial investigation or undertaking a criminal defence and seeking top class evidence-gathering to support your case, you need a private investigator who can communicate clearly and effectively. Be sure you re getting a dedicated service and that you re confident your investigator will get back to you regularly and keep you in the picture about progress.
  4. Continuing professional development
    The world of private investigation moves rapidly. New technology has changed the nature of detection. Tracing missing relatives, for example, has become very different since the arrival of the internet, but still requires a background in traditional research skills. A good detective agency ensures that its team balance classic investigative techniques with mastery of the latest technology and surveillance techniques.

Next Steps in Hiring a Private Investigator

Once you re satisfied that your chosen Private Investigator has all four crucial areas of expertise, you can relax, confident that they will treat your case with seriousness and care, using tact, superlative investigation skills and the latest technology to bring you a swift and successful result.

Why not contact us to find out why we believe our team is best placed to help you:

How To Hire The Right Private Investigator

Private Detective

Private Detective was established in 1970 and offers more than 40 years experience offering private investigator and detective services in the UK.

Manchester Office: 0161-667-3357
Birmingham Office: 0121-227-4344
London Office: 0203-475-2222

Private Investigator Profiles

Private Investigators

Whether from a Business or Private client aspect, clients have often been down a long road before talking to us. Consequently we are open about who we are and, while confidentiality and discretion are of paramount importance will not betray the trust you place in us

Some of our Investigators are profiled below. Please feel free to contact us at any time with the confidence that we will not judge, but will listen to your issue and suggest a plan to resolve it, whether it is a corporate problem, a personal issue, or legal need

We feel it helps for you to be able to put a face to a name, especially when dealing with sensitive annd confidential issues.

All of our people are decent and respectful; on the occasions that someone is involved with us who is not this way, they do not last long


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Doncaster Detectives

Doncaster Detectives

01302 798 586

Atlas Office Park, First Point, Doncaster, DN4 5JT

95% Success Rate.

100% Legal.

We provide professional, efficient and legal private investigation services, with clear and transparent pricing1. Doncaster Detectives offer affordable and discreet solutions for individuals, companies and public sector organisations. Backed by an extensive UK network, Doncaster Detectives serve Doncaster and localities throughout Yorkshire and Humberside.

01302 798 586

Atlas Office Park, First Point, Doncaster, DN4 5JT

95% Success Rate.

100% Legal.

We provide professional, efficient and legal private investigation services, with clear and transparent pricing2. Doncaster Detectives offer affordable and discreet solutions for individuals, companies and public sector organisations. Backed by an extensive UK network, Doncaster Detectives serve Doncaster and localities throughout Yorkshire and Humberside.


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Private Investigator Jobs

Sarah Cannon Research Institute UK is a unique standalone trial facility that collaborates and works closely with clinical investigators to develop new and…Undertake a case investigator role, predominantly on behalf of national healthcare regulators (under the guidance of the case managers)….Ensure a competent knowledge and understanding of all trials by reviewing the protocol, attending Investigator Meetings, SIVs and relevant study training… We Recruit people from all backgrounds, Training will be provided in all subjects needed. Driving licence essential. Ability to write detailed reports An exciting *Office Junior/Trainee Private Investigator*.

With experience, you could progress to senior investigator or team manager…. Dukeries Detective Agency Limited, trading as The Dukeries Group, is a UK s leading supplier of investigation services. We are seeking an individual to work Experienced investigators required to work on a contractual basis undertaking work on behalf of our client. London, Greater London, Essex…. Have you ever dreamt of becoming a private investigator? NVQ 3 in Private Investigation or equivalent. The major part of your work will be private surveillance,… FCTM Senior Investigator, Complex Investigations. In this role as the Senior Investigator, Complex Investigations, the jobholder:. Global Financial Crime Risk…. Fraud Investigator required for an Economic Crime Team in Liverpool for a short term contract. Provide advice and assistance to people within the private and… Law enforcement investigator. Professional familiarity with insider threat detection and risk mitigation principles, particularly in private industry…. Foster relations with private donors.

To coordinate the production of quarterly and annual contract management reports and provide up-to-date information on the… Professional knowledge of insider threat detection and risk mitigation principles, particularly in regards to the private industry….Ensure a competent knowledge and understanding of all trials by reviewing the protocol, attending Investigator Meetings, SIVs and relevant study training…If you ever wanted to be an intrepid explorer, private investigator, archaeologist or rocket scientist look no further.

Research / Investment Analyst….

How to Become a Private Investigator

The field of private investigations is highly respected, evolving significantly over the years to include specialized work in computer forensics and corporate fraud investigations in addition to mainstays like missing persons and marital infidelity cases. PIs perform a wide range of investigative services, and are now just as often found serving as contractors for law enforcement cyber crimes units, insurance companies and human resource teams as they are investigating cases related to divorce and child custody to resolve matters in the family courts. PIs most often work for larger private investigations agencies or operate their own independent firms. They typically work on a contract basis for both public and private sector clients, and almost always hold a state license permitting them to conduct investigations within the parameters of state laws concerning surveillance protocols and privacy.

