PI Newswire Questions surround security detail at Montreal shooting

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Quebec s Premier-designate Pauline Marois was making her acceptance speech on the evening of Sept. 4 when she was brusquely interrupted and removed from the stage by plainclothes members of the provincial police. Shots had rung out backstage and the officers needed to move Marois to a safe location, fast.

Suspected shooter Richard Henry Bain was soon taken into police custody, charged with killing one man, wounding another and setting a fire at the Metropolis nightclub where the political rally was held.

Two top independent security consultants in Canada talked to Security Director News about the effectiveness of the security detail at the event.

The job was done properly. The woman was not harmed, said Ty Watts, managing partner of LTD Associates, an Oakville, Ontario-based investigative and security consulting firm specializing in VIP coverage.

A 32-year veteran of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Watts has protected visiting U.S. presidents, prime ministers, other high-level dignitaries and a king and queen or two. Now, among other duties, he consults with political parties about security issues.

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