Security Guard Job at Maldives Resort Velaa Private Island …

Security Guard Job at Maldives Resort Velaa Private Island

Velaa Private Island is a unique destination. Developed to embody the very best of the Maldives, it shares its name with the generations of turtles that have made their home on our beautifully pure sandy shores. Uniquely secluded and stunningly designed, celebrating the hospitality and generosity of the Maldivian people, we provide calm for the mind, nourishment for the body and memories for the heart. Velaa Private Island s home is on Fushivelavaru Island, part of the Noonu Atoll towards the north west end of the Maldives archipelago . The island is just 45 minutes of a scenic sea-plane flight from Male International Airport.

Within the constellation of islands that form the Noonu Atoll, VELAA PRI VATE ISLAND stands alone. Secluded, private and special, VELAA PRIVATE ISLAND offers an authentic promise; from the careful design of its dwellings to the sincere hospitality and welcome of the Maldivians. This place has been consciously designed to complement the natural character and personality of the Maldives , in such a way that its social and environmental legacies will be meaningful and long- lived.

Woven into the fabric of its landscape, Velaa Private Island puts you at the center of the beauty of the Maldives. Its architecture fuses local materials with contemporary flourishes. Its interiors have been consciously designed to ensure maximum privacy in a setting of ultimate comfort. Each of the senses has been considered, and each will be stimulated. We call the result of this approach the luxury of simplicity. This is your PLACE ; these will be your memories.

Velaa Private Island is a unique combination of indoor and outdoor living spaces, from the most intimate and personal to the grandest of scales. These are homes that will feel immediately like your own, each special in their own way. From romantic hideaways to beach bungalows and water villas, their specification provides unparalleled levels of privacy, comfort and luxury.

From the moment you arrive, Velaa Private Island is yours to enjoy. If you ve come to rest, then you ll find seclusion and privacy in abundance. If you re here to refresh, then our Fushivelavaru Spa, a fully equipped gym, fine dining with the freshest local ingredients and a stunning champagne bar are all part of your island home. And if you re ready to play, we have snorkeling, reef diving, private speed boats and a water sports center all at your disposal throughout your stay.

Velaa is currently seeking applicants for the following post.

Security Guard

Please apply by sending your CV at [email protected]1 if you are; trained for self defense, very good swimmer, and first aide, experienced in a similar field of a luxury resort or hotel.


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  1. avatar nizam mohamed mohamed shakhir says:

    3years experiance in monaro security firm in srilanka, as a petrol men,after promoted to security supervisors
    now working in nika island resorts