Find Info For Your State

How To Become A Private Investigator
Although requirements and processes differ from state to state, in most states becoming a private investigator follows a similar general outline:

Step 1. Learn About State Licensure

A dedicated PI licensing board, often operating under a larger state licensing authority, is typically in place to regulate and oversee the licensing process for individual private investigators and PI firms.

For example, Texas licenses its private investigators through the Private Security Board within the Texas Department of Public Safety. In Tennessee PIs are licensed through the Private Investigative and Polygraph Commission, which is part of the Department of Commerce and Insurance. Even in states without a statewide licensing process, there are still often regulations and/or licensing requirements in some cities or jurisdictions. For example, although there are no state licensing requirements in Alabama, a number of cities in the state, including Birmingham, Montgomery and Mobile, have their own licensing processes. Further, even states that don t license individual investigators still require PI businesses to be licensed and adhere to a number of standard regulations related to everything from privacy laws and impersonating law enforcement to insurance and bonding.

A few states have entered into reciprocity agreements, which allow private investigators to conduct business between states without holding a separate private investigator s license (provided the investigation is started in the investigator s home state). Currently, the following states have reciprocity agreements in place:

  • California
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Louisiana
  • North Carolina
  • Oklahoma
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia

Because private investigators are regulated and licensed at the state level, education, training and other requirements can differ significantly from state to state. This makes it imperative that you research your state s regulations and licensing requirements as part of your career preparation.

Step 2. Meet Minimum Requirements for Licensure

Not all individuals are eligible to become private investigators. Although minimum requirements for licensure differ between states, candidates for licensure must be of a certain age, which is usually between 21 and 25.

Other minimum license requirements require a candidate to:

  • Be a United States citizen or legal U.S. resident
  • Possess a high school diploma or GED certificate
  • Have no felony convictions or other convictions involving crimes of moral turpitude
  • Have no dishonorable discharge from the U.S. military

Step 3. Meet Education and Experience Requirements

Perhaps the largest difference between states lies with minimum requirements for education and experience. Although most states do not require a candidate to possess an education to become a private investigator, most professionals in this field nevertheless pursue an associate s or bachelor s degree in criminal justice or a related field so as to achieve a working knowledge of the criminal justice system law enforcement practices. A common requirement for licensure is experience, although it should be noted that many states allow candidates to substitute education for experience. For example, the minimum experience requirement in New Hampshire for private investigators is four years, although candidates with an associate s or bachelor s degree in criminal justice may substitute their education for two of the required four years.

Related private investigator experience may include working as an adjuster, risk manager, claims investigator, director of security for a company, director for a licensed security service, or as a law enforcement officer for a federal, state or local police department.

Step 4. Pass the State Exam for Licensure

Some states require candidates to pass a state exam before they can achieve licensure as a private detective. State jurisprudence examinations, which are usually taken after filing for a state license, assess candidates on laws and procedural protocols specific to the state in which they are working. Exam content often covers regulations and rules regarding working as a private investigator or operating a private investigative business.

Step 5. Obtain Mandatory Firearms Training

In states that allow private investigators to carry a firearm or weapon, candidates must complete mandatory firearms training to become certified. Most states accept training through the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the National Rifle Association, SIG Sauer, Smith & Wesson, or through an accredited police standards and training council firearms instructor school.

Step 6. Apply for State Licensure

The final step to becoming licensed to work as a private investigator is applying for state licensure. In most instances, candidates are required to provide the state licensing and regulatory body with the following:

  • A notarized application
  • A full set of fingerprints for a comprehensive background investigation
  • Personal and professional references
  • Documentation regarding professional experience
  • Documentation and/or diplomas regarding education
  • Proof of a surety bond (Most states require private investigators to hold a surety bond of no less than $10,000.)
  • An application fee, license feel, fingerprint fee, and background investigation fee

Step 7. Maintain State Licensure

Private investigators must renew their license according to state law, with most states requiring a biennial renewal.

Along with a renewal application, private investigators can expect to undergo an updated background investigation and provide the state licensing and regulatory body with a copy of their current surety bond.

Further, some states require continuing education for license renewal, and continuing education for firearms certification is commonplace.

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Private Investigators Singapore

Maybe it won t get that far, but those who care about these international law disputes think China and the U.S. are on a collision course because both sides hew closely to contradictory readings of international law. One would assume the conflict won t go nuclear.

National Investigations Bureau

National Investigations Bureau

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We are here to assist your business with a wide range of services including theft and fraud investigations, pre-employment screening, employee monitoring, undercover investigations, corporate intelligence, polygraph testing, etc..

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#1 SG Private Investigator

Why Choose Carlton Private Investigations and Security Consultancy Pte Ltd?

We believe in effective deployment of our resources at an affordable rate to you. Many would be in dire straits by the time they decide to engage a private investigator. The cost of waiting and in losing a battle which may alter your life ahead and spiral you down the abyss is not a logical step forward.

Therefore, it really makes no sense for you to continue with that procrastination. The fear of uncertainties, the reprisal, the disgruntlement, and the sadness that will eventually cripple you and your family till the very end has to stop. The best thing that one can do for oneself is to take a step back, find someone that can help you regain your stead and put you back in control of the situation.

While we do not profess ourselves to know everything, we certainly have come this far to be confident enough to say that our combined experience can be the #1 Top Private Investigator in Singapore.

